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Mens Races
3 Mile RED RACE - under 20 minutes
3 Mile SILVER RACE - over 20 minutes
1.6 Mile Middle School
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity
1.6 Mile Middle School

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12:00 - Junior High Race (depending on entries this could be co-ed or two seperate races.

12:20 - Junior High Awards

12:30 - Boys Silver Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of 20 minutes or slower)

1:00 - Girls Race (depending on entries this could break into two races)

1:30 - Boys Red Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of less than 20 minutes)

2:00 - Awards - Traveling Trophy to winning teams, Medals and T shirts to individual podium placers.

I'll be watching entries leading up to the race and if we need to change the schedule, number of races or the suggested times of the Silver and Red races then I'll send out messages to all.

Any questions - Rod Wilcox - 

Course - 3 hilly miles of trails and some track (no concrete).  

Course Map -!i=2665749771&k=F9Frdqj

Junior High course = 1 loop, High school course = 2 loops

Cost - please bring or send $50 per School or $35 for Junior High only  to cover awards. 

King’s High School Cross Country

Attn. Rod Wilcox

19303 Fremont Ave. No.

Shoreline, WA  98133

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Mens Results

3 Mile RED RACE - under 20 minutes

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)31
2.NW Christian (Colbert)43
4.Bellevue Christian124
6.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)146

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Andrew Ayers
2.10Jack Ammon
15:56.24 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
3.10Luke Schilter
16:00.37 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Levi Schilter
16:48.06 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.12Alex Wallat
16:56.08 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
6.12Brandon Stickney
16:57.57NW Christian (Lacey)
7.11Luke Bredeson
16:58.43 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
8.11Jonathan Mangas
9.12Rory Reshovsky
17:05.78 PRCharles Wright Academy
10.12Timothy Kopplin
17:06.99 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
11.10Micah Henry
17:09.71 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
12.11Colton Buster
17:11.30 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
13.10Craig Lambert
17:18.31 PRBellevue Christian
14.10Corban Phillips
17:21.19NW Christian (Lacey)
15.10Matt Jackson
16.11Alan Ensastegui
17.10Ryan Abdalla
17:43.08 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
18.9Tyler Shea
17:46.04 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
19.12Ben Alford
17:50.69NW Christian (Colbert)
20.9Jared Donnel
17:51.54 SRBellevue Christian
21.12Arthur Emmons
22.11Eli Phillips
23.11Ryan Widhalm
18:03.47Riverside Christian
24.12Tyler Ward
25.11Hugo Lucas
26.12Daniel Bolliger
27.10Stephen Epp
18:15.58NW Christian (Lacey)
28.10Elijah Taylor
18:21.07 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
29.12Nate Richards
30.10Ezekiel Taylor
18:31.54NW Christian (Lacey)
31.9Evan Gambill
32.11Caleb King
18:55.37 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
33.10Sean Gallagher
18:56.66 SRBear Creek
34.12Adam Koehler
19:00.23 PRBellevue Christian
35.9JJ Finan
19:03.45 SRBear Creek
36.12David Reynolds
19:09.17 PRBellevue Christian
37.12Connor Beck
19:11.07NW Christian (Lacey)
38.12Chad Johanneck
19:11.57 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
39.12Kendall Getchell
40.9Samuel Gomez
41.11Scott Graves
19:17.10 SRBellevue Christian
42.12Jacob Gutheil
19:24.24 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
43.11Russell Brown
19:24.64 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
44.11Austin Teigan
19:25.71NW Christian (Lacey)
45.10Kevin Smith
19:34.32 SRBellevue Christian
46.9Luke Sala
19:34.66 PRBellevue Christian
47.9Grant Gorc
19:36.04 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
48.10AJ Ross
49.11Luke Poling
19:51.28 SRBear Creek
50.10Tate Christensen
51.9Scott Bailey
52.12Anthony Galindo
20:04.59 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
53.12Connor Sprague
20:06.96 PREastside Preparatory
54.11Joel Mohn
55.10Ian Lindell
20:20.56 SRCashmere
56.11Matthew Gere
20:25.56 PRBear Creek
57.12Akshay Chalana
20:28.25 PREastside Preparatory
58.11Johnny Lua
59.11Tyler Hoffman
20:56.96Riverside Christian
60.10Micah LaMarche
20:58.15 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
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3 Mile SILVER RACE - over 20 minutes

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)59
2.Bellevue Christian65
4.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)93
6.Mt Vernon Christian114
7.Charles Wright Academy136

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Nick Higgins
19:07.65NW Christian (Colbert)
2.9Roman Billing
19:08.17 SRKing's
3.10Dylan Nichols
19:27.63NW Christian (Lacey)
4.9Kendall VanZanten
19:37.06 SRMt Vernon Christian
5.9Connor McElmurry
19:44.94 SRKing's
6.9Olin Landis
20:03.76 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
7.11Lance Kong
20:06.49NW Christian (Lacey)
8.11Kendru Dimalanta
20:25.35NW Christian (Lacey)
9.12Cong Jason
20:40.56 PRBellevue Christian
10.10Michael McLoughlin
20:40.93 PRBellevue Christian
11.12Nathan Thompson
12.10Michael Roberts
20:51.43NW Christian (Colbert)
13.11Connor Bartee
21:09.07 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
14.12Andres Galvez
21:20.37 SRCashmere
15.9Rohan Sandoval
21:21.07 SRCharles Wright Academy
16.9Judah Shirley
21:23.30 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
17.10Daniel Burnett
21:27.71 SRBellevue Christian
18.11Tim Tang
21:31.92 PRBellevue Christian
19.11Unk Unk
21:38.43 SRMount Rainier Lutheran
20.10Joseph Peder
21:39.70 PRBellevue Christian
21.11Jared Nelson
21:42.89 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
22.11Alex Hall
21:44.75 SRRiverside Christian
23.12Omar Estrada
24.10Stryker Spomer
21:53.55 SRKing's
25.9Jason Kenoyer
26.11Joseph Mariner
27.10Kaleb Bradford
22:09.16Riverside Christian
28.12Joshua Swanson
22:09.58 PRMt Vernon Christian
29.12Josh Curry
22:18.96 PRRainier Christian
30.9Kellen Fairfield
22:25.87 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
31.10Ethan Johnston
22:27.75 PRMt Vernon Christian
32.9Dalton Droog
22:29.44 SRMt Vernon Christian
33.11Yuzhi Shao
22:31.95 PRCharles Wright Academy
34.10Coby Boyd
22:34.76Riverside Christian
35.9Justin Sheneman
22:38.15 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
36.9Miguel Ramirez
37.10Jordan Moser
38.11Htet Mundt
22:52.20 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
39.11Austin Steele
40.11Matthew Ahlen
23:02.59 PRRainier Christian
41.12Joe Laupati
23:47.92 PRCharles Wright Academy
42.9Jonathan Chen
23:56.85 PRCharles Wright Academy
43.12Cody Anderson
24:05.66 PRKing's
44.11Owen Fitz
24:10.04 SRCharles Wright Academy
45.11Ryan Burnett
24:19.77 SRBellevue Christian
46.10Jeffrey Ye
24:30.81 PRCharles Wright Academy
47.10Daniel Cruz
24:42.74 SRForks
48.9Josh Erme
24:48.43 PRBellevue Christian
49.9Nathan Smith
24:59.20 PRBellevue Christian
50.12Gabriel Friend
25:28.74 PRCharles Wright Academy
51.-Ryan Rice
25:29.39 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
52.10Nathan Klein
25:42.46 PRMt Vernon Christian
53.12Eric Spear
25:50.49 SRCharles Wright Academy
54.11Jed Flippin
25:53.51 SRRiverside Christian
55.11Zenith Ortiz
25:57.56 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
56.10Max Hanson
26:04.22 PRKing's
57.9Markus Deuker
26:30.91 PRCharles Wright Academy
58.11Adam Pinkerton
27:04.09 SRBellevue Christian
59.10Spencer Brown
60.11David Walker
29:26.73 SRCharles Wright Academy
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1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.8Josue Lucas
9:19.97 PRForks
2.8Lewi Hagos
3.8Alex Finan
10:08.03 PRBear Creek
4.8Anthony Hart
5.8Francisco Alvarado
10:17.41 PRSultan
6.7Kevin Chappelle
10:21.26 SRBear Creek
7.7Blake Shambaugh
11:06.28Northshore Christian...
8.7Titus Shorack
9.8Alex Grimm
10.7Pedro Alonso-Medina
12:06.89 PRSultan
11.7Josh Whitmire-Skeith
12:24.23 SRSultan
12.7Jesus Lopez
12:54.55 PRSultan
13.8Jeffrey Weber
14.8Jason Atkinson
13:05.18 PRSultan
15.7Nathan Molvik
13:09.91 SRKing's
16.8Adam Doyle
13:10.78 PRNorthshore Christian...
17.8Parker Catlin
13:11.56 PRSultan
18.8Jake Fell
13:16.39 PRNorthshore Christian...
19.7Carson Sharpe
20.6Alexander Fontilla
14:04.87 SRBear Creek
21.8Obed Cushing
15:05.92 PRSultan
22.8Sam Boelitz
15:34.54 SRBear Creek
23.7Rodney Johnston
16:49.88 PRKing's
24.7Brendan Frye
18:36.91 PRSultan
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)25
3.NW Christian (Colbert)93
5.Bellevue Christian118
6.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)138

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kiersten Kimminau
19:43.39 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.12Anna Brooks
20:35.87NW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Kathleen Crosby
20:46.57 PRBellevue Christian
4.9Megan McSheffrey
20:59.90NW Christian (Lacey)
5.11Gillian Edgar
6.12Abby McSheffrey
21:17.93NW Christian (Lacey)
7.11Rachel Mills
8.10Krystal Brodsky
9.11Emily Donnel
22:04.57 SRBellevue Christian
10.12Kari Larson
11.11Rebekah Henry
22:07.39 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
12.10Angela Tzen
22:13.02 SRBear Creek
13.10Elizabeth Stottlem...
22:24.64NW Christian (Lacey)
14.12Tristen Williams
15.12Havilah Hansen
22:47.35 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
16.9Madison Janke
22:47.61 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
17.12Kathryn Goldsmith
22:48.28 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
18.11Peyton Fagerland
19.10Kassie Mastras
22:58.96 SRCharles Wright Academy
20.9Ellie Summers
22:59.72NW Christian (Lacey)
21.11Lina Hoffman
23:02.82 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
22.12Brooke Peterson
23.11Lily Kleven
24.9Amelia Pruiett
23:20.04 PRRiverside Christian
25.12Marissa Lewis
23:38.59 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
26.9Allison Perrow
27.11Madison Sitzmann
23:49.75 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
28.9Victoria Cole
24:00.30Riverside Christian
29.9Sophia Chaffey
24:01.67 PRBellevue Christian
30.11Haley Martin
31.9Maddie Evans
24:10.74NW Christian (Colbert)
32.9Anna Stewart
24:35.88 SRCharles Wright Academy
33.11Calista Coombs
24:44.37NW Christian (Colbert)
34.12Sonja Barreto
35.9Annie Hanchett
24:52.53 SRKing's
36.11Yulia Hanquet
24:55.36 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
37.9Marissa Bailey
25:01.53 SRForks
38.10Alyssa Eells
25:08.96 SRKing's
39.9Rachelle Foley
25:10.47 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
40.10Emma Gambill
41.12Laina Cooke
25:53.28NW Christian (Colbert)
42.12Jasmine Gonzalez
25:57.31 SRCashmere
43.10Sophia Yean
26:00.74 PRCharles Wright Academy
44.10Mac Bush
26:00.97 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
45.10Chloe Wire
26:23.72 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
46.11Cathy Kan
26:25.37NW Christian (Lacey)
47.9Mackenzie Teigen
26:43.34 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
48.9Emma Hutcheson
26:56.42 SRKing's
49.11Hannah Asmussen
50.12Elina Choi
27:23.35 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
51.9Liah Tian
27:25.42 SRBellevue Christian
52.10Carolina Gomez
27:28.35 SRCashmere
53.9Hannah Limb
27:39.35 SRKing's
54.11Leila Praino
27:44.32 SRBellevue Christian
55.10Emma Braden
27:49.97 PRBear Creek
56.12Bianca Gomez
57.10Rosalia Flores
58.11Xinduo Xiong
28:46.55 PRBear Creek
59.9Chelsea Biciunas
60.9Hannah Praino
29:05.23 SRBellevue Christian
61.12Daisy Lee
29:17.82 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
62.12Kaylei Goodine
29:22.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
63.10Hannah Peterson
29:38.20 SRKing's
64.10Jessica Olivera
65.9Zaynah Craven
30:21.07 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
66.9Madeline Renfrow
30:48.99 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
67.9Kendra Daiber
35:45.05 PRRainier Christian
68.9Amelia Ahlen
36:21.22 PRRainier Christian
69.9Jennifer Faidley
41:58.61 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
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1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Olivia Meader Yetter
10:26.16Northshore Christian...
2.7Grace Jackson
13:07.73Northshore Christian...
3.7Megan Cooper
13:22.30 SRKing's
4.7Maddie Powers
13:24.21 PRRiverside Christian
5.7Grace Hutcheson
6.8Lauraina York
14:23.79 PRSultan
7.7Jade Adamski
14:59.52 PRSultan
8.6Elise Hedlund
15:05.52 SRBear Creek
9.7Sophie Howard
16:04.52Northshore Christian...
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