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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Wayne County Championship Information  (coaches)

Wayne County Cross Country Championship 2014

HOST:                        Salem Boys & Girls Cross Country Programs.


SITE & DATE:               Willow MetroPark (17845 Savage Road, Belleville, MI 48111) – Chestnut Picnic Area. October 4, 2014. Take 275 South to Exit 11A (Huron St).  Follow back over the freeway (East) until the road dead ends into Willow Metropark. Turn right (South) and go approximately 2 miles to Chestnut picnic area.


ENTRY FEE:              The fee will be $210 for both a boys and girls team or $125 for one. Incomplete teams will be charged $15 per athlete. Due to the amount on negligent/ late payments, a $20 late fee will be assessed if payment is not received by the competition date.  Please make entry fee checks payable to Salem Cross Country.  We consider this competition a “Championship” and to keep the integrity of this competition for all teams, no Varsity “B” teams will be permitted. Online athlete entry at ATHLETIC.NET for 2014. Enter ALL athletes into 5,000 meter Varsity race. Please see ATHLETIC.NET entry sheet. Finish place and time for open race posted on results board near trailer.


EXTRAS:                    T-shirts and concessions will be on sale throughout the day.


RACE TIMES:                                                               2014 TIME SCHEDULE

VARSITY Boys ALL Divisions = 10:00am                   VARSITY Girls  ALL Divisions = 10:35am

RESERVE Junior Varsity Boys = 11:15am                 RESERVE Junior Varsity Girls = 11:50am

Open 3.1 Mile Run:  Coed = 12:30pm


NUMBERS:                Please make sure that all varsity and reserve competitors have a number pinned to the front of their jersey.  These will be used for scoring purposes.  All athletes on the eligibility list will be issued a number. Athletes that do not have a number will not be permitted to compete in the race. The card system will be used as a backup and needs to be turned into the scoring table after the race in envelop provided.


AWARDS:                  Top three teams in Division I, II, III / IV receive trophies.  Top seven individuals in each varsity race

will receive all county medals and numbers eight through thirty-five will receive honorary medals. Top 10 finishers in the Junior Varsity races will receive medals in the chute. Top 10 finishers (Male & Female) in the middle school open run will receive medals in the chute.

Approximate times for awards:

                                    Varsity Boys All Divisions:   12:35pm                   Varsity Girls All Divisions:   12:45pm

Varsity Race Awards:  1-7=First Team, 8-14=Second Team,

15-21=Third Team, 22-35=Honorable Mention


RESULTS:                  We hope to have the results copied and one copy supplied to each coach before they leave.  We will be using the Hi-Tek cross country scoring system with the normal chute card system backup.  Please turn Your athletes finish cards into the trailer immediately following the race in the envelope provided. Results will be posted on the board at the trailer and at &


COURSE                    Each coach is in charge of getting their own team members’ mile and two mile split if needed. 

& SPLITS:                 There will be an individual reading those times aloud.  Finish times and place will be recorded and listed on the final results.  The course is flat and fast with a few dips and one major hill that the athletes run twice. Many smooth turns.  Crosses paved roads five times.  Entire course marked with solid white line.


NOTES & FINAL       There will be a park admission fee of $6 for all vehicles.  School buses and team vans carrying athletes

INSTRUCTIONS:    will be admitted to the park free of charge.  Please pick up all trash before you leave.  Fill out and return black envelope so results can be mailed.  DO NOT enter any runner in a varsity race that cannot or has not broken 25 minutes for the boys or 28 minutes for the girls. Athletes Not on Eligibility list will NOT be permitted to compete. Please inform all spectators that we would appreciate no dogs and no smoking at this high school event.  Please report to the starting line 10 - 15 minutes before the start of your race. Due to the large number of athletes we need all finishers to jog through and stay in the appropriate chute. Please give finish cards to your coach. MHSAA uniform codes and rules will be strictly enforced.



Please Enter Entire Team by Friday September 26th at  ATHLETIC.NET

Each Coach/ Team MUST create a team profile login in lower left hand corner of homepage.

Contact Information: Salem High School, 46181 Joy Road, Canton, MI 48187

Fax: (734) 416-7781      Phone: (734) 416-7774      Email:

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sean Carey
2.9Ben Griffith
17:57Livonia Stevenson
3.12Ethan Sanfilippo
4.11Lem Wang
18:05 PRNorthville
5.9Ryan Draybuck
6.12Zachary Miastkowski
18:07Livonia Stevenson
7.11Andrew Soss
8.9Ryan Exell
9.11Nicholas Peck-Dimit
10.10Trevor Tillman
18:17 SRLivonia Stevenson
11.12Brendan Teodorescu
12.12Peter Sonnega
13.12Isaac Pennock
14.11Brendon Godin
18:27 PRDearborn Divine Child
15.9David Kight
16.11Austin Siterlet
17.11Xavier Reinders
18:41 SRCanton
18.11Delson Christian
18:42Livonia Churchill
19.11Jacob White
18:43 SRNorthville
20.10Jeremy Webb
18:43Livonia Stevenson
21.10Andrew Vrzovski
18:44Livonia Stevenson
22.9Alex Jund
18:45 SRNorthville
23.11Jared Zella
24.9Nick Schweikhart
25.9Nate Mansfield
26.11Mitchell Bartoszyk
18:51Livonia Churchill
27.12William Lu
18:51 PRSalem
28.9Andrew Beyer
18:52 SRSalem
29.11Peter Carravallah
30.11Javier Diaz
31.10Joey Molloy
32.11Spencer Harris
19:01 SRLivonia Stevenson
33.12Jacob Salter
19:02Flat Rock
34.11Gino Persicone
19:03 SRSalem
35.11Noah Welker
19:03Dearborn Divine Child
36.9Ben Lesko
37.11Andrew Shattuck
38.10Nolan Ouellette
39.10Logan Goering
40.10Zach Carey
41.12GR Dulac
19:14 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
42.12Ross Lamerson
19:14 PRLivonia Stevenson
43.10Michael Grisa
19:16Livonia Stevenson
44.10Colin Latta
45.10Hunter Hall
46.10Frank LaFave
19:19Livonia Churchill
47.10Luke Arreola
19:20Wyandotte Roosevelt
48.11Markous Mar
49.11Bobby Martinez
19:21Flat Rock
50.9William Hengy
19:22Livonia Churchill
51.11Adam Marcero
52.10Jason Dilworth
19:25Livonia Stevenson
53.12Paul Vander
54.11Mike Burns
19:28Detroit U-D Jesuit
55.11Alex Rieden
19:28Allen Park
56.12Donovan Sheehan
57.10Nathan Schubring
58.11Joe Kowalsky
19:32Southgate Anderson
59.9Reed Barker
60.9Aaron Profozich
61.12Greg Vargo
62.10Peter Bushaw
63.10Tyrin Johnson
64.9Karl Nuler
65.12Madhav Goli
66.12Eric Soullier
19:38 PRLivonia Churchill
67.9Alec Teodori
68.9Nolan Teodori
69.9Ryan Triolet
70.11Trenton Ward
71.10Reed Knechtges
72.12Adam Turbin
19:46 SRLivonia Stevenson
73.12Tommy Tsuchiya
74.9Jack Scavnicky
75.10Alex Brauer
19:49Livonia Stevenson
76.11Jonathan Quecke
19:49Livonia Franklin
77.11Ami Vaon
19:49 PRDearborn Divine Child
78.10Alex Lindsay
79.10Tyler Dew
80.11Nathan Elliott
19:54Southgate Anderson
81.9Jackson Hamet
19:55Flat Rock
82.10Cassius Cook
19:56Livonia Stevenson
83.9Andrew Lake
84.9Collin Swisher
85.9Adam Stepek
86.12Thomas DeVoe
19:59 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
87.9Trevor Doyle
20:01Livonia Franklin
88.10Mark Peregoy
89.9Nathan Watson
20:03 SRLivonia Churchill
90.9Brendon Gonyea
20:04Flat Rock
91.10Ian Hogg
20:07Livonia Franklin
92.9Joey Burke
20:07 SRSouthgate Anderson
93.10Brian Palmer
20:08Detroit U-D Jesuit
94.11Joshua Miller
20:09Southgate Anderson
95.12Jacob Lesko
20:10Wyandotte Roosevelt
96.9Zachary Murry
97.12TJ Sweet
98.12Kenneth Yuk
99.12Hunter Burin
100.10Will Eckerle
20:15Livonia Stevenson
101.9Luis Sanchez
20:16 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
102.11Robert Uelving-Meade
20:17Livonia Churchill
103.11Teddy Berg
20:18Detroit U-D Jesuit
104.9Charles McDougall
20:18Livonia Stevenson
105.10Andrew Warrick
20:22Livonia Churchill
106.11Zachary Phillips-B...
107.11Jack Cavanaugh
20:24 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
108.10Colin Burke
109.10Lucas Chuey
20:26 SRTrenton
110.10Jason Goocher
20:26 SRFlat Rock
111.10Reagan Grisa
20:27Livonia Stevenson
112.11Keith Chinavare
20:28Wyandotte Roosevelt
113.9Essa Hattar
20:31Livonia Churchill
114.9Wyatt Slaughter
20:33Allen Park Cabrini
115.11Alex Stratton
20:33Livonia Stevenson
116.11Christopher Holmes
117.10Alex Blackburn
20:34 PRSummit Academy
118.10Patrick Orawiec
119.11Kevin Yao
20:38 SRLivonia Churchill
120.10Trevor Kornaga
20:39Livonia Churchill
121.9Nelson Vayda
122.12Austin Brewis
20:40Dearborn Divine Child
123.12Bradley Christensen
124.10Michael Robeson
20:44 SRSalem
125.10Nate Schmidt
126.11Matt Burr
20:45Detroit U-D Jesuit
127.11Caleb Melnychenko
20:46Livonia Stevenson
128.12Tyler Loveall
20:46Livonia Churchill
129.9Benjamin Devine
20:47 SRCanton
130.11Tye Moore
20:48Wayne Memorial
131.10Brandon Fenech
20:49Livonia Stevenson
132.9Chuck Carey
20:51 SRCanton
133.10Josh Kim
20:53Detroit U-D Jesuit
134.12James Peregoy
135.11Dominic Raona
20:59Dearborn Divine Child
136.11Chevy Lond
20:59Summit Academy
137.9Sean O'Connor
21:00Dearborn Divine Child
138.9Ryan Kobel
21:00Livonia Stevenson
139.11Jacob Pedersen
21:01 SRLivonia Stevenson
140.9Troy Kline
21:04Flat Rock
141.9Evan Widdis
21:05 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
142.10Alexander Vento
21:06Livonia Stevenson
143.9Ryan Brown
144.12Innis Sumballa
21:07Livonia Churchill
145.9Joey Samulski
146.12Jack Brooks
21:12Livonia Churchill
147.9Jonathan Graham
21:16Livonia Churchill
148.11Justin Taylor
21:16Livonia Franklin
149.10Graham Opie
21:17Livonia Franklin
150.9Pablo Aguilar
21:19 SRLivonia Churchill
151.11Bradley Horvath
21:21Detroit U-D Jesuit
152.12Sebastiano Pasquini
153.10Connor Harrison
154.9Peter Chekal
21:38 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
155.12Matt Homsy
21:40Detroit U-D Jesuit
156.11Brendan Mullin
21:41 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
157.10Marcial Gomez
21:41 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
158.10Zachary Miller
21:42 PRTrenton
159.12Logan Wells
21:42 PRLivonia Stevenson
160.9Cody Macuga
21:43Wayne Memorial
161.9Jackson Nordbeck
21:44Livonia Franklin
162.12Jamieson Richardson
21:50Summit Academy
163.9Dane Laszyca
21:50Livonia Stevenson
164.10Ian Robertson
21:56Wyandotte Roosevelt
165.9Benjamin Sill
21:59Livonia Stevenson
166.10Casper Padilla
22:01 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
167.10Nick Anderson
22:01 SRRiverview
168.12Jordan Whitehouse
22:03Wayne Memorial
169.9Brandon Ferro
170.9Noah Wojcik
22:06Livonia Stevenson
171.11John Conklin
172.11Caleb Brown
173.9D'Aatagnan Fancher
22:08 SRBelleville
174.10Andrew Gillon
22:09 SRSummit Academy
175.9Eamon Moriarty
22:10 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
176.11Brendan Esper
22:13Dearborn Divine Child
177.11Alex Moldovan
22:15Summit Academy
178.12Josh Kornaga
22:16Livonia Churchill
179.12Matt Wirick
22:20Livonia Franklin
180.12Chris Gotts
22:21Gibraltar Carlson
181.11Jordan Joy
182.10Colin Smith
22:23 SRGibraltar Carlson
183.11Dylan Smith
22:24Dearborn Divine Child
184.9Matthew Jira
185.10Jared Lenart
22:28Summit Academy
186.9Nick Arsenault
22:34Livonia Stevenson
187.10Matthew Lujan
22:36 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
188.10Aidan Mitchell
22:36 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
189.9Stephen Kurt
190.9Justin Hagen
22:45Flat Rock
191.10Colby Johnson
192.12John Kochan
193.9Brendan Wang
194.9Kurtis Ford
23:02Flat Rock
195.12Luke Wellman
196.9Jackson Colarossi
197.12Angel Leka
23:07 PRSouthgate Anderson
198.9Greg Sigler
199.9Walker Barnes
23:12Livonia Churchill
200.9Landon Henderson
201.9Ryan Storms
23:19 SRTaylor Baptist Park ...
202.12Bailey Hill
23:25Flat Rock
203.9Joe Rigotti
204.9John O'Connell
23:28Detroit U-D Jesuit
205.9Cameron Smith
206.10Chris Burgess
207.10Jesse Taylor
23:39Dearborn Heights Ann...
208.9Noah Daugherty
209.9Seth Robbins
23:47Summit Academy
210.10Jeffery Smith
23:55Gibraltar Carlson
211.10Jacob Kuty
23:58Gibraltar Carlson
212.10Tyler Myers
23:58 SRDearborn Heights Ann...
213.9Jack Condit
23:59 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
214.10Alex Pickell
24:02 SRRiverview
215.9Caleb Hamilton
24:03Taylor Baptist Park ...
216.9Kramer Koski
217.12Tristan Hosier
218.9Joe Nelson
24:26 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
219.9Indrit Gusho
24:27 SRAllen Park
220.12Javier Cantu
24:42Gibraltar Carlson
221.9Patrick McManus
222.9Brett Smart
24:54Livonia Franklin
223.10Sylvester McIntosh
24:59 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
224.11Demonique Branch
24:59Dearborn Advanced Te...
225.9Jasper Hrubiak
226.10Alex Volante
227.9Julian Campitelle
25:16Allen Park Cabrini
228.12David Tooley
229.12Christian Tedone
25:32 PRRiverview
230.9Andrew Szewc
25:33Livonia Stevenson
231.11Riley Pigott
25:34Summit Academy
232.12Jonathan Schmidt
233.10Jack Spehar
25:55 SRDearborn Heights Ann...
234.9Ben Eldredge
235.12Josiah Masey
26:04Lutheran HS Westland
236.11Jordan Chico
237.9Andrew Doetsch
26:29Detroit U-D Jesuit
238.9Ryan Dolson
26:42Detroit U-D Jesuit
239.9Ed Burns
26:47Detroit U-D Jesuit
240.12Grant Chalmers
241.9Brendan Chico
242.12Matthew Young
27:12 SRDearborn Advanced Te...
243.12Nick Zilincik
27:23Livonia Stevenson
244.11Daniel Doyle
27:49Dearborn Divine Child
245.9Justin Noble-Shankin
28:24 SRGarden City
246.9Pat Abraham
29:13 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
247.9Xavier Weintraub
29:14Detroit U-D Jesuit
248.10Derand Love
30:31 PRDearborn Advanced Te...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Chaz Jeffress
2.12Matthew Pahl
3.12Devin Gibson
16:12Wayne Memorial
4.11Tony Floyd
16:15Livonia Franklin
5.12Malik Jordan
16:15Wayne Memorial
6.12Alec Keaton
16:16 PRAllen Park
7.12Brett Navarre
16:21 PRTrenton
8.12Dominic Davis
16:28Wyandotte Roosevelt
9.12Erik Grisa
16:30Livonia Stevenson
10.12Keenan Jones
16:39Livonia Franklin
11.12Jonathan Alessandr...
16:42Livonia Churchill
12.12Noah Engerer
13.12Jonny Dalton
16:56 SRPlymouth
14.11Christian Freiburger
15.12Luke Green
17:00Livonia Stevenson
16.12Devin Stevens
17.12Jason Johnson
17:02Flat Rock
18.12Jason Rogers
17:03 PRSalem
19.12Mike Roberts
20.12Otto Kasbauer
17:05Summit Academy
21.12David Rose
17:05 PRDearborn Divine Child
22.12Michael Gibson
17:07Wayne Memorial
23.12Michael Kenney
17:07 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
24.12Anthony Kroll
17:07Southgate Anderson
25.12Nabil Ahmed
26.12Dane Miller
17:12Dearborn Divine Child
27.12Ryan Sander
17:12 SRSouthgate Anderson
28.11Roth Thoms
17:12Flat Rock
29.12Billy Toth
30.11Ryan Mangulabnan
17:13 SRDearborn Divine Child
31.12Matt Cohan
17:14 SRLivonia Churchill
32.10Jacob Blackmore
33.9Ethan Byrnes
34.10Evan Ferrante
17:16 SRNorthville
35.11Jared Rieden
17:16 SRAllen Park
36.12Uriel Figueroa
17:18Wayne Memorial
37.11Luke Bowker
17:20Detroit U-D Jesuit
38.11Jacob Kubinski
39.10Don Rea
17:24Detroit U-D Jesuit
40.12Jacob Kamm
41.12Ammar Chishti
42.10Zac Clark
43.10Josh Mussen
17:32Livonia Churchill
44.12Alex Chevoor
17:35 SRNorthville
45.11Connor Lepish
46.9Shane Andrews
47.12Mark Klingel
17:39 SRGibraltar Carlson
48.12Matt Dottavio
49.10Nick Socha
50.10Jack Balint
17:41Livonia Stevenson
51.11Alex Mikonczyk
17:42Livonia Stevenson
52.11Isidore Harris
17:43 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
53.10Adam Skidmore
17:43 SRRiverview
54.11Peter Martin
55.12Michael Peterson
17:45 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
56.10Nathan Ward
17:46Livonia Stevenson
57.11Matt Skarbinski
17:47 SRAllen Park
58.12Austin Guyer
17:47Southgate Anderson
59.12Austin Goulasarian
17:48Allen Park
60.12Brandon Driscoll
17:48 SRFlat Rock
61.11Joshua Sterly
62.10Zach Fenwick
17:51 PRLivonia Franklin
63.12John Sas
17:52Livonia Churchill
64.11Griffin Skaff
65.12Cody Hardrick
17:53Garden City
66.12Gage Wheeler
17:53Livonia Franklin
67.10Alex Piper
17:54 SRLivonia Churchill
68.9Seth Windle
17:58Plymouth Christian A...
69.9Rocco Jelsomeno
18:02 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
70.11Jonathan Hovermale
18:03Livonia Churchill
71.10Alex Kroll
72.10Jacob Bieganski
18:04Livonia Stevenson
73.12David Totten
18:04Dearborn Divine Child
74.11Andrew Bambach
18:05Livonia Stevenson
75.10Ben Biber
18:06Westland John Glenn
76.10Hassan Hammoud
18:06Dearborn Fordson
77.12Ben Lewis
18:08Allen Park
78.11Uriel Gonzalez
18:09Southgate Anderson
79.10Jamie Carranza Jr
18:09Wayne Memorial
80.10Zach Cannon
18:12 SRCanton
81.10Matt Lepper
18:13Livonia Franklin
82.9Alexander Petlichk...
18:13Dearborn Divine Child
83.9Mike Green
18:14 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
84.12Jack Randles
18:16Riverview Gabriel Ri...
85.9Zeke Bowker
18:17Detroit U-D Jesuit
86.12Kyle Perelli
18:18Livonia Franklin
87.12Joe Fanelli
18:21Plymouth Christian A...
88.12Alex Zoltowski
89.10Garrett Brown
18:22 SRSouthgate Anderson
90.9Nick Kopp
18:23Flat Rock
91.12Juan Flores
18:24 SRDetroit Western Inte...
92.12Kyle McWilliams
18:25Flat Rock
93.12Jonathon Vanpaepeg...
18:27 PRTrenton
94.11Daniel Mazur
18:27Dearborn Divine Child
95.10Ryan Lafferty
18:29Allen Park
96.10Noah Hagood
18:30Livonia Churchill
97.12Tyler Terteling
18:30 PRSouthgate Anderson
98.12Josh Lomuscio
18:35Dearborn Heights Cre...
99.11Gareth Matson
18:35Plymouth Christian A...
100.12Joey Maciag
101.12David Bindon
18:37 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
102.10Estevan Vasquez
18:39Wyandotte Roosevelt
103.12William Loner
18:39Grosse Pte. Woods U....
104.12Alex Doherty
18:44Southgate Anderson
105.9Drew Johnson
18:45Allen Park
106.10Sheldon Wheeler
18:48 SRSummit Academy
107.12Tyler Jackson
18:52Flat Rock
108.10Garrett Novak
18:52Summit Academy
109.11Nick Benedetto
18:54 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
110.9Grant Rudd
18:55Livonia Franklin
111.10James Maitland
18:56 SRSummit Academy
112.10Max Grahl
18:57 SRRiverview
113.12Caleb Culp
18:58Taylor Baptist Park ...
114.10Carson Cappaert
18:58Wyandotte Roosevelt
115.11Paul Chamberlain
18:58Plymouth Christian A...
116.12Aaron Cochran
19:05 PRDearborn Heights Ann...
117.11Myles Lovasz
118.12Brandon Goocher
19:07Flat Rock
119.12Erik Liubakka
120.9Billy Brinker
19:10 SRGibraltar Carlson
121.9Dylan Greene
19:12Summit Academy
122.10Ben Fuller
19:12Plymouth Christian A...
123.11Lawrence Shepard
19:14 PRDetroit Renaissance
124.11Chandler Collins
19:15Wyandotte Roosevelt
125.9Michael Graf
19:20Allen Park Cabrini
126.12Zeke Thompson
19:20Westland John Glenn
127.9Doug Tishler
19:25Lutheran HS Westland
128.12Alex Boettner
129.12Mason Demsey
19:27Grosse Pte. Woods U....
130.11London Baran
19:29Gibraltar Carlson
131.12Michael Look
19:34Riverview Gabriel Ri...
132.10Griffin Shimanek
133.12Ian O'Banion
19:35Lutheran HS Westland
134.9John Gaton
19:36Wayne Memorial
135.11Joel Testorelli
136.9Cory Routen
19:38Westland John Glenn
137.10Justin Hadyniak
19:39Westland John Glenn
138.12Moad Yaseen
19:42Dearborn Heights Cre...
139.12Justin Querry
19:44Allen Park Cabrini
140.12Brennan Booker
19:46Dearborn Heights Ann...
141.11Donavan Wheeler
19:46Riverview Gabriel Ri...
142.12Samuel Martin
143.12Austin Hickerson
19:49Westland John Glenn
144.10Dylan Kerry
19:49Dearborn Divine Child
145.10Kyle Solesbee
19:51Riverview Gabriel Ri...
146.10Anthony DePaulis
19:51 PRRiverview
147.9Andrew Holten
19:52Riverview Gabriel Ri...
148.9Phillip Morby
19:55Plymouth Christian A...
149.10Michael Pomponio
19:56 SRAllen Park Cabrini
150.9Jonah Lange
19:57 SRLutheran HS Westland
151.10Jarred Crull
19:57 SRSummit Academy
152.10Allen Swaidan
19:59Dearborn Fordson
153.10Ian Hay
20:04Plymouth Christian A...
154.11Kenyatta Mason
20:05Westland John Glenn
155.9Alex Johnson
20:08Grosse Pte. Woods U....
156.9Roman Ruddy
157.11Yasser Abusabha
20:14Dearborn Fordson
158.12Jacob Callender
20:15Garden City
159.10Matt Reddeman
20:17Lutheran HS Westland
160.10Andrew Hohmann
20:20 SRRiverview
161.10Tyrell Wheeler
20:24 SRSummit Academy
162.10Nick Brusilow
20:30Grosse Pte. Woods U....
163.9Noah Hurst
20:30Gibraltar Carlson
164.12Alec Penland
20:31 PRGibraltar Carlson
165.11Alonte Wincher
20:36Dearborn Advanced Te...
166.9David Gausden
20:37Garden City
167.12Matthew Fischer
20:38Wayne Memorial
168.11Joshua Allen
20:38 PRWestland John Glenn
169.11Justin Outlaw
20:53 SRGarden City
170.9Devin Holmes
20:55Detroit Renaissance
171.9Paris Hickman
20:56 PRDetroit Renaissance
172.10Tyler Gabrielson
173.12Nikolai Tomassi
20:57Allen Park Cabrini
174.12Aaron Schultz
175.9Michael Ellis
20:57Grosse Pte. Woods U....
176.10Ahmad Allen
21:00 SRWestland John Glenn
177.12Carlos Salcido
21:01 SRAllen Park Cabrini
178.9Josh Potter
21:03Gibraltar Carlson
179.11Ryan Quinn
180.12Stephen Rimando
181.10Dahmin Branch
21:13Dearborn Advanced Te...
182.12Justin Sadowski
21:17Garden City
183.11Jordan Chambers
184.9Greg Porcaro
185.11Omari Martin
21:24Dearborn Advanced Te...
186.12Dakota Nuttall
187.12Keith Honeycutt
21:50Dearborn Heights Ann...
188.12Matthew Parent
21:55Lutheran HS Westland
189.9Matteo Tomassi
21:56 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
190.9Dennis Lobb
21:59Taylor Baptist Park ...
191.10Fredo Haider
22:01Dearborn Heights Cre...
192.10Dwayne Gray
22:04Detroit Renaissance
193.11Jeff Busick
22:06Westland John Glenn
194.9Blaine Baran
22:11Gibraltar Carlson
195.11Luke Staples
22:16Westland John Glenn
196.11Daniel Judd
22:29Dearborn Advanced Te...
197.12Tyler Boyd
22:39Taylor Baptist Park ...
198.11Anthony Galea
22:49Grosse Pte. Woods U....
199.9Seth Culp
22:50Taylor Baptist Park ...
200.11Masamba Thiam
22:53Dearborn Advanced Te...
201.12Zachary Campeau
23:03Taylor Baptist Park ...
202.9Joshua Berthiaume
23:04Allen Park Cabrini
203.9Matt Solodon
23:10Allen Park Cabrini
204.11Owen Tague
23:44Lutheran HS Westland
205.11Zach Meredith
23:49 SRDearborn Heights Ann...
206.11Devonta Spencer
24:18Dearborn Advanced Te...
207.10Tre'vion Moses-Sta...
24:23Dearborn Advanced Te...
208.9Ethan Pippin
24:25Westland John Glenn
209.11Jacob Green
25:19Garden City
210.11Nathan Allen
26:58Dearborn Edsel Ford
211.9Alfonzo Angeles
27:46Dearborn Edsel Ford
212.12Seth Thompson
28:00Taylor Baptist Park ...
213.10Alex LaGreca
29:26 SRDearborn Edsel Ford
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Hannah Jeffress
2.12Katy Robeson
3.11Brianna Essien
4.9Shea Wilson
5.9Jessica Hughes
6.11Natasha Boelstler
21:12Grosse Pointe South
7.9Abby Hurst
21:12Grosse Pointe South
8.10Emma Devine
21:16 SRLivonia Franklin
9.12Marlo Sharpe
10.10Leah Stevens
11.11Kayla DelaCruz
12.11Karissa McCarthy
13.11Gabby DelaCruz
14.9Hannah Lemanski
21:36Grosse Pointe South
15.11Elisabeth Sullivan
21:39Grosse Pointe South
16.11Kelly McEvilly
17.12Sarah O'Neill
21:52Grosse Pointe South
18.10Paityn Santi
21:53Livonia Franklin
19.10Emily Dodge
21:57Grosse Pointe South
20.12Haleemah Shajira
21.10Emily Kerr
22.10Hadley Griffin
21:59Grosse Pointe South
23.12Addison Gaines
24.9Rachel Harris
22:00 PRGrosse Pointe South
25.10Hailey Pampreen
22:04Livonia Churchill
26.9Charissa Johnson
27.12Megan Kerr
28.10Marisa Rowland
29.12Elizabeth Langenburg
22:10Grosse Pointe South
30.10Erin McCann
31.9Claire Curvin
32.12Alexa Orosz
22:17Livonia Franklin
33.11Leonie Leslie
22:19 SRGrosse Pointe South
34.12Jackie White
22:21Dearborn Divine Child
35.10Kaylee McCarthy
22:21Livonia Stevenson
36.9Courtney Kostielney
22:22 SRLivonia Franklin
37.12Andie Anger
22:27 SRGrosse Pointe South
38.12Kasey Schock
22:28 SRDearborn Divine Child
39.12Emily Morningstar
40.12Abby Passamani
22:32Grosse Pointe South
41.11Hadley Diamond
22:33Grosse Pointe South
42.11Hannah Brauer
22:35 PRGrosse Pointe South
43.9Marina Malone
44.11Madison White
22:37Livonia Churchill
45.11Hope Adams
22:38 SRGrosse Pointe South
46.12Emily Minshew
22:38 PRSalem
47.9Jenny Engler
22:42Livonia Franklin
48.9Natalie Jablonski
22:46Dearborn Divine Child
49.9Kate Gavagan
22:47Grosse Pointe South
50.9Leah MacKay
22:48Grosse Pointe South
51.10Emma Russell
22:48Grosse Pointe South
52.11Maddie Leyden
22:54 SRSalem
53.10Marie High
23:00Grosse Pointe South
54.12Natalie Sullivan
23:00Grosse Pointe South
55.11Gennie Martin
23:01 SRGrosse Pointe South
56.12Katelyn Kovach
23:02Livonia Franklin
57.9Nicole Speare
23:03 SRSouthgate Anderson
58.11Sammy Soter
23:06Dearborn Divine Child
59.12Amber Kuczynski
60.9Lauren Kramer
23:08Grosse Pointe South
61.11Haley Jurczysyn
23:12Livonia Stevenson
62.10Morgan Zach
63.10Kelsey Postler
64.12Hannah Drinkert
23:21 PRLivonia Franklin
65.10Tai Robinson
23:22Dearborn Divine Child
66.10Maddie Hannapel
67.10Rachel Domzalski
23:23Livonia Franklin
68.12Samantha Philips
23:24 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
69.12Spencer Graczyk
23:24Grosse Pointe South
70.10Marissa Ernst
71.10Jillian Kouayara
23:26 PRGrosse Pointe South
72.9Jenna Serrazio
23:27 PRLivonia Stevenson
73.12Sarah Albus
23:30Livonia Franklin
74.10Elizabeth Esmacher
23:31Grosse Pointe South
75.10Abby Martin
23:33 SRGrosse Pointe South
76.11Megan Gall
23:34 PRGrosse Pointe South
77.10Jackie Green
23:35Livonia Stevenson
78.9Claire Lapinski
79.11Mary Catherine McL...
80.12Aphrodite Palazis
23:40Livonia Stevenson
81.10Katie Carr
82.12Natalie Moore
23:41 SRLivonia Stevenson
83.11Katie Sicklesteel
23:42Grosse Pointe South
84.11Olivia Baratta
23:43Grosse Pointe South
85.10Kendall Johnstone
86.9Kaitlyn Rogosch
23:44Livonia Churchill
87.10Gilly Graham
23:45Grosse Pointe South
88.9Natalia Szura
23:45Grosse Pointe South
89.9Margaret Skubik
23:46 PRLivonia Ladywood
90.9Olivia Johnson
23:46 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
91.11Grace Grimes
92.11Kayla Neme
93.10Lydia Mearing
23:52 SRCanton
94.10Julia Hurley
95.11Lindsey Clark
23:55 SRGrosse Pointe South
96.12Mia Rodgers
23:56 SRNorthville
97.12Jennifer Jaynes
24:00Livonia Franklin
98.11Kaylee Rivera
99.12Monica Rufe
100.9Katherine Parker
24:03 SRSalem
101.10Kelly Gryniewicz
102.12Maggie Law
24:06Livonia Stevenson
103.10Emilija Covintree
24:07Grosse Pointe South
104.11Emily Kanan
24:08 PRGrosse Pointe South
105.10Kelly Kitz
106.10Erin DeBono
24:18Livonia Stevenson
107.12Lauren Kucharczyk
24:19Livonia Churchill
108.9Rachel White
109.10Julie Laabs
24:29Livonia Ladywood
110.9Chelsey Fritz
24:30 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
111.9Mackenzie Keller
112.9MacKenzie Yanke
24:37Southgate Anderson
113.9Genevieve Morand
24:38Dearborn Divine Child
114.12Megan Kramer
24:38Grosse Pointe South
115.9Haven Essien
116.12Renee Zolynsky
24:39Livonia Stevenson
117.11Maggie Buerkle
118.12Laurel Paputa
24:42 PRCanton
119.9Natalie Walsh
24:43 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
120.9Solana Bryson
24:44Grosse Pointe South
121.12Mary Panagos
24:46 PRGrosse Pointe South
122.12Amanda Morrison
123.9Asha Shah
124.10Helen Cadotte
125.10Suzanne Irani
24:53Dearborn Heights Cre...
126.9Savannah Grieve
127.12Chloe Cross
128.10Lisa Karkoski
129.12Molly McSween
130.12Ariane Troschinetz
24:59Grosse Pointe South
131.9Camryn Clark
132.12Addison Merem
25:01 SRDearborn Divine Child
133.10Katie Trost
25:01 SRGrosse Pointe South
134.12Maura Cullen
135.12Tessa Harkey
25:02Dearborn Divine Child
136.12Danielle Bushaw
25:02 SRSalem
137.10Nicole Augustyn
25:04Livonia Franklin
138.11Taressa Schultz
25:04Livonia Stevenson
139.10Lea Perkins
25:08 PRGrosse Pointe South
140.12Kristen Willmer
141.12Ariana O'Neal
142.11Alexis Motschall
25:14 SRGrosse Pointe South
143.11Aubree Baker
144.9Marisa Berlanga
145.11Rianna Pfau
25:23 SRCanton
146.12Amber Simms
25:33Southgate Anderson
147.10Kathleen Van Antwerp
25:35Dearborn Divine Child
148.10Aashka Chhabria
149.10Lauren Forgacs
25:38Livonia Franklin
150.10Veronica McAuliffe
25:39Livonia Franklin
151.11Genevieve Parkey
25:42 PRPlymouth
152.11Delaney Mackenzie
25:43Livonia Franklin
153.12Renae Dougherty
154.11Claire O'Neill
25:44Grosse Pointe South
155.10Elizabeth Day
25:45Grosse Pointe South
156.11Ashley Olweean
25:46Livonia Franklin
157.11Lauren Robisch
25:46Dearborn Heights Cre...
158.12Sophie Draper
25:47Grosse Pointe South
159.11Abby Minshew
160.10Mira Zaranek
25:50Grosse Pointe South
161.12Brooke Harris
25:52Livonia Franklin
162.10McKenna McGraw
25:54Grosse Pointe South
163.9Maggie Huber
25:55Grosse Pointe South
164.12Nicole Zolynsky
26:01 SRLivonia Stevenson
165.10Sarah deGuise
26:04Livonia Franklin
166.9Jilian Ahmad
26:06Livonia Ladywood
167.11Emma Peek
26:10 PRSouthgate Anderson
168.11Sarah Samsundar
26:11Dearborn Divine Child
169.9Samantha Schuck
26:14Dearborn Divine Child
170.11Rachel Smith
26:16 SRLivonia Stevenson
171.9Molly Riordan
26:16Livonia Ladywood
172.11Leah Strayhorn
26:17Livonia Churchill
173.10Kaitlin McBride
26:17 SRGrosse Pointe South
174.9Micaela Fraser
26:18Grosse Pointe South
175.9Charlotte Farrell
26:18Grosse Pointe South
176.9Zoe Zager
26:23Livonia Churchill
177.10Elizabeth Baratta
26:27 SRGrosse Pointe South
178.10Sophia Jachman
26:30Livonia Franklin
179.9Eva Russell
26:31Grosse Pointe South
180.12Destiny Gorski
26:32Wyandotte Roosevelt
181.10Gemma Van Buhler
26:37Dearborn Divine Child
182.10Aya Bazzi
26:39 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
183.9Elizabeth Rooney
26:56Grosse Pointe South
184.11Kaitlyn McWilliams
27:02Livonia Franklin
185.10Rebecca Rapp
27:07Grosse Pointe South
186.10Corinne Chadwell
27:07 SRGrosse Pointe South
187.12Madeline Dice
27:09Grosse Pointe South
188.10Carina Anderson
27:14Lutheran HS Westland
189.10Noelle Hillert
27:16Livonia Stevenson
190.10Aubrey Mathews
27:18Grosse Pointe South
191.10Vicky Beacham
27:22 SRGrosse Pointe South
192.11Lily Patterson
27:23 SRGrosse Pointe South
193.9Samantha Flower
27:29Grosse Pointe South
194.11Kimberly Tomaszewski
27:33Livonia Stevenson
195.12Carina Dearing
27:34Grosse Pointe South
196.9Megan McMahon
27:37Lutheran HS Westland
197.11Allison Crawford
27:38Lutheran HS Westland
198.9Megan Griffin
199.12Elena Luedy
200.11Katharine Kuhnlein
27:47Grosse Pointe South
201.10Lily Newcomb
27:50Dearborn Divine Child
202.10Kelsey O'Brien
27:51Dearborn Divine Child
203.9Emilie Reinhardt
27:51Dearborn Divine Child
204.10Mary Gass
27:52Dearborn Divine Child
205.12Annie Clark
27:56 SRGrosse Pointe South
206.10Mary Clare Pollock
28:00Dearborn Divine Child
207.10Raina Allen
28:04 PRDetroit Renaissance
208.9Alexis Roberts
28:05 PRDetroit Renaissance
209.9Ranique Brown
28:07 PRDetroit Renaissance
210.11Jamie Douglas
28:08Wyandotte Roosevelt
211.11Jessica Reynolds
28:11Livonia Franklin
212.12stephanie Zampardo
28:18Grosse Pointe South
213.11Fatema Fakih
28:27Dearborn Heights Cre...
214.10Madeline Henrie
215.9Kate Henry
28:34Grosse Pointe South
216.10Meagan Driscoll
28:41 SRGarden City
217.9Chloe Kline
28:51Grosse Pointe South
218.9Emily VanDerHoeven
28:51Grosse Pointe South
219.10Katie Zilincik
28:53Livonia Stevenson
220.12Felicia Brown
28:57Southgate Anderson
221.10Dominique Iannuzzi
28:59 SRGrosse Pte. Woods U....
222.10Kayla Morgan
29:02Livonia Ladywood
223.10Ashley Nihem
29:02Grosse Pointe South
224.10Svetha Subbiah
225.10Lindsay Rogers
29:12Grosse Pointe South
226.11Anna Majewski
29:19Grosse Pte. Woods U....
227.9Saudia Tate
29:20Grosse Pte. Woods U....
228.11Paige Sims
29:24Detroit Renaissance
229.9Gina Suchy
29:29 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
230.9Brianna Corrion
29:35Grosse Pointe South
231.12Kimberly Maddox
29:39 PRDetroit Renaissance
232.11Jillian Matasovsky
29:41 SRLutheran HS Westland
233.10Gracie Pellegrino
29:47 SRGrosse Pointe South
234.11Emma Rooney
29:49 PRGrosse Pointe South
235.10Taylor Stanton
29:52 SRGrosse Pointe South
236.9Lauren Porter
29:53Grosse Pte. Woods U....
237.12Susan Ristola
29:56Livonia Churchill
238.10Alexis Jones
29:56Grosse Pte. Woods U....
239.9Brynna Bashore
240.9Claire Nuboer
30:40Grosse Pointe South
241.10Lauren Crymes
30:41 PRDetroit Renaissance
242.12Janelle Erlinges
30:54Livonia Ladywood
243.12Molly McDonald
31:04Dearborn Divine Child
244.10Evangeline Faussie
31:11Grosse Pointe South
245.10Rachel Dearing
31:15Grosse Pointe South
246.10Brenda Silva
247.9Mackenzie Ford
31:54Grosse Pointe South
248.12Noor Abdallah
32:04Dearborn Heights Cre...
249.10Selva Haidar
32:31Dearborn Heights Cre...
250.10Stephanie Vermet
32:39Grosse Pointe South
251.9Thayzmar Alicea
33:01 PRDetroit Renaissance
252.9Frida Galaviz
33:06Dearborn Divine Child
253.10Rebecca John
254.9Olya Malcolm
35:15Wayne Memorial
255.9Eleni Seros
36:04Livonia Churchill
256.9Maria Galaviz
36:21Dearborn Divine Child
257.9De'Anna Allen
36:36 PRDetroit Renaissance
258.12Mina Aldayenni
37:11Dearborn Heights Cre...
259.11Lina Abbas
37:12Dearborn Heights Cre...
260.12Gbanah Passmore
38:26Dearborn Divine Child
261.9Caroline Mancus
38:46Grosse Pointe South
262.12Claire Berg
38:49Grosse Pointe South
263.9Anna Rogers
41:18Dearborn Heights Cre...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Robyn Loselle
18:40 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
2.12Lauren Arquette
3.10Annie Bonds
19:24 SRPlymouth
4.12Anya Cho
5.10Maggie Pawelczyk
19:37Wyandotte Roosevelt
6.11Natalie Douglas
19:39Livonia Franklin
7.12Megan Sklarski
19:44Grosse Pointe South
8.9Addison Mussen
19:47Livonia Churchill
9.11Jenna Wisner
19:48Lutheran HS Westland
10.12Shekinah Johnson
11.10Kamryn Leonard
19:57Grosse Pointe South
12.12Mary Spencer
19:58Grosse Pointe South
13.12Elizabeth Tripp
14.11Korey Szymaniak
20:02Garden City
15.10Kathleen George
20:10Livonia Churchill
16.12Amanda Pokryfky
20:19Livonia Franklin
17.10Katie Rainey
20:24 SRFlat Rock
18.10Reanna Raymond
20:29Grosse Pointe South
19.10Ella Lawson
20:31Dearborn Divine Child
20.11Maddie McDonnell
20:32Grosse Pointe South
21.11Sierra Bowden
22.10Katie Chevoor
20:39 SRNorthville
23.11Kaya Knake
24.10Julia Cercone
20:40 SRLivonia Stevenson
25.11Kayla Hughes
26.10Kate Cotham
20:46 SRCanton
27.12Ellary Marano
20:46Livonia Franklin
28.12Caroline Mahalak
20:49 PRWestland John Glenn
29.11Zoe VanAuken
20:51 SRTrenton
30.12Ellayna Iaquaniello
20:52Dearborn Divine Child
31.9Anna Buettner
20:52 SRNorthville
32.10Riley Shine
20:53 SRLivonia Franklin
33.10Katie Kuhr
20:53Grosse Pointe South
34.10Caroline George
20:57Livonia Churchill
35.11Amber Castoreno
21:01Allen Park
36.10Helena Bryans
37.9Margaret Costello
21:02Grosse Pointe South
38.11Alyssa Harlow
21:03Wyandotte Roosevelt
39.10Camryn Zurawski
21:03Livonia Franklin
40.12Lauren Bernhardt
21:04Livonia Churchill
41.10Melanie Farley
21:04 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
42.10Ally Hill
21:04 SRLivonia Ladywood
43.12Carolyn Ferraiuolo
21:10Allen Park Cabrini
44.11Natalie Martinez
21:13Livonia Franklin
45.11Mackenzie Hand
46.12Hailey Foster
47.10Christina Murphy
21:17Livonia Churchill
48.9Annelies Ondersma
21:20Grosse Pte. Woods U....
49.11Jillian Fenton
21:21Allen Park Cabrini
50.12Brooke Thanasiu
51.10Samantha Rohrbach
21:25 SRCanton
52.9Samantha Horn
21:28 PRLivonia Ladywood
53.9Lauren Buckner
21:30Southgate Anderson
54.10Catherine McLaurin
21:30Livonia Ladywood
55.11Conner Huggins
21:32Livonia Ladywood
56.10Victoria Hebda
57.10Julia Kanack
21:35Wyandotte Roosevelt
58.11Sarah Wilson
21:37Livonia Ladywood
59.9Gabrielle Swider
21:37Livonia Churchill
60.12Julia Slatin
61.11Paige Zimmer
62.12Marina Goocher
21:41 SRRiverview
63.10Veronica Norwood
21:42Dearborn Divine Child
64.11Marie Zimmer
65.9Jacqueline Parks
21:45Southgate Anderson
66.12Emily Mall
67.11Kelsie Wysong
21:47 PRWayne Memorial
68.11Emma Radke
21:49 PRPlymouth
69.9Emily Lauzon
21:50Livonia Stevenson
70.11Samantha McGrath
71.11Julie Wonch
21:56Livonia Franklin
72.10Raquel Zwick
22:01Livonia Churchill
73.10Grace Iaquaniello
22:03Dearborn Divine Child
74.11Colleen Fitzgerald
22:04Livonia Stevenson
75.10Megan Verant
22:05 SRLivonia Stevenson
76.11Elizabeth Raupp
22:11 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
77.11Haley Divis
22:12Dearborn Divine Child
78.10Abigail Zwicker
22:13 SRLivonia Stevenson
79.10Diana Graham
22:13 SRLivonia Stevenson
80.12Morgan Fantow
22:14Southgate Anderson
81.10Sarah Grawburg
22:14Dearborn Divine Child
82.11Courtney Murray
22:16Allen Park
83.9Mikayla Thompson
22:19Taylor Baptist Park ...
84.12Hannah Burke
22:19Allen Park Cabrini
85.11Marianne DeBrito
86.10Heba Ashkar
22:23Dearborn Heights Cre...
87.9Shilpa Pindolia
88.9Jana Hossein
22:24Dearborn Heights Cre...
89.11Shiann Proffitt
22:26Westland John Glenn
90.11Nichole Lapkewych
22:26Southgate Anderson
91.9Megan Krygier
92.10Maddie Wu
22:32Grosse Pte. Woods U....
93.10Emily Zwicker
22:33 SRLivonia Stevenson
94.11Allison Morren
22:33 SRPlymouth
95.11Madison Jerome
22:34Grosse Pte. Woods U....
96.11Lina Jebara
22:37Dearborn Heights Cre...
97.12LeAnna Richards
22:38Southgate Anderson
98.9Rosie Rufe
99.12Allison Putz
100.10Israa Ali
22:43Dearborn Fordson
101.12Hallie Tingstad
22:46Southgate Anderson
102.12Lauren Randazzo
22:49 SRTrenton
103.12Ammy Rosales
22:52 SRAllen Park
104.10mary Luckhardt
22:53Westland John Glenn
105.12Chelsea Kovacs
22:54Lutheran HS Westland
106.10Abigail Rhoades
107.11Julia Zehetmair
22:55Grosse Pte. Woods U....
108.10Lexi Sinani
22:56Southgate Anderson
109.12Michelle Greening
23:03Lutheran HS Westland
110.10Erica Robinson
23:04Westland John Glenn
111.10Erin Murray
23:04Livonia Ladywood
112.12Paige Calvert
113.10Ani Purcell
114.12Whitney Roll
115.11Allie Cayo
23:17Allen Park
116.10Nikita Bhangu
23:20Wayne Memorial
117.12Kaylee Kozlowski
118.12Emma Swales
23:22 SRPlymouth
119.12Allison Johnson
23:23Lutheran HS Westland
120.12Clarissa Barksdale
23:34Detroit Renaissance
121.11Brooke Maher
122.12Juanita Gratowski
23:54Gibraltar Carlson
123.9Shania Shepard
24:03Detroit Renaissance
124.11Sydney Triest
24:09Livonia Ladywood
125.12Hayley Plummer
24:11Garden City
126.11Veronica Raft
24:11 SRTrenton
127.9Jessica Leigh
24:13Wayne Memorial
128.12Victoria Boyd
24:20Wayne Memorial
129.12Michaela Lizura
24:26 PRAllen Park Cabrini
130.10Nadine Elayan
24:34Dearborn Heights Cre...
131.11Alexandra Kaminske
24:36Gibraltar Carlson
132.10Alexandra Clark
24:36 SRDearborn Heights Ann...
133.11Brooklyn Proudlock
24:37Gibraltar Carlson
134.12Kendelle Hood
24:42 SRWayne Memorial
135.11Meagan Sindone
24:43 PRSummit Academy
136.10Caitlyn Hynek
24:43Garden City
137.12Emily Lovasz
24:50Allen Park
138.10Natalie Kral
24:53Plymouth Christian A...
139.10Alaweih Nadia
24:54Dearborn Heights Cre...
140.12Betsy Posont
24:58Taylor Baptist Park ...
141.11Dina Aldayyeni
25:00Dearborn Heights Cre...
142.10Angie Dimopulos
25:00Garden City
143.11Jackie Mueller
25:09Westland John Glenn
144.10Heba Abdallah
25:10Dearborn Heights Cre...
145.11Kara Macharia
25:13 SRDetroit Renaissance
146.11Asia Gardner
25:24Westland John Glenn
147.12Valenna Malone
148.12Jodi Kurtzhals
149.9Jessica Sterely
25:30 SRBelleville
150.12Taylor Slayton
25:33Grosse Pte. Woods U....
151.10Bethany Sexton
25:34 SRDearborn Heights Ann...
152.9August Pengelly
25:35Flat Rock
153.10Sarah Galbenski
25:38Grosse Pte. Woods U....
154.10Melaina Climer
25:39Wayne Memorial
155.10Courtney Wallace
25:41Gibraltar Carlson
156.11Bryanne Campbell
25:46Westland John Glenn
157.12Savannah Childress
25:51 SRGarden City
158.11Stephanie Farkas
159.10Alesia Morris
26:05Detroit Renaissance
160.12Marissa Kaminski
26:12Grosse Pte. Woods U....
161.11Laura Sillanpaa
26:20Lutheran HS Westland
162.10Amanda Antal
26:34Dearborn Heights Ann...
163.9Kennedy Gardner
164.11Iman Silmi
26:44Dearborn Fordson
165.11Chelsea Booker
26:45Garden City
166.12Amanda Storms
26:46Taylor Baptist Park ...
167.12Anea Gaskin
168.9Julie Hughes
26:53Gibraltar Carlson
169.9Deandrea White
26:57 PRDetroit Renaissance
170.12Peighton Childress
27:00 SRDetroit Renaissance
171.10Nnenna Nnaji
28:41 PRDetroit Renaissance
172.11Nour Eidy
28:48Dearborn Fordson
173.10Lindsey Lefebvre
28:49Allen Park Cabrini
174.9Allison Jones
28:56Wayne Memorial
175.11Savannah Thomas
29:12 PRAllen Park
176.12Lis Ivey
29:24Lutheran HS Westland
177.9Raquel Solano
29:41Allen Park Cabrini
178.9Tavonna Hamilton
29:54Dearborn Advanced Te...
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