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8,000 Meters Men
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6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Puget Sound24
3.Pacific Lutheran61
4.Olympic College97
1.SoTyler Shipley
2.JrJoshua Seekatz
26:34Puget Sound
3.SrAlan DenAdel
26:42Pacific Lutheran
4.SoJustin Bigelow
26:46Puget Sound
5.JrLevi Unt-Nelson
27:33 SRBoise State Universi...
6.SoDavid Santillan
27:40Puget Sound
7.JrJustin Higa
28:23Puget Sound
8.SoSam Carilli
28:33Puget Sound
9.FrElliott Turner
28:53Pacific Lutheran
10.Kyle Paulson
11.SoDaniel Hansen
29:15Olympic College
12.FrGary Fanelli
13.FrJames Markin
29:17Puget Sound
14.SrRudy Sanchez
15.Cameron Butler
16.SrChris Breckenridge
29:29 SRBoise State Universi...
17.-Ryan Compagnone
29:33 PRBoise State Universi...
18.SrBryan Soto
29:54Puget Sound
19.-Donny Knapp
30:08 SRBoise State Universi...
20.FrKaleb Bass
21.SrKyle Smith
30:17Pacific Lutheran
22.FrJared Sell
30:17Olympic College
23.FrEgan Dunning
30:23Pacific Lutheran
24.SrEric Herde
30:26Pacific Lutheran
25.FrBen Thomas
26.FrCharlie Mogen
30:28Pacific Lutheran
27.FrEliot Mackay
28.FrBrendon Bonnell
30:31Pacific Lutheran
29.SoKeith Ryan
30:49Olympic College
30.SoAustin Fritz
31:12Olympic College
31.FrJacob Yarbrough
31:33Olympic College
32.FrJack Marshall
31:53Puget Sound
33.FrLewis Williams
34.FrLordd Xavier Damo
35.SrMatthew Beal
32:39Pacific Lutheran
36.FrZacharie Taylor
32:56Olympic College
37.FrFlynn Stewart
33:11Puget Sound
38.FrMatthew MacFarlane
33:20Pacific Lutheran
39.FrCameron Stedman
33:28 PRPuget Sound
40.FrAustin Hayes
34:18Pacific Lutheran
41.FrBrady Tinker
36:02Olympic College
42.FrMax Bartholomew
36:14Pacific Lutheran
43.FrMatt Aust
37:18Pacific Lutheran
44.FrJames-Victor Alvarez
38:39Pacific Lutheran
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