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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:30 PM

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Race Information  (coaches)

“Budd Cicciarelli” Adams Invitational


Date:          Thursday, August 28, 2014

Location:   Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills

Times:*      5:00PM       Varsity boys

                   5:30PM       Varsity girls

                   6:00PM       JV boys

                   6:30PM       JV girls

                   7:00PM       Varsity awards

*In the past, we have not been able to have a trainer at the meet.  In order to have a trainer at our meet during a football Thursday night, all race times are one hour earlier than 2013.


Entry Fee:  $90 for single teams

                   $175 for both boys and girls teams

                   Contract will be sent to your Athletic Department.


Attending Teams

Teams planning on attending should contact Coach Eric Lohr by email AND register for the meet on  In the email, please include which team(s) are attending.

Due to the size of the course, we may have to limit entries to twelve (12) teams.

Entry Procedures

All runners must be on your active team roster on  Please be sure to register your team as a whole for the invitational by Monday, August 25.  Every runner on your active roster will be issued a race number and bib.  Do not register athletes for individual races.  On race day, each team may send fifteen (15) athletes to the line in each varsity race** and unlimited numbers to the Junior Varsity race.

**Number subject to change based on number of teams entered.

Scoring and Timing

Everal Race Management will provide bibs, timing, and scoring for all races.


Engraved medals to the top thirty (30) runners.

Plaques to the top three (3).

No team awards.


Meet results will be posted at the pavilion.  They will also be available at,, and

No hard copies of results will be provided.

Race Course

The course is marked with a continuous line that starts and ends in the Cricket Field south of the main parking lot.  The course has a few hills and a few narrow trails.  The 1 mile mark is very easily accessible.  The 2 mile mark is also reasonably accessible.


A trainer will be present at the finish line from 5:00PM until 7:00PM.  Ice, bags, basic first aid, and an AED will be available at the finish line for the entire meet, including before 5:00PM and after 7:00PM.


Commemorative meet T-shirts will be available to purchase for $15.  T-shirts can also be pre-ordered online and picked up at the meet.  Order website and instructions will be sent to participating teams.

Weather Policy

There are only open-air pavilions.  Shelter should be taken in team buses, vans, and cars.


Adams Cross Country Coach

          Eric Lohr


          Phone:  (248) 421-0430

Adams Athletic Director

          Jason Rapp


          Phone:  (248) 726-5208           Fax:  (248) 726-5395

Everal Race Management

          Greg Everal


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Rochester Adams43
2.Lake Orion54
4.Rochester Hills Stoney Creek114
6.Utica Eisenhower175
7.Sterling Heights184
8.Warren Mott206
9.Waterford Kettering253
10.Auburn Hills Avondale261
1.10Matt Schram
16:28.5Rochester Adams
2.12Adam Beck
16:43.4Rochester Adams
3.11Andrew Lorant
16:43.8Lake Orion
4.12David Saporito
16:59.2Warren Mott
5.10Mike Burley
17:01.5Sterling Heights
6.10Jack Everts
17:08.8Lake Orion
7.12Andrew Mitchell
8.12Paul Garbarino
9.12Garrett McPeek
10.12Nathan Stadwick
17:23.0 SRRochester Adams
11.12Casey Neal
17:26.8Rochester Hills Ston...
12.11Jacob Arenz
17:30.3Lake Orion
13.11Matt Schiller
17:32.1Rochester Adams
14.12Christopher Yatooma
17:33.0Sterling Heights
15.11Jacob Ernatt
17:35.0Lake Orion
16.12Nick Berry
17.12Peter Tkac
17:40.1Rochester Adams
18.11Matthew Arenz
17:41.1Lake Orion
19.11Colin Crusoe
17:43.9Rochester Adams
20.12Alex Landuyt
17:45.1Rochester Hills Ston...
21.12Adam Freer
17:50.9Rochester Hills Ston...
22.11Tim Osborne
23.11Josh Bostwick
24.11Robert Beggs
17:56.3Lake Orion
25.10Logan Hefferan
18:00.2Utica Eisenhower
26.10Brennan Brothers
18:01.1Utica Eisenhower
27.9Evan Ziehl
18:05.8Rochester Hills Ston...
28.10Gabe Garbarino
29.11Jared Felts
30.11Joe Mercier
18:26.6Waterford Kettering
31.10Sam Bedford
32.10Ben Zaremba
18:30.6Auburn Hills Avondale
33.10Matthew Dinnan
34.10Brennan Panzl
35.12Ryan Tsivitse
18:43.7Rochester Hills Ston...
36.12Nicholas Nunn
18:46.4Lake Orion
37.12Mark Garza
18:46.8Utica Eisenhower
38.9Josh Cowdrey
18:47.3Rochester Hills Ston...
39.12Kollin Poindexter
40.11Mason Williams
18:48.7Rochester Adams
41.12Joe Mulvihill
42.12Jeffrey Wainz
18:49.6Warren Mott
43.12Nick Lantis
44.11Aaron Kruzel
45.10Greg Taylor
18:50.9Lake Orion
46.10Nathan Gryspeerd
18:54.5Utica Eisenhower
47.11Nick Renke
18:55.9Rochester Hills Ston...
48.11Luke Walters
49.10Jacob Panourgias
19:03.1Utica Eisenhower
50.10Braden Thomas
51.12Devon Depauw
19:07.2Lake Orion
52.11Alex Put
19:10.4Sterling Heights
53.11Jack Siwajek
19:12.9Rochester Adams
54.11Nick Riley
19:13.8Warren Mott
55.12Timothy Vohs
56.12Josh Matthews
19:20.4Rochester Adams
57.12Jon DiLorenzo
19:22.6Rochester Hills Ston...
58.12Jacob Bozeman
19:23.2Rochester Hills Ston...
59.10Charles Zhou
19:24.5Rochester Adams
60.10Matthew Junkin
19:25.5Lake Orion
61.11Brandon Vagi
19:28.2Utica Eisenhower
62.12Mitch Gehrke
19:33.8Rochester Adams
63.11Justin True
19:37.8Waterford Kettering
64.11Peter Yasoni
19:38.6Utica Eisenhower
65.11Donovan Pipitone
66.12Connor Madek
67.10Omar Uddin
19:42.2Sterling Heights
68.11Grant Thivierge
19:42.6Rochester Adams
69.10Jack Felts
70.12Tom Terns
71.9Adam Good
19:44.1Auburn Hills Avondale
72.9Zach Loyd
19:44.8Auburn Hills Avondale
73.11Nicolas Napoleone
19:48.4Rochester Hills Ston...
74.10Adam Walters
75.11Owen Donovan
19:50.6Utica Eisenhower
76.12Jacob Smellie
77.12Steven Szatkowski
78.10Demond Gilbert Jr
19:58.9Rochester Adams
79.12Kevin Kulka
20:02.9Utica Eisenhower
80.11Joey Woodman
20:03.8Rochester Adams
81.9Zachary Nieman
20:04.7Utica Eisenhower
82.12Ben Schueren
20:08.7Lake Orion
83.11Riley Hibbard
20:11.1Waterford Kettering
84.10Logan Susalla
20:13.8Warren Mott
85.9Drew Giem
20:14.8Lake Orion
86.9Brenden Harrison
20:16.1Waterford Kettering
87.12Gabe Vanhollebeke
20:17.1Lake Orion
88.12Joey DiPanni
20:17.8Rochester Hills Ston...
89.9Stephen Landis
20:18.6Rochester Hills Ston...
90.9Lucas Peck
20:20.0Utica Eisenhower
91.12Tyler Singles
20:24.0Lake Orion
92.10Mitchell Susalla
20:30.4Warren Mott
93.10Kaleb Diana
20:31.9Warren Mott
94.12Ben Hoffmann
20:35.9Auburn Hills Avondale
95.12Noah Chapman
96.12Collin Sageman
20:40.2Rochester Adams
97.12Bobby Larvick
20:41.7Waterford Kettering
98.12Steven Perri
20:43.4Auburn Hills Avondale
99.12Andrzej Wasilewski
20:55.1 SRUtica
100.9Andy Johnston
21:02.2Warren Mott
101.12Nik Pinjarkar
21:03.4Auburn Hills Avondale
102.11Adam Gongal
21:05.1Auburn Hills Avondale
103.10Eric Hoffman
21:07.5 SRLake Orion
104.11Quinton Farrar
21:08.6Rochester Hills Ston...
105.12Mayur Bandekar
21:11.5 PRRochester Hills Ston...
106.11Chris Thompson
21:13.9Waterford Kettering
107.12Brendan Tomayko
21:16.5Sterling Heights
108.12Brock Mather
21:27.6Auburn Hills Avondale
109.9Leeshawn Morris
21:29.6Rochester Hills Ston...
110.10Robert Pedder
21:31.8Sterling Heights
111.11William Niedbala
21:32.4Sterling Heights
112.11Josh Chekal
21:41.8Waterford Kettering
113.11Robert Feld
21:46.7Sterling Heights
114.12Charlie Connell
21:47.2Auburn Hills Avondale
115.10Joey Pastori
22:18.4Auburn Hills Avondale
116.11Ben Lockard
22:40.5Auburn Hills Avondale
117.11Alex Larson
22:41.1Auburn Hills Avondale
118.12Josh Shippy
23:53.5Auburn Hills Avondale
119.12Yao Kuang
24:21.2Sterling Heights
120.9Riley Batarseh
27:24.2Sterling Heights
121.9Ramon Clark
28:22.8Sterling Heights
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Orion52
2.Utica Eisenhower67
4.Rochester Hills Stoney Creek89
6.Rochester Adams130
7.Warren Mott235
8.Waterford Kettering240
1.10John Cukaj
19:08.2Utica Eisenhower
2.12Brad Setera
19:32.5Rochester Hills Ston...
3.10Grant Broski
19:34.1Utica Eisenhower
4.10Justin Matuszewski
5.12Danny Jordan
19:52.7Rochester Adams
6.9Jacob Balsamo
7.11Zachary Hensel
20:00.4Lake Orion
8.12Andrew Nguyen
9.10Darren Newman
20:01.8Lake Orion
10.12Parker Misch
20:04.2Utica Eisenhower
11.10Greg Maki
20:06.8Lake Orion
12.9Matt McAuliffe
20:07.9Lake Orion
13.10Dylan McCallum
20:09.1Lake Orion
14.10Mitch Munro
20:09.4Lake Orion
15.10Max Dunn
20:12.4Lake Orion
16.12Andrew LaJoie
20:14.0Rochester Hills Ston...
17.11Evan Litch
18.9Andre Johnson
19.9Cameron Hall
20.12Even Dowd
20:20.5 PRLake Orion
21.12Shawn Emig
20:27.1Lake Orion
22.12Grant Klebba
20:30.9Utica Eisenhower
23.11Tristan Lupinski
24.12John Barry
20:36.3Rochester Hills Ston...
25.10Pat Tucker
26.11Jaden Vaught
20:38.3Rochester Hills Ston...
27.9Harrison Steen
20:38.9Rochester Hills Ston...
28.9Spencer Crompton
29.11Ryan Lynch
20:42.9Rochester Hills Ston...
30.9Nathan Hammond
20:47.6Lake Orion
31.10Lucas Heilman
20:48.1Lake Orion
32.12Thies Ey
20:48.7Rochester Hills Ston...
33.11Timothy Seeds
20:52.3Lake Orion
34.11Takahiro Ouchi
20:53.0Rochester Adams
35.11Michael Nolan
20:56.0Rochester Adams
36.12Theodore Du
20:57.6Rochester Adams
37.11Karl Schneider
20:58.9Rochester Hills Ston...
38.10Josh Perrine
39.12Trevor Tress
21:03.7 PRLake Orion
40.12Sunny Dhanjal
21:04.8 PRLake Orion
41.10Gavin Hughes
21:06.7Utica Eisenhower
42.10Adam Misch
21:07.3Utica Eisenhower
43.11Jose Leonard
21:08.1Rochester Adams
44.11Michael Rettschlag
21:10.2Rochester Adams
45.12Nick Vandenheuvel
21:15.9Lake Orion
46.9Dylan Schrage
47.12Josh Wilhelm
21:21.2Rochester Hills Ston...
48.9Edward Gehle
21:23.1Utica Eisenhower
49.9Devin Altman
21:24.2Lake Orion
50.12Brayden Snyder
21:25.5Rochester Hills Ston...
51.9Ian Lamphear
21:27.1Utica Eisenhower
52.9Andrew Nepjuk
21:29.8Lake Orion
53.10Brandon Stanyer
21:34.2Lake Orion
54.12Joe Nakfoor
21:35.1Rochester Adams
55.11Griffin Platto
21:36.0Rochester Adams
56.9Thomas Dunn
21:36.7Utica Eisenhower
57.9Matt Kangas
58.11Ryan Mayer
21:38.4Rochester Adams
59.10Christopher Holdst...
60.12Shawn Stukenborg
21:39.2Rochester Hills Ston...
61.10Trevor Easterbrook
62.9Drew Bies
21:40.4Lake Orion
63.10Jake Weber
21:43.7Utica Eisenhower
64.11Adam Ghareeb
21:48.4 SRLake Orion
65.10Eric Neilson
21:51.5Lake Orion
66.9Jacob McCloud
21:54.9Lake Orion
67.9Alex Carroll
21:56.2Lake Orion
68.10Gaven Womack
21:57.6Lake Orion
69.11Zachary Hunter
21:58.3Rochester Adams
70.12Nathan Brech
21:59.8Rochester Adams
71.9Peter Nolan
22:00.7Rochester Adams
72.10Eric Dietz
22:03.0Lake Orion
73.10Andrew Chen
22:09.1Rochester Adams
74.9Kyle Terryn
22:10.0Rochester Adams
75.11Quinn Hill
22:11.6Rochester Hills Ston...
76.10Josh Giles
77.11Blake Hund
22:19.2Rochester Adams
78.12Nick Kamp
22:19.9 PRRochester Hills Ston...
79.12Mitchel DeSantis
22:20.5Rochester Hills Ston...
80.12Josh Kap
22:28.2Rochester Adams
81.9Emil Nkemdilim-Dan...
22:32.9Auburn Hills Avondale
82.12Samuel Isken
22:33.3 SRRochester Hills Ston...
83.10Tyler Newton
84.10Steven McPeek
85.12Devin Geiger
22:40.2Lake Orion
86.9Ryan McLean
22:51.6Rochester Hills Ston...
87.12Charlie Siragusa
22:54.1Rochester Adams
88.9Sebastian Schroeder
22:54.7Warren Mott
89.9Alec Wycoff
22:55.6Rochester Hills Ston...
90.12Connor Stevenson
22:56.5Utica Eisenhower
91.11Kyle Duffy
22:57.4Lake Orion
92.10Noah Conely
93.10Adam Scott
23:05.0Utica Eisenhower
94.9Luke Buzzy
95.9Chris Arbuckle
23:12.3Lake Orion
96.12Brendan McLean
23:15.5 SRLake Orion
97.9Connor Davis
23:24.0Rochester Hills Ston...
98.9Matt Wisniewski
23:29.1Utica Eisenhower
99.10Antonio Raimondi
23:30.6Utica Eisenhower
100.9Quinn Rylander
101.10Daniel Morgan
23:39.7Lake Orion
102.9Aaron Larvick
23:40.5Waterford Kettering
103.10Jesse Rapanotti
23:42.2Lake Orion
104.10Dylan Yono
105.10Alec Letica
23:53.6 SRLake Orion
106.11Joey Dallapiazza
23:54.4Rochester Adams
107.11Evan Ashworth
23:57.6 PRRochester Adams
108.11Brendan Berryman
24:00.7Utica Eisenhower
109.9Kory Gabrielson
24:01.7Rochester Hills Ston...
110.10Shane Rembold
24:02.6Rochester Hills Ston...
111.9Zach de Chazal
24:06.2Rochester Hills Ston...
112.12Matt Henderson
24:09.6Rochester Adams
113.10Zack Case
24:11.4Lake Orion
114.11Sebastian Esquivel
115.9Chris Larson
24:15.7 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
116.12Austin Robbins
24:16.3Rochester Hills Ston...
117.11Mahfuj Ahbab
24:17.0Warren Mott
118.11Robert Zaleski
24:18.8Utica Eisenhower
119.9Scott Guest
24:20.2 PRRochester Adams
120.11Nick Williamsen
121.9Jayce Efting
24:27.7Rochester Hills Ston...
122.11Maximilian Wehner
24:31.0Rochester Adams
123.12Connor Masini
24:37.3Utica Eisenhower
124.9Kyle Evans
24:47.4Rochester Adams
125.11Jacob Zysnarski
24:52.2Rochester Hills Ston...
126.11Alex Klauke
24:57.0Rochester Hills Ston...
127.11Azim Chowdury
24:59.1Warren Mott
128.12Matthew Shaya
25:04.4Rochester Hills Ston...
129.11Tyler Modock
25:10.0Lake Orion
130.9Aiden Clawson
25:11.5Lake Orion
131.12Zachary Yacteen
25:12.5Rochester Hills Ston...
132.10Joe Renas
25:14.3Waterford Kettering
133.9Jarrett Mulligan
134.11David Wagner
25:18.2Rochester Hills Ston...
135.10Louie Eble
25:38.1 SRRochester Adams
136.11Aaron Sieracki
25:41.1Utica Eisenhower
137.10Dylan White
25:53.4Lake Orion
138.11Alex Hampton
25:57.3Rochester Hills Ston...
139.9Joseph Simbeni
140.11Robert Rider
26:10.0Utica Eisenhower
141.11Scott Straetmans
26:12.7Rochester Hills Ston...
142.9Jack Straetmans
26:13.2Rochester Hills Ston...
143.9Tyler Barrone
144.9Alec Braden
26:17.2Rochester Hills Ston...
145.9Nathan Michalski
26:28.5Utica Eisenhower
146.9Alec Mason
26:39.9Utica Eisenhower
147.9Conner Barrett
26:45.5Lake Orion
148.9Shane Kelly
26:48.6Rochester Hills Ston...
149.10Emerson Jannette
26:49.6Lake Orion
150.9Gavin Stewart
26:55.1Auburn Hills Avondale
151.10Chris Maresh
26:57.6Lake Orion
152.11Adam Sieracki
27:11.2Utica Eisenhower
153.9Nathan Richards
27:12.9Rochester Hills Ston...
154.9Matt Knop
155.9Zack Hayes
27:26.1Waterford Kettering
156.11Brandon Noonan
27:31.5Rochester Hills Ston...
157.9Nathan Marshall
27:38.8Waterford Kettering
158.9Ricky Pinto
159.9Kenny Jensen
27:51.5Warren Mott
160.10Christopher Mazzola
27:53.2Utica Eisenhower
161.10Trevor Holmes
28:13.1Rochester Adams
162.10Jerod Lawrence
28:13.7Lake Orion
163.10Braden Marchelletta
28:18.8Rochester Hills Ston...
164.9Jackson Johnson
28:29.4Utica Eisenhower
165.10Colton Earegood
28:55.8Utica Eisenhower
166.9Sam Zurcher
29:15.1Rochester Hills Ston...
167.9Domenic Angeli
29:22.9Rochester Hills Ston...
168.9Kris Cukaj
29:26.1Utica Eisenhower
169.10Ethan Cartwright
170.10Andrew Yankee
30:17.2Rochester Hills Ston...
171.12Mahir Chowdury
31:31.2Warren Mott
172.11JJ Thoman
32:29.0 SRRochester Hills Ston...
173.9Joseph Ridings
32:59.7 PRWaterford Kettering
174.10Matthew Reichenbach
33:33.2Auburn Hills Avondale
175.10Jacob Modock
34:22.6Lake Orion
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Utica Eisenhower30
2.Lake Orion75
3.Sterling Heights Stevenson77
4.Rochester Adams91
5.Rochester Hills Stoney Creek117
7.Warren Mott207
8.Waterford Kettering239
9.Auburn Hills Avondale266
1.12Samantha Allmacher
19:05.3Utica Eisenhower
2.12Meredith Sorensen
3.12Ashlie Baumann
20:16.8Sterling Heights Ste...
4.9Kennadi Rankin
20:18.2Utica Eisenhower
5.12Colleen McCarthy
20:32.6Utica Eisenhower
6.10Jordyn Houle
20:34.5Rochester Adams
7.12Jenna Anderson
20:52.2Sterling Heights Ste...
8.11Brianna Mozariwskyj
20:54.8Utica Eisenhower
9.12Danielle Carr
21:01.3Lake Orion
10.11Brittney Hall
11.10Bellina Gaskey
21:07.6Lake Orion
12.11Mackenzie Gurne
21:08.5Utica Eisenhower
13.11Emily Fluent
21:10.2Lake Orion
14.10Marisa Papadelis
21:12.3Sterling Heights Ste...
15.11Reece Chambers
21:14.1Rochester Hills Ston...
16.10Jenna John
21:20.4Rochester Adams
17.10Alex Huey
21:24.9Sterling Heights Ste...
18.10Maddie Denton
21:31.9Utica Eisenhower
19.12Erin Womack
21:47.1Lake Orion
20.9Anna Heath
21:51.5Rochester Adams
21.10Ashlyn Moran
21:55.8Rochester Hills Ston...
22.11Shelby Knoll
21:58.9Warren Mott
23.10Claudia Skrna
22:01.7Lake Orion
24.12Andrea Cicatello
22:03.7Rochester Adams
25.11Samantha Stevons
22:07.5Rochester Adams
26.11Sophia Mai
22:10.5Rochester Hills Ston...
27.12Savannah Rembold
22:13.3Rochester Hills Ston...
28.11Rachi Willard
22:14.3Rochester Hills Ston...
29.10Grace Vanden Bossche
22:14.9Rochester Adams
30.9Catherine Zheng
22:15.9Rochester Adams
31.12Riley Bussell
22:19.5Lake Orion
32.12Sara Bey
22:21.6Warren Mott
33.11Alyssa Orlando
22:25.7Rochester Hills Ston...
34.12Emily Oakes
22:26.1Utica Eisenhower
35.11Olivia Metty
22:37.0Utica Eisenhower
36.9Maddie Dessy
22:39.1Rochester Adams
37.11Abby Forystek
22:43.3Lake Orion
38.11Rachel Zeile
22:52.9Lake Orion
39.9Lana Skrna
22:53.4Lake Orion
40.12Kylie Barber
22:54.3Lake Orion
41.12Caitlyn Maniaci
22:58.0Utica Eisenhower
42.9Lexie Jorgens
22:59.9Utica Eisenhower
43.11Sydney Basal
23:00.9Utica Eisenhower
44.10Elise Tisch
23:01.7Sterling Heights Ste...
45.11Hannah Chores
23:05.9Sterling Heights Ste...
46.11Amanda Jacobs
23:10.9Rochester Hills Ston...
47.11Emily Parker
48.9Abbey Fallon
23:19.3Rochester Hills Ston...
49.11Claire Marquardt
23:20.8Lake Orion
50.12Ashley Spagnuolo
51.11Katie Hirzel
23:27.2Rochester Adams
52.10Alyssa Collins
23:29.3Waterford Kettering
53.10Jordan Reichenbach
23:30.0Rochester Adams
54.11Melanie Mrozek
23:32.1Sterling Heights Ste...
55.11Erika Schemmel
56.9Ali Lazzara
23:34.1Lake Orion
57.11Ashley Gorman
23:36.1 PRRochester Adams
58.12Frances Angel
23:36.6Rochester Hills Ston...
59.10Julia Felts
60.11Melanie DeCook
23:45.9 SRRochester Hills Ston...
61.12Alix Labelle
23:51.3Rochester Hills Ston...
62.10Kennedy Plieth
24:02.3Warren Mott
63.11Jordan Bianchi
64.10Sam Mulcahy
24:05.5Lake Orion
65.12Kasia Wroby
24:07.8Waterford Kettering
66.12Cailin Murphy
24:09.4Rochester Adams
67.12Elizabeth Lozon
24:13.5 SRSterling Heights Ste...
68.12Carly Gomez
24:17.8 SRAuburn Hills Avondale
69.10Nora Teagan
24:19.9Lake Orion
70.11Danielle Newport
24:22.3Rochester Adams
71.9Morgan Katona
24:27.0Waterford Kettering
72.11Charley Farmer
24:49.3Waterford Kettering
73.9Elizabeth Beckas
24:56.6Auburn Hills Avondale
74.11Rachel Collins
25:17.9Waterford Kettering
75.10Jordan Revenaugh
25:20.0Rochester Adams
76.12Kathleen Hawkey
25:28.7Warren Mott
77.10Irushi Mudalige
25:50.1Rochester Adams
78.12Mikaela Cantu
25:51.1Auburn Hills Avondale
79.9Isabella Langusch
26:34.3 PRRochester Hills Ston...
80.10Becca Goslow
27:17.4Warren Mott
81.12Madison Gomez
27:26.2Auburn Hills Avondale
82.11Kayla Goisdzinski
27:28.3Rochester Hills Ston...
83.9Madeline Bahorski
27:33.3Auburn Hills Avondale
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Rochester Adams36
2.Utica Eisenhower49
3.Lake Orion77
4.Rochester Hills Stoney Creek99
5.Sterling Heights Stevenson118
7.Warren Mott201
1.10Lauren Brennecke
23:07.2Lake Orion
2.12Alexa Panourgias
23:14.1Utica Eisenhower
3.10Klara Schmidt
23:55.9Rochester Adams
4.10Sophia Hall
23:57.8Utica Eisenhower
5.11Claire Hoffman
24:26.8 SRSterling Heights Ste...
6.12Maura Bayagich
24:30.7Rochester Adams
7.12Emary Hall
24:42.4 SRRochester Hills Ston...Taylor Topp
8.11Natalie Parkyn
24:51.8Rochester Adams
9.10Stephanie Heidel
24:57.0Rochester Adams
10.9Crystal Sun
25:08.9Rochester Adams
11.10Kara Blackburn
25:11.3 SRRochester Hills Ston...
12.10Sara Polanco
25:12.9Utica Eisenhower
13.10Anna Abouzeid
25:13.7Rochester Adams
14.12Molly Moreman
25:14.9Lake Orion
15.12Emily Esper
25:16.6Utica Eisenhower
16.9Annalisa Yepko
25:19.6Utica Eisenhower
17.10Grace Lee
25:21.4 PRRochester Adams
18.9Delaney Rutherford
25:22.7Rochester Adams
19.12Ariana Aliasso
25:25.9Lake Orion
20.9Veronica Poker
21.11McKenna Gray
25:30.8Sterling Heights Ste...
22.10Julie Gearig
25:35.2Lake Orion
23.9Maddie Bentley
25:38.8Sterling Heights Ste...
24.12Natalie Stadwick
25:39.4 SRRochester Adams
25.12Jenna Losensky
25:42.7Lake Orion
26.11Rachel Butler
25:44.6Rochester Hills Ston...
27.10Marissa Granett
25:46.4Lake Orion
28.12Tara Kursinsky
25:50.6Lake Orion
29.12Sydney Slyfield
25:57.0 SRRochester Adams
30.12Genna LaRocca
26:03.7Utica Eisenhower
31.11Jillian Kuntzman
26:05.9Rochester Hills Ston...
32.11Adrianna DiCesare
26:10.1Lake Orion
33.12Mandy Blake
26:11.3Rochester Hills Ston...
34.12Sam Pankey
26:13.0Rochester Hills Ston...
35.12Ashley Witteboes
26:18.5Warren Mott
36.11Lillian Schmidt
26:20.1Utica Eisenhower
37.11Bryn Ropeta
26:22.0Rochester Hills Ston...
38.11Amanda Nagorski
26:24.3Rochester Hills Ston...
39.12Sarah Adamson
26:25.8Utica Eisenhower
40.10Erika Hozeski
26:27.0Rochester Hills Ston...
41.10Alexis Boeskool
26:30.4Utica Eisenhower
42.11Leia Stephan
26:34.3Rochester Hills Ston...
43.9Samantha Sherman
26:36.2Sterling Heights Ste...
44.10Michaela Richardson
45.12Nora Jakobsen
26:45.4Waterford Kettering
46.12Montana Diener
26:48.4Rochester Adams
47.9Mariana Merandi
26:50.8 SRUtica
48.11Mckayla Lewis
26:52.3Lake Orion
49.9Anna Shallow
26:56.1Waterford Kettering
50.11Anna Blue
26:57.5 SRLake Orion
51.11Maria Berge
27:00.3Sterling Heights Ste...
52.12Ellie Carl
27:02.3Rochester Adams
53.9Sophia Ayers
54.10Angelia Polanco
27:21.4Utica Eisenhower
55.9Amber Brozowski
27:22.0Warren Mott
56.9McKenna Monaghan
27:26.2Lake Orion
57.12Amy Salter
27:28.7Utica Eisenhower
58.12Jesse Revenaugh
27:34.5Rochester Adams
59.9Maria Fluent
27:36.6Lake Orion
60.9Elisa Meyer
27:41.7Rochester Adams
61.9Sonja Wilhelm
27:43.2Rochester Hills Ston...
62.9Dominique Desano
27:46.3Utica Eisenhower
63.10Alexis Burrows
64.11Keri Banish
28:00.0Utica Eisenhower
65.9Ava Elder
28:10.0Rochester Hills Ston...
66.10Erin Hicks
28:11.9Rochester Hills Ston...
67.9Meghan Selvidge
28:23.9Utica Eisenhower
68.10Felicia Hinojosa
28:27.1Sterling Heights Ste...
69.11Paula Prost
28:33.4Rochester Hills Ston...
70.10Liz Setera
28:52.6Rochester Hills Ston...
71.10Sarah Brady
28:56.0Rochester Adams
72.12Clare Smydra
29:00.1Rochester Hills Ston...
73.12Claire Trygstad
29:04.4Rochester Hills Ston...
74.9Ariana Matway
29:13.7Utica Eisenhower
75.10Amanda Ma
29:15.6Warren Mott
76.11Kaitlyn Lumpkins
29:16.2Warren Mott
77.10Alex Kocevski
29:16.8Rochester Hills Ston...
78.11Ashley Beaton
29:18.7Rochester Hills Ston...
79.12Rachel Eble
29:41.8Rochester Adams
80.11Mairead Brown
29:43.6 SRLake Orion
81.12Abby Pickell
29:54.1Utica Eisenhower
82.11Caitlyn Parry
29:55.4Lake Orion
83.10Aditi Ghanekar
29:59.9Rochester Adams
84.10Cassidy Phillips
30:01.2Rochester Adams
85.11Kailey Lang
30:14.2 SRRochester Adams
86.9Kaitlynn Kovalesky
30:17.4Rochester Adams
87.12Allison Tisch
30:19.8Sterling Heights Ste...
88.10Tatiana Ruperd
30:21.8Rochester Hills Ston...
89.9Emma Reynolds
30:25.2Utica Eisenhower
90.10Sam Masters
30:33.4Rochester Hills Ston...
91.10Kathryn Seib
92.9Nicole Keller
30:42.0Sterling Heights Ste...
93.12Jennifer Donovan
30:54.1Warren Mott
94.11Mary Marogi
31:04.0Warren Mott
95.11Megan O'Hara
96.10Emma Toggweiler
31:35.3Warren Mott
97.12Elise Fournier
31:43.0Rochester Hills Ston...
98.10Laura Schmitz
31:44.3 PRLake Orion
99.11Cailee Grzebienik
31:47.2 SRLake Orion
100.11Paulina Kern
32:12.8Utica Eisenhower
101.11Kelly Martin
32:34.1Rochester Adams
102.10Makaila Reginek
32:52.0Lake Orion
103.10Lizzie Bouranis
33:25.3Rochester Hills Ston...
104.10Ally Davis
33:30.9Rochester Adams
105.11Becca Bowen
34:12.1Warren Mott
106.9Hannah Michaud
34:19.4Rochester Hills Ston...
107.10Amanda Randall
34:35.8Lake Orion
108.10Lauren Hope
34:44.4Rochester Hills Ston...
109.10Keitlin Cereni
34:53.8Rochester Adams
110.12Brooke Findley
34:55.2 PRLake Orion
111.10Abbey Burk
34:57.2Lake Orion
112.10Maggie Floyd
35:18.7Rochester Adams
113.10Tiffany Sinawi
35:29.8Rochester Hills Ston...
114.12Amanda Gomez
35:39.9Rochester Adams
115.12Amanda Zora
37:14.4Warren Mott
116.9Lia Polsinelli
37:21.2Lake Orion
117.9Evie Bojaj
50:08.7 PRRochester Adams
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