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Mens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity12:45 PM
2.8 Mile Junior Varsity1:15 PM
Womens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity + JV12:00 PM

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The race course, at Leavenworth's Ski Hill, is on unpaved roads through a Ponderosa Pine forest. The race can be viewed from multiple locations as the runners complete two hilly 1.4 mile loops, including a spectator-lined uphill finish at the top of the little ski hill.

Please register your athletes on by Thursday Oct. 9.

Some concessions will be available. There is no running water at the Ski Hill facility.



10:00 6th grade girls - 1 mile

10:20 6th grade boys - 1 mile

10:40 Middle School girls - 1.4 miles

11:00 Middle School boys - 1.4 miles

12:00 Varsity and JV girls - 2.8 miles

12:45 Varsity boys - 2.8 miles

1:15 JV boys - 2.8 miles

1:50 Awards


Course Records:

Girls:   Erin Mullins, Cascade Leavenworth, 17:36   2013

Boys:   Jordan Oldenburg, Eastlake 15:39   2012

Click on for an interactive map/run of the course.


Entry Fee: $100 per school, or $10 per runner, due Oct. 1, 2014


Mail checks to:

Mike Hill, Athletic Director

Cascade High School

10190 Chumstick Highway

Leavenworth, WA 98826


Driving Directions: From Highway 2 on the west side of Leavenworth, turn north on Ski Hill Dr. Go straight for almost 2 miles, directly into the Ski Hill parking lot.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Dayle Massey, Cascade Cross Country Head Coach

School Phone: (509) 548-5277


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Mens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin (WA)31
2.Cascade (Leavenworth)58
4.Black Hills170
5.Granite Falls177
14.Cle Elum/Roslyn380

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Daniel Olmstead
15:59.78Cascade (Leavenworth)
2.11Ben Klemmeck
16:07.74 SRLiberty Bell
3.11Enrique Gomez
16:11.17 PRFranklin (WA)
4.9Epheson H. Giday
16:16.3 PRFranklin (WA)
5.11Jonathan Mangas
16:19.71 SRCashmere
6.12Amir Ibrahim
16:21.05 PRFranklin (WA)
7.11Nathan Wells
16:33.9 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
8.11Oren Cox
16:40.9 SRBridgeport
9.11Alan Ensastegui
16:46.08 SRForks
10.12Josiah Klemmeck
16:46.46 PRLiberty Bell
11.11Eli Phillips
16:53.92 SRCashmere
12.12Winter Tumbaga
17:07.07 PRFranklin (WA)
13.11Brandon Tran
17:13.8 PRFranklin (WA)
14.12Evan Maun
17:21.86 PRTimberline
15.10Hunter Swanson
16.12Tristin Larsen
17:29.24 PRGranite Falls
17.11Daniel Tveten
17:30.05Cascade (Leavenworth)
18.11Nathan Thai
17:31.02 PRFranklin (WA)
19.11Joseph Winters
17:32.99Cascade (Leavenworth)
20.9Eli Nielsen
17:34.46 SRLiberty Bell
21.10Izaak Peters
17:40.05 PRToppenish
22.12Jonathan Blake
17:43.71 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
23.10Cory Smith
17:44.05 PRBlack Hills
24.11Austin Cassayre
17:45.24 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
25.10Kyle Fisher
17:46.49 SRBlack Hills
26.10Jordan Click
17:49.02 PROmak
27.11Nicholas Sorgen
17:49.99 PRSultan
28.11Vincent Meraz
17:52.24 PRConnell
29.10Ryan P Peters
17:55.36 SRBlack Hills
30.9Evan Gambill
17:55.86 SRCashmere
31.12Kendall Getchell
17:58.46 SRCashmere
32.12Raymond Yuen
17:59.14 PRFranklin (WA)
33.10McCrea Black
17:59.55 PRSultan
34.11Neil Flodin
18:03.43Cascade (Leavenworth)
35.9Kelly Zick
18:05.01 PRToppenish
36.11Dante Gadbois
18:06.36 PRGranite Falls
37.11Ricky Mueller
18:06.83 PRGranite Falls
38.9Kyle Holborn
18:07.33 SROmak
39.11Ben Kraske
18:13.3 SROmak
40.12Gustavo Mendoza
18:13.68 SRQuincy
41.10Edgar Guzman
42.10Parker Risk
18:16.96 PRTimberline
43.12Alvaro Tlachi
18:25.8 PRConnell
44.12Oscar Ortiz
18:27.74 PRConnell
45.9Noah Pastrana
18:28.43 PRYakama Nation Tribal
46.11Bryden Hires
18:28.93 SRTonasket
47.10AJ Ross
18:29.52 SRCashmere
48.12Jesus Guzman
18:34.65 SRQuincy
49.10Cyril Berndt
18:35.65 SRQuincy
50.11Josh Broek
18:36.18 PRBlack Hills
51.11Jon Smith
18:40.99 PRGranite Falls
52.11Carter Syrie
18:41.24 SRConnell
53.11Josiah Kroontje
18:44.27 SRConnell
54.10Terrell Cantu
18:47.4 SRToppenish
55.9Samuel Gomez
18:51.93 SRForks
56.9Scott Bailey
18:52.8 PRCashmere
57.12Carson Duncan
18:53.61 PREntiat
58.11Luis Alvarez
18:54.18 PRManson
59.9Isiah Strom
18:54.78 SRYakama Nation Tribal
60.10Tate Christensen
18:55.3 SRCashmere
61.10Alex Perez
18:56.36 SRToppenish
62.10Brady Busching
18:56.83 SRBrewster
63.10Kyle Abrahamson
18:58.1 PROmak
64.9Anthony Sanchez
18:58.78 SRToppenish
65.9Eric Merkel
19:01.83 SRCle Elum/Roslyn
66.11Adrian McCarthy
67.12Ethan Short
19:07.4 PRGranite Falls
68.11Johnny Lua
19:08.04 PRForks
69.12Sergio Velez
19:08.57 PRTimberline
70.10Alfonso Medina
19:09.33 SROmak
71.10Cameron Huntley
19:10.55 SRBlack Hills
72.10Cristian Alfaro
19:18.55 SRToppenish
73.12Marc Martinez
74.12Shion Li
19:25.99 PRConnell
75.11Austin Pegram
19:31.1 SRForks
76.10Aidan McBride
19:33.52 SRBlack Hills
77.10Carter Dornfeld
19:35.74 SRLiberty Bell
78.11Alvaro Ortiz
19:36.02 SRForks
79.9Joshua Chavez
19:42.07 SRToppenish
80.9Ramiro Rincon
19:47.86 SRBrewster
81.10Daniel Cruz
19:50.18 SRQuincy
82.10Reilly Prescher
19:50.68 PRTimberline
83.10Joseph Aponte
19:52.27 PRTimberline
84.9James Klinman
19:56.8 SRGranite Falls
85.9Dawson Click
86.12Jacob Barrus
19:56.81 PRSultan
87.12Rawlings Braman
19:58.57 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
88.9Samuel Strandberg
20:00.18 SRTonasket
89.11Joel Mohn
20:01.01 SRForks
90.9Quinn Hinman
20:01.64 SRBlack Hills
91.12Smith Condon
20:02.1 SRTonasket
92.9Tyler Aamold
20:02.93 PRSultan
93.10Gerardo Morales
20:16.4 SRConnell
94.11Nikoly Andrade
20:18.96 SRTimberline
95.9Brandon Graham
20:19.57 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
96.9Brandon Melburn
20:20.02 SRQuincy
97.11Gabe Holz
20:27.02 PROmak
98.10Tano Martinez
99.10Asa Sill
20:34.24 SRCle Elum/Roslyn
100.9Cody Amsden
20:42.4 PRManson
101.11Zhorik Rosenburg
20:47.27 PRQuincy
102.8Taggart Easter
20:58.43 PRPateros
103.12Jovani Torres
21:17.24 PRBridgeport
104.12Logan Corbin
21:22.83 PRGranite Falls
105.11Rade Pilkinton
21:23.07 SRTonasket
106.11James Calhoun
21:25.57 PRManson
107.8Elijah George
21:49.74 PRYakama Nation Tribal
108.10Seth Bassetti
21:50.61 SRCle Elum/Roslyn
109.10Marcos Salazar
22:15.74 SRBridgeport
110.10Christian Morrison
22:16.33 SRTimberline
111.10Jesse Gomez
22:46.05 SRBridgeport
112.12Adam Halvorsen
113.11Martin Trejo
114.12Jovani Barrios
24:55.1 SRBrewster
115.10Ethan Williams
27:26 PRPateros
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin (WA)21
2.Cascade (Leavenworth)51

Hypothetical Scores

1.12William Demarest
17:31.36 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
2.12Rong Yu
18:29.4 PRFranklin (WA)
3.12Finn Southerland
18:32.18 PRFranklin (WA)
4.11Owen Crandall
18:57.3 PRFranklin (WA)
5.9AJ Yee
19:02.65 PRFranklin (WA)
6.12Nathan Thompson
19:04.54 SRCashmere
7.11Denny Ng
19:06.9 PRFranklin (WA)
8.9Aidan Vlasaty
19:10.57 PRFranklin (WA)
9.10Jason Axtell
19:33.33 PRToppenish
10.10Idris Abdul-Alim
19:44.3 PRFranklin (WA)
11.11Jorge Blount
19:47.36 PRFranklin (WA)
12.12Garrett Hill
19:48.02 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
13.11Josh Wulfman
19:50.86 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
14.10Evan Ma
19:56.14 PRFranklin (WA)
15.12Kenny Wu
19:56.86 PRFranklin (WA)
16.11Spencer Flodin
19:59.27Cascade (Leavenworth)
17.11Ayanle Dahir
19:59.86 PRFranklin (WA)
18.9Austin Theriault
20:02.54 SRGranite Falls
19.11Justin Woo
20:02.99 PRFranklin (WA)
20.11Kaleo Chan
20:10.8 PRFranklin (WA)
21.9Tim Wells
20:12.1 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
22.9David Tveten
20:16.02 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
23.10Eli Miller
20:19.99 PRConnell
24.12Hayden Houle
20:21.18 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
25.11Calvin Chen
20:24.49 PRFranklin (WA)
26.12Chiem Saeturn
20:26.99 PRFranklin (WA)
27.10Brady Barker
20:27.61 PRTimberline
28.10Jordan Moser
20:28.4 PRCashmere
29.11Joseph Mariner
20:31.8 SRForks
30.11Chess Booker
20:33.74 PRConnell
31.10Juan Lara
20:35.36 SRToppenish
32.9Cooper Curry
20:36.74 PRGranite Falls
33.9Dylan Desy
20:40.52 PRCashmere
34.9Cameron Hirschi
20:49.71 SRGranite Falls
35.11Jordan Hawk
20:51.68 PRConnell
36.9Ian Wyborski
21:01.74 SRCle Elum/Roslyn
37.10Tholen Blasko
21:03.24 PRSultan
38.11Grant Keller
21:06.24 SRCashmere
39.10Colby Pedersen
21:12.07 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
40.12Eric Tubbs
21:13.57 PRSultan
41.10Toan Tran
21:14.27 PRFranklin (WA)
42.9Miguel Ramirez
21:18.1 PRForks
43.9Cole Dittentholer
21:26.52 PRToppenish
44.11Andy Reynolds
21:29.55 PRQuincy
45.10Devyn Grillo
21:30.27 PROmak
46.9Jason Kenoyer
21:32.61 PRCashmere
47.12Jeremy Baker
21:39.86 SRToppenish
48.9David Bryant
21:42.14 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
49.9Sarkis Yousoofian
21:59.4 PRFranklin (WA)
50.12Klev Peckham
21:59.84 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
51.9Jackson Hartwich
22:00.99 PRCashmere
52.9Riley Fagerland
22:10.02 SRCashmere
53.10Matthew Golez
22:32.93 PRFranklin (WA)
54.9Nathan Ha
22:33.52 PRFranklin (WA)
55.12Pat Hadley
22:39.99 PRConnell
56.11Brennan Allen
22:44.36 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
57.12Jess Hawk
22:46.71 PRConnell
58.10Justin La
22:53.8 PRFranklin (WA)
59.9Alex Thornton
23:05.93 PROmak
60.10Alexander George
23:09.01 PRToppenish
61.10Daniel Cruz
23:20.55 SRForks
62.12Vaughn Lodge
23:27.3 PROmak
63.12Fabian Cantu
23:28.24 PRToppenish
64.10Danny Ibarra
23:29.61 SRBridgeport
65.9Andrew Maldonado
23:32.99 PRToppenish
66.10Sheldon Flick
23:37.93 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
67.11Octavio Bustos
23:38.57 SRQuincy
68.10Ira Lassen
23:59.36 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
69.9Jonathan Chavez
24:08.07 PRToppenish
70.10Nick Hamel
24:08.33 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
71.12Brian Huang
24:10.65 PRFranklin (WA)
72.12Jason Fung
24:42.52 PRFranklin (WA)
73.11Anthony Hartsfield
24:59.83 PRFranklin (WA)
74.11Vince Bruno
25:14.46 PRFranklin (WA)
75.9James Buckingham
25:15.05 SRBridgeport
76.10Spencer Brown
25:15.52 PRCashmere
77.12Carlos Carmona
25:21.96 PRToppenish
78.11Alfred Fuentes
25:23.43 PRFranklin (WA)
79.9Keoki Chan
25:48.74 PRFranklin (WA)
80.9Angelo Belicina
25:58.49 PRFranklin (WA)
81.9Finn Johnson
26:21.65Cascade (Leavenworth)
82.10Tyson Wahpat
26:37.78 PRToppenish
83.11Sam Winters
28:08.54Cascade (Leavenworth)
84.9Garret Megathlin
28:20.49 PRFranklin (WA)
85.9Garrett Collier
28:29.92 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
86.9Ty Lu
28:29.93 PRFranklin (WA)
87.11Ethan Miller
28:29.94 PRToppenish
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Womens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity + JV

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Cascade (Leavenworth)59
6.Franklin (WA)121
7.Black Hills144

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Erin Mullins
17:16.65Cascade (Leavenworth)
2.12Vilde Roed
20:24.3 PRFranklin (WA)
3.10Kieran Ringel
20:42.7Cascade (Leavenworth)
4.11Sofia Rabadan
20:53.9 SRToppenish
5.12Tristen Williams
20:57.09 PRForks
6.11Paige Wright
21:00.9 PRTimberline
7.12Kari Larson
21:03.4 PRForks
8.10Johnna Terris
9.9Chantal Won
21:17.59 PRBlack Hills
10.12Nicole Wong
21:42.59 PRFranklin (WA)
11.11Sarah O'Dell
21:43 SROmak
12.11Sienna Pavey
21:55.7 PRTimberline
13.12Abigail Early
22:00.4 SROmak
14.10Lydia Youkey
22:03.2Cascade (Leavenworth)
15.9Katie Henneman
16.11Ivy Spiegel-Ostrom
22:15.8Cascade (Leavenworth)
17.9Jennifer O'Dell
22:25 SROmak
18.11Dezarae Westra
22:26.5 SRQuincy
19.11Peyton Fagerland
22:34.09 PRCashmere
20.9Camille Wilson
21.11Haley Martin
22:41.2 SRCashmere
22.12Brooke Peterson
22:45.4 SRForks
23.12Maggie Taft
22:47.7 PRTimberline
24.11Diana Montes
23:01.4 SROmak
25.12Letty Trejo
23:01.59 SRBridgeport
26.11Jenna Valentine
27.12Jennifer Novikoff
23:06.09 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
28.10Fiona McBride
23:27 PRBlack Hills
29.12Rachael Price
23:28.7 PRConnell
30.11Kylie Charney-Harr...
23:30.59 PRTimberline
31.11Emmelyn Affeldt
24:07 PRBlack Hills
32.10Lily Yan
24:17 PRFranklin (WA)
33.9Emily Heiser
24:17.7 SRBlack Hills
34.9Marissa Bailey
24:19 SRForks
35.11Koharu Yonebayashi
24:21.7 PRLiberty Bell
36.9Riley Abrahamson
24:22.3 PROmak
37.9Haley Larson
38.9Abby Zurcher
24:47.8 SRConnell
39.12Emalee Loeber
25:05.9 PRConnell
40.11Baillie Hirst
41.10Rosalia Flores
25:19.5 PRForks
42.10Sarah Lee
25:28.2 PRFranklin (WA)
43.9Phuong Vong
25:34.09 PRFranklin (WA)
44.9Amber Hoagland
25:47.5 PRForks
45.12Rian Naef
25:54.59 PRConnell
46.9Chelsea Biciunas
25:55.09 SRForks
47.12Rachel Hicks
26:03.09 PRConnell
48.11Delaney Lester
26:12.8 SROmak
49.12Isabelle Morrison
26:14.7 PRTimberline
50.10Carolina Gomez
26:45 SRCashmere
51.11Mckenzie Meyer
26:52.7 PRGranite Falls
52.12Bianca Gomez
26:59.7 PRCashmere
53.9Kayla Chambers
27:13.59 PRBlack Hills
54.11Melissa Gray
27:14.8 SRPateros
55.9Rylee Jacobson
27:18 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
56.12Greta Merkel
27:25.9 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
57.10Mei Li
27:28.5 PRFranklin (WA)
58.12Madeline Krous
27:30.09Cascade (Leavenworth)
59.11Codi Witte
27:32.59 SRCle Elum/Roslyn
60.10Christine Ha
27:44.3 PRFranklin (WA)
61.11Liliana Wieneke
27:54.5 PRCle Elum/Roslyn
62.10Emma Gambill
28:12.09 SRCashmere
63.10MaryAn Edo
28:33.5 PRFranklin (WA)
64.9Isabella Rodriguez
28:39.7 PRToppenish
65.11Hannah Asmussen
28:43.8 SRCashmere
66.9Thu Le
28:44 PRFranklin (WA)
67.9Mackenzie Woodworth
29:04.09 PRLiberty Bell
68.10Winny Liu
29:25.2 PRFranklin (WA)
69.12Angela Chiem
29:38.09 PRFranklin (WA)
70.11MaryAnn Loran-Hick...
29:38.59 PRFranklin (WA)
71.9Diana Marquez
29:42.9 PRToppenish
72.12Alanta Keskitalo
29:47.4 PRConnell
73.12Kaylee Loeber
30:00.5 PRConnell
74.9Catriona Hayes
30:02.4 SRToppenish
75.12Jhasmine Cadiente
30:03.29 PRFranklin (WA)
76.10Cindy Luong
30:26.7 PRFranklin (WA)
77.10Hope Johnston
30:27.59 SRBlack Hills
78.12Meredith Krous
30:29.2Cascade (Leavenworth)
79.10Tyler Wong
30:35 PRFranklin (WA)
80.11Karen Coppock
31:14.7 SRTimberline
81.11Mandi Cook
32:39 PRGranite Falls
82.12Sammy Reyes
32:39.8 PRTimberline
83.10Mary Nguyen
33:45.3 PRFranklin (WA)
84.12Praew Haluethaicha...
34:09.69 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
85.10Le Yi Lei
35:34.8 PRFranklin (WA)
86.10Odessa Cantu
35:37.59 PRToppenish
87.9Aspen Hayes
35:47.09 SRToppenish
88.9Colby West
43:48 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
89.11Emma Craven
50:01 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
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