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Mens Results

3.1 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.The Hyde35
2.Seacoast Christian36
3.Hebron Academy54
1.11Isaac LaCroix
18:49 PRSeacoast Christian
2.12Makoto Watanabe
19:04Hebron Academy
3.11Alex Greenberg
19:38The Hyde
4.9Caleb LaCroix
19:42Seacoast Christian
5.10Chad Downs
20:35Seacoast Christian
6.12Warsame Mohamed
21:10The Hyde
7.11Jamie Lynch
21:37The Hyde
8.10David Bujeaud
21:38 PRSeacoast Christian
9.12Richard Liu
21:56The Hyde
10.-Griffin Palola
22:25The Hyde
11.11Tianren Qin
22:45Hebron Academy
12.10Nathaniel Bennett
23:18 PRHebron Academy
13.10Ross Ji
23:23The Hyde
14.12Samuel Wheeler
23:29Hebron Academy
15.10Zhiyuan Peng
23:30 PRHebron Academy
16.-Tenzin Crane
23:36The Hyde
17.12Lorenzo Puopolo
24:04 PRHebron Academy
18.12Zach Brandeis
24:18The Hyde
19.10Fred Pilkington
24:40Seacoast Christian
20.-Andrew Palermo
24:49The Hyde
21.12Matt Lupovich
24:52The Hyde
22.11Zachary Abisalih
25:05Hebron Academy
23.12Arik Akerberg
25:15 PRSeacoast Christian
24.10Asa Johnson
25:21Seacoast Christian
25.-Walter Rasmussen
25:43Hebron Academy
26.-Enzhao Wang
26:28Kents Hill
27.-Sky Archer
26:39Seacoast Christian
28.11Xinchen Zhai
26:41Hebron Academy
29.10Owen Richmond
26:56Hebron Academy
30.-Darvin Anderson
28:10The Hyde
31.-Sam Millard
28:22The Hyde
32.-David Rush
28:33Kents Hill
33.-Dean Tian
28:55The Hyde
34.-Zach Harrison
29:15The Hyde
35.10Joseph Dunn
29:24 PRHebron Academy
36.10Zeyan Zhang
29:56Kents Hill
37.-Deniz Kandler
30:01Kents Hill
38.-Josh Berger-Gertz
30:23The Hyde
39.12Logan Archer
30:40 PRSeacoast Christian
40.12Peter Miller
30:49Hebron Academy
41.10Zhihao Wang
31:32 PRHebron Academy
42.10Chenyang Bao
56:00Hebron Academy
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