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HOST:    Lanphier High School

PLACE:    Lincoln Park, Springfield, Illinois- located at the intersection of Fifth Street and Sangamon Avenue   

COURSE:    Most of the course will be sod. In addition, our course contains more hills than most. All runners must wear shoes.

RACES:    Five races will be run, four of which will be three miles in length.

    9:00 a.m. - Junior Varsity Girls Division- Three Miles
1.    Any girls, grades 9-12, not in the varsity race.
2.    Unlimited entries
3.    No team scores will be kept.
4.    Medals to the top 15 finishers.

9:45 a.m. - Varsity Girls Division-Three Miles
1.    Any girls, grade 9-12
2.    A maximum of 7 girls, you may run incomplete teams
3.    Team scores will be kept.
4.    Two team trophies will be awarded.
5.    Medals to the top 25 finishers.

10:30 a.m. - Varsity Boys Division- Three Miles
1.    Any boys grade 9-12
2.    A maximum of 7 boys, you may run incomplete teams.
3.    Team scores will be kept.
4.    Two team trophies will be awarded.
5.    Medals to the top 25 finishers.

11:00 a.m. – Freshman Boys Division-Two Miles
1.    Any 9th grade boy
2.    You may enter as many competitors as you like.
3.    Team scores will be kept.
4.    You may run incomplete teams.
5.    One team trophy will be awarded.
6.    Medals to the top 15 finishers.

11:30 a.m. –Junior Varsity Boys Division-Three Miles
1.    Any boys grade 9-12, not in the varsity race.
2.    Team scores will be kept. Medals to the top 15 finishers
ENTRY         The entry fee is $100   for any or all races. Please make checks payable to Lanphier High School.

T-SHIRTS:    T-shirts will be sold and a concession stand will be open.

PACKETS:    Upon arrival at Lincoln Park, please report to the information table for your packets.

NOTE:     If you have any questions please contact Mike Garcia at Lanphier 217-525-3080, or his cell phone 217-652-5355. You can also try to e-mail Mike Garcia at



1.    There will be a mandatory meeting for all coaches at 8:30 at the finish line. This will be the sportsmanship meeting.
2.    A coach or school representative from each school should be sure they have bib numbers and pins for each runner.
3.    Scoring envelopes should be returned after each race.
4.    It is your responsibility to make sure your athletes wear the correct bib number. The number will be pinned on the front.
5.    Please make sure your athletes pin the numbers the correct way.
6.    Each coach is responsible for their team and their valuables.
7.    Awards will be presented after the last race. If the weather dictates we will issue awards in the chute.
8.    Each team will run from a block position on the starting line. The block assignments will be drawn in advance by meet officials. Box # 1 is located at the south end of the starting line.
9.    Results will be run off and be available to coaches as soon as possible, after the last race. Results will not be mailed or faxed.
10.    We ask that you please ask your athletes and fans to stay out of the scoring areas. Every year we struggle to keep the area clear. Coaches are welcome but not the fans and athletes.
11.    Instructions are enclosed to make entries at
12.    Tony Daniel will serve as the meet referee and starter.
13.    Games Committee will be the head coaches from Glenwood, Mt. Zion, Quincy, Franklin and Lanphier.

Due to construction by the lagoon, the course has been altered. The course will still be clearly marked for all runners.

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Mens Results

2 Mile Freshmen

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.9Elijiah Johnson
11:11.68 PRMahomet-Seymour
3.9Michael Simon
11:12.19 PRSpringfield
4.9Matthew Schaap
11:21.97 PRMahomet-Seymour
5.9John Butcher
11:30.75 PRMahomet-Seymour
6.9Lucas Prather
11:33.23 PRMahomet-Seymour
7.9Jim Moore
11:34.47 PRSpringfield
8.9Devario Moore
11:48.42 PREast St. Louis
9.9Scott Kirk
11:49.55 PRDecatur (Eisenhower)
10.9Nick Toothman
11:49.88 PRMt. Zion
11.9Johnny Moore
12:00.19 PREast St. Louis
12.9Clayton Roll
12:01.03 PRQuincy
13.9Deonte Hamilton
12:10.17 PREast St. Louis
14.9Joe Fritzsche
12:13.66 PRMt. Zion
15.9Seth Riggle
16.9Brady Novak
12:25.18 PRHannibal
17.9Richardson Donnell
12:28.62 PREast St. Louis
18.9Kyle Grimm
12:29.65 PRQuincy
19.9Daniel Hayashi
12:36.60 PRQuincy
20.9Michael Kelley
12:37.16 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
21.9Steve Underwood
12:41.48 PRMattoon
22.9Ian Thomas
12:41.91 PRMt. Zion
23.9Sean Moore
12:42.32 PRMt. Zion
24.9Brennen Wright
12:45.39 PRDanville
25.9Jason Collingwood
12:56.57 PRDecatur (Eisenhower)
26.9Keagan Reichert
12:58.66 PRDecatur (MacArthur)
27.9Alex Kniery
13:19.11 PRSpringfield (Lanphier)
28.9Chase Myers
13:26.40 PRDecatur (Eisenhower)
29.9Clayton Connour
13:27.73 PRMt. Zion
30.9Brady Klockenga
31.9Jarrod Malone
13:33.26 PREast St. Louis
32.9Brandon Banning
13:35.61 PRTaylorville
33.9Joel Day
34.9Blake Lehmann
13:47.26 PRChampaign (Central)
35.9Nick Gavin
13:51.07 PRNormal Community
36.9Ben Casson
13:51.78 PRSpringfield (Sacred ...
37.9Tony Hudson
14:01.48 PRSpringfield (Lanphier)
38.9Shane McMullen
14:02.13 PRBartonville (Limesto...
39.12Shamon Jackson
14:08.59 PREast St. Louis
40.9Jacob Marling
14:09.14 PRDecatur (MacArthur)
41.9Ronnie Frison
14:38.34 PREast St. Louis
42.9Nick Kennedy
14:43.69 PRNormal Community
43.9Jack O'Conner
14:56.04 PRQuincy
44.-Kevin Frazier
15:05.82 PRSpringfield (Lanphier)
45.9Noah Blickensderfer
15:12.47 PRNormal Community
46.9Seth Kerley
15:19.52 PRSpringfield
47.9Aidan Tibben
15:22.49 SRDanville
48.9Adam Poe
15:23.62 PRRantoul
49.9Evan Speckhart
15:44.69 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
50.9Jakob Garrison
15:46.41 PRNormal Community
51.9Tylor Poorman
15:53.96 PRSpringfield (Lanphier)
52.9Dan Lewis
15:54.60 PRMahomet-Seymour
53.9Aaron Perry
16:48.20 PRMt. Zion
54.9Kyle Hartwig
17:25.73Springfield (Sacred ...
55.9DeAngelo Wilson
17:26.64 PRSpringfield (Lanphier)
56.9David Ahrens
17:33.31Springfield (Sacred ...
58.10Decarlos Brown
20:07.00 PRSpringfield (Southea...
59.9Cam Luedke
20:16.32 PRCharleston
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3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kyle Gibson
15:19.54 PRNaperville (North)
2.12David McWilliams
15:56.80 PRNaperville (North)
3.12Jacob Mahaffey
16:20.49 PRMahomet-Seymour
4.11Bob Guthrie
16:29.88 SRNaperville (North)
5.11Justin Lee
6.12Bryson Jarman
16:48.75 PRHannibal
7.12Mike Herbert
16:49.99 PRNaperville (North)
8.12Brad Walwer
9.12Damon Ehrett
17:16.25 PRPekin
10.10Charlie McKeown
17:16.59 SRNaperville (North)
11.11Chris Woodward
17:19.64 SRNaperville (North)
12.10Tyler Pence
13.12Lucas Loots
14.11Aaron Enteman
17:24.49Chatham (Glenwood)
15.12Connor Brown
16.10Tyler Veerman
17:29.61 SRPekin
17.10John Prillaman
17:30.42 PRMahomet-Seymour
18.11Matt Havey
19.11Payton Campbell
17:33.13 SRNormal Community
20.11Brian McMahon
17:36.68Springfield (Sacred ...
21.12Matt McElwee
17:41.61 PRCharleston
22.10Jovon Shaw
23.11Sean Ryan
17:46.62Springfield (Sacred ...
24.9Kollin Keltner
17:47.17 SRFranklin
25.10Joe Calio
26.12Eric Smith
17:49.18 PRHannibal
27.9Tyler Morse
17:50.06 SRBartonville (Limesto...
28.12Jordan Fox
17:54.25Champaign (Central)
29.9Ryan O'Leary
17:55.99 SRNormal Community
30.10Michael Zink
18:00.11 SRChatham (Glenwood)
31.12Aaron Smith
18:02.37 PRCharleston
32.10Eric Delvo
18:03.19Springfield (Sacred ...
33.12Mark Phan
18:05.53 PRBartonville (Limesto...
34.11Marcedes Yeager
18:08.07Springfield (Lanphier)
35.10Taylor Smith
18:10.08 SRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
36.10Connor Jones
18:10.40Chatham (Glenwood)
37.10Cameron Stuva
38.11Eric Warehime
18:16.54 SRNormal Community
39.10Matt Cleveland
40.10Trevor Stratton
18:21.55 PRHannibal
41.12Matt Croxton
18:22.22 PRNormal Community
42.10Glynn Davis
18:22.51 PRUrbana
43.10Martin Fisher
18:28.08Springfield (Sacred ...
44.11Luke Harness
18:29.94Chatham (Glenwood)
45.10Taylor Singleton
18:30.72 SRPekin
46.11Pat Gray
18:31.90Chatham (Glenwood)
47.11Blake Flood
48.10Michael Ralph
18:34.04Springfield (Sacred ...
49.11Jason Lord
18:35.56 PRCharleston
50.11Matt Norman
18:36.49 PRHannibal
51.11Brian Dixon
18:40.01Chatham (Glenwood)
52.11Mike Goff
18:41.19Springfield (Lanphier)
53.11Colin Slabach
18:43.97 PRCharleston
54.11Nathan Guevara
18:44.59 PRNormal Community
55.12Michael Costello
18:46.79 PRNormal Community
56.11Zach Rausch
18:47.75 PRMahomet-Seymour
57.11Neil Mulver
18:48.89 PRPekin
58.12Kyle Reynolds
18:49.34 SRBartonville (Limesto...
59.12Ariel Burnes
18:50.28Springfield (Southea...
60.12Aris Bivens
61.11Antjuan Stimage
18:52.04Springfield (Southea...
62.10Christopher Davis
18:52.55Lincoln3 letter pts/Lettered
63.12Ryan Wendell
18:52.96Chatham (Glenwood)
64.12Brad Anderson
65.11Zach Kniery
18:55.87Springfield (Lanphier)
66.11Jordan Bastean
18:57.48 PRPekin
67.12Justin Stear
18:58.54 SRBartonville (Limesto...
68.11Sam Spurling
18:59.11 PRTaylorville
69.12Sam Morse
68.10Jon Picchietti
19:00.0Champaign (Central)
70.12Jacob Hardy
72.9Brice Welton
19:01.32 SRBartonville (Limesto...
73.12Steven Begando
19:01.83Springfield (Sacred ...
74.11Jeff Kegley
19:07.13 PRPekin
75.9Jay Daniels
19:10.49 SRCharleston
76.11Mason Switzer
19:11.93Springfield (Sacred ...
77.12Jeremaih Henaifesh
78.11Caleb Johnson
19:15.09 PRMahomet-Seymour
79.9Ben Austin
19:19.15 SRBartonville (Limesto...
80.12Ikeem Mattison
19:20.36Springfield (Lanphier)
81.12Kurt Bucker
19:22.39 SRMahomet-Seymour
83.10Brandon Romans
84.11Carson Hiser
19:35.69Decatur (Eisenhower)
85.12Connor Millar
19:39.18 SRRantoul
86.11Chris Collins
19:39.65 SRRantoul
87.11Matt Hazel
19:40.97 PRRantoul
88.12Bryan Sims
19:41.65 SRMt. Zion
84.10Kyle Hammel
19:42.14Champaign (Central)
90.12John Rossi
19:45.84 PRPekin
91.11Jacob Janes
19:48.56 SRHannibal
92.12Rudi Bredemeier
19:56.05 SRUrbana
93.9Brandon Carrel
19:57.19 SRUrbana
94.11Alex Charter
19:57.63 SRMahomet-Seymour
95.12Trevor Hebert
19:58.12Springfield (Lanphier)
96.11Chris Hazel
19:58.81 PRRantoul
97.12Keith Dorwart
19:59.24 PRFranklin
98.12Logan Campbell
20:00.04 SRNormal Community
99.10Tanner Arntzen
20:01.95 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
100.12Robbie Hernandez
101.9Patrick White
20:16.92 PRCharleston
102.10Tyler Mahan
20:22.44 SRTaylorville
98.11Neil Holding
20:24.01Champaign (Central)
103.10Kyle McNett
20:24.01 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
105.12Devin Patterson
106.12Joe Barber
20:27.43 SRBartonville (Limesto...
107.12Mick Wurtsbaugh
108.10Rob Spurling
20:33.62 SRTaylorville
109.12Justin Richards
110.12Andrew Musholt
20:38.16 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
111.11Patrick Snyder
20:41.92 PRRantoul
112.12Aaron Michaud
20:44.87Springfield (Southea...
113.11Blake Jarman
20:46.89 SRHannibal
114.11Thayer Harrison
20:59.21Springfield (Southea...
115.10Matt Hooper
21:02.62 SRTaylorville
111.11Chris Svendsen
21:07.21Champaign (Central)
117.10Taylor Hocutt
21:10.09 PRUrbana
118.11Dane Fitt
119.10Ethan Fischer
21:18.11 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
114.12Josh Clark
21:22.80Champaign (Central)
121.12Wilson Fulk
21:31.75 SRTaylorville
122.10Josiah Aberli
21:35.10 SRQuincy
123.11Nick Jones
21:52.52Lincoln1 letter pt
124.12Aasif Ahmed
125.10Brett Baker
21:58.53 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
126.10Zack Steelman
21:59.84 SRFranklin
127.12Raymond Hoffman
22:02.95 PRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
128.11Blake Walters
22:06.87 SRTaylorville
129.10Josh Thompson
22:25.61 SRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
130.12Jason Grider
131.9Caleb Harris
22:34.20Springfield (Southea...
132.11Zachery Toft
22:41.72Lincoln1 letter pt
133.10Christian Zwick
22:50.74 SRQuincy
134.11Dale Donoho
23:30.13 SRMahomet-Seymour
135.10Deven Carter
23:40.41 SRUrbana
136.10Jeff Sweedler
24:26.15 SRUrbana
137.10Patrick Hunt
24:35.35 SRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
138.11Zach Lunt
24:45.46 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
139.10Timothy Gallaher
25:02.35 SRQuincy
140.10Colin Preston
25:41.81 PRCharleston
141.11Austin Catey
33:00.00Lincoln1 letter pt
142.11John White
33:25.00Lincoln1 letter pt
143.11Sam Wood
33:32.00Lincoln1 letter pt
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Michael Upperman
2.10Austin Kiesewetter
18:41.04 SRNormal Community
3.12Ben Lemke
18:44.54 SRNormal Community
4.10Eli Seidman
18:46.08 SRSpringfield
5.12Chris Crowell
18:54.30Chatham (Glenwood)
6.9Luke Gordon
19:06.47 SRNormal Community
7.11Larry Jones
19:11.49Decatur (MacArthur)
8.11Tyler Samp
19:16.63 SRNormal Community
9.10David Thomas
10.9Whitt Kinley
19:20.33 SRChatham (Glenwood)
11.10Tyler Gill
12.11Sean Orlando
19:28.85Springfield (Sacred ...
14.10Sam Wylde
19:30.56 SRNormal Community
15.12Tom Stone
19:35.53 PRChatham (Glenwood)
16.11Nick Fuchs
19:36.81 PRChatham (Glenwood)
17.10Ryan Buley
19:42.63 SRPekin
18.11Michael Schaddel
20:00.50Springfield (Sacred ...
19.11Brian McMahon
20:00.52Springfield (Sacred ...
20.10Patrick Root
20:08.76Springfield (Sacred ...
21.12Nelson Pearson
20:13.31 SRChatham (Glenwood)
22.11Alex Schlehuber
20:13.61 SRNormal Community
23.10Tyler Landess
20:15.90 SRChatham (Glenwood)
24.11Adam Olson
20:21.11Springfield (Lanphier)
25.12Ryan Cantrell
20:25.52 PRChatham (Glenwood)
26.12Tommy Scott
20:33.28 SRNormal Community
27.11William Roberg
28.11Michael Raney
20:37.08 PRNormal Community
29.12Kyle Nicholson
20:43.18Decatur (MacArthur)
30.10Ian Satler
20:50.95Springfield (Sacred ...
31.10Aaron Hanson
20:53.07 SRNormal Community
32.9Brandon Kuchar
20:55.79 SRChatham (Glenwood)
33.9Evan Sale
20:56.48 SRChatham (Glenwood)
34.12Simon Nicholson
20:57.42Decatur (MacArthur)
35.12Brandon Nice
20:58.65 PRNormal Community
36.10Milik Hines
37.11Matt Richards
21:04.78 PRSpringfield
38.10Matt Everly
21:06.25 PRNormal Community
39.10Preston Brown
21:10.90 SRNormal Community
40.10Zach Lemke
21:11.98 PRNormal Community
41.11Ethan Jacobsen
21:12.90 PRNormal Community
42.9Henry Matter
21:14.27 SRNormal Community
43.12John Edwards
44.10Andrew Valentine
21:17.74Champaign (Central)
45.12Phillip Pierson
46.10Mike Todden
21:26.51 SRNormal Community
47.11Josh Burns
21:28.10 PRNormal Community
48.11Michael Nickrent
21:28.43 SRNormal Community
49.12D'Anglo Ramos
50.11Paul Rodgers
21:30.54Champaign (Central)
51.12Donovan Kavish
21:32.37Springfield (Sacred ...
52.11Joey Showtis
21:33.72Springfield (Sacred ...
53.10Dylan Green
21:43.46 PRPekin
54.12Trevor Shield
21:49.92 PRPekin
55.11Brady O'shaugnessy
21:54.43 PRPekin
56.11Ryan Willett
21:55.01 SRNormal Community
57.12Danny Harris
58.10Ryle Frey
22:03.01 PRMt. Zion
59.11Bobby Lee
22:05.67 PRChatham (Glenwood)
60.11Greg Garrett
22:06.24 SRChatham (Glenwood)
61.9Eric Lopez
22:07.30 SRNormal Community
62.10Marco Spraggins
22:08.12 PREast St. Louis
63.10Ryan Hailey
22:09.68 PRNormal Community
64.10Ryan Everly
22:11.76 SRNormal Community
65.10Colton Dodson
22:12.09 SRMattoon
66.10Logan Glancy
22:14.10 PRNormal Community
67.11Anthony Behrends
22:14.75 PRNormal Community
68.10Gus Maggio
22:15.60Champaign (Central)
69.12Will Borders
22:16.79 PRChatham (Glenwood)
70.10Evan Forbes
22:19.90 SRMahomet-Seymour
71.12Gage Fink
22:24.58 PRChatham (Glenwood)
72.10Jonathon Miskulin
22:29.10 SRNormal Community
73.11Drew Blickensderfer
22:29.63 PRNormal Community
74.10Caleb Bonner
22:34.09 SRNormal Community
75.11Alex Williams
22:34.67 SRMahomet-Seymour
76.11Jonathon Vanderlaan
22:42.97 PRNormal Community
77.12Korey Lee
22:46.90Decatur (Eisenhower)
78.10Alec Thompson
22:50.17 PRChatham (Glenwood)
79.11Steven Greenwald
22:54.07 PRNormal Community
80.11Mark Gordon
22:54.32 PRNormal Community
81.12Roger Smith
22:57.70Champaign (Central)
82.10Ryan Bussell
23:02.65 SRPekin
83.11Phillip Perry
23:04.47 PRHannibal
84.11Chip Gronau
23:09.47Springfield (Lanphier)
85.11Brendan Cavanagh
23:20.30Springfield (Sacred ...
86.11Mayand Vakil
23:22.78 PRMahomet-Seymour
87.9Suraj Arshanapally
23:27.03 SRChatham (Glenwood)
88.10Kyle Porter
23:27.82Decatur (MacArthur)
89.11Brian Neal
23:28.37 SRTaylorville
90.9Joey Petrillo
23:30.17 SRNormal Community
91.11Landon Getz
23:32.89 PRMt. Zion
92.12Connor Frederickson
23:42.52 PRNormal Community
93.10Shane Williams
23:43.37 PRNormal Community
94.10Tyler Doswell
24:00.72Decatur (Eisenhower)
95.10Tom O'Shea
24:02.55 PRNormal Community
96.11Karl Medina
24:20.06 PRChatham (Glenwood)
97.10Eric Groeteke
24:38.84Springfield (Lanphier)
98.10Christian Rudzinski
24:45.36 SRRantoul
99.11Craig Spanton
24:51.49 PRNormal Community
100.11Tony Mallory
24:53.50 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
101.10Damiriuas Thomas
25:21.84East St. Louis
102.11Tray Kipp
25:36.24 SRMahomet-Seymour
103.12Steven Cooksey
25:59.11 PRPekin
104.12Dillon Crosier
26:02.91 PRNormal Community
105.11Blake Johnson
26:07.48 PRNormal Community
106.12Gerald Ray
26:20.96 PREast St. Louis
107.12Brad Spencer
26:24.59 PRHannibal
108.9Steve Lauder
26:27.07 SRNormal Community
109.10Kenny Hall
26:33.97 PRChatham (Glenwood)
110.10Brandon Rovey
26:39.98 SRChatham (Glenwood)
111.11Jobbin Kokkat
26:43.48 PRSpringfield
112.11Courtney McMath
27:02.69 PREast St. Louis
113.12Demond Wiley
27:06.80East St. Louis
114.9Ankur Singh
27:30.01 SRNormal Community
115.10Seth Morton
28:29.66Springfield (Lanphier)
116.10Justin Bowden
28:34.50Springfield (Lanphier)
117.10Nic Morse
31:27.18 SRUrbana
118.11Shawn Sibbing
38:24.36 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Marie O'Leary
19:01.36 SRNormal Community
2.10Emma Burditt
19:56.56 SRHannibal
3.12Julia Wykoff
20:00.55Springfield (Sacred ...
4.11Lauren Fyalka
20:05.00Springfield (Sacred ...
5.12Lauren Hooks
20:06.45 PRMt. Zion
6.11Kelsi Frank
20:14.52Springfield (Sacred ...
7.12Hannah Schaap
20:17.79 PRMahomet-Seymour
8.11Jessica Megginson
20:18.95Springfield (Sacred ...
9.12Amy Clawson
20:27.34 PRMahomet-Seymour
10.10Emily Delvo
20:29.35Springfield (Sacred ...
11.10Brittany Bohn
20:30.36 SRMahomet-Seymour
12.9Haley Briggs
20:32.05 SRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
13.10Maria Lowis
20:43.27Springfield (Sacred ...
14.11Ashley Strieker
20:45.45 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
15.9Rachelle Ball
20:51.30 SRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
16.9Christy Rolf
17.9Lauren Mueller
20:54.28Chatham (Glenwood)
18.12Amanda Rodriguez
20:56.49 PRMahomet-Seymour
19.10Leora Reyhan
20.10Hannah Singleton
20:58.69 SRPekin
21.9Kirby Hale
22.12Mara Weaver
21:08.41 SRNormal Community
23.11Kayla Austin
21:15.26 SRBartonville (Limesto...
24.12Danie Fisher
21:24.61 PRPekin
25.10Taylor Moore
21:30.04Springfield (Sacred ...
26.9Dneesha Hamiel
21:36.16East St. Louis
27.9Nichole Fulk
21:38.19 SRPekin
28.11Lauren Aydt
21:41.65Chatham (Glenwood)
29.10Selina Johnson
21:50.90 SRMattoon
30.11Taryn Dungan
21:53.22 PRHannibal
31.12Keren GoldbergBelle
32.11Camille Dobbins
21:57.03 SRNormal Community
33.9Rachel Rodriguez
22:00.63 SRMahomet-Seymour
34.12Kristin Wikoff
22:01.92 SRBartonville (Limesto...
35.10Janelle Williams
22:10.41East St. Louis
36.9Rachel Kobayashi
22:12.12Chatham (Glenwood)
37.12Elisha Crowley
22:21.31Decatur (MacArthur)
38.9Lauren Penrose
22:21.69 SRMahomet-Seymour
39.12Zoe Doering
40.11Andi Maxeiner
22:26.69Decatur (Eisenhower)
41.10Raquelle Gibson
22:27.74 SRNormal Community
42.11Rylie Sullivan
22:29.37Chatham (Glenwood)
43.12Kala Griffin
44.11Morgan Holmes
22:33.42 PRMahomet-Seymour
45.12Katelyn Lowe
22:37.43 PRNormal Community
46.12Jordan Naylor
22:39.79 PRPekin
47.10Erin Shultz
48.11Deara McNeal
22:51.16East St. Louis
49.10Katie Trettenero
50.10Channell McNeese
22:52.59East St. Louis
51.10Meghan Houk
22:54.05 SRUrbana
52.12Liz Dole
53.12Tori Beeler
22:57.08 PRTaylorville
54.10Anna Talley
23:13.74 SRChatham (Glenwood)
55.12Alex Senaldi
56.9Mia Stefani
57.11Larissa Hong
23:18.06 SRNormal Community
58.11Sara Douglas
23:22.76Chatham (Glenwood)
59.11Jacqueline Gosney
23:28.92 SRHannibal
60.9Cristina Martinez-...
23:29.33 SRChatham (Glenwood)
61.11Julianne Marron
62.10Linsey Morgan
23:37.30 SRPekin
63.10Kelly Weekes
23:41.79 SRNormal Community
64.9Madelynn Kahle
23:45.12 SRTaylorville
65.9Jakeenya Evans
23:45.92Champaign (Central)
66.9Miranda Matheny
23:48.07 SRTaylorville
67.11D'ambara Wilson
23:55.08East St. Louis
68.9Courtney Considine
69.12Kayla Stipp
70.12Taylor Black
24:12.15 PRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
71.10Cornelia Osborne
24:15.33Champaign (Central)
72.11Bethany Rea
24:18.70Lincoln3 letter pts/Lettered
73.11Katherine Burling
24:20.84 SRPekin
74.9Meredith Headtke
24:21.84 SRUrbana
75.12Victoria Helm
24:25.86Springfield (Southea...
76.9Macy Willer
24:26.64 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
77.10Kara Anderson
78.9Danielle Rowland
79.9Allison Champley
24:45.35 SRTaylorville
80.12Chare Wilson
24:48.19 SREast St. Louis
81.11Alexis Niemann
24:49.15 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
82.10Paula Holm
24:51.83 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
83.12Rory Mills
25:01.34Champaign (Central)
84.12Emily Ross
25:04.46 SRUrbana
85.12Jennifer Cottingham
86.9Anwen Parrott
25:18.71 SRUrbana
87.11Saraya Curry
25:23.73Springfield (Southea...
88.-Unknown Runner
25:25.59 PRHannibal
89.12Cassie Craig
25:39.79 SRTaylorville
90.12Virgina Helmer
25:54.86 PRQuincy
91.12Kim Nederveen-Piet...
26:10.94 PRUrbana
92.10Erin Emmett
26:17.61 PRCharleston
93.9Ami Frost
26:20.92Lincoln1 letter pt
94.10Elizabeth Sothen
95.9Alysha Hagarty
26:38.07 SRQuincy (Notre Dame)
96.10Alexa Wagner
27:07.31 PRCharleston
97.11Tene' Brink
98.12Jenn Gallaher
27:27.20 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
99.10Alexandra Harden
27:33.60Springfield (Southea...
100.12Meggie Ambrose
27:41.93 PRCharleston
101.11Starla Hoskins
102.11Jessica Banovz
103.12Maybellean Reinbolt
28:29.22 SRCharleston
104.11Aliceson Cash
28:29.84Champaign (Central)
105.9Courtney Tulak
28:51.27 PRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
106.11Kelsie Dickerson
107.11Jessica Jarman
108.9Desi Burcham
29:29.88 PRArgenta (A.-Oreana)
109.9Dannielle Meyer
110.12Catherine Wilkie
29:54.69Champaign (Central)
111.11Amber Brown
30:00.50Springfield (Southea...
112.12Stacia Macy
30:55.86 SRCharleston
113.10Cierra Bough
31:17.37 PRCharleston
114.9Brittney Bone
31:22.36Lincoln1 letter pt
115.12Jessica Mehan
31:23.44Lincoln1 letter pt
116.11Nicole Bartelmay
32:45.53Lincoln1 letter pt
117.10Ciara Ellis
33:56.50Springfield (Southea...
118.11Zandalee Epting
34:23.62Springfield (Southea...
119.9Taylor Manus
35:22.47Lincoln1 letter pt
120.12Kelsey Henke
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Brittany Stone
21:15.00 PRMt. Zion
2.11Anne Higgins
22:20.00 PRMt. Zion
3.10Julia McClure
22:41.00 SRSpringfield
4.9Brittany Peterburs
23:05.00 PRChatham (Glenwood)
5.11Carissa Young
23:09.00 PRNormal Community
6.12Summer Jensen
7.9Nicole Lewis
23:13.00 PRMahomet-Seymour
8.11Caitlin Sutcliffe
9.10Kelly McMahon
23:23.46Chatham (Glenwood)
10.11Giuliana Bailey
23:27.60 SRSpringfield
11.11Anna Kniery
23:32.60Springfield (Lanphier)
12.10Kayla Kolis
23:39.27Springfield (Sacred ...
13.9Alisha Larrison
23:39.98 SRMt. Zion
14.11Amy Kauffman
23:49.89 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
15.9Maggie Cornelius
16.9Rachelle Hughes
23:56.49 SRMt. Zion
17.11Sarah Ward
18.11Katie Forshey
24:37.34 SRMahomet-Seymour
19.9Malorie Harder
24:42.42 SRMt. Zion
20.12Danielle Young
24:50.83Springfield (Lanphier)
21.9Anastasia Hanauer
24:57.40Springfield (Sacred ...
22.10Shelby Stucker
25:06.15 SRMahomet-Seymour
23.10Molly Ducker
25:09.43 PRSpringfield
24.10Brandi Hall
25.10Grace Leighton
25:17.15 SRNormal Community
26.11Rachel Shinville
25:29.65 SRNormal Community
27.9Carissa Cooper
25:30.12 SRNormal Community
28.9Ceirra Nevin
25:30.62 SRMahomet-Seymour
29.10Brooke Stevens
25:31.45 SRMahomet-Seymour
30.9Rachel Sabick
25:31.90 SRNormal Community
31.10Kelsy Stiles
25:33.42 PRNormal Community
32.11Sarah Maloney
25:34.26 SRChampaign (Central)
33.9Amanda Cornell
34.9Malaney Abel
25:36.23 SRNormal Community
35.9Corinne Mausehund
36.9Sadie Shourd
25:45.43 SRSpringfield
37.12Kendra Luckett
25:50.76 SREast St. Louis
38.9Bridget Cavanagh
25:54.97Springfield (Sacred ...
39.10Carley Hunt
25:59.33 PRChatham (Glenwood)
40.12Megan Layzell
26:01.14Springfield (Sacred ...
41.10Shonvondel Lopez
26:10.03 SREast St. Louis
42.11Stasi Myers
26:10.78 SRNormal Community
43.9Allison Jenkins
26:14.98Springfield (Lanphier)
44.9MaryKate Simon
45.9Nicole Alexander
26:23.30 SRChatham (Glenwood)
46.9Jennifer Hughes
26:29.28 SRNormal Community
47.9Jacqueline Koerner
26:31.81 PRNormal Community
48.9Madison Martin
26:37.67 SRNormal Community
49.12Rachel Tarr
50.10Sarah Kemp
26:40.26 SRNormal Community
51.9stephanie Helfrich
26:42.35 SRMt. Zion
52.12Mariana Manzanares
26:42.99Springfield (Lanphier)
53.11Kacy Patterson
26:48.78Decatur (Eisenhower)
54.10Telsey Kinnaman
55.11Danielle Griffet
26:59.60 PRMahomet-Seymour
56.11Cecily Rhodes
27:08.23Decatur (Eisenhower)
57.12Klara Borgardts
27:11.34 PRSpringfield
58.9Miranda Schlehuber
27:24.68 SRNormal Community
59.11Kamechion Jennings
27:33.47 SREast St. Louis
60.9Aubrey Wilson
27:39.84 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
61.10Brittany Sears
27:42.61 PRPekin
62.10Stephanie Dentzman
27:51.64Springfield (Lanphier)
63.9Nora Ziogas
27:57.88Springfield (Lanphier)
64.10Virginia Moore
65.10Timeka Watson
28:21.53 PREast St. Louis
66.11Stephanie Malinowski
28:24.10 SRNormal Community
67.9Jaeara Smith
28:49.28 SREast St. Louis
68.12Tori Basham
28:49.83 PRPekin
69.11Adrienne Fabrique
28:54.64 PRMt. Zion
70.9Haleigh O'Connor
28:56.71Springfield (Sacred ...
71.12Jackie Crail
72.9Holly Sias
73.10Jayden Riley
29:02.15 PRPekin
74.10Meagon Osborn
29:09.62 SRSpringfield (Sacred ...
75.11Jenna Bundy
29:17.93 SRPekin
76.9Holly Kirby
29:22.27 PRBartonville (Limesto...
77.11Kayla Bruns
29:24.59 PRTaylorville
78.10Shannon Kreps
29:29.08 SRMahomet-Seymour
79.10Chelsie Bivins
29:31.77Springfield (Sacred ...
80.12Cassandra Gronau
29:50.36Springfield (Lanphier)
81.11Betty Tonui
30:19.66 SRSpringfield
82.12Ashley Irizarry
30:21.03 SRRantoul
83.9Jessica Ern
30:25.27Champaign (Central)
84.9Elizabeth Ambrecht
85.11Alexandra Olson
30:46.07 SRNormal Community
86.11Katie Good
30:47.07 PRTaylorville
87.11Pasha Yates
30:50.16 PRQuincy (Notre Dame)
88.10Brittney Tipsword
89.9Rachael Hoehn
90.9Katherine Alexander
31:52.61 SRChatham (Glenwood)
91.12Carmen Kremitzki
32:03.70Springfield (Lanphier)
92.9Anne Rodgers
32:07.19Champaign (Central)
93.12Isabel Ziogas
32:24.87 SRSpringfield (Lanphier)
94.9Abigail Dreher
32:25.56 SRPekin
95.12Jasmina Evans
32:28.11Champaign (Central)
96.10Emily Ellsworth
33:34.67 PRChampaign (Central)
97.10Jade Nell
33:36.62 PRPekin
98.9Amanda Nash
34:10.55Champaign (Central)
99.12LaShawn Walker
40:10.00 PREast St. Louis
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