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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Medium School Varsity8:45 AM
5,000 Meters Medium & Small School JV9:50 AM
5,000 Meters Small School Varsity10:55 AM
5,000 Meters Large School JV12:30 PM
5,000 Meters Large School Varsity1:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Medium School Varsity Women9:15 AM
5,000 Meters Medium & Small School JV10:20 AM
5,000 Meters Small School Varsity11:25 AM
5,000 Meters Large School JV1:00 PM
5,000 Meters Large School Varsity2:05 PM

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2014 Gabriel Richard XC Invitational Information  (coaches)

30th Annual Gabriel Richard Cross Country Invitational
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Hudson Mills Metropark
To Athletic Directors and Cross Country Coaches:
 We are making arrangements for the 30th Annual Gabriel Richard Cross Country Invitational.  Plan now to take part in this exciting event scheduled for Saturday, October 11, 2014. It will be run at the South XC Course at Hudson Mills Metropark near Dexter, just a short distance northwest of Ann Arbor.  The planned race format will divide teams into one of three divisions based on school size:

Large School Division (1000 and up)
Medium School Division (500 to 999)
Small School Division (under 500)

The entry fee is $95.00 per Varsity team or $19.00 per Varsity athlete if you do not have a full Varsity team.  There is no charge for JV/Reserve runners.  Entry fees are due by October 1, 2014.  Please make checks payable to “Father Gabriel Richard High School Booster Club” and address as follows:

Father Gabriel Richard Booster Club
c/o Jim Spencer
4333 Whitehall Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-9395
 The Gabriel Richard Cross Country Invitational allows runners to compete on a challenging course that provides coaches with easy access to key locations as well as giving spectators a wide variety of viewing opportunities.   The South XC Course provides the excitement and accessibility that has made this race popular for all involved.  Traditionally, the competition at this Invitational has been among the best in the state.  Over the years several state team and individual champions, as well as numerous other All State athletes, have participated in this Invitational.  Scheduled just two weeks before Regionals, the Gabriel Richard Invitational will provide your team an excellent tune-up.  It offers you the opportunity to race your team on an exciting and challenging course against some of the best talent in the state.  The race schedule is as follows: 

Medium School Division Varsity Men  8:45 AM
Medium School Division Varsity Women 9:15 AM
Medium and Small School Divisions JV  Men  9:50 AM
Medium and Small School Divisions JV  Women 10:20 AM
Small School Division Varsity Men 10:55 AM
Small School Division Varsity Women 11:25 AM
Large School Division JV Men  12:30 PM
Large School Division JV Women 1:00 PM
Large School Division Varsity Men 1:35 PM
Large School Division Varsity Women 2:05 PM
 Division assignments will be finalized as soon as it is determined how many schools will participate in this meet.
 If you are interested in attending this Invitational, please register on-line at using the following procedure:
(1) Go to website
(2) Login
(3) Go to your school’s 2014 XC page
(4) Below your current 2014 Calendar, select the “+ Add a Meet”
(5) On the Michigan Meet list, find “Gabriel Richard Invitational” under Saturday, October 11
(6) Select “Gabriel Richard Invitational”
(7) Select “Add to Team”
The Invitational will be added to your school’s 2014 calendar
 We intend to make the 2014 Invitational as efficient and enjoyable as previous meets.  Please come and help make our 30th Annual Invitational a success.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (see the contact information below) or our Athletic Director, Hally Yonko, at (734) 662-0496 ext. 225.
 We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Gabriel Richard Cross Country Invitational.
Thank you,
Jim Spencer
Race Director
4333 Whitehall Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-9395
Mobile Phone:        734-904-6431
FAX:                          734-662-4133

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Medium School Varsity

1.12Kurt Swaton
2.12Colin Herrmann
16:47.32Orchard Lake St. Mar...
3.12Colin McNally
16:52.92Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
4.12Joe Vermilye
5.12Bryce VanAsselt
16:57.81South Lyon
6.12Miles Fischer
7.12Harrison Coe
17:01.27Orchard Lake St. Mar...
8.12David Trimas
9.12Joe Gallagher
17:12.53Orchard Lake St. Mar...
10.10Bennet Coe
17:16.00Orchard Lake St. Mar...
11.10Trey Cucuro
17:17.20Whitmore Lake
12.12Kyle McCormick
17:18.76Orchard Lake St. Mar...
13.10Liam Heaney
14.11Adam Caruso
17:20.07South Lyon East
15.12Carson Eby
17:23.35Orchard Lake St. Mar...
16.12Jannis Wolff
17.9James Fedewa
17:34.46Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
18.11Bryce Sinclair
17:41.11Orchard Lake St. Mar...
19.12Austin Yeakey
20.11Jacob Fletcher
17:53.54Lake Fenton
21.11Brent Peruski
17:55.80 SRSouth Lyon
22.11Campbell Fahle
23.12Dylan Hamilton
24.12Jordan Okdie
18:05.31South Lyon
25.11Chris Bell
26.11Matt Karls
18:06.04Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
27.10Bryce Messmann
18:09.18Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
28.11Chandler Cruz
29.9Josh Kowalski
30.11Christian Kalisz
31.10Calvin Smith
18:14.59 SRMarshall
32.9Connor Gilbreath
33.9Andrew Putlock
18:18.14 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
34.12Roy Schmidt
35.10Elijah Balli-Solis
36.11Marshall Thelen
18:21.89South Lyon
37.10Joshua Clark
18:23.64South Lyon East
38.10Brian Jacobs
18:23.87 PRChelsea
39.12Jon Kesler
18:27.36South Lyon East
40.12Matt Proegler
41.11Brandon Hock
18:32.05 SRManchester
42.12Mitchell Henschel
43.9Schyler Kangas
18:37.52 SRManchester
44.9Jeremy Northrop
45.10David Szawala
18:42.05South Lyon
46.10Josh Chezick
18:42.81 SRSouth Lyon
47.12Will Libs
18:46.95Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
48.12Evan DeMoss
18:48.07South Lyon
49.11Charles Marchand
18:48.43South Lyon East
50.12Winston Ray
18:54.17Lake Fenton
51.10Carter Reeds
18:56.80 SRSouth Lyon East
52.9Alexander Cronin
19:03.13South Lyon East
53.11Abe Cone
54.12Aaron Hoorn
19:23.91South Lyon East
55.11John Beuerle
56.12Andy Hill-Carruthers
19:28.52Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
57.12Sutton Jacobs
58.12Hunter Weeks
19:53.69 PRHomer
59.12Jasper Lindsay
19:56.63Lake Fenton
60.9Hunter Fanson
20:12.62Whitmore Lake
61.12Spencer Kujawa
20:16.63 SRLake Fenton
62.9Landon Webb
63.11Cole Travis
21:11.77Lake Fenton
64.9Blake Jarvis
65.10Jevon Sheckles
21:36.06Hazel Park
66.10Dempsey Younce
21:43.90Hazel Park
67.11Romel Carter
21:46.90Hazel Park
68.9Noah Doneth
21:52.90 SRWhitmore Lake
69.9Ryan Bank
22:08.83Whitmore Lake
70.9D'Jaun Johnson
22:09.90Hazel Park
71.12Nathan Hemingway
22:13.22Lake Fenton
72.12Sebastian Lindsay
22:21.31Lake Fenton
73.11Jacob Houghton
23:01.44 SRHazel Park
74.10Deacon Fountain
23:09.34Whitmore Lake
75.12Chris Hopkins
23:23.40Hazel Park
76.9Jamie Beck
77.11Max Shew
24:13.94Whitmore Lake
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5,000 Meters Medium & Small School JV

1.10Scott Sawyer
17:37.6Orchard Lake St. Mar...
2.10Augustine Lau
17:42.1Orchard Lake St. Mar...
3.10Ryan Herrmann
17:50.9Orchard Lake St. Mar...
4.11Steven Koski
18:11.8Orchard Lake St. Mar...
5.9Carter Macias
18:28.9Orchard Lake St. Mar...
6.12Brandon Wenner
18:32.4South Lyon
7.9Jonathan Allen
18:40.2South Lyon
8.12Nich Hoffman
9.9Spencer Panoushek
18:49.6Orchard Lake St. Mar...
10.11Jesus Amado
18:52.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
11.12Weston Herman
12.10Miles Butler
19:07.1 PRChelsea
13.9Andy Edwards
19:08.6Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
14.12Jack Madigan
19:11.8Orchard Lake St. Mar...
15.11Jack Gomori
19:13.4South Lyon
16.10Andy Bischoff
19:17.0 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
17.11Josh Cole
18.9Joey Younkin
19:20.5South Lyon
19.10Peter Stumpo
19:21.7Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
20.11Jontaj Wallace
21.11Luke Liu
19:26.9Orchard Lake St. Mar...
22.11Adam Lyons
19:28.9South Lyon
23.11Kurt Deutschmann
19:30.0Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
24.11Erik Doane
19:36.5 PRMarshall
25.11Ethan Novilla
19:37.5South Lyon East
26.11Bryan Cooney
19:39.6 PRSouth Lyon
27.11Jake Helton
19:43.6South Lyon
28.9Max Hoorn
19:52.6South Lyon East
29.12Ryan Arnoldy
19:57.2Orchard Lake St. Mar...
30.12George Miller
20:01.5South Lyon
31.10Andrew Sokolik
20:02.7South Lyon
32.9Nick Lumsden
33.11Tim Slavik
20:08.6 SRSouth Lyon
34.10Zach Hinderer
20:09.2 PRChelsea
35.11Briar Thelen
36.10Ben Wolak
20:10.0South Lyon East
37.9Evan Leslie
20:10.2 SRSouth Lyon
38.11Matt Remillard
20:14.9 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
39.9Zachary Wiseman
20:19.5South Lyon East
40.11James Bonar
20:20.7 PRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
41.11Micah Deitrich
42.11Jacob Walsh
20:38.7Orchard Lake St. Mar...
43.11David Burgess
20:42.1 SRLake Fenton
44.12Jack Klovoski
20:43.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
45.9Drew Deitrich
46.10Nick Banks
20:47.5South Lyon
47.12Tom Charney
20:54.1South Lyon East
48.9Valentin Schnitzel
20:59.0South Lyon
49.9Nik Bauer
21:00.1 SRSouth Lyon
50.10Josef Baker
21:00.4 SRCapital Homeschool
51.11Aidan Fallon
21:00.7South Lyon
52.10Asher Wertheimer
53.11Patrick Rivet
21:01.5 PRCapital Homeschool
54.12Jimmy Sharpe
21:16.6 PRSouth Lyon East
55.9Garrett Pike
56.11Spencer Vagg
21:23.1Orchard Lake St. Mar...
57.9Andrew Williams
21:24.1South Lyon
58.12Ozair Arfi
21:27.5Ann Arbor Greenhills
59.12Jack Baylis
60.10Chance Ameel
21:32.7Orchard Lake St. Mar...
61.11Joe-Ryan Curtis
21:34.5South Lyon
62.10Michael Brown
21:35.6South Lyon East
63.10David Miller
21:39.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
64.9Vincent Pucillo
21:42.4 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
65.11Salvatore Curcuru
21:42.8Charyl Stockwell Aca...
66.10Matt Jana
21:44.8 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
67.9Kirby Hubbard
21:49.7 SRChelsea
68.11Brian Harmon
21:52.9South Lyon
69.10Daniel Schulz
22:03.0 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
70.9Caleb Heemstra
22:03.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
71.9Caleb Wood
22:03.8Capital Homeschool
72.9Ryan DeBruyne
22:08.4 SRSouth Lyon
73.9Wade Foster
74.11Joey Blanchard
22:12.1 SRMarshall
75.11Nick Stevens
22:14.1 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
76.10Daniel Hindenach
77.10Luke Fulkerson
22:14.8 PRSouth Lyon East
78.10Sam Barringer
22:23.6Lake Fenton
79.9Alex Ware
22:24.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
80.12Anthony Martino
22:29.7Charyl Stockwell Aca...
81.11Zachary Nurnberger
22:32.8South Lyon
82.10Patrick Snabes
22:35.1Ann Arbor Greenhills
83.10John MeLampy
22:41.2Madison Heights Bish...
84.9Braden Heiler
22:41.5South Lyon
85.11Sebastian Hamilton
86.10Jack Urquhart
22:45.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
87.10James Massey
22:47.1 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
88.9Jacob Bromm
22:59.1Madison Heights Bish...
89.9Alex Grieves
23:05.7 PRSouth Lyon East
90.12Viggo Hamberg
91.10Adam Leshok
23:09.4South Lyon
92.11Patrick Carey
23:11.7 PRMadison Heights Bish...
93.9Griffin Klevering
23:22.6South Lyon
94.12Ben Elyea
23:26.9 SRMarshall
95.9McCarty Simmons
23:32.6Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
96.11Cam Kurzeja
23:32.9South Lyon
97.9David Forrest
23:47.3 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
98.10Stuart Fry
23:54.2 SRMarshall
99.10Chris McLane
24:01.2 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
100.9Leo Walker
101.9Connor Pergament
24:04.3 PRSouth Lyon East
102.9Jaden Zaitshik
24:22.6Lake Fenton
103.11Brandon Kruger
24:23.8Lutheran HS Westland
104.11Nash Reigle
24:35.8Lake Fenton
105.11Ray Morrison
24:55.1Lutheran HS Westland
106.11Justin Carbary
25:02.9 SRSouth Lyon
107.12Josiah Masey
25:10.1Lutheran HS Westland
108.12Jamie Fadden
25:17.4South Lyon East
109.10Dustin Krise
25:23.1Capital Homeschool
110.10Louie Barati
25:47.8South Lyon East
111.10Zaakir Hamzavi
25:52.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
112.9Kyle Hailing
26:24.4South Lyon East
113.10Alex Dennis
26:51.3 PRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
114.12Matt Maldonado
26:53.7Lake Fenton
115.9Evan Shell
27:01.6 SRAuburn Hills Oakland...
116.12Tanwei Chen
27:32.0 SRAnn Arbor Greenhills
117.10Nick Eller
27:46.7 PRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
118.11Andrew Gordon
119.9Brandon Korhonen
31:08.1 PROrchard Lake St. Mar...
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5,000 Meters Small School Varsity

1.11Jeremy Bond
17:43.6Charyl Stockwell Aca...
2.10Landon Dysart
17:57.6Capital Homeschool
3.10Ben Fuller
18:01.0Plymouth Christian A...
4.12Joe Fanelli
18:08.7Plymouth Christian A...
5.9Seth Windle
18:23.7Plymouth Christian A...
6.11Kilsun Keagy
7.12Alexander Reeves
18:28.2Ann Arbor Greenhills
8.10Grant Taylor
18:32.7Capital Homeschool
9.12Alexei Groff
18:35.0Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
10.10Jordan Watson
18:41.8 PRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
11.11Jason Marsh
12.9Doug Tishler
18:48.1 SRLutheran HS Westland
13.12Garrett Crozier
18:48.5Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
14.10Jacob Gibbs
18:51.0Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
15.11Alan Gibson
18:53.6Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
16.9Ben Perry
18:54.7Marine City Cardinal...
17.10Grant Fedewa
18:58.6Capital Homeschool
18.10Jon Gibson
19:00.3Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
19.10Brett Cribley
19:00.5Capital Homeschool
20.12Nathan Hartges
19:00.7Capital Homeschool
21.11Paul Chamberlain
19:02.2Plymouth Christian A...
22.11Cale Gray
19:04.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
23.10Devin Reyes
19:05.9Auburn Hills Oakland...
24.12Dominic Johnson
19:07.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
25.10Nathan Topolewski
19:10.1 SRWaterford Our Lady o...
26.10Ian Hay
19:19.2Plymouth Christian A...
27.11Mason Mears
28.12George Squillace
19:26.4Capital Homeschool
29.12Ian O'Banion
19:28.5Lutheran HS Westland
30.9Raman Sahota
19:32.2Ann Arbor Greenhills
31.9Hunter Torolski
19:37.5Ann Arbor Greenhills
32.11Charlie Beals
19:47.6Capital Homeschool
33.11Weslee Warren
19:51.9Lutheran HS Westland
34.11Casey Hardin
35.11Nick Marcopoli
19:59.1Madison Heights Bish...
36.9Phillip Morby
20:01.5Plymouth Christian A...
37.11Travis Smith
20:03.5 SRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
38.10Matt Reddeman
20:06.5Lutheran HS Westland
39.11Will Govan
20:11.0Novi Franklin Road C...
40.10Caleb Killinger
20:14.7Charyl Stockwell Aca...
41.12Chase Pitcher
20:15.8Charyl Stockwell Aca...
42.12Jake Iles
43.12Adam Freeman
20:17.6Marine City Cardinal...
44.9Austin Ausmus
20:19.4Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
45.12Dylan Algate
20:23.4Auburn Hills Oakland...
46.11Zakk Manley
47.11Ian Harris
20:25.5Ann Arbor Greenhills
48.9Phillip Popp
20:34.0Birmingham Roeper
49.11Steven Waring
50.10Mike Alber
20:41.8Ann Arbor Greenhills
51.9Jonah Lange
20:44.6Lutheran HS Westland
52.12DJ Oster
20:49.0Madison Heights Bish...
53.11Grant Reichenbach
20:50.1Madison Heights Bish...
54.12Dustin Niver
20:50.9Marine City Cardinal...
55.11Austin Fuller
56.9Andrew Oswalt
57.11Nathan Morgan
20:58.6Charyl Stockwell Aca...
58.12Alexander Raveane
21:07.2Birmingham Roeper
59.11Caleb Weissman
21:11.6Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste...
60.11John Day
21:41.6Madison Heights Bish...
61.12Matthew Parent
21:46.3Lutheran HS Westland
62.10Carl Davis Young
21:53.1Auburn Hills Oakland...
63.11Aidan Snell
21:58.7Charyl Stockwell Aca...
64.9Jason Gould
65.10Jacob Roza
22:05.4 SRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
66.10Nate Austin
22:09.8Novi Franklin Road C...
67.10Jermaine Viculis
22:14.1Charyl Stockwell Aca...
68.10Luke Hoffman
22:14.7Auburn Hills Oakland...
69.10Nicholas Bryant
22:15.5 SRDetroit Loyola
70.11Zachary Bernhardt
22:17.2Marine City Cardinal...
71.10Luke Wood
22:21.4Auburn Hills Oakland...
72.10Noah McCallum
22:29.1Waterford Our Lady o...
73.10Josh Beck
22:41.5 PRNovi Franklin Road C...
74.11Ben Reed
75.11Basil Ritho
22:50.0Ypsilanti Arbor Prep...
76.9Riley Gottschalk
23:06.6Auburn Hills Oakland...
77.11Rayoma Haba
78.10Nicholas Cucchi
23:43.1Marine City Cardinal...
79.10Jonathon Borja
23:48.6Birmingham Roeper
80.11Owen Tague
23:51.7Lutheran HS Westland
81.10John Powers
23:57.9Madison Heights Bish...
82.11Rickey Portis
23:58.8 SRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
83.11Max Bone
24:08.5Auburn Hills Oakland...
84.10Igor Mattise
24:46.0Waterford Our Lady o...
85.11Erick Westphal
25:21.0Novi Franklin Road C...
86.10Matt Ulicny
25:54.3 PRMadison Heights Bish...
87.12Kane Simms
25:57.3Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
88.11Joey Elerson
26:04.2Ypsilanti Arbor Prep...
89.9John Reichenbach
26:23.4Madison Heights Bish...
90.9Xavier Thomas
30:50.4Birmingham Roeper
91.9Joel Stevenson
31:38.1 PRDetroit Loyola
92.11Brendan McConnell
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5,000 Meters Large School JV

1.11Michael Baker
2.10Mac Fritz
17:57.70Birmingham Seaholm
3.10William Eisert
4.10Isaac Susser
18:12.15 PRBirmingham Seaholm
5.11Nick Paris
6.10Brendan Burns
18:24.43Temperance Bedford
7.11Stuart McNutt
18:25.99Birmingham Seaholm
8.11Simeon Britting
9.12Joey Maciag
10.9Alex Zittleman
18:33.97Temperance Bedford
11.11Derrick Egli
12.12Jamie Golden
18:36.44Birmingham Seaholm
13.12Alex Crump
18:38.78Birmingham Seaholm
14.10Ryan Race
18:42.98Grosse Pointe North
15.12Mitchell Loeffler
18:47.29Birmingham Seaholm
16.10Andrew Farren
18:48.18Temperance Bedford
17.9Nick Schweikhart
18.11Nathan Hedden
18:58.12 PRClarkston
19.10Matthew DaDamio
19:03.09 SRBirmingham Seaholm
20.11Mike Burns
19:06.96 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
21.10Nickolas Favazza
22.10John Kraine
19:07.52 PRTemperance Bedford
23.11Aaron Brooks
19:10.87 SRBirmingham Seaholm
24.10Lucas Rhodes
19:11.67 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
25.10Jacob Ryan
26.9Calum Walton
19:15.10 SRBirmingham Seaholm
27.9Nick Bennett
19:15.63Birmingham Seaholm
28.9Camden King
29.11Brandon Gore
19:18.64 SRTemperance Bedford
30.12Andrew Dever
31.9Andrew Annesser
32.11Anthony Ricketts
33.12Patrick Mayhew
19:31.70Birmingham Seaholm
34.10Peter Fargo
19:33.77 SRWalled Lake Western
35.10Jonas Kristensen
19:35.21 PRWalled Lake Western
36.9Andrew Schildcrout
37.10Andy Cowdery
19:40.10Birmingham Seaholm
38.10Charlie Cowdery
19:41.11Birmingham Seaholm
39.11Jay Moak
19:41.33Beverly Hills Groves
40.9Jason Sands
19:41.87Grosse Pointe North
41.11Jacob Kennedy
42.10Mark Peregoy
19:43.87 SRPlymouth
43.9Zachary Murry
44.9Adam Stepek
45.11Alex Iaquinto
19:48.09Detroit Catholic Cen...
46.10William Ferguson
19:48.85Grosse Pointe North
47.9Noah Kostecki
48.12Sean McBride
19:50.50Birmingham Seaholm
49.12Collin Brefka
19:52.76Detroit Catholic Cen...
50.11Seth Allen
19:53.83Beverly Hills Groves
51.10David Jordan
19:55.70Temperance Bedford
52.12Connor Canavan
19:57.47Detroit Catholic Cen...
53.9Joseph Russell
19:57.73 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
54.12Peter Ebaugh
19:58.00Detroit Catholic Cen...
55.9Basheer Mossallam
19:59.22 SRBirmingham Seaholm
56.9Tristan Kreindler
19:59.45Birmingham Seaholm
57.11Mitchell Anderson
19:59.77Birmingham Seaholm
58.12Benjamin Kassab
20:00.56Beverly Hills Groves
59.12Beau Bushart
20:01.14 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
60.11Luke McNally
20:01.36 PRBerkley
61.10Tyler White
20:02.09Grosse Pointe North
62.12Thomas DeVoe
20:02.60Detroit U-D Jesuit
63.12Kevin Johnson
20:02.80 PRBeverly Hills Groves
64.9Peter Ciaravino
20:03.45 PRGrosse Pointe North
65.9Connor O'Rourke
20:04.00Birmingham Seaholm
66.11Matthew Mills
20:04.74 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
67.11Teddy Berg
20:05.03 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
68.10Byron Work
20:05.98Birmingham Seaholm
69.10Brian Palmer
20:07.50Detroit U-D Jesuit
70.10Evan Poiner
20:08.55 SRWalled Lake Western
71.12Kenneth Yuk
20:09.48 PRPlymouth
72.11Nicholas Sprague
73.10John Trainor
20:18.09 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
74.10Joseph Beattie
75.11Matt Burr
20:19.06 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
76.9Keenan Bakowski
20:19.27Grosse Pointe North
77.10Nate Schmidt
78.9James Redman
79.10Patrick McCowell
20:22.83Grosse Pointe North
80.9Tim Bowers
20:23.06 PRGrosse Pointe North
81.9Alex Gordon
20:30.00 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
82.10Josh Kim
20:31.33 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
83.9Justin Bennett
20:34.76Temperance Bedford
84.12Josh Kozakowski
20:35.12Grosse Pointe North
85.9Daniel Rehfedt
20:36.13 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
86.12Bradley Christensen
87.11Bradley Horvath
20:38.62 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
88.12James Peregoy
89.9Nathan Johnson
90.9Maxwell Wiedemann
91.11Gabriel Korkmaz
20:49.90Grosse Pointe North
92.10Colin Burke
93.9Brady Huber
20:50.83 SRTemperance Bedford
94.9Ryan Brown
95.9Sage Paris
96.10Jack Schumaker
20:57.35Birmingham Seaholm
97.9Sean Colling
20:57.66 SRBerkley
98.9Benny Limback
20:58.10Grosse Pointe North
99.9Nolan Sera
100.11Samuel Yarsike
20:59.81Beverly Hills Groves
101.9Blaine Ritz
21:04.55 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
102.9Evan Widdis
21:06.07Detroit U-D Jesuit
103.11Chase Rosett
21:10.02Beverly Hills Groves
104.9Kwame Henry
105.11Patrick Schindler
106.11Gabe Garbek
21:16.43 PRWalled Lake Western
107.9Colin Bell
21:17.54 SRTemperance Bedford
108.9David Kent
21:19.37Beverly Hills Groves
109.9Brendan Roberts
21:21.22Detroit Catholic Cen...
110.11Anthony Rastigue
21:24.65Detroit Catholic Cen...
111.12Denzel Reboya
21:26.70Detroit Catholic Cen...
112.11Aidan Reickert
21:28.15 PRGrosse Pointe North
113.9Joey Samulski
114.11August McCardell
21:29.92 SRBirmingham Seaholm
115.12Ben Phillips
21:33.26Detroit Catholic Cen...
116.9Nicholas Noteman
21:34.15 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
117.9Pierce Brown
21:35.66Grosse Pointe North
118.10Michael Lyons
21:35.88 SRBerkley
119.12Matthew Moloney
21:36.60Birmingham Seaholm
120.9Traeton Hitsman
21:38.02 PRClarkston
121.9Cameron Tait
21:39.56Birmingham Seaholm
122.9Brendan Wang
123.11Colin Weinert
21:47.57Birmingham Seaholm
124.11Ethan Anderson
21:47.82 SRBeverly Hills Groves
125.12John Kochan
21:48.83 PRPlymouth
126.9Sean Panlilio
21:49.34Grosse Pointe North
127.9Conner Hein
21:49.69Detroit Catholic Cen...
128.9Ian Mascarenhas
21:50.36Detroit Catholic Cen...
129.12Dillon Sanders
21:50.78Birmingham Seaholm
130.12Matt Homsy
21:51.10Detroit U-D Jesuit
131.9Peter DiMercurio
132.10Max Novick
21:51.40 SRBeverly Hills Groves
133.9Will Crump
21:51.51Birmingham Seaholm
134.12Josef Molnar
21:57.29Temperance Bedford
135.11Brendan Mullin
21:59.50Detroit U-D Jesuit
136.12Anthony Schluentz
22:00.21 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
137.11Andrew Kennedy
22:01.17Detroit Catholic Cen...
138.11John Conklin
139.10Andrew Ross
140.12D.J. Desmond
141.9Braden Hamilton
142.11Ardie Milwrick
22:14.90Grosse Pointe North
143.9Peter Chekal
22:15.58Detroit U-D Jesuit
144.9Josh Rietz
22:16.22Temperance Bedford
145.9Eamon Moriarty
22:17.77Detroit U-D Jesuit
146.11Brenden Smith
22:18.58Temperance Bedford
147.10Branden Alsbach
22:22.65 SRTemperance Bedford
148.10Nicholas Miller
22:25.73Detroit Catholic Cen...
149.10Derek Childs
150.11David Broughton
22:26.25 SRBeverly Hills Groves
151.10Casper Padilla
22:26.40Detroit U-D Jesuit
152.9Sebastian Cubillejo
22:26.57Grosse Pointe North
153.11Max Fields
154.10Griffin Simmons
22:27.38Birmingham Seaholm
155.11Eric Ruthruff
22:31.63 SRBirmingham Seaholm
156.9Joshua Friday
22:33.65 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
157.11Tommy Heinemann
22:36.37Grosse Pointe North
158.11Timothy Walsh
22:39.25Beverly Hills Groves
159.11Jack Israel
22:43.12 PRBeverly Hills Groves
160.9Max Cooper
22:47.25Beverly Hills Groves
161.11Kevin Kinnaird
22:47.52Grosse Pointe North
162.10Andrew Schafer
22:50.06 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
163.11Kyle Bradley
22:52.46Grosse Pointe North
164.11Will Sollish
165.11Zachary Trunsky
22:58.13 SRBeverly Hills Groves
166.11Jacob Rees
23:04.87Grosse Pointe North
167.10Addison Toutant
23:08.26Grosse Pointe North
168.9John O'Connell
23:14.19 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
169.10Ryan Gross
23:19.17Beverly Hills Groves
170.10Noah London
23:23.32 PRBirmingham Seaholm
171.10Luke Behm
23:24.89Detroit Catholic Cen...
172.9Paul Schulte
23:33.14Detroit Catholic Cen...
173.12Anthony Soster
23:41.02Temperance Bedford
174.12Graham Ross
23:44.21Beverly Hills Groves
175.10Robert Hallett
176.9Dylan Wright
177.10Chase Lee
23:51.07Birmingham Seaholm
178.11Jonathan Green
23:51.57Beverly Hills Groves
179.12Spencer Sullivan
24:01.81Temperance Bedford
180.12Benjamin Kue
24:03.89Beverly Hills Groves
181.11Tyler Ciechanowski
24:04.26Grosse Pointe North
182.12Patrick O'Brien
24:09.89Birmingham Seaholm
183.11Mitchell Mcsweeney
24:30.92Detroit Catholic Cen...
184.11Brett Cooper
185.10Jordan Frank
24:36.41Birmingham Seaholm
186.9Andrew Doetsch
24:37.89 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
187.9Nicholas Salt
24:40.42Detroit Catholic Cen...
188.10Reed Boeckler
24:44.04Grosse Pointe North
189.9Luke Dudas
24:44.53Beverly Hills Groves
190.10Nathan Lonczynski
24:46.65 PRGrosse Pointe North
191.9Patrick McManus
192.11Peter Peterson
25:11.97Birmingham Seaholm
193.10Joe Lennon
25:12.19 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
194.10Aidan Collins
25:19.49Birmingham Seaholm
195.10Christian Flannery
25:36.63Grosse Pointe North
196.11Scott Schaefer
25:40.36Beverly Hills Groves
197.11Dane Page
25:51.66Birmingham Seaholm
198.12Grant Chalmers
199.10Justin Holler
26:12.08 PRBirmingham Seaholm
200.9Lawrence DeBrincat
26:13.89 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
201.9Ed Burns
26:18.37Detroit U-D Jesuit
202.9Walid Korkmaz
26:24.60Grosse Pointe North
203.9Ryan Dolson
26:50.48Detroit U-D Jesuit
204.11Andrew Nurmi
27:01.86Grosse Pointe North
205.9Austin Dazley
27:03.89Temperance Bedford
206.9Jacob Schwartz
27:37.47 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
207.9Joshua Fudala
27:37.70Detroit Catholic Cen...
208.12Justin Cheung
27:46.06Birmingham Seaholm
209.9Nathaniel Abbott
28:12.37Beverly Hills Groves
210.9Ethan Brooks
28:40.19Birmingham Seaholm
211.11Chase Moilanen
28:45.87Beverly Hills Groves
212.9Pat Abraham
29:31.56Detroit U-D Jesuit
213.9Xavier Weintraub
29:31.78Detroit U-D Jesuit
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5,000 Meters Large School Varsity

1.12Matthew Pahl
2.11Andrew Bill
3.12Joe Ciaravino
16:21.94Grosse Pointe North
4.11Grant Henley
5.11Jack Bleibtrey
16:33.56Walled Lake Western
6.11Jack Halpin
16:37.96Birmingham Seaholm
7.11Alex Skender
16:50.90Birmingham Seaholm
8.11Adam Audet
16:51.76Temperance Bedford
9.12Daniel Billette
10.9Michael Greeley
16:54.33 SRTemperance Bedford
11.12Tyler Dunn
12.10John Petruno
16:55.29Walled Lake Western
13.11Gregory Lingle
16:55.52Temperance Bedford
14.12Jonny Dalton
15.10Luke Wallace
17:03.36Birmingham Seaholm
16.9Ethan Byrnes
17.11Luke Bowker
17:09.90 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
18.11Brendan McClanahan
17:12.11Temperance Bedford
19.12Louis Sullivan
17:13.62 PRBeverly Hills Groves
20.10Don Rea
17:15.47 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
21.10Luke Oldford
22.11Liam Little
17:21.42Birmingham Seaholm
23.12Matthew Lezon
17:25.40 PRTemperance Bedford
24.10Mika Juuhl
25.12Matt Dottavio
26.12Michael Kenney
17:30.03Detroit U-D Jesuit
27.11Eric Smith
28.10Ben Williams
17:33.30Birmingham Seaholm
29.11Joey Russell
17:45.51Birmingham Seaholm
30.11Daniel Brady
17:47.98Grosse Pointe North
31.9Mike Ciaravino
17:48.38Grosse Pointe North
32.9Zeke Bowker
17:50.56 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
33.12Richard Johnson
34.11Matthieu Nordstrom
17:53.50 PRWalled Lake Western
35.12Michael Trease
17:53.86Birmingham Seaholm
36.11Brenden Hein
17:57.23 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
37.10Alexander Ross
17:58.91Beverly Hills Groves
38.9Matt Austin
39.12Paul Tremonti
18:06.05 PRBeverly Hills Groves
40.11Tony Bomia
18:09.05Temperance Bedford
41.12Zach Huber
18:13.36Temperance Bedford
42.12Alex Zoltowski
43.10Zack Smith
44.9Alberto Whitmer
18:22.98Beverly Hills Groves
45.10Shane Saxton
18:23.76Detroit Catholic Cen...
46.11Ian Annesser
47.12Eric Matecan
18:25.57 PRWalled Lake Western
48.12James Searle
18:26.41Beverly Hills Groves
49.11Matthew Michuta
18:26.70Detroit Catholic Cen...
50.9Joseph Saval
18:26.87 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
51.11Josh Fischer
18:27.84Grosse Pointe North
52.11Adrian Carmer
18:28.03Grosse Pointe North
53.9Nathan LaFramboise
18:33.29 SRBerkley
54.12Aaron Walt
18:35.62 PRBeverly Hills Groves
55.10Brennan Koehler
18:40.53 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
56.11Ryan Kolp
18:42.73Grosse Pointe North
57.12Michael Peterson
18:44.16Detroit U-D Jesuit
58.10Ryan Whinnery
18:44.41Detroit Catholic Cen...
59.10Henry Robertson
60.12David Bindon
18:48.00Detroit U-D Jesuit
61.9Calvin Riley
18:51.02Grosse Pointe North
62.10Olivier Rochaix
18:52.25 SRBeverly Hills Groves
63.11Ryan Schildcrout
64.10Devin Abb
19:00.21Detroit Catholic Cen...
65.9Shin Koyama
19:09.86 SRWalled Lake Western
66.10Nolan Ouellette
67.11Nick Benedetto
19:45.06Detroit U-D Jesuit
68.10Utsav Lathia
20:02.54 SRWalled Lake Western
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Medium School Varsity Women

Official Team Scores

2.Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard65
6.Lake Fenton159
1.12Maegen Hopkins
2.12Artemis Eyster
3.11Karana Wickens
19:47.53 SRChelsea
4.10Jesse Jacobusse
5.12Alia Benedict
6.12Jessica Reagle
7.9Claire McNally
20:28.96Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
8.11Abbey Ufkes
20:31.27 SRMarshall
9.9Alexa Quintana
20:33.08 PRChelsea
10.10Rachel Schoepke
20:35.80 SRMarshall
11.12Nina Sapienza
20:39.59 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
12.11Grace Glagola
21:03.47 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
13.9Olivia Hancock
21:29.24 PRMarshall
14.9Sydney Matusik
15.10Ellie Doman
16.12Tristan Tobias
17.10Michelle Jonik
22:13.44 PRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
18.9Maria Przebienda
22:19.77Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
19.10Mary Benz
22:32.94Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
20.11Hannah Koch
21.12Bailey Manis
22.10Emily Eaton
23:08.78 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
23.12Whisper Martin
23:14.21Hazel Park
24.10Hannah Bradshaw
25.11Asha Ritchie
26.12Kim Roe
23:40.95 SRLake Fenton
27.10Crystal Rolf
28.11Meara Baxter
24:09.50Lake Fenton
29.9Kayla Bryant
30.11Ashton Salow
24:30.80 SRHomer
31.10Callie McCann
24:37.73Whitmore Lake
32.12Alta Gillham
24:39.94 SRHomer
33.10Hannah Delmotte
34.9Megan Jacobs
35.10Rachel Fegan
36.10Ella Henry
25:02.17Whitmore Lake
37.12Lucy Reigle
25:24.42Lake Fenton
38.9Rachel Learman
25:35.30Lake Fenton
39.10Fatou Barrow
25:49.56Hazel Park
40.9Claudia Pierce
41.11Allison Vashon
42.10Chelsea Spangler
26:33.75Whitmore Lake
43.11Aranda Jabiro
26:38.90Lake Fenton
44.11Lauren Hamilton
45.11Sydnie Thompson
28:35.37Lake Fenton
46.10Droma Xiangqiuzhima
29:01.03Whitmore Lake
47.12Lauren Oppenheiser
29:24.21Lake Fenton
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5,000 Meters Medium & Small School JV

1.9Caroline Hirth
2.9Anna Vogel
22:27.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
3.11Claire Vogel
22:36.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
4.10Maggie White
22:41.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
5.12Maria Osentoski
22:44.0 SRChelsea
6.9Emily McCarthy
23:15.3 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
7.9Leah Pifer
8.9Rose LaForest
23:27.2 SRChelsea
9.11Sandra Gofton
10.10Sarah Grace Roskos
23:45.8Capital Homeschool
11.12Makayla Bradley
12.10Maddy Goodin
13.9Ellie Falahee
24:26.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
14.10Maria Sapienza
24:29.0 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
15.9Laney DeBrabander
16.12Amanda Mason
24:36.7 SRMarshall
17.12Emily Flaherty
24:48.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
18.12Therese Benz
24:53.7Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
19.10Colleen Herrmann
24:58.1Wixom St. Catherine
20.10Kamille Butler
24:59.1Capital Homeschool
21.9Elena Ghezzi
25:00.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
22.11Gwendolyn Burke
25:21.3Wixom St. Catherine
23.9Emilee Eastwood
25:24.9Capital Homeschool
24.11Tiffany Gross
25.10Rebekah Hartges
25:28.1 SRCapital Homeschool
26.10Bethanie Lakatos
27.11Alyssa Allen
28.11Nora Dobos
29.10Samantha Cooney
25:51.8 SRWixom St. Catherine
30.9Mary Herrmann
25:53.7Wixom St. Catherine
31.9Tyler Eastwood
26:03.7Capital Homeschool
32.10Ava Watson
26:06.6Ann Arbor Greenhills
33.11Moriah Clinger
26:06.9Capital Homeschool
34.10Ronni Klingel
35.11Alivia Shumaker
36.9Rachel Kramer
26:41.7Wixom St. Catherine
37.9Rhiannon Hubbell
38.10Sydney Sanford
39.11Allison Crawford
27:09.6 SRLutheran HS Westland
40.9Rebecca Messiter
27:13.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
41.11Ashlyn Summers
27:18.6 SRLake Fenton
42.9Alexis Smith
27:20.2 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
43.9Lauren Plant
27:22.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
44.12Tritia Heemstra
27:29.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
45.10Rebecca LaCroix
27:31.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
46.12Thalia Sherman
27:47.4 PRHomer
47.10Lauren Smith
27:59.7Capital Homeschool
48.9Veronica Gammage
28:08.1 SRYpsilanti Arbor Prep...
49.10Carina Anderson
28:15.6Lutheran HS Westland
50.9Devin Willis
28:22.1 SRHomer
51.9Nikki Farahanchi
28:25.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
52.9Megan McMahon
28:33.0Lutheran HS Westland
53.10Grace Kueber
28:37.0 SRWixom St. Catherine
54.12Anna Krauss
28:37.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
55.11Femy Joseph
28:55.5 PRWixom St. Catherine
56.12Jessica Jana
29:01.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
57.9Maddie Schaub
29:02.9Capital Homeschool
58.9Claire Bieber
29:05.8Capital Homeschool
59.10Ellie Ward
29:33.2Madison Heights Bish...
60.11Jillian Matasovsky
29:45.6Lutheran HS Westland
61.9Ryan Perry
29:58.7Ann Arbor Greenhills
62.9Michelle Karls
30:38.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
63.9Theresa Ignatoski
30:57.8Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
64.10Miranda Brubaker
31:16.0 SRAthens
65.9Alexa Graleski
31:37.3Madison Heights Bish...
66.9Rachael Beal
31:37.7 SRAthens
67.9Hannah Bowman
31:52.0Capital Homeschool
68.11Meredith Bieber
31:58.3Capital Homeschool
69.11Maia Minier
70.10Addison Finck
33:19.5Wixom St. Catherine
71.9Shelby Smith
33:30.1Ypsilanti Arbor Prep...
72.9Mary Kennedy
34:29.3Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
73.10Molly Delany
74.11Robin Laurinec
36:02.8Ypsilanti Arbor Prep...
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5,000 Meters Small School Varsity

1.11Sarah Kettel
17:32.3Capital Homeschool
2.11Tessa Fornari
18:37.0Waterford Our Lady o...
3.11Jenna Wisner
19:57.3Lutheran HS Westland
4.9Annika Shoemaker
20:11.0Capital Homeschool
5.9Larisa DeMass
20:13.6Capital Homeschool
6.9Olivia Hankey
20:22.8Waterford Our Lady o...
7.12Mara Johnson
20:42.1Capital Homeschool
8.9Mary Pennington
20:50.7Madison Heights Bish...
9.10Phoebe Sotiroff
21:01.8Ann Arbor Greenhills
10.11Toni Catalan
21:07.2 SRMadison Heights Bish...
11.12Kyria Shoemaker
21:17.9Capital Homeschool
12.10Megan Nichols
21:29.4Auburn Hills Oakland...
13.9Clare Brinkman
21:30.3Wixom St. Catherine
14.9Corra Hamilton
15.11Jenna Peloso
22:04.3Marine City Cardinal...
16.9Eleanor Dolowy
22:41.2Wixom St. Catherine
17.9Charlotte Pratt
22:41.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
18.12Chelsea Kovacs
22:49.1Lutheran HS Westland
19.12Michelle Greening
22:56.2Lutheran HS Westland
20.9Amanda Miner
23:04.8Waterford Our Lady o...
21.9Claire Greidanus
23:07.0 SRAnn Arbor Rudolf Ste...
22.10Alex Worth
23:09.7Wixom St. Catherine
23.10Genevieve Lilley
23:13.6Wixom St. Catherine
24.9Julia Moss
23:16.4Wixom St. Catherine
25.11Alex Wyeth
23:21.4Wixom St. Catherine
26.11Bridget Dolowy
23:21.8Wixom St. Catherine
27.12Lydia Fedewa
23:25.3Capital Homeschool
28.12Angelica Allegro
23:33.7Auburn Hills Oakland...
29.12Allison Johnson
23:41.0Lutheran HS Westland
30.12Isabella Lucido
23:41.4Auburn Hills Oakland...
31.10Rebecca Kettel
23:44.9Capital Homeschool
32.12Sophia Savas
23:50.1Birmingham Roeper
33.9Audrey Govan
24:10.5Novi Franklin Road C...
34.9Nina Farahanchi
24:11.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
35.11Emily Cihonski
24:12.6 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
36.10Sophie Reynolds
24:18.8Auburn Hills Oakland...
37.10Natalie Kral
24:21.6Plymouth Christian A...
38.9Kari Romkema
24:26.2Waterford Our Lady o...
39.10Jessica Nichols
24:26.4Auburn Hills Oakland...
40.10Katie Nachtrab
24:37.4 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
41.9Isabelle Rosentreter
24:40.1Marine City Cardinal...
42.9Iris Campbell
24:41.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
43.9Rachel Drogs
24:42.1Ann Arbor Greenhills
44.12Renee Fischer
24:49.7Madison Heights Bish...
45.10Skylar Golyar
46.12Rachel Wiggins
24:52.0Lutheran HS Westland
47.12Shelby Dinser
24:52.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
48.12Lily Mohr
24:56.8Ann Arbor Greenhills
49.9Jillayne Wheeler
50.10Adriana Mirabelli
25:01.1Marine City Cardinal...
51.10Rose-Carmel Goddard
25:23.6Auburn Hills Oakland...
52.12Courtney Fox
25:39.4 SRBirmingham Roeper
53.9Josie Ware
25:48.2Waterford Our Lady o...
54.11Katie Seguin
25:56.1Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste...
55.12Emma Dietz
26:06.4Marine City Cardinal...
56.12Katie Bromm
26:09.8Madison Heights Bish...
57.9Alora Garcia
58.11Laura Sillanpaa
26:46.0Lutheran HS Westland
59.11Sara Parks
60.10joaynna Cook
27:24.1Charyl Stockwell Aca...
61.10Alexa Mikhail
27:38.0Ann Arbor Greenhills
62.12Sarah Robinson
27:51.8Marine City Cardinal...
63.11Katie Berels
28:00.8Marine City Cardinal...
64.12Lis Ivey
28:02.6Lutheran HS Westland
65.11Chloe Weise
28:03.8Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste...
66.11Emma Miko
28:13.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
67.10Jocelyn Case
28:15.2 PRAthens
68.11Caroline Terrill
28:25.2Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste...
69.12Gabrielle Barney
29:04.6Madison Heights Bish...
70.12Hannah Curtis
29:06.9Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
71.10Audrey Hicks
29:25.0Novi Franklin Road C...
72.11Julia Schuler
29:31.7 SRAnn Arbor Rudolf Ste...
73.12Jessica Taylor
30:17.7Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
74.11Micky Lewalski
30:51.9 SRMadison Heights Bish...
75.12Shaylynn Tebo
76.10Rachel Daley
33:36.2Madison Heights Bish...
77.9Claire Simms
33:55.4Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
78.10Melanie Wells
39:34.1Birmingham Roeper
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5,000 Meters Large School JV

1.11Kaitlyn Cavallo
2.11Mackenzie Dalton
22:01.2Ann Arbor Pioneer
3.12Kelly Hong
22:01.9 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
4.10Charlotte Ramser
22:03.6 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
5.11Laura Daavettila
6.10Sarah He
7.10Olivia Terry
8.9Lindsey Murrell
9.11Charlotte Clark
10.9Hannah Kelley
11.11Julie Myers
22:33.1Temperance Bedford
12.10Elizabeth Riles
22:33.4 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
13.9Tiana Phillips
14.10Madeline Bacolor
22:50.8Ann Arbor Pioneer
15.10Halie Schultz
22:58.5Temperance Bedford
16.9Jenna Miller
23:00.4Grosse Pointe North
17.10Julia Sheehan
23:02.3 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
18.10Erinne Lubienski
23:02.9Grosse Pointe North
19.11Ally Hansen
23:06.1Temperance Bedford
20.10Cate Troost
23:06.4Grosse Pointe North
21.11Lauren Barnhardt
22.12Allie Pete
23:10.5Temperance Bedford
23.11Rebecca Flynn
23:10.8Grosse Pointe North
24.11Sarah Mostofizadeh
23:16.6Beverly Hills Groves
25.12Mckenzie Suarez
26.11Sarah Becker
23:21.5 PRBrighton
27.10Caroline Wright
23:22.5Ann Arbor Pioneer
28.9Adriana Anderson
29.9Olivia Cook
23:27.4 SRTemperance Bedford
30.11Alaina Streberger
23:28.3Grosse Pointe North
31.12Anne Race
23:29.4Grosse Pointe North
32.12Emma Swales
33.10Kelly Gryniewicz
34.10Valerie Matula
23:39.9Grosse Pointe North
35.9Sadey Turner
23:42.9 PRTemperance Bedford
36.9Savannah Grieve
37.9Madison Guerrieri
38.9JaVaye Smith
23:54.0 SRBerkley
39.9Macy Goller
40.10Claire Cantelon
23:59.4Ann Arbor Pioneer
41.12Katie Russo
24:00.2Grosse Pointe North
42.12Anna Peterson
24:02.0 SRBrighton
43.9Jillian Haas
44.11Jamie Johnson
24:08.1Ann Arbor Pioneer
45.9Mackenzie Helpman
24:08.7Temperance Bedford
46.9Rachel Pacernick
24:12.4Ann Arbor Pioneer
47.9Alani Perriton
24:12.8 SRWalled Lake Western
48.9Sarah Fitzgerald
24:13.1Temperance Bedford
49.11Lily Smith
24:16.3 SRGrosse Pointe North
50.11Erin Dowd
51.12Molly McSween
52.10Olivia Francis
24:22.0Grosse Pointe North
53.10Nicole Horner
54.11Erin Sharp
24:28.1 SRBrighton
55.10Kristina Kowalski
24:36.9 SRGrosse Pointe North
56.9Maya Williams
24:38.2Grosse Pointe North
57.11Olivia Hoover
24:40.2Grosse Pointe North
58.12Savanna Deavan
59.12Emily Waldner
24:45.1Grosse Pointe North
60.12Alison Ramirez
61.9Josie Ciaravino
24:50.8Grosse Pointe North
62.11Jada Wimberly
24:51.3Ann Arbor Pioneer
63.11Amanda Cassetti
64.11Abigail Nofar
24:53.6 PRClarkston
65.9Shea Byrne
24:55.2 SRTemperance Bedford
66.10Samantha Zerafa
24:56.7Beverly Hills Groves
67.9Abby Pfaendtner
24:57.2 PRGrosse Pointe North
68.11Darrian Guerrieri
69.9Asha Shah
70.11Ellena Barrone
71.10Lucy Smith
72.11Rebecca Crane
25:05.5 SRTemperance Bedford
73.11Olivia Przeniczny
25:06.0 SRTemperance Bedford
74.9Katherine Westerlund
25:08.6Beverly Hills Groves
75.9Camryn Clark
76.11Courtney Roland
77.9Maddy Gillis
78.10Phoebe Johnson
25:16.3 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
79.9Moriah Torongeau
25:20.3Temperance Bedford
80.10Lily Coker
81.9Marisa Berlanga
82.9Elizabeth Abel
25:36.8Grosse Pointe North
83.11Allyson Gillis
84.12Maddie Bartek
85.10Anastasia Ditrapani
25:46.4 PRGrosse Pointe North
86.12Lauren Nyquist
25:46.8Grosse Pointe North
87.11Alex Bastian
25:50.2Beverly Hills Groves
88.9Fiona Kristo
89.11Emily Stillman
25:55.0Beverly Hills Groves
90.12Briana Crist
91.12Lauryn Horace
25:58.7Temperance Bedford
92.10Sarah Weitecha
26:03.6Grosse Pointe North
93.11McKayla Hubbard
26:10.0Temperance Bedford
94.10Ashley Brokenshaw
95.9Kylee Banaszewski
26:26.7Grosse Pointe North
96.11Audrey Kam
26:26.9Grosse Pointe North
97.9Rachel Berg
26:29.3Beverly Hills Groves
98.10Madison Limpus
26:35.0 PRWalled Lake Western
99.11Stephanie Boschma
26:38.1 PRBrighton
100.11Jessica Benore
26:42.5Temperance Bedford
101.11Claire Westerlund
26:42.7Beverly Hills Groves
102.12Elizabeth Vos
26:43.4 PRBeverly Hills Groves
103.12Kelsey Nowak
26:48.5Beverly Hills Groves
104.9Mackenzie Kruszka
26:51.6Temperance Bedford
105.9Sophie Hunt
106.9Cayla Champion
26:54.9Temperance Bedford
107.9Maggie Bowers
26:55.1 SRGrosse Pointe North
108.11Maria Ciaravino
27:08.2Grosse Pointe North
109.10Clarissa Kam
27:11.2Grosse Pointe North
110.9Erika Benoit
27:12.3Grosse Pointe North
111.9Emily Wood
112.9Amanda Yaekle
27:18.9 PRWalled Lake Western
113.11Mallika Kanneganti
27:20.6 PRGrosse Pointe North
114.10Sarah Corbet
27:23.4Grosse Pointe North
115.12Sophia Pryor
27:27.0Beverly Hills Groves
116.11Nicole Stein
27:30.5Grosse Pointe North
117.11Alyssa Posthuma
118.11Emily BrownBaker
27:39.3Grosse Pointe North
119.10Camille Burke
27:42.0Grosse Pointe North
120.10Brianna McManamon
27:45.5Walled Lake Western
121.11Carmen Morrell
27:45.9 SRBerkley
122.11Allie Waite
27:54.5Temperance Bedford
123.10Grace Sexton
27:58.6Grosse Pointe North
124.9Abbey Cadieux
28:00.6Grosse Pointe North
125.11Nicole Doctoroff
126.12Surmeet Gill
127.9Jillian Sutter
28:31.5Temperance Bedford
128.9Katarina Cassar
28:33.3Grosse Pointe North
129.11Caitlin Smith
28:35.5Beverly Hills Groves
130.9Blerina Berisha
28:49.0Grosse Pointe North
131.9Madison Murray
28:53.1Grosse Pointe North
132.11Annabel Berlin
133.9Colleen Corbet
29:22.1Grosse Pointe North
134.11Natalia Gergle
29:35.3 SRClarkston
135.11Lexi Laginess
29:47.3 SRTemperance Bedford
136.9Kennedy Williams
29:57.1Grosse Pointe North
137.12Alanna Sparks
30:00.5Grosse Pointe North
138.9Maria LaRose
30:02.1Grosse Pointe North
139.10Lauren Urban
30:09.7Walled Lake Western
140.10Shannon Smith
30:30.5Grosse Pointe North
141.9Isabella Lawson
30:48.7Grosse Pointe North
142.11Sophia Roach
30:50.7Grosse Pointe North
143.10Brenda Silva
144.12Kate Doty
145.9Grace Emerick
31:23.8Grosse Pointe North
146.12Maren Lunde
147.11Madeline Jones
148.11Yena Berhane
31:52.4 SRGrosse Pointe North
149.12Shayna Meyers
31:58.3Grosse Pointe North
150.10Victoria Crowe
151.12Delaney Bennett
32:37.8Grosse Pointe North
152.12Deanna Hanley
32:44.3Grosse Pointe North
153.12Gabby Tatum
33:12.0Grosse Pointe North
154.9Fiona Byrne
33:49.8Grosse Pointe North
155.11Olivia Robinson
35:07.1Grosse Pointe North
156.9Jillian LaPere
35:10.8 PRGrosse Pointe North
157.9Haley Rozycki
35:20.1Grosse Pointe North
158.12Emily Surzyn
35:33.2Grosse Pointe North
159.12Sam Hicks
35:34.8Grosse Pointe North
160.11Danielle Knieper
161.9Marcella Staricco
36:21.6Grosse Pointe North
162.11Eboni Williams
39:28.1Grosse Pointe North
163.9Isabella Zugel
43:52.9 PRGrosse Pointe North
164.9Charlotte Duus
44:16.8Grosse Pointe North
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5,000 Meters Large School Varsity

1.9Anne Forsyth
18:35.24Ann Arbor Pioneer
2.11Nicole Hanson
3.12Lynsie Gram
4.11Audrey Huhtasaari
5.9Lauren Sickmiller
19:31.67Grosse Pointe North
6.10Sydney Dawes
19:41.80Ann Arbor Pioneer
7.9Emma Lucken
19:42.49 SRBeverly Hills Groves
8.10Annie Bonds
9.10Carrie Duerksen
20:09.41 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
10.9Lexi Reynolds
11.10Amber Wiederhold
20:27.98 PRTemperance Bedford
12.11Sanelma Heinonen
20:33.70Ann Arbor Pioneer
13.9Michelle Bollini
14.9Elizabeth Kos
20:45.63Ann Arbor Pioneer
15.9Olivia Chandler
16.10Aniela Crayton
17.11Cynthia Wynn
18.12Anna Ricci
19.12Hailey Foster
20.11Roma Lucarelli
21:07.84Temperance Bedford
21.10Miranda Reynolds
22.11Rachel Boulton
21:12.29Temperance Bedford
23.12Helen Jeffers
24.12Maddy Denison
21:18.04Grosse Pointe North
25.9Olivia Garbacik
26.11Katelyn Carney
21:25.26Grosse Pointe North
27.9Kate Wozniak
21:29.41Grosse Pointe North
28.12Kayla Chmiel
21:32.32Temperance Bedford
29.10Katherine Riles
21:36.26Ann Arbor Pioneer
30.10Alex Gladding
31.11Marianne DeBrito
21:41.25 SRPlymouth
32.11Keri Hryciuk
21:42.71Grosse Pointe North
33.9Hailey Catania
34.10Jacqueline Hentschel
21:54.82Beverly Hills Groves
35.10Kaia Johnson
36.9Marina Malone
21:59.35 PRPlymouth
37.11Morgan McCormick
22:01.33Temperance Bedford
38.10Sloan Kanat
22:01.87Beverly Hills Groves
39.11Emma Radke
40.10Rachel Matuszewski
41.9Breana Dixon
22:23.25 SRWalled Lake Western
42.11Chloe Bigwood
22:26.59Grosse Pointe North
43.9Stephanie Schaefer
22:26.78Grosse Pointe North
44.10Ericka Vanmaele
22:37.25 PRWalled Lake Western
45.10Victoria Roberts
22:43.88Ann Arbor Pioneer
46.9Erinn Costello
22:45.81Beverly Hills Groves
47.9Gabrielle Feber
48.10Kirin Tate
22:54.61 PRWalled Lake Western
49.11Allison Morren
50.12Sydney Clark
23:07.25Walled Lake Western
51.10Abigail Rhoades
52.12Megan Kossak
53.12Kandis Fox
54.9Hannah Mulheron
55.12Sam Greeley
23:26.61Temperance Bedford
56.9Margaret Bills
23:43.52Beverly Hills Groves
57.11Maddy Alpert
58.12Charlotte Reader
24:12.62Beverly Hills Groves
59.12Maria Roma
24:15.96Beverly Hills Groves
60.12Maile Perriton
24:52.64Walled Lake Western
61.11Ayia Almufti
25:15.81 SRWalled Lake Western
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