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3,000 Meters Middle School
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5,000 Meters College

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Terrace Community57
2.Circle Christian84
3.MS- Bell Creek A92
4.Lakeland Highlands102
5.Park Avenue Christian122
6.MS- Lawton Chile124
8.Tampa Bay HEAT260
9.MS- Trinity Scho262
10.Bayshore Christian265
11.MS- Shiloh Middl287
12.Jere L. Stambaugh, Sr296
13.MS- Foundation C311
1.Trevor Foley
10:25.1MS- Unattached
2.Bryce Bell
10:47.2MS- Orlando Runners
3.-Noah Quintana
11:41.4 PRReal Life Christian ...
4.8T.J Chapman
11:53.6 PRCircle Christian
5.Dru Newton
12:06.4MS- Bell Shoals
6.-Brady Zimmerman
12:09.8 PRLakeland Highlands
7.Bryce Borland
12:17.5MS- Bell Creek A
8.-Matthew Nieves
12:43.4 PRTerrace Community
9.6Reign Stewart
12:45.7 SRTerrace Community
10.Luke Gazzo
12:47.2MS- Bell Shoals
11.-Carson Williams
12:53.3 PRTerrace Community
12.Dominic Molendyke
12:55.3MS- Bell Creek A
13.7Dylan Manno
12:58.9 PRBayshore Christian
14.-Aspen Hammontree
12:59.7 PRCircle Christian
15.7Trevor Denson
13:00.0 PRPark Avenue Christian
16.Ben Hamic
13:08.4MS- Lawton Chile
17.-Tyler Kelton
13:10.9 PRAll Saints Academy
18.-Jason Garrett
13:12.2 PRPark Avenue Christian
19.-Benjamin Haught
13:12.9 PRLakeland Highlands
20.-Nicholas Sokolowski
13:16.5 PRLakeland Highlands
21.6Trevor Chapman
13:17.8 PRCircle Christian
22.-Ja'Quarious Blanding
13:24.1 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
23.Benjamin Marshe
13:26.0MS- Bell Creek A
24.Nicholas Franklin
13:26.5MS- Bell Creek A
25.-Grant Howat
13:28.5 PRTerrace Community
26.Drew Jones
13:28.9MS- Fish Hawks
27.Ronnie Garvey
13:30.4MS- Lawton Chile
28.-Ernesto Velasquez
13:31.5 PRHillsborough
29.-Carter Cabassa
13:33.4 PRHillsborough
30.-Anirud Sathfish
13:39.4 PRTerrace Community
31.Justin Salas
13:48.6MS- Lawton Chile
32.Alex Pena
13:55.3MS- Unattached
33.7Eli Wyckoff
13:55.8 PRPark Avenue Christian
34.-davis Bly
13:57.4 PRHillsborough
35.-Nicholas Dicecco
14:00.5 PRTerrace Community
36.-Matt Koller
14:01.2 PRTerrace Community
37.7Christopher Haak
14:02.0 PRCircle Christian
38.Shelton LyonsIII
14:04.6MS- Unattached
39.-Alex Haak
14:05.3 PRCircle Christian
40.-JohnDavid Thompson
14:07.1 PRTerrace Community
41.-Eathan Gohringer
14:09.4 PRTerrace Community
42.Matthew Coker
14:09.7MS- Trinity Scho
43.Josh Phelan
14:10.2MS- Lawton Chile
44.Garrett Richard
14:10.6MS- Foundation C
45.-Osaias Paredes
14:11.8 PRHillsborough
46.-Carson Cochran
14:12.1 PRLakeland Highlands
47.6Noah Chappell
14:15.9 PRPark Avenue Christian
48.Logan Gutierrez
14:25.5MS- Lawton Chile
49.-Ian King
14:25.5 PRTerrace Community
50.-Ashton Abernathy
14:26.4 PRLakeland Highlands
51.-Michael Pines
14:28.6 PRTerrace Community
52.7Cameron Mizell
14:29.9 PRPark Avenue Christian
53.-Logan Collier
14:30.4 PRPark Avenue Christian
54.-Alex Balmaseba
14:31.3 PRTerrace Community
55.-Cobyn Panarelli
14:31.5 PRTerrace Community
56.Dalin Mitchell
14:33.1MS- Fish Hawks
57.-Bryce Manley
14:35.5 PRTampa Bay HEAT
58.-Donovan Anglin
14:38.0 PRTerrace Community
59.Krzystoffer Miller
14:40.9MS- Foundation C
60.-Sterling Nix
14:42.2Tampa Bay HEAT
61.Noah Ochalek
14:49.0MS- Bell Shoals
62.-Ethan Whiddon
14:50.4 PRLake Gibson
63.Finn Johnson
14:53.8MS- Trinity Scho
64.Cason Vaughn
14:53.9MS- Lawton Chile
65.Brendan Moore
15:00.3MS- Lawton Chile
66.Jess Joyson
15:00.6MS- Bell Creek A
67.Tommy Johnson
15:01.4MS- Shiloh Middl
68.-Hussain Jhaveri
15:02.2 PRTerrace Community
69.-Zach White
15:02.8 PRTampa Bay HEAT
70.-Chris Dawes
15:05.2 PRLakeland Highlands
71.-Michael Dinwiddie
15:05.7 PRLakeland Highlands
72.Alex Ortiz
15:06.7MS- Lawton Chile
73.-Dalton Pohl
15:14.1 PRLakeland Highlands
74.-Elias Castiglione
15:18.4 PRLakeland Highlands
75.-Anthony Stephens
15:20.6 PRTerrace Community
76.Blake Longmire
15:21.9MS- Trinity Scho
77.Jordan Waters
15:22.4MS- Shiloh Middl
78.Luke Badenhorst
15:22.4MS- Shiloh Middl
79.Joey Stewart
15:26.2MS- Shiloh Middl
80.Robert O'Leary
15:33.2MS- Bell Creek A
81.-Ryan Gloss
15:35.4 PRTerrace Community
82.-Bryan Wilson
15:36.5 PRTerrace Community
83.-Zachary Taylor
15:40.0 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
84.Easton Tobia
15:41.6MS- Kids Community
85.6Connor Ferguson
15:42.4 PRPark Avenue Christian
86.-Connor Wilson
15:43.1 PRBayshore Christian
87.Nicholas Wood
15:53.7MS- Lawton Chile
88.-Grant Rowlette
15:56.8Tampa Bay HEAT
89.Graham Johnson
15:56.9MS- Trinity Scho
90.Spencer Thomas
16:00.6MS- Bell Creek A
91.-Jack Martin
16:02.3 PRBayshore Christian
92.-Cesar White
16:04.1 PRThe Geneva
93.7Jason Tobin
16:06.6 PRPark Avenue Christian
94.-Joey Steele
16:11.6 PRBayshore Christian
95.-Nick King
16:14.2 PRTerrace Community
96.Nathan Abram
16:14.8MS- Lawton Chile
97.-Austin Mesco
16:18.2 PRTampa Bay HEAT
98.-Josh Ault
16:19.6 PRCircle Christian
99.Arlo Ramos-Wilson
16:21.9MS- Bell Creek A
100.Christian Vasquez
16:26.1MS- Foundation C
101.-Ethan Hymes
16:32.2 PRTerrace Community
102.-Josiah Sainsbury
16:33.5 PRTampa Bay HEAT
103.-Mykel Akins
16:38.3 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
104.-Jalen Johann
16:38.8 PRBayshore Christian
105.-Tyler Straysser
16:39.3 PRLakeland Highlands
106.Alex Bahr
16:39.4MS- Lawton Chile
107.-Owen Waugh
108.Brady Dufresne
16:49.9MS- Trinity Scho
109.Zach Flanders
16:52.9MS- Shiloh Middl
110.6Joshua Bruton
16:56.5 PRReal Life Christian ...
111.6Efrain Capellan
16:59.6 PRReal Life Christian ...
112.Seth Yborra
17:00.2MS- Unattached
113.-Daniel McLaughlin
17:01.0 PRTampa Bay HEAT
114.8Jared Seiple
17:11.8 PRCircle Christian
115.-Dathan Corbett
17:13.0 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
116.Duncan Penny
17:14.0MS- Lawton Chile
117.-Michael Williams
17:25.7 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
118.-Kenneth Caraballo
17:29.1 PRLake Gibson
119.Adam Purcell
17:40.0MS- Shiloh Middl
120.Kye Howard
17:46.4MS- Shiloh Middl
121.Jared Gonzalez
17:54.0MS- Bell Creek A
122.-Conner Lake
17:57.4 PRTampa Bay HEAT
123.-Robert Myers
18:08.1 PRLakeland Highlands
124.Jacob Bijoy
18:12.0MS- Bell Creek A
125.-Brian Thomas
18:16.1 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
126.Rodolfo Saavedra
18:16.4MS- Winthrop Charter
127.Ethan Salsbury
18:17.2MS- Bell Creek A
128.-Brandon Roses
18:18.4 PRTampa Bay HEAT
129.Pasha Ruiz
18:19.1MS- Trinity Scho
130.-Alex Smith
18:22.6 PRReal Life Christian ...
131.Jack Hammond
18:25.0MS- Lawton Chile
132.Cameron Turley
18:33.5MS- Shiloh Middl
133.Raymone Jackson
18:35.4MS- Bell Creek A
134.Adriel Donates
18:35.5MS- Trinity Scho
135.-Joshua Varney
18:44.1 PRLake Gibson
136.-Clay Bennett
18:51.6 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
137.-Nathyn Griffis
19:02.5 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
138.-Samuel Sainsbury
19:20.8 SRTampa Bay HEAT
139.6Dallas Bolton
19:23.8 PRCircle Christian
140.-Hunter Webb
19:27.1 PRLakeland Highlands
141.Alain Omana
19:49.4MS- Foundation C
142.Brian Buckner
19:50.6MS- Foundation C
143.7Timmy Doyle
20:15.1 PRCircle Christian
144.-Taylor Horton
20:17.5 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Lake Mary49
3.McKeel Academy75
5.Circle Christian130
6.Shorecrest Preparatory145
7.Haines City208
1.12Quillen Crenshaw
2.10Jeremy Dye
19:00.4Lake Mary
3.10Isaac Gordon
4.12Mason Bolger
19:25.7Lake Mary
5.9Kendal Williams
19:30.5 SRMcKeel Academy
6.9John Hinkle
7.-Fouad Albadrasawi
8.10Marc Gutierrez
19:55.6 SROlympia
9.11Jordan Prince
10.9Jeremy Brinker
20:20.7 SROlympia
11.-Eric De Rezende
20:26.8 PROlympia
12.-Matt Davis
20:27.8Lake Mary
13.11Thomas Good
20:28.4 SRMcKeel Academy
14.9Hunter Miller
15.10Richard Durr
20:58.2Lake Mary
16.-Lucas Haase
17.10Ethan Goldsmith
21:11.3Lake Mary
18.-Joshua Quinones
21:18.5 PRLiberty
19.12Jordan Brown
21:23.2Circle Christian
20.9Austin Ryan
21:28.4 SRMcKeel Academy
21.9Mathias Gardner
21:30.5 SRMcKeel Academy
22.10Nelson Rojas
21:36.0 PRMcKeel Academy
23.10David Carrion
21:46.5Lake Mary
24.-Felipe Bandarra
21:53.0 PROlympia
25.10Grant Hart
21:56.0 PROlympia
26.-Justin Richman
22:03.8 PRLiberty
27.12Charles Webb
22:05.0Circle Christian
28.10Stephen Miceli
29.10Jonathon Melnick
22:13.6Circle Christian
30.-James Murphy
22:13.8 PROlympia
31.11Ryan Field
22:17.0Lake Mary
32.9Parker Johnson
33.12Andy Nolen
34.11Ian Lyons-Stafford
22:28.2 PRLakeland
35.-Naeem Al-Obaidi
22:36.0 PROlympia
36.11Michael Sun
22:40.4Plant City
37.-Adam Gerber
22:42.5 SROlympia
38.-Thomas Brodrecht
22:43.8 PRGeneva
39.-Trevor Butler
22:55.9 PROlympia
40.-Jonathan Mayer
22:58.8Palm Harbor University
41.10Brian Sotolongo
22:59.8 SRShorecrest Preparatory
42.-Aidan Samuelson
23:00.1 SRShorecrest Preparatory
43.9John Chamberlain
23:00.7 SRPlant City
44.-Jose Carrion
23:04.1 PRLake Mary
45.-Juan Daza
23:06.9Lake Mary
46.-Jb Bronstein
23:11.4Shorecrest Preparatory
47.-Brendan Smith
23:12.7 SRShorecrest Preparatory
48.-Davis Goren
23:13.3Shorecrest Preparatory
49.8Samuel Benjamin
23:14.3Shorecrest Preparatory
50.Armand Mixon
23:20.8Bell Creek H
51.-Mathew Bermudez
23:24.8 PRLake Mary
52.10Garrett Johnson
23:28.0 SRPlant City
53.11Sam Stewart
23:34.2Circle Christian
54.10Jackson Singleton
23:48.0Circle Christian
55.12Austin Seiple
23:51.0Circle Christian
56.-Harry Santamaria
57.-Logan Clouse
24:31.6 PRTampa Bay HEAT
58.10Zachary Arguello
24:32.9 PRLiberty
59.8Kyle Mullins
24:33.7Shorecrest Preparatory
60.-Sergio Ramirez
24:40.8 PRLake Wales
61.-Cesar Cardona
24:51.0 PRPalm Harbor University
62.6Seth Martinez
24:54.2Lakeland Christian
63.-Tyler Maloy
24:56.8 PRLakeland Christian
64.9Conor Heeley
65.-Josh Behnke
25:04.8 PRPalm Harbor University
66.-Jeremy Hernandez
25:09.9 PRHaines City
67.7Sam Riley
25:21.3Lakeland Christian
68.-Logan Ward
25:22.5 SRLake Mary
69.-John D'Agostino
25:26.8 PRShorecrest Preparatory
70.-Logan Grutchfield
25:42.1 PRPalm Harbor University
71.10Jack Biro
25:47.6 SROlympia
72.9Carter Vivio
25:50.7Shorecrest Preparatory
73.9Jason Santos
26:02.2 SRHaines City
74.-Reid Cross
26:07.4 PRHaines City
75.Nicholas Gregory
26:10.9Bell Creek H
76.12Garret Williamson
26:20.1 PRLakeland
77.12Alec Fuller
26:35.2 PRMcKeel Academy
78.-Jeffery Wu
26:35.6 PROlympia
79.-Alexandre Ferreira
27:07.9 PROlympia
80.-Garret Sanchez
27:12.1 PRMcKeel Academy
81.9Quinn Fishel
27:13.4 SRLake Mary
82.10Grahm Rogers
27:17.1 SRLake Mary
83.9Jonathan Wall
27:33.6Tampa Bay HEAT
84.10Reed Odell
27:43.0Circle Christian
85.-Cole Peterson
28:33.5 PRPlant City
86.-Joey Magana
28:39.9 PRRidge Community
87.11Stephen Leslie
28:56.8 SRMcKeel Academy
88.Martin Kostanski
30:10.4Bell Creek H
89.9Haskell Anderson
30:17.2 SRRidge Community
90.Connor Montgomery
30:19.0Bell Creek H
91.-Preston Goren
32:33.5 PRShorecrest Preparatory
92.6Christian Messenger
32:53.7 SRLakeland Christian
93.10Calib Voltaire
34:16.3 PRHaines City
94.-Steven Manings
34:53.9 PRShorecrest Preparatory
95.7Justin Nunez
37:55.5 SRFlorida Christian
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5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.McKeel Academy59
4.Lake Mary129
5.St Petersburg196
6.Circle Christian227
10.Palm Harbor University313
12.Tampa Bay HEAT337
13.Plant City362
14.Shorecrest Preparatory378
15.Lake Wales397
16.Lake Gibson420
17.Northside Christian458
18.Ridge Community476
20.Lakeland Christian482
21.Auburndale Senior486
22.Haines City507
23.Florida Christian559
24.Tampa Catholic676
25.Cambridge Christian707
26.Foundation C747
1.11Nicholas Gonzalez
2.11Ryan DeGale
16:42.1Lake Mary
3.12Isaac Rigel
17:01.0Lake Wales
4.11Isak Davis
5.12Jonathan Hulzebos
6.12Dustin White
17:13.8McKeel Academy
7.10Desi Ferreira
8.11Casey Brady
17:29.0McKeel Academy
9.11Duncan Lippincott
17:30.9McKeel Academy
10.12Joseph Ault
17:34.0Circle Christian
11.10Tyson Occenat
12.11Rogelio Araiza
13.12Elliot Traxler
17:39.1St Petersburg
14.12Cameron Purvis
15.11Leif Henrikson
17:56.6McKeel Academy
11Jerod Fuller
18:02.1Lakeland Christian
16.10Adam Fahey
18:02.3Palm Harbor University
17.10Rodney Kretzer
18:02.4Lake Gibson
18.10Justin Corinealdi
19.10Kola Katynski
20.11Dylan Sadowsky
18:14.1McKeel Academy
21.9Caleb Brady
18:20.1McKeel Academy
22.11Cole Trask
18:22.6Lake Mary
23.10John Lyons
18:23.1Lake Mary
24.12Declan Abernethy
18:24.2St Petersburg
25.12Semmes Bruce
18:28.7St Petersburg
26.11Austin Rader
27.10Fabio Bandarra
28.10Thomas Flament
29.10Sergio Santiago
30.10Justin Scoby
18:42.7Shorecrest Preparatory
31.10William Field
18:47.8Lake Mary
32.9Chandler Rhodes
18:48.4Tampa Bay HEAT
33.12Diego Sanchez
34.9Caleb Ramirez
18:52.3Circle Christian
35.9Justin Nunamaker
18:53.4Northside Christian
36.12Jared Lau
37.9Matt Doyle
18:56.5Circle Christian
38.9Luke Whitmore
18:57.4Plant City
39.10Ryan Yarde
40.11Dakota Jones
18:57.9McKeel Academy
41.10Mussab Tariq
19:06.5Palm Harbor University
42.12Danny Liotine
43.12Lem Velez Martinez
19:17.4Ridge Community
44.12Jose Martinez
45.10Josh Miles
19:19.9Shorecrest Preparatory
46.12Marcus Corbitt
19:20.7 PRAuburndale Senior
47.-Jon Gordon
19:24.5Lake Mary
48.11Emmanual Zapata
19:25.3Haines City
49.10Deshaun Jennings
50.12Robert Huffman
19:26.1Lake Mary
51.11Chad Hunter
19:27.0St Petersburg
52.12Stephen Muir
19:27.2Lake Gibson
53.10Ethan Brodrecht
54.10Sean Griffin
19:35.2Lake Mary
55.10Dillan Nobles
19:40.8Lake Wales
56.10Austin Bruner
19:44.5 SRCelebration
57.12Kevon Edmondson
58.9Ben Rader
59.12Levi Ferrell
60.11Asher Davis
61.12Christian Rosa
19:51.5 PRCelebration
62.12Micah Corbett
19:54.7Auburndale Senior
63.10Casey Cureton
19:55.0Shorecrest Preparatory
64.-Austin Koffarnus
19:55.8 PROlympia
65.9Timothy Lambeth
19:59.6Tampa Bay HEAT
67.9Jacob Mclaughlin
20:00.5Tampa Bay HEAT
68.11Mike Doyle
20:01.5Circle Christian
69.11Devin Brewer
20:07.2Plant City
70.10Dedrick Jennings
71.11Connor Ennis
20:11.4Palm Harbor University
72.12Timothy Caceres
73.12Daniel Minter
74.11Jacob Ault
20:19.9Circle Christian
75.12Kyle Drollette
20:25.8Lake Region
76.12John CabauyII
20:28.5Florida Christian
77.12Gabriel Cermeno
78.12Kurt Reinsch
20:34.0Lakeland Christian
79.10Jeremiah Davis
80.12Daniel Dagasse
20:37.2St Petersburg
81.10Ali Mhamdi
20:44.6Plant City
82.10Benjamin Rigel
20:45.1Lake Wales
83.-Mitchell Greene
20:54.5Shorecrest Preparatory
84.9Austin Gergen
20:57.9Palm Harbor University
85.11William Adams
21:00.8Plant City
86.9Jason Roseme
87.10Zachary Cross
21:03.0Plant City
88.10Aidan Nelson
21:04.0St Petersburg
89.9Sam Temple
21:07.1Winter Haven
90.12Geoff Boyajian
21:09.2Northside Christian
91.10Shane Meldrim
21:13.2Winter Haven
92.11Zac Primus
93.9Andre Rampergas
21:16.6 SRHaines City
94.11Donovan Murphy
95.10Jacob Miller
21:23.9Circle Christian
96.10Ernest Ledbetter
21:26.4Winter Haven
97.11Paul Fuhr
98.10Matthew Cranston
21:41.3Ridge Community
99.11Nick Elsey
21:47.1Circle Christian
100.12Martin Luna
21:52.9Lake Region
101.12Jorge DE Jesus-Ang...
102.-James Swallow
21:58.7Palm Harbor University
103.12Ryan Gale
104.11Steven Parris
22:01.6Haines City
105.12Alexander Zimmerman
22:02.0Florida Christian
106.9Jordan Stewart
107.11Noah Rohm
22:03.7Tampa Bay HEAT
108.10Joseph Anhalt
22:11.3Ridge Community
109.10Joe Brooks
22:11.6Palm Harbor University
110.12Gage Dawson
111.12Godfrey Senatus
22:13.7Ridge Community
112.9Hunter Anderson
22:15.2Northside Christian
113.Alex Barulic
22:15.7Foundation C
114.-Hector Hernandez
22:20.1 PRPlant City
115.-Richard Hewitt
22:31.7 PRLake Gibson
116.12Heric Huang
22:33.0 PRNorthside Christian
117.9Seth Meldrim
22:35.8 PRWinter Haven
118.10Terrence Bobet
22:39.1 PRKathleen
119.10Nathan Bustamante
22:51.5 SRCambridge Christian
120.12Stuart Core
22:52.5Palm Harbor University
121.12Brandon Angleton
23:04.3Auburndale Senior
122.8Kyle Jackson
23:11.6Northside Christian
123.10Phillip Fountain
23:15.1Auburndale Senior
124.9Jacob Stalker
23:20.1Lake Gibson
125.9Zachary Koontz
23:21.1Tampa Catholic
126.12Zack Callaway
23:27.9 SRTampa Catholic
127.11Andres Ramirez
23:31.1 PRLake Wales
128.9Tyler Seegers
23:33.9 SRCelebration
129.-Hector Delgado
23:35.1 PRLake Gibson
130.6David Jimenez
23:38.0Florida Christian
131.10Andrew McCoy
132.12William Millian
23:42.9Florida Christian
133.11Matt Agosti
23:47.2Lakeland Christian
134.9Alexis Calderon
23:48.3Ridge Community
135.12Axel Rosado
23:53.6Ridge Community
136.11Christopher Greene
23:59.4Lakeland Christian
137.9Tyler Madasz
24:02.3Northside Christian
138.-Antonio Sullivan
24:02.6 PRBartow
139.12Trevor McMahan
24:07.6Haines City
140.7Remington Musick
24:08.4Lakeland Christian
141.12Joshua Salazar
24:23.2Florida Christian
142.12Derrick Jean-Bapti...
24:28.30Haines City
143.11Joseph Nelson
24:35.6Lake Wales
144.10Brandon White
24:40.4Cambridge Christian
145.10Ben Eggert
24:50.4Tampa Bay HEAT
146.12David Little
25:00.6Tampa Bay HEAT
147.10Felipe Juan
25:14.8Haines City
148.10Richard Kenney
25:18.8 SRLake Wales
149.-Nicholas Mandel
25:18.9 PRTampa Catholic
150.-James Orso
25:27.3 PRPlant City
151.-Zachary Newman
25:37.4 PRCambridge Christian
152.9Parker Musick
26:18.7Lakeland Christian
153.-Dakota Noel
26:38.3Tampa Bay HEAT
154.11Brody Bulman
26:38.5 SRAuburndale Senior
155.Zach Dulkoski
26:43.6Foundation C
156.10John Privitere
26:45.5Tampa Catholic
157.-Fedr JeanLaurent
26:48.6 PRHaines City
158.9David Ordaz
26:52.7Cambridge Christian
159.9Andy De Pablo
27:04.0Florida Christian
160.11Jeremias Nieves
161.11Chris Lovesky
27:21.3Shorecrest Preparatory
162.-Harris Mcallister
163.12Gardy Joisil
164.9Brandon Kaye
28:09.9Lakeland Christian
165.10Peircen Williams
28:14.4Auburndale Senior
166.9Jacob McNall
28:20.1 SRLake Wales
167.9Kyle Herdegen
28:26.3Shorecrest Preparatory
168.-Adam Biggar
28:39.2 PRAuburndale Senior
169.Kyle Macasing
29:04.6Foundation C
170.12Joshua McDowell
29:30.6Lake Region
171.9Joey Bell
29:43.0 SRTampa Catholic
172.10Justin Potts
29:59.0 SRCambridge Christian
173.Braden Arango
30:09.0Foundation C
174.-Charlie Manalo
30:22.60 PRBartow
175.12Arthur Nguyen
30:24.00Tenoroc Senior
176.-Sean Solis
30:26.7 PRRidge Community
177.Cody Sabadano
31:17.5Foundation C
178.11Nickolas Thomas
34:39.0Tenoroc Senior
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8,000 Meters College

Official Team Scores

1.Westfield State33
3.Florida Southern65
4.University of Florida Club129
5.Ave Maria145
6.Florida College151
1.SrDavid Tomchinsky
26:49.8Florida Southern
2.JrJacob Aplund
27:21.1Northwood (FL) U
3.FrJosh Keenan
27:43.7Florida College
4.FrBenjamin Parzich
27:44.9Westfield State
5.SoKyler Kathman
6.JrSteven Connolly
27:59.1Westfield State
7.JrDeion Cossio
8.SrMike Kelleher
28:09.1Westfield State
9.FrChristopher Williams
28:09.2Westfield State
10.FrStephen Pena
11.SoTim Shea
28:31.5Westfield State
12.FrLucas Shannon
13.SoMike Skelly
28:37.6Westfield State
14.FrSam Chandler
15.FrBobby Ormsby
28:53.4Florida Southern
16.SrChris Trebilcock
29:00.9Florida Southern
17.FrDerik Noland
29:03.9Westfield State
18.SoMatthew Moussamih
29:12.2Westfield State
19.SrCameron Fairbanks
29:12.9Westfield State
20.FrColin Morse
29:18.9Westfield State
21.SoJose Perez
29:19.9Florida Southern
22.SrGilbert Vazquez
29:35.0Florida Southern
23.FrTrevor Coules
29:36.3Ave Maria
24.FrRashaad Graves
25.SrCharles Sercer
29:41.7Ave Maria
26.FrDrew Smith
27.-Matan Ozery
29:51.8 PRUniversity of Florid...
28.-Ryan Robertson
29:54.0University of Florid...
29.-Saul Ramirez
30:05.3University of Florid...
30.SoJustin Connolly
30:07.4Westfield State
31.JrZach Gross
30:10.7Westfield State
32.SoPatrick Burns
30:13.1Westfield State
33.FrTevin Cintron
30:15.8Westfield State
34.SrBrian Harris
35.JrLogan Selzer
30:25.5Florida Southern
36.FrCody Van Natter
30:25.6Florida Southern
37.FrJonathan Moses
30:25.7Florida Southern
38.-Ryan Hundersmarck
30:32.5University of Florid...
39.JrAndrew Coull
30:45.7Florida Southern
40.-Albert Gubitz
30:47.4University of Florid...
41.Matthew McFall
42.JrMichael Pancotto
30:55.0University of Florid...
43.SrSean Comerford
31:00.2Westfield State
44.JrCharles Hodgdon
31:05.6Westfield State
45.SoRicky Schoolcraft
31:05.7Westfield State
46.FrThomas Mullally
31:13.7Ave Maria
47.FrJacob Pacifici
48.SoNick Hawes
31:24.5Westfield State
49.FrAdam Bourdon
31:36.7Westfield State
50.FrKael Gouriluk
51.SrRyan Dorhety
32:03.1Westfield State
52.-Blake Pierce
53.FrAvonte Boykins
32:04.5Northwood (FL) U
54.SoJosh Abeyta
32:15.0Florida College
55.Stephen Rouse
56.SrGrant Forbis
57.JrDan Mazur
58.FrPedro Fonseca
32:33.6Northwood (FL) U
59.FrCasey Paulin
32:50.4Florida College
60.FrBenjamin Igo
32:58.4Westfield State
61.SoNicholas Laferriere
33:03.6Westfield State
62.FrJohn Gargano
33:11.9Ave Maria
63.JrEmmitt Horvath
64.SrChris Audino
33:31.2Ave Maria
65.JrAustin Kercheville
33:32.7Florida College
66.-Justin Runac
33:48.5University of Florid...
67.SrSedrick Bernard
34:21.2Northwood (FL) U
68.JrMatt Boggs
69.JrAlex Schopf
35:42.1Westfield State
70.FrMatthew Nash
35:44.3Johnson & Wales (FL)
71.SoBryan Golden
36:00.7Florida College
72.FrJacob Dineen
36:04.1Florida College
73.-Aj Dunn
36:40.7 PRRollins
74.-Luis Falconi
37:37.4University of Florid...
75.SoKyle Sawyer
37:43.9 PRRollins
76.SoBenjamin Goodberry
77.SrSeth Kasselman
41:13.7 SRSoutheastern
78.-Nikko Tan
41:19.8 PRUniversity of Florid...
79.SoTyler Peterson
41:36.5Johnson & Wales (FL)
80.FrKyle Billington
43:17.4Florida College
81.SoChristopher Dalisay
46:58.1Johnson & Wales (FL)
82.SoJosh Harvey
49:27.9Johnson & Wales (FL)
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.MS- Httr Tornadoes24
2.Terrace Community81
3.Tampa Bay HEAT101
5.The Geneva126
6.MS- Speed Bay XC151
7.MS- Fish Hawks191
8.MS- Lawton Chile196
9.MS- Bell Creek A231
10.MS- Trinity Scho286
11.Lakeland Highlands328
13.MS- Shiloh Middl347
1.Rafaella Gibbons
10:57.2MS- Orlando Runners
2.Brooke Santiesteban
12:03.2MS- Httr Tornadoes
3.7Cadi Rowe
12:19.2 PRReal Life Christian ...
4.7Jaden Ault
12:49.4 PRCircle Christian
5.Josie Garba
12:50.9MS- Httr Tornadoes
6.Jillian Felton
12:57.0MS- Unattached
7.Julia Rohm
13:06.6MS- Fish Hawks
8.Katie Dunn
13:11.6MS- Httr Tornadoes
9.Lauren Brosonski
13:21.4MS- Unattached
10.-Mia Kennedy
13:38.2 PRTampa Bay HEAT
11.-Emma McLaughlin
13:41.1 PRTampa Bay HEAT
12.Juliana Bolano
13:52.6MS- Lawton Chile
13.-Olivia Blair
13:53.5 PRWeeki Wachee
14.Karinne Mitchell
13:56.8MS- Unattached
15.Ally Parrish
14:04.7MS- Httr Tornadoes
16.Johanna Kerby
14:17.1MS- Httr Tornadoes
17.-Emma Skantze
14:19.1 PRTerrace Community
18.6Erin Corbett
14:19.9 PRAll Saints Academy
19.-Avery Mayer
14:22.3 PRHillsborough
20.-Chandler Goode
14:27.6 PRTerrace Community
21.Madison Jones
14:30.2MS- Fish Hawks
22.-Aslyn Mattson
14:34.5 PRAll Saints Academy
23.-Jensen Mayer
14:35.0 PRHillsborough
24.Anna Sentner
14:38.9MS- Lawton Chile
25.Hope Heron
14:40.0MS- Speed Bay XC
26.Mia Cafaro
14:40.1MS- Httr Tornadoes
27.6Emily Casale
14:40.3 SRTerrace Community
28.-Echo Stewart
14:40.4 PRTerrace Community
29.Megan Bradley
14:42.1MS- Speed Bay XC
30.-Lydia Friedman
14:43.7 PRHillsborough
31.6Marley DeRigo
14:57.4 PRTerrace Community
32.-Ashton Holt
14:58.6 PRThe Geneva
33.7Raquel Smith
15:03.3 PRThe Geneva
34.6Lily Hendrix
15:07.6 PRThe Geneva
35.Zoe Wortinger
15:10.5MS- Champions Elite
36.8Sophie Vargas
15:18.7 PRThe Geneva
37.-Anna Kennedy
15:19.0 PRTampa Bay HEAT
38.-Madeline Guzman
15:27.9 PRThe Geneva
39.-Alyssa Smith
15:34.6 PRReal Life Christian ...
40.-Micaiah Laatsch
15:42.3 PRTampa Bay HEAT
41.Kathryn Mowery
15:43.5MS- Httr Tornadoes
42.Elizabeth Salsbury
15:43.9MS- Bell Creek A
43.-India Miller
16:00.9 PRThe Geneva
44.Emily Strobhar
16:03.8MS- Speed Bay XC
45.8Teresa Gonzalez
16:08.7 PRTampa Bay HEAT
46.-Moriah Friedman
16:20.4 PRHillsborough
47.-Allyssa Rutherford
16:23.2 PRTampa Bay HEAT
48.-Abby Zelenka
16:27.3 PRTerrace Community
49.5Susie Doyle
16:31.0 PRCircle Christian
50.-Monica Sellhorn
16:31.2 PRTerrace Community
51.-Mali Waugh
16:32.3 PRHillsborough
52.Kelsey Ewing
16:34.1MS- Speed Bay XC
53.Rachel Bartlett
16:40.4MS- Bell Creek A
54.-Olivia Driesse
16:45.4 PRTerrace Community
55.Rachel Strobahr
16:50.5MS- Speed Bay XC
56.Angelic Nales
16:56.0MS- Foundation C
57.-Amy Hyden
16:58.5 PRTerrace Community
58.-Lindie Mayer
16:59.5 PRHillsborough
59.Samantha Barulic
17:03.2MS- Foundation C
60.-Rachel Knazavich
17:08.4 PRTampa Bay HEAT
61.-Haley Griner
17:10.3 PRTampa Bay HEAT
62.Regina Rohm
17:14.6MS- Fish Hawks
63.-MargaretAnn Plunkett
17:19.0 PRTerrace Community
64.Destiny Garner
17:24.2MS- Bell Creek A
65.6Savannah Dray
17:28.6 PRReal Life Christian ...
66.-Ashton Owen
17:38.8 PRBartow
67.Natalie Rohm
17:41.7MS- Fish Hawks
68.Abigail Michael
17:46.3MS- Trinity Scho
69.-Madison Rosario
17:52.8 PRLakeland Highlands
70.-Lilly Brainard
17:56.1 PRTampa Bay HEAT
71.Sydney White
18:03.8MS- Trinity Scho
72.-Ashlyn Manley
18:08.4 PRTampa Bay HEAT
73.Madison White
18:11.7MS- Trinity Scho
74.Jasmin Guzman
18:23.1MS- Lawton Chile
75.6Caitlin Ramirez
18:23.1 PRCircle Christian
76.Taylor Townley
18:28.5MS- Bell Creek A
77.Rose Howard
18:49.4MS- Shiloh Middl
78.Scarlett Robbins
18:55.1MS- Bell Shoals
79.Kat Peterson
18:59.6MS- Foundation C
80.Camila Rios
19:00.1MS- Winthrop Charter
81.-Viviana Cao
19:10.3 PRTerrace Community
82.Jillian Steiermann
19:18.4MS- Speed Bay XC
83.Anna Farmer
19:22.2MS- Bell Shoals
84.-Alexander Carpenter
19:24.3 PRLake Gibson
85.Georgea Burke
19:38.5MS- Bell Creek A
86.Gracie Miller
19:43.6MS- Lawton Chile
87.-Jocelyn Arbocus
19:53.0 PRLakeland Highlands
88.Autumn Robbins
19:55.9MS- Bell Shoals
89.Zaria Thompson
19:59.2MS- Lawton Chile
90.Autumn Richarz
20:11.3MS- Lawton Chile
91.Gracie Wright
20:25.2MS- Shiloh Middl
92.Alayyah Washington
20:53.7MS- Trinity Scho
93.Cait Bergwall
20:56.5MS- Lawton Chile
94.Allison Martinson
20:56.8MS- Lawton Chile
95.Virginia Wallnofer
21:05.6MS- Shiloh Middl
96.Julia Kepley
21:09.8MS- Trinity Scho
97.Noele Calkins
21:10.0MS- Bell Creek A
98.Kendal Quimby
21:23.4MS- Speed Bay XC
99.-Lily Soberal
21:23.6 PRLake Gibson
100.-Kierstan Martin
21:29.3 PRLakeland Highlands
101.-Andrea Coleman
21:31.7 PRBartow
102.6Anna Selehi
21:39.2 PRCircle Christian
103.Jerrin Joyson
21:44.8MS- Bell Creek A
104.Madelyn Gainey
21:50.7MS- Bell Creek A
105.-Aysia Dow
22:26.1 PRLakeland Highlands
106.-Megan Waldrop
22:26.9 PRLakeland Highlands
107.Gabby Miller
22:28.4MS- Foundation C
108.-Megan Szydlowski
109.Haley Amorelli
22:47.0MS- Winthrop Charter
110.-Athena Dow
22:56.1 PRLakeland Highlands
111.Elle Dietz
23:06.5MS- Trinity Scho
112.-Nia Cofield
23:13.7 PRTampa Bay HEAT
113.Julie Oliver
23:22.9MS- Trinity Scho
114.Mollie Badenhorst
23:23.7MS- Shiloh Middl
115.-Samantha Roses
23:30.7 PRTampa Bay HEAT
116.Kennedy Wharton
24:20.1MS- Lawton Chile
117.-Lillie Jasckson
24:24.1 PRTerrace Community
118.-Alexandria Renfort
24:25.2 PRBartow
119.Sarah Harris
24:30.7MS- Fish Hawks
120.-Azelin McIntyre
24:35.5 PRLakeland Highlands
121.Sheila Johnson
24:58.1MS- Lawton Chile
122.Kayla Cayasso
25:59.7MS- Trinity Scho
123.Kadesha Wong-Reese
26:04.3MS- Shiloh Middl
124.Emily Clark
26:10.7MS- Shiloh Middl
125.-Diamond Doctor
26:22.0 PRBartow
126.Cheyenne Butterworth
26:25.3MS- Shiloh Middl
127.Hailey Quartermont
26:33.8MS- Bell Creek A
128.Kaitlyn Bailey
26:44.0MS- Shiloh Middl
129.-Maggie Kelso
28:46.5 PRJere L. Stambaugh, Sr
130.Kaylie Harkness
28:53.0MS- Trinity Scho
131.-Brooke Duke
29:22.5 PRBartow
132.Brianna Mena
29:28.0MS- Bell Creek A
133.Emily Holjes
29:33.9MS- Lawton Chile
134.Paige Wallnofer
29:54.3MS- Shiloh Middl
135.Erin Jones
29:55.8MS- Lawton Chile
136.Kaitlin Witte
30:17.6MS- Bell Creek A
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5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Mary69
3.Shorecrest Preparatory111
4.Palm Harbor University113
5.Circle Christian130
7.Lakeland Christian199
9.Lake Region263
10.Academy Of The Holy Names281
11.Plant City283
12.Ridge Community308
13.St Petersburg310
14.McKeel Academy378
15.Northside Christian383
18.Haines City492
19.Cambridge Christian537
20.Auburndale Senior602
21.Lake Gibson626
1.11Emily Headley
2.10Denae Chapman
19:13.5Circle Christian
3.12Alex Eaton
19:45.0Shorecrest Preparatory
4.10Maggie Parrish
5.11Fatema Jaffer
20:17.3Lake Mary
6.9Olivia Rovin
20:17.8Shorecrest Preparatory
7.12Devin Bos
20:27.9Circle Christian
8.12Sarah Raymond
20:39.2Palm Harbor University
9.6Sophia Vesely
20:43.6Shorecrest Preparatory
10.9Daniela Urzua
20:50.3Lake Mary
11.12Sarah Carrion
20:52.4Lake Mary
12.11Olivia Piatkowski
13.12Megan Fitzgerald
21:29.6St Petersburg
14.12Leah Jostes
21:32.8Lake Region
15.11Nicole Demeter
21:42.7Lake Mary
16.10Briana Stokes
17.12Emily Schonder
18.12Brianna Paczynski
21:56.3Palm Harbor University
19.10Julianna Zagra
20.8Kennedy Lewis
22:13.4Lakeland Christian
21.10Lily Addison
22:13.9 PRRidge Community
22.9Quincy Mayer
23.11Victoria Camargo
22:24.0Florida Christian
24.11Taylor Melnick
22:24.0Circle Christian
25.10Kai Greenlees
22:26.2Shorecrest Preparatory
26.11Jenna Thompson
22:29.0Palm Harbor University
27.12Audrey Parios
28.10Laura Shriner
29.12Ellen Baker
22:44.7Lake Mary
30.12Sarah Swallow
22:46.1Palm Harbor University
31.11Taylor Watson
32.10Shelley Downward
33.-Ellie Furey
34.12Taylor Smith
23:11.1Palm Harbor University
35.11MacKenzie Mayer
36.11Siobhan Lynch
23:19.0Academy Of The Holy ...
37.12Sarah Harley
23:19.5Palm Harbor University
38.9Cassidy Goble
39.10Brittany Lewis
23:28.4Lakeland Christian
40.12Zierrah Martin
23:29.3Ridge Community
41.10Breanna Skladanek
23:29.9Lakeland Christian
42.11Lina Miller
23:35.8St Petersburg
43.12Teresa Beasley
23:37.0Circle Christian
44.9Morgan Hopper
23:38.30 SRBartow
45.12Jessica Fuller
23:46.0Lakeland Christian
46.11Julia Soto
23:46.1Lake Region
47.12Hannah Whitmore
23:48.2Plant City
48.10Mara Lameyer
23:51.4Northside Christian
49.9Savannah Stroud
23:53.9McKeel Academy
50.9Ashton Henrikson
23:57.7McKeel Academy
51.11Jessica Rodriguez
24:00.1Lake Region
52.12Virginia Barreda
24:09.0Academy Of The Holy ...
53.8Taylor Hunter
54.12Diana Corzine
24:09.7Plant City
55.9Lindsay Calka
24:10.7Academy Of The Holy ...
56.11Mikayla McLaughlin
24:12.8Tampa Bay HEAT
57.-Erin Chadwick
24:14.8Tampa Catholic
58.9Carrie Sloan
59.10Autumn Stevenson
24:31.2Circle Christian
60.9Grace Simonsen
24:33.50Tenoroc Senior
61.8Abby Riley
24:33.5Lakeland Christian
62.9Carolyn Szydlowski
63.9Anna Hamilton
24:37.5Palm Harbor University
64.10Madison Manley
24:38.0Plant City
65.11Laura Hoffmann
24:39.0Ridge Community
66.11Ke Molina-Ramierez
24:39.60Plant City
67.12Kristin Podsiad
24:41.3Plant City
68.12Crystal Felix
24:42.2Plant City
69.8Kelly Kellogg
24:46.1Northside Christian
70.12Amanda Goble
71.10Kaylee Cashman
72.7Janelle Forte
24:51.5Florida Christian
73.11Sophia Orellana
74.8Caya Sobota
24:52.4Shorecrest Preparatory
75.11Carmelle Kuizon
24:53.1Academy Of The Holy ...
76.9Elizabeth Dolan
24:58.1Academy Of The Holy ...
77.11Shaniqua Stevens
78.11Destiny Pierre-Louis
25:04.8Haines City
79.10Peninah Benjamin
25:05.8Shorecrest Preparatory
80.11Caillin Heron
25:06.8Northside Christian
81.12Rachel Knauf
25:08.3Shorecrest Preparatory
82.11Brooke Clark
25:18.6Lake Region
83.9Alana Zinninger
84.12Sarah Lunsford
25:23.3 SRLake Region
85.Victoria Self
25:25.3Foundation C
86.12Sarah Smith
25:27.8Circle Christian
87.-Jacquel SantaAna
88.10Brooke Catrett
25:38.8Winter Haven
89.11Hannah Warren
25:42.9Lakeland Christian
90.12Hanna Hartford
25:46.3St Petersburg
91.10Dina Samaan
25:46.9Lake Mary
92.11Eleeza Santos
25:47.7Academy Of The Holy ...
93.9Naomi Miller
25:51.1St Petersburg
94.10Lindsay Boos
25:58.6Academy Of The Holy ...
95.11Clover Carithers
26:01.3McKeel Academy
96.6Britain Musick
26:09.7Lakeland Christian
97.11Rubyselda Moran
26:14.0Ridge Community
98.11Tori Falconer
26:20.40Cambridge Christian
99.12Deja Hillman
26:26.3 PRHaines City
100.-Nancy Zenteno
26:26.4 PRPlant City
101.11Sydney Quin
26:30.7St Petersburg
102.-Natasha Carcano
26:34.8 PRLake Wales
103.10Erika Santana
26:35.70 PRLakeland
104.11Blaire Wonderly
26:38.4Circle Christian
105.12Rachel Barry
26:50.8 SRCelebration
106.-Hannah Deson
27:00.1St Petersburg
107.10Gabriella Pineiro
27:03.9Florida Christian
108.8Macy Gullifer
27:27.9McKeel Academy
109.-Diana Gonzalez
27:30.8 PRLake Region
110.11Christ Infantolino
111.9Savannah Adkins
27:34.4 SRTampa Bay HEAT
112.11Amanda Atkinson
113.12Gabrielle Greenleaf
27:42.1Northside Christian
114.9Tiffany Cranston
27:48.0Ridge Community
115.9Kara Kennedy
27:48.8Tampa Bay HEAT
116.8Cassidy Provard
27:50.1Northside Christian
117.9Jada Marchant
27:55.9McKeel Academy
118.11Monica Zanghi
28:00.1Cambridge Christian
119.11Savannah Patternson
28:31.5Haines City
120.11Jane Wheeler
121.10Haley Fitzhugh
122.10Lizbeth Lopez Hern...
28:37.0Winter Haven
123.10Vanessa Florence
28:51.0 PRHaines City
124.10Riley McDanal
29:03.20 SRBartow
125.11Bedine Dieujuste
29:04.9 PRAuburndale Senior
126.12Hannah Long
29:12.1Winter Haven
127.12Krystal Hanna
29:14.8 SRRidge Community
128.10Abisola Adeyemo
129.9Regan Marra
29:18.6Cambridge Christian
130.11Bianey Sanchez
29:34.3Lake Region
131.-Ashley Baker
29:37.1 PRLakeland
132.10Faith Woodard
29:51.8 PRLake Gibson
133.-Hannah Sanchez
29:54.7 PRMcKeel Academy
134.11Taylor Moir
30:00.9 SRNorthside Christian
135.-Katie Quintana
30:02.0 PRCambridge Christian
136.9Kailyn Sampson
137.12Olivia Zimmerman
138.Kristen Self
30:24.7Foundation C
139.12Hannah Fitzhugh
140.10Rachel Willard
30:55.0Auburndale Senior
141.10Victoria Doud
142.10Kaylyn Carson
31:07.0Tampa Catholic
143.12Vanessa Alvarez
31:20.3Florida Christian
144.9Meredith Waugh
145.9Camryn Lewis
146.9Cidney Jacques
32:00.0Auburndale Senior
147.11Danielle Baker
32:17.0Cambridge Christian
148.-jaleni Rodriguez
149.9Zoe Keown
32:31.7Haines City
150.11Tierra Thomas
32:40.0Lake Gibson
151.-Deja Pierpont
32:45.30 PRKathleen
152.11Michelle Johnson
33:03.0Auburndale Senior
153.10Alexis Visser
154.-Caroline Pope
33:21.0 PRTampa Catholic
155.10Abbie Tamayo
156.-Yasmine Puente
34:59.0 SRBlake
157.10Cassandra Munoz
35:11.0Lake Gibson
158.10Kathy Vega
35:23.3Winter Haven
159.9Meagan White
35:43.0Tampa Bay HEAT
160.Morgan Thelen
35:46.0Foundation C
161.Vanessa Self
36:11.0Foundation C
162.-Kayla Tumlin
38:30.0 PRAuburndale Senior
163.10Amber Towson
40:17.0Lake Gibson
164.-Kiasia Smith
50:00.0 PRLake Gibson
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5,000 Meters College

Official Team Scores

1.Westfield State50
2.Pasco-Hernando CC73
3.Florida Southern91
4.University of Florida Club118
6.Florida College146
7.Ave Maria178
9.Palm Beach Atlantic200
10.Johnson & Wales (FL)290
1.SrAlec Slamal
20:35.7Florida Southern
2.-Mollie Jones
3.SrLauren Dunleavy
21:01.2Ave Maria
4.FrMelody Yero
21:02.7Pasco-Hernando CC
5.JrJennifer Holley
21:14.9Westfield State
6.JrJessica Krystek
21:19.1Florida Southern
7.JrAlexandra Perry
8.JrOlivia Marshall
21:30.2Westfield State
9.FrSamantha Greenlee
21:41.7Pasco-Hernando CC
10.FrAshley Dow Romano
21:44.2Westfield State
11.SoKaren Hunsicker
21:49.6Florida College
12.-Danielle Fraine
21:50.8University of Florid...
13.SoMichelle Kelleher
21:51.3Westfield State
14.FrJennifer Asci
21:52.2Westfield State
15.-Maria Derbani
21:52.5 PRUniversity of Florid...
16.FrLori Merlo
21:52.6Westfield State
17.FrTaylor Surrette
21:53.3Westfield State
18.FrAriel Grey
22:04.9Pasco-Hernando CC
19.SrCaitlin Ryan
22:06.2Westfield State
20.FrLeah Chevalier
22:09.0Westfield State
21.JrSamantha Hurley
22:09.5Westfield State
22.FrKathryn Monds
22:10.1Pasco-Hernando CC
23.FrOlivia Johnson
22:14.1Florida College
24.SoMelissa Cowley
22:25.6Florida College
25.SrAndrea Domings
22:29.5Westfield State
26.JrAndrea Hicks
22:30.5Westfield State
27.FrKaitlyn Jones
28.FrSamantha Martinez
22:34.3Pasco-Hernando CC
29.SoLexi Fenton
22:35.2Palm Beach Atlantic
30.FrKristen Dunlap
22:40.0Pasco-Hernando CC
31.SoShannon Grossman
22:42.1Westfield State
32.-Emma Falcone
22:42.5University of Florid...
33.FrMolly Price
22:45.7Florida Southern
34.FrAshley Montano
22:45.9Florida Southern
35.SoAshley Dudman
22:54.5Florida Southern
36.-Morgan Keppel
23:00.7University of Florid...
37.SrKristina Duplisea
23:02.5Westfield State
38.SoRebecca Levy
23:02.9Florida Southern
39.FrJulie Roggeman
23:04.3Florida Southern
40.SrCarlie Gray
23:04.9Florida Southern
41.JrJamie Lyons
23:12.4Westfield State
42.SoAlex Geiger
23:15.2Florida Southern
43.SrAlison Bilafer
23:18.0Ave Maria
44.FrIsabella Seddon
45.SrKelsey Garvey
23:21.9Westfield State
46.-Cassandra Barrett
23:25.3University of Florid...
47.FrJudith Young
23:28.9Pasco-Hernando CC
48.SoAshley Reed
49.FrEmilie Flament
23:30.4Florida Southern
50.FrAshley Murray
23:30.9Florida Southern
51.SrBrianne Anderson
23:34.3Palm Beach Atlantic
52.SoKiersa Polley
23:38.2Ave Maria
53.FrKendall Hayes
54.SrSarah Allen
55.FrElaine Gavallas
24:07.1Pasco-Hernando CC
56.-Heather Martin
24:35.0University of Florid...
57.-Danielle Rioux
58.FrChelsea Ginn-Davis
24:50.0Pasco-Hernando CC
59.-Rachael Patnode
25:03.0Pasco-Hernando CC
60.-Danielle Neal
25:05.5Palm Beach Atlantic
61.JrAshley Bofinger
25:36.7Palm Beach Atlantic
62.FrKiera Seideman
25:45.8Florida College
63.-Courtney Hughes
25:48.2 PRUniversity of Florid...
64.-Jennifer Wilson
25:51.3University of Florid...
65.FrEvelyn Suter
25:55.2Florida College
66.JrJessica Sexton
26:00.6Palm Beach Atlantic
67.-Laura Gerhart
26:04.5University of Florid...
68.SoGianna Gambera
26:22.4Ave Maria
69.SrCynthia Malendez-F...
70.SoZaidy Velez
71.FrJasmine Boykin
27:52.0Pasco-Hernando CC
72.SrKayla Sterling
28:00.6Ave Maria
73.FrAnsley Vanover
74.-Catherine LaStarza
31:24.9 PRUniversity of Florid...
75.-Anna Marie Fidanza
32:16.3Palm Beach Atlantic
76.JrMonica Caudron
34:48.8Johnson & Wales (FL)
77.FrMarissa Ginn-Davis
37:07.7Pasco-Hernando CC
78.JrLaura Johnson
37:31.1Johnson & Wales (FL)
79.-Catheryn Van Kley
37:40.2Johnson & Wales (FL)
80.-Vanessa Row
39:21.5Johnson & Wales (FL)
81.-Robyn Bakalus
44:23.0Johnson & Wales (FL)
82.FrAllison Nally
50:03.0Pasco-Hernando CC
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