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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.St Augustine's47
2.Virginia Union58
3.Virginia State80
4.Lincoln U (PA)103
5.Bowie State121
8.Chowan University221
9.Fayetteville State221
10.Winston-Salem State228
11.Johnson C. Smith237
12.Elizabeth City345
1.SrTorion Bailey
25:58.14 PRSt Augustine's
2.SoFranck Charles
26:36.24Virginia Union
3.JrChristopher Henry
26:36.71 PRVirginia State
4.JrKyle Edwards
26:45.38 PRLincoln U (PA)
5.SrEmanuel Nelfrard
26:46.88Virginia Union
6.SrDarius Berry
7.FrDeAndre Horton
27:24.60 PRVirginia Union
8.SoJalen Robinson-McCoy
27:37.81 PRSt Augustine's
9.SrJameel Walcott
27:48.89 PRSt Augustine's
10.SrWilson Bailey
27:55.63 PRLincoln U (PA)
11.SrErnest Hawkins
28:01.88 PRFayetteville State
12.JrFederico Ghelli
28:06.63 PRLincoln U (PA)
13.SrElhadji Mbow
28:19.13 PRSt Augustine's
14.-Dana Smothers
28:21.24 SRBowie State
15.SoHakeem Fields
28:25.39 PRVirginia Union
16.JrKevaughn Hewitt
28:28.64 PRSt Augustine's
17.SoJustin Williams
28:34.14 PRVirginia State
18.SoMarcus Nelson
19.JrXavier Wright
28:47.83 PRVirginia State
20.JrLeMontre Taylor
28:50.67 PRVirginia State
21.JrJustin Pittman
28:54.88 PRVirginia State
22.SoCullen Mosely
28:57.14 PRBowie State
23.SoAntonio Washington
24.SrSonny Hicks
29:15.14 PRBowie State
25.-John King
29:25.96 PRSt Augustine's
26.SrRonald Exum
29:56.39 SRBowie State
27.-Triisten Martin
29:57.14 PRChowan University
28.JrGeovanie Foote
30:01.88 PRJohnson C. Smith
29.-Darius Hodges
30:19.52 PRVirginia Union
30.-Sherod King
30:23.59Virginia Union
31.-Lewis Benjamin
30:25.20 PRWinston-Salem State
32.SoKeith Taylor
30:48.39 PRLincoln U (PA)
33.SrMichael Caldwell
34.SoRausheeim Thompson
30:58.25Virginia Union
35.-Vernon Swanson
31:06.38 PRBowie State
36.-Jaqwese Williams
31:19.57Chowan University
37.FrWaynee Hyman
31:31.57 PRJohnson C. Smith
38.SrBrandon Elmore
31:49.58 PRFayetteville State
39.FrAlphonso Boone
40.JrMatthew Stowers
31:56.10 PRFayetteville State
41.SrJustin Avery
32:00.89 PRLivingstone
42.SoOtis Tisdale
43.-Marquise Staton
32:05.43 PRWinston-Salem State
44.-Jelani Brazil
32:15.17 PRWinston-Salem State
45.-Marcus Kinard
32:21.40 SRLincoln U (PA)
46.-Daniel Hannon
32:32.80 PRSt Augustine's
47.-Jeremy Johnson
32:42.64 PRWinston-Salem State
48.-Sasha Kirsanov
32:43.76 PRChowan University
49.JrNykwan George
32:53.75 PRJohnson C. Smith
50.FrDarian Brown
51.JrDashon Jones
33:14.84 PRLincoln U (PA)
52.SoJuan Mortimer
33:42.63 SRLivingstone
53.-Jack Jones
33:44.62Chowan University
54.FrChristian Broome
33:48.48 PRJohnson C. Smith
55.SoKemoi Charles
33:50.33 PRLincoln U (PA)
56.JrBrandon Richburg
57.-Adam Kearns
34:21.79 PRChowan University
58.SoJaleel Armstrong
59.SrClive Cameron
34:57.51Virginia State
60.JrJeffery Hatcher
61.FrJermaine Brown
35:27.14Elizabeth City
62.FrJerrell Ralph
35:32.90Chowan University
63.SrFredrick Graham
35:47.40 PRWinston-Salem State
64.JrTaron Sanders
35:58.90Fayetteville State
65.SrJarius Reed
36:20.65Virginia State
66.JrDarius Brodie
67.-Kareem Shaw
36:37.34 PRElizabeth City
68.FrJustice Boykin
36:52.65Fayetteville State
69.SrRolando Berch
37:07.90 PRJohnson C. Smith
70.FrGawayne Stephenson
37:28.98 PRJohnson C. Smith
71.-Charles Byrd
37:44.29Elizabeth City
72.-Christopher Jefferys
37:44.65Elizabeth City
73.-Daniel Ballah
41:00.27Bowie State
74.FrDecarlos Anderson
42:36.41Elizabeth City
75.SoAndrew Brassard
43:48.66Fayetteville State
76.-Brevon Key
46:18.16Elizabeth City
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.St Augustine's29
2.Virginia State69
3.Winston-Salem State76
4.Lincoln U (PA)92
5.Virginia Union183
6.Chowan University185
8.Bowie State212
9.Johnson C. Smith215
11.Fayetteville State308
12.Elizabeth City367
1.JrTaylor-Ashle Bean
18:58.37Virginia State
2.-Skylar Wallen
19:04.29 PRSt Augustine's
3.SoFanta Fofana
19:44.45St Augustine's
4.-Kelly Shaw
19:56.50 PRSt Augustine's
5.SoDanisha Wiggins
19:57.45Winston-Salem State
6.SoZikeena Parker
20:03.74 PRSt Augustine's
7.FrJessica Davis
20:04.95Virginia State
8.FrDaniaria Brice
20:10.11 SRVirginia Union
9.JrShana Brown
20:11.64 PRLincoln U (PA)
10.SrShannon Lewis
20:17.25Virginia State
11.SrAnna Kay-Edwards
20:21.18 PRLivingstone
12.-Brittany Williams
20:22.20 SRBowie State
13.SrKristi Baptiste
20:24.77Winston-Salem State
14.SoDaisia Robinson
20:26.66 PRSt Augustine's
15.-Aquila Jones
20:28.29Winston-Salem State
16.-Micolyne Zimmerman
20:34.17 PRWinston-Salem State
17.JrAlexis Cubbage
20:44.26 PRLincoln U (PA)
18.FrMerideth Alexander
19.JrCherrisse Lynch
20:49.75 PRSt Augustine's
20.SrShannon Spaulding
21:08.86 PRLincoln U (PA)
21.JrBrinae Robinson
21:11.26Virginia Union
22.JrSamiyah Salih
21:13.72 PRLincoln U (PA)
23.FrChristeline Cadeau
21:21.16Virginia State
24.FrSarah Gray
21:29.50Lincoln U (PA)
25.SoTrudy-Ann Richards
21:34.25Johnson C. Smith
26.SoJomecka Deloatch
21:34.43Chowan University
27.SoCruz Sullivan
21:47.60 PRWinston-Salem State
28.SrShani Francklin
21:49.64 PRVirginia State
29.SoTykwees Bice
21:59.70Virginia State
30.FrDonica Morris
22:01.50 SRVirginia State
31.JrKaydee-Ann White
22:02.81 PRLincoln U (PA)
32.FrEmani Person
22:16.76 PRLincoln U (PA)
33.SoCrystal Louramore
22:19.46Chowan University
34.SoTashima Brazil
22:21.87 PRLivingstone
35.SoMichelle Turner
22:23.70 PRWinston-Salem State
36.JrGerlisa Shipman
22:36.75Chowan University
37.-Cynette Rivers
22:42.77 PRWinston-Salem State
38.-Faith Sykes
22:43.76 PRBowie State
39.FrDomenique Julius-W...
22:46.52 SRJohnson C. Smith
40.-Tristen Jenkins
23:05.93 PRChowan University
41.JrSamantha Elliott
23:10.40Johnson C. Smith
42.-Bessie Mullins
23:19.75 PRSt Augustine's
43.FrSherri Samson
23:37.77 SRLivingstone
44.FrMuriel Evans
45.-Valencia Hines
23:53.42 PRVirginia Union
46.SoCherdae Kirkland
23:54.43Virginia Union
47.JrAmanda Anderson
24:20.41Fayetteville State
48.-Corren Brown
24:21.42 PRLivingstone
49.JrQuanera Hayes
24:34.20 PRLivingstone
50.FrAshley Tackett
24:34.27Chowan University
51.-Leia Conrad
24:42.76 PRBowie State
52.SrMoneaque Baker
24:48.15 SRShaw
53.FrTovea Jenkins
24:54.93 SRJohnson C. Smith
54.FrMelissa Reid
24:55.52 SRElizabeth City
55.JrKayla Watson
25:06.27 PRBowie State
56.-Carissa Smith
25:08.72 PRBowie State
57.FrCrystal Campbell
25:09.51Johnson C. Smith
58.SrDanielle Williams
25:24.13 PRJohnson C. Smith
59.SoDestinee Williams
25:31.17 PRShaw
60.SoA'Tyan Kennedy
25:34.88 PRJohnson C. Smith
61.SoRenee Guischard
25:35.26 PRFayetteville State
62.SoBrittany Wilkins
25:41.10Fayetteville State
63.-Angel Scott
26:07.98Virginia Union
64.-G'ana Robinson
26:23.20 PRVirginia Union
65.FrAlyssa Quinones
26:23.94Fayetteville State
66.FrShanequa Blow
26:37.40Chowan University
67.JrRayshawn Penn
26:38.21 PRBowie State
68.-Kendall Reynolds
27:17.35 PRBowie State
69.SoKhirya Swift
27:43.93 PRShaw
70.FrTiffany Martin
71.FrTaylor McElroy
28:07.74Chowan University
72.JrFaith Brown
28:12.97 PRShaw
73.-Taylor Norris
28:54.77 PRFayetteville State
74.JrBria Wilkins
28:56.27Fayetteville State
75.-Kandace Simpson
31:25.27Virginia Union
76.-Derricka Henry
32:14.79 PRElizabeth City
77.JrTynaya Walker
32:48.48 PRLivingstone
78.-Deshara Boone
36:32.14 PRElizabeth City
79.-Jasmine Walker
41:12.14 PRElizabeth City
80.-Yashonti Bridgers
41:20.64 PRElizabeth City
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