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Mens Races
5,000 Meters JVcoed2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters JVcoed2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:15 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM

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Sandelie XC Classic Tee Shirts  (coaches)

Coaches, Athletes, Spectators – 


This year, at the Sandelie Golf Course Cross Country Classic, there will be tee shirts available for purchase. There will be two short sleeve tee shirts to choose from: 1. a grey cotton tee shirt $10;  or 2. A grey cotton ringer tee shirt (grey tee shirt with red band on sleeves and around neck $15.


Please provide cash or make checks payable to: Lakeridge High School - XC

Last Updated 9:49 AM, Wed, Oct 1


The 2nd Annual Sandelie Golf Course XC Classic will be held again at one of the premier Cross Country Courses in the Northwest.  The date is Friday, October 10th which is on the Oregon State Inservice Day so most kids will not be in school that day.  The 5K course is on the grass fairways and trails in and around the 9-hole West Golf Course.  The all spikes course will be fast for some good times late in the season.  The races will be held at the Sandelie WEST 9-hole course which is off of Advance Road - cars will be towed at owners expence.  Address:  3030 SW Advance Road, Wilsonville, OR  97070  (Not the 18-hole course on Mountain Road.)

Cost:  $100 for teams entering under 50 boys & girls combined

          $125 for teams entering 50-75 boys & girls combined

          $150 for teams entering over 75 boys & girls combined

There will be a $5 charge (cash only) per car to park at the Golf Course.  There is absolutely no parking on Advance Road.  Buses will drop off athletes, then park at Wilsonville HS (approx. 2mi away.)  Parents & spectators:  Please arrive early enough to allow yourself time to park.

Meet Entry:  Meet entry will be done on and is due by 10pm the Wednesday before the meet.  You may enter up to 10 athletes in the Varsity Races.  The JVcoed race division is for any athlete with a 5K time slower than 25:00 minutes for boys & 27:00 minutes for girls.  This will keep the meet running on time, and the number of JV entraints manageable.

Awards:  5:30pm:  Awards will be given to top-10 boys & girls in Varsity & JV races.  Team awards to top-3 varsity teams.

Concessions:  Will be available at the meet.

Online course map:


Scott Spear (

Lakeridge HS

PO Box 739

Lake Oswego, OR   97034

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters JVcoed

Official Team Scores

4.Henry Jackson68
1.10Connor Lang
18:44.0 SRWest Linn
2.9Spencer Nelson
20:29.3 SRLiberty
3.9Matthew Hoffman
20:32.9 PRHenry Jackson
4.12William Guasco
20:50.6 PRClackamas
5.10Kyle Petchey
20:52.6 SRLiberty
6.12William Leo
21:04.3 PRLincoln
7.10Brice Shippen
8.11Cameron Kropf
21:32.6 PRSilverton
9.9Micah Cabot
21:34.2 PRLincoln
10.10Dominic McCullah
21:34.5 PRLiberty
11.12Guglielmo Tortarolo
21:38.0 PRSilverton
12.9Evan Brown
21:51.9 PRLiberty
13.9Zach Perreault
21:55.2 PRHenry Jackson
14.11Sam Thompson
21:59.5 SRMountain View (OR)
15.9Hunter Timmons
22:00.4 PRHenry Jackson
16.12Caleb Holcomb
17.11Max Lieggi
18.12Alex Seifer
19.11Steven Tran
22:36.3 SRClackamas
20.10Michael Allen
22:36.3 PRMountain View (OR)
21.9Jevin Johnson
22:36.5 PRLakeridge
22.11Andrew Bell
22:41.1 SRMountain View (OR)
23.9Rudy Grant
22:46.6 PRClackamas
24.12Josh Patton
22:55.7 SRTillamook
25.9Calvin Lee
26.10Nathan Hartson
23:04.2 SRClackamas
27.9Nathan Harrington
23:05.9 SRHenry Jackson
28.9Simon Wetton
29.9Daniel Lobatos
23:09.0 SRMcMinnville
30.12Carl Weigan
23:09.2 PRTillamook
31.9Tavion Bush
23:09.8 PRSkyview
32.11Sean Satterwhite
23:11.4 PRHorizon Christian
32.9Trent Johnson
23:11.4Horizon Christian
33.9Frankie Smith
23:25.9 PRLincoln
34.9Logan Womack
23:26.7 SRSkyview
35.10Connor Forbes
23:27.4 SRLiberty
36.9Ronan Maples
23:31.9West Linn
38.10Bryan Ingram
39.12Erich Kramer
41.12James Seed
23:48.6Mountain View (OR)
42.9Michael Kottwitz
23:52.9 SRHenry Jackson
43.9Zane Long
44.10Abe Garcia
23:54.5 SRMcMinnville
45.11Luke Thesing
23:56.8 SRLakeridge
46.10Matthew Sundberg
24:02.1Crescent Valley
48.9Elijah Westberry
24:08.3 SRFranklin
50.10Patrick Murphy
24:10.8 SRWilsonville
51.10Jake Wolf
52.12Kevin Steward
24:12.0 SRNewberg
53.11Dylan Martins
24:18.2West Linn
54.9Sean Tehan
55.11Aaron Woo
24:22.4 SRWest Linn
57.10Alexander Andrusko
24:24.0 PRClackamas
59.9Owen Day
24:25.7 SRUnion
60.9Dominic Dixon
61.9Evan Johnson
24:29.2 SRHenry Jackson
62.9Marcius Chan
63.12Thomas Faivre
24:34.5 SRSkyview
65.10Trevor Reesman
69.12Sean Jacobs
70.10Michael Dugan
24:45.1 SRMcNary
71.10Brian Hausman
24:45.4 SRLakeridge
77.12Gabe Bizovi
25:13.2Lake Oswego
78.11Blake Carnese
79.10Eliott Horton
25:24.0 SRMcMinnville
81.10Christian Jones
84.12Lukas Rowland
25:32.3 SRClackamas
86.10Carl Scrivner
87.10Griffin Judd
25:35.9 SRHenry Jackson
89.9Irvin Torres
25:38.5 PRFranklin
94.10Jay Maxon
25:44.8 SRCrescent Valley
95.9Nick Grano
104.9Ben Hampton
111.9Johnny Platt
26:08.0 SRWilsonville
115.11Branden Clarno
117.12Wyatt Issacs
26:15.2Lake Oswego
118.9Jared Maichel
127.11Bob Qiu
134.9Joseph Schmitz
137.9Nickolas Allen
26:41.3 SRHenry Jackson
138.12Levi Simoneau
26:41.4 PRTigard
149.9Brian Hernandez
155.9Nathan Brucker
26:55.2Horizon Christian
161.9Collin Craig
180.9Gabriel Carpenter
27:36.5 SRClackamas
182.9Bryan Yee
27:39.7Henry Jackson
229.9Parker Williams
235.9Tim Jacobs
29:28.8 SRHenry Jackson
249.9Conor Heaney
30:24.7Crescent Valley
254.9Matt Johnson
30:32.2 SRHenry Jackson
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Josiah Langstaff
2.12Dylan Ludiker
17:00.8 PRLincoln
3.10Carson Cohn
17:01.6 SRLincoln
4.11Henry Guinn
17:13.0 SRLincoln
5.11Harry Thoma
17:13.9 SRLincoln
6.10Zane Norville
17:15.3 SRValley Catholic
7.12Patrick Benjamin
17:24.5 SRFranklin
8.9Mateo Rivera
17:33.0 SRHenry Jackson
9.9Nate Schmidlin
17:36.0 SRValley Catholic
10.10Seancarlos Gonzalez
17:46.9 SRValley Catholic
11.11Blake Ingram
17:48.2 SRMcMinnville
12.9Jackson Hicken
17:52.4 SRValley Catholic
13.11Cole Graham
14.11Joe Navarra
17:56.3 PRMountain View (OR)
15.12Zachary Jager
17:57.0 SRMcMinnville
16.11Josh Lee
17:57.0 SRLakeridge
17.9Jared Kerber
17:57.4 SRHenry Jackson
18.12Nathaniel Trobough
18:00.6 SRValley Catholic
19.11Alex Magee
18:02.6 PRUnion
20.11Patrick Carroll
18:05.0 PRMountain View (WA)
21.9Jackson Webber
18:08.8 SRHenry Jackson
22.10Sam Drutman
18:09.4Mountain View (OR)
23.10Nick Stout
18:09.6 SRMcMinnville
24.11Patrick Gaines
18:10.2 SRSkyview
25.10Jack Ellis
18:10.7 PRHenry Jackson
26.11Will Johnson
18:11.0 SRLakeridge
27.10Jackson Shavere
18:12.0 PRWilsonville
28.10Gavin Odonnell
18:15.0 PRHenry Jackson
29.10Tanner Socolofsky
18:16.6 PRBattle Ground
30.10Riley Wilson
31.11Griffin Koerner
32.10Ethan Eddington
18:19.2 PRWest Linn
33.10Jack DeWitt
18:19.6 SRMountain View (OR)
34.10Austin Seo
18:20.8 PRUnion
35.9Micah Ramos
18:21.0 SRHenry Jackson
36.12Nick Smith
18:22.5 PRValley Catholic
37.10Kyle Harris
18:24.1 PRMcMinnville
38.10Connor Weller
18:24.7 PRSkyview
39.11Andrew Brinker
18:26.3 PRLincoln
40.12Diego Argueta
18:26.8 PRLiberty
41.10Ben Ritter
18:28.2 PRSkyview
42.10Matt Lautze
43.11David Gehlen
18:30.5 PRValley Catholic
44.10Ben Stuart
18:31.8 SRMcMinnville
45.9Micah Goff
18:32.4 SRUnion
46.12Zach Kanelis
18:32.6 PRUnion
47.12Kai Brooks
18:33.9 SRLakeridge
48.10Skyler Schuck
49.10Elliott Cho
18:34.7 PRHenry Jackson
50.10Dezmond Douglas
18:34.9 PRFranklin
51.10Hamilton Vuu
18:35.9Mountain View (WA)
52.10Jake Lally
18:36.0 SRWest Linn
53.10Kent Sadler
18:37.0 PRTualatin
54.11Keaton Williams
18:37.7 SRCrescent Valley
55.11Ian Snapp
18:39.3 PRWest Linn
56.10Gregory Murphy
18:39.5 PRCrescent Valley
57.10Torrien Bruce
58.11Kayden Jaspar
18:40.8 PRLiberty
59.10Caleb Grode
18:42.1Henry Jackson
60.12Jackson Grubbe
18:42.5 PRSherwood
61.10Cameron Douglas
18:42.6 SRWest Salem
62.11Max Kuhn
18:43.0 PRMcMinnville
63.12Tristan Kern
18:43.9 PRNewberg
64.10Christian Kim
18:44.6 SRHenry Jackson
65.11Kyle McCartney
18:44.8 SRMountain View (WA)
66.9Andrew Nord
18:45.1 SRSouth Albany
67.11Kevin McCartney
18:46.1Mountain View (WA)
68.12Kevin Bergstrom
18:46.6 PRSkyview
69.10Ryan Patridge
70.11John Watkins
18:47.0Henry Jackson
71.12Brett Penington
18:47.2 SRMountain View (OR)
72.11Jacob Dicken
18:47.2Valley Catholic
73.9Matthew Kirkland
18:47.3 SRLincoln
74.11John Schmitz
18:47.5 SRWilsonville
75.9Mason Holder
18:47.5 PRSkyview
76.10Alex Tetz
18:47.9 PRSkyview
77.11Riley Holtmann
18:48.7 SRSkyview
78.12Chase Misener
18:48.7 SRMountain View (OR)
79.11Brandon Austin
80.11Kane Snapp
18:50.7 PRWest Linn
81.9Zach Hubbard
18:51.5Henry Jackson
82.10Will Early
83.10Miles Skene
84.10Randy Tran
18:55.6 SRHenry Jackson
85.11Micah Steeves
86.10Alex Vellozzi
18:56.6 SRLakeridge
87.10Christian Howlan
18:57.1 PRWest Salem
88.10Daniel Salewski
18:57.8 SRMcMinnville
89.10Shane Willis
18:58.3 SRNewberg
90.12Evan Smith
18:59.5 SRHenry Jackson
91.12Kyle Hutchins
19:00.0 SRWest Salem
92.10Connor Johnson
19:00.3 SRMountain View (WA)
93.12Kevin Payne
19:02.1 PRWilsonville
94.10Ethan Boltz
19:02.3 SRLiberty
95.11Nick Feingold
19:02.8 SRHenry Jackson
96.12Cameron Moon
19:04.3 PRSkyview
97.9Preston Harrod
19:04.6 PRUnion
98.10Dante Salas
19:04.8 SRLakeridge
99.11Peter Paskill
100.11Miles Scheuering
101.9Hunter Whitehead
19:06.2 SRNewberg
102.11Patrick Connor
19:10.1 PRLiberty
103.11Frank Johnson
19:10.2 SRBattle Ground
104.9Daniel Solorzano
19:11.2 SRUnion
105.11Din Bacher
19:13.1 SRLincoln
106.11Jose Calderon
19:14.0 PRLincoln
107.10Dan McNeil
19:14.1West Linn
108.9Will Swindell
19:15.0 PRLincoln
109.10Martin Smith
19:15.7 PRHenry Jackson
110.10Wyatt Green
19:16.6 SRSilverton
111.9Joshua Budiao
19:16.7 SRWilsonville
112.10Connor Whitbey
19:17.4 SRWest Linn
113.10Joel Atkinson
19:17.4 PRCrescent Valley
114.11Zach Guastadisegni
19:19.9 PRLincoln
115.12Jordan Foroud
19:21.9 PRWilsonville
116.12Ryan Howerton
19:23.9 PRValley Catholic
117.10Grant Sutton
19:24.7 PRWest Linn
118.12Aram Briggs
19:25.5 PRSherwood
119.11Jaime Barajas
19:26.4 PRWilsonville
120.11Tucker Leneve
19:27.2 SRTualatin
121.9Preston Yeh
19:28.0 SRClackamas
122.9Will McKinney
123.11Ryan Poole
19:29.6 PRMountain View (WA)
124.11Alan Spencer
19:30.0 SRMountain View (OR)
125.11Connor Byeman
19:30.8 SRSherwood
126.11Nam Nguyen
19:30.9 PRValley Catholic
127.10Conrad Pereda
19:31.8 SRNewberg
128.10Jackson Eggers
129.9Max Erlandson
19:33.3 SRFranklin
130.10Nick Franz
19:33.6 PRLake Oswego
131.12Skyler McClaflin
132.10Grant Miller
19:34.3 PRMountain View (OR)
133.12Micah Sharp
19:35.1 SRNewberg
134.10Jack Nemiroff
19:36.1 PRHenry Jackson
135.12Steven Tang
19:36.7 SRLiberty
136.10Michael Wood
19:37.4 SRTualatin
137.9Sam Anderson
19:39.2 PRValley Catholic
138.10Henry Hamilton
19:39.7 SRLiberty
139.10Brady Davis
19:40.5 SRTualatin
140.9Bruce Erickson
19:40.8 SRSkyview
141.11Christian Schimmel...
19:41.0 PRLake Oswego
142.11Ben Rose
19:41.4 PRWilsonville
143.12Andrew Darland
19:42.3 PRUnion
144.9Ian Erwert
19:42.3 SRValley Catholic
145.9Garrett Griffith
19:42.9 SRSkyview
146.9Mark Cadieux
19:43.6 PRClackamas
147.12Dom Gianatassio
19:43.8 PRUnion
148.11Mark Perez
19:44.0 SRHenry Jackson
149.9Elijah Gibbs
19:44.4 SRNewberg
150.12Connor Work
19:44.7 SRClackamas
151.11Joe Carothers
19:45.0 PRUnion
152.10Rand Kingsford
19:45.1 PRUnion
153.9Derek Maiben
19:45.3 PRNewberg
154.10Sahil Jani
19:46.1 SRLiberty
155.10Trevor Moore
19:46.5 SRSkyview
156.9Trenton Wollam
19:46.6 PRSkyview
157.9Owen Murphy
19:47.0 SRUnion
158.9Bailey Sarvela
19:47.6 SRSkyview
159.10Dallin Marsh
19:50.5 SRLiberty
160.10Kyle Trevis
19:50.5 SRWest Salem
161.10Venkat Doddapaneni
19:51.2 SRValley Catholic
162.12Ray Irving
19:52.2 PRMcMinnville
163.12Gianpaolo Pasini
19:52.7 PRMountain View (WA)
164.12Daniel Huwaldt
165.11Jared Rodriguez
19:53.5Henry Jackson
166.11Alex Laub
167.11Ben Milandin
19:54.3 PRMountain View (OR)
168.10Eric Tran
19:54.9 SRWest Linn
169.10Aiden Nyquist
19:55.6 SRMcMinnville
170.9Cameron Olsen
19:58.8 PRMountain View (WA)
171.9Douglas Graham
20:01.4 PRSkyview
172.10Christian Birbeck
20:02.6 SRSherwood
173.9Payton Churilla
20:03.0 PRSherwood
174.10Gabriel Kerner
20:03.1 PRTualatin
175.9Terran Swope
20:04.9 SRSouth Albany
176.10Cole Visser
20:05.9 PRSilverton
177.10Jon Stensrud
20:07.6 PRLakeridge
178.9Kody Freeman
20:07.6 SRSkyview
179.11Sam Reed
20:07.9 SRLakeridge
180.11Lyman Shen
20:08.3 PRLake Oswego
181.9Matt Ierardi
20:08.6 SRValley Catholic
182.11Jordan Smith
20:09.0 PRLakeridge
183.9Jacob Wetherington
20:09.1 SRHenry Jackson
184.10Irfan Filipovic
20:09.3 PRLake Oswego
185.12Ryan Gorsline
186.10Chaunze Lancaster
20:10.2 PRMountain View (OR)
187.9Bailey Wickham
20:12.1 SRSherwood
188.9Nanyi Yang
20:13.2 SRClackamas
189.11Atticus Sullivan
20:13.8 PRValley Catholic
190.11Aaron Beck
20:16.7Crescent Valley
191.10JD Henry
20:17.5Henry Jackson
192.11Neal van Tamelen
20:19.3Crescent Valley
193.11Andrew Hurley
20:19.6 SRSherwood
194.10Micah Bos
195.9William Wright
20:22.3 SRSilverton
196.11Halen Jolley
197.10Brady Pratt
20:23.0 PRPrairie
198.10William Payton
199.10Kevin McKeegan
200.12Mohsen Assadi
201.11Nick Adams
20:25.4Crescent Valley
202.9Jesse Sotelo
20:26.6Henry Jackson
203.9Eric Sasadeusz
20:27.8Lake Oswego
204.12Jordan Atkins
20:29.3 SRTualatin
205.10Andrew Thompson
20:29.4Mountain View (WA)
206.9Omar Morales
20:29.4 SRClackamas
207.9Tyler Lathrop
208.10Christopher Dragut
20:30.7 SRPrairie
209.11Nick Reiser
210.11Ethan Harrington
20:32.3Henry Jackson
211.11Niall Meeks
20:32.8 SRLiberty
212.12Nicholas Dunstan
20:33.2 PRWest Linn
213.9Dylan Easter
20:35.3 PRBattle Ground
214.9Eamon Minges
20:35.8West Linn
215.10Justin Quan
216.9Artyom Karyukin
20:37.8 SRLakeridge
217.11Jacob Adams
20:38.2 SRNewberg
218.11Gabriel Vega
20:39.0 SRWilsonville
219.10Zac Martin
20:39.9Mountain View (OR)
220.10Nathaniel Moss
20:40.8 SRTigard
221.11Layton Webber
20:42.6 SRTualatin
222.11Sage Gregory
20:42.7 PRMountain View (OR)
223.9Matthew Stravens
224.12Hunter Kestner
20:44.3 PRHeritage
225.9Lance Lisech
20:45.0 SRTualatin
226.10Fletcher Wilkin
227.10Chad Vaughn
20:46.1 SRWest Salem
228.10Ryan Premi
229.10Grigoriy Ermolenko
20:47.7 PRWest Salem
230.9Devon Berry
231.9Zach Juenger
20:48.6 SRSkyview
232.10Albert Wang
20:48.6 SRLakeridge
233.12Jacob Logan
20:48.7 PRTigard
234.9Daniel Avery
20:50.3 SRUnion
235.12Tate Masse
20:51.1 PRNewberg
236.9Job Nollette
20:51.9 SRLincoln
237.10Jacob Kinnan
20:52.9 SRBattle Ground
238.9Carlos Ahuactzin
20:53.7 PRHenry Jackson
239.12Kobe Nelson
20:54.5 PRTualatin
240.11Donovan Prescott
20:54.9 PRMcMinnville
241.12Nikita Rozanoz
20:56.3 SRLake Oswego
242.10Cole Swanson
20:57.8 SRTigard
243.10Eric Hwang
21:00.6 SRWest Linn
244.10Dillon Fogarty
21:00.9 SRSilverton
245.12Zac Eckelman
246.12Ward Nikolaus
21:02.3Mountain View (OR)
247.12Brendan Powell
248.12Zach Heiden
21:05.0 PRMountain View (OR)
249.9Ben Polman
250.11Ryan Moll
21:05.4 SRLakeridge
251.10Michael Snyder
252.12Christian Figueroa
21:05.9 PRTillamook
253.10Riku Nakatsuji
21:07.0 SRValley Catholic
254.9Austin Medlock
255.11Jacob Cleary
21:07.7 PRNewberg
256.10Jinghui Lou
21:11.5 SRLake Oswego
257.10Hayden Mitchell
21:11.8 SRTigard
258.10Gabe Fawver
21:13.0 SRNewberg
259.9Bishop Burns
21:13.2 SRSouth Albany
260.12Carson Hauth
261.9Connor Wood
21:15.1 SRLake Oswego
262.9Spencer Reynolds
21:15.6 PRTualatin
263.10Ethan Lee
21:16.0 PRHenry Jackson
264.9Lucas Kropp
21:16.0 SRTualatin
265.12Jared Kelson
21:20.6 SRMcNary
266.9Nolan Ludiker
267.9Levi Wolfe
21:22.8 PRMountain View (OR)
268.11Peyton Kenny
21:24.3 PRSouth Albany
269.10Morgan Lloyd
21:24.4 SRLake Oswego
270.9Harrison Newgard
21:25.2 SRLake Oswego
271.9Ethan Gharst
272.12Jeron Robbins
21:26.5 SRMountain View (OR)
273.11Matt Sledge
21:26.8South Albany
274.9Tanis Leach
21:29.9 SRSherwood
275.12Denver Theisen
21:31.7Mountain View (OR)
276.12Alex Springer
277.10Luke Erickson
21:33.5 PRNewberg
278.11Caleb Cunningham
21:34.8 PRTillamook
279.10Nicolas Chu
280.9Logan Whittaker
21:38.7South Albany
281.11Wyatt Bacon
21:40.2 SRSkyview
282.10Nolan Kincaid
21:40.9 SRValley Catholic
283.9Caleb Hood
21:41.5 PRHeritage
284.11Braden Soika
21:43.1 SRUnion
285.10Zane Leonard
21:44.3West Linn
286.10Cody Lin
21:44.3 SRWest Salem
287.10Matthew Morneault
288.9Tryston Allen
21:45.1South Albany
289.12Vinson Guov
21:45.2 PRWest Salem
290.11Devon Rainer
21:45.2Lake Oswego
291.9Simon Chow
292.10Lucas Copp
293.9Jonas Honeyman
21:46.0 SRMcNary
294.10Jahiro Perez-Arell...
21:46.1West Salem
295.12Issac Beale
21:46.3 SRTigard
296.10Vito Lawrenz
297.9Rex Hansen
298.9Aaron Pierce
21:48.3 SRSouth Albany
299.12Vlad Gershun
21:48.4 PRSkyview
300.10Michael Curl
301.9Josh Breuer
302.10Dylan Murphy
21:54.2 SRLake Oswego
303.9Zakiah Schaefle
304.11Michael Richards
21:56.6 SRMountain View (WA)
305.9Preston Suvoy
21:58.7 SRCrescent Valley
306.10Robbie Bailey
21:58.8 SRTigard
307.10Carson Terry
21:58.9 PRLakeridge
308.10Nikko Robledo
309.10Maithri Perera
22:03.7 PRLakeridge
310.9Harrison Chebuk
22:05.1West Linn
311.10Ryan Kamp
22:06.0 SRTualatin
312.11Joseph Watson
22:06.0 SRNewberg
313.11Jared Tence
22:07.2 SRWest Linn
314.10Thomas Regan
22:07.9 PRLake Oswego
315.11Jose Ceja
22:08.5 PRMcMinnville
316.9Ryan Ohm
22:09.7 SRValley Catholic
317.10Tyler Christensen
22:10.0 PRSherwood
318.11A.J. Orozco
319.10Dakota Story
22:14.9 SRWest Salem
320.9Kolton Cannon
321.11Henry Adams
22:18.2 SRLakeridge
322.9Andrew Thatcher
22:18.7 SRWilsonville
323.10Will Cohen
22:18.8 SRLake Oswego
324.9Spenzer Wright
22:20.4 PRUnion
325.10Siddharth Suri
326.10Brooks Peden
22:21.8 SRValley Catholic
327.9Eric Curtland
22:22.4 SRUnion
328.10Christian Cramblett
329.10Jesus Rodriguez
330.9Hunter Aarhus
22:24.3 PRSkyview
331.10Sanjeeve Vas
22:24.6 PRPutnam
332.10Dawson Crooks
333.9Zach Pryor
22:26.8 SRWest Linn
334.10Maxwell Wilson
22:27.5Battle Ground
335.10Justin Cotten
22:29.2 PRSherwood
336.10Dylan Hyland
22:37.4Mountain View (WA)
337.9Lakotah Uffelman
22:41.8 SRCrescent Valley
338.9Kayden Coleman
22:44.6 PRSkyview
339.9Logan Dorland
340.9Andrew Large
341.11William Daley
23:00.6 SRNewberg
342.10Conner Terry
23:00.8 SRLakeridge
343.9Riley Faulk
23:01.8 PRHeritage
344.10Nathan Merrill
23:05.0 PRTillamook
345.10Benjamin Fookes
346.10Chris Markgraf
23:08.0Lake Oswego
347.9Isaac Southwick
23:08.9South Albany
348.12Tanon Chokkhanchit...
23:10.0 PRNewberg
349.11Ethan Fredericks
350.9River Veek
351.11John Eisenbacher
23:24.8 SRValley Catholic
352.9Ethan Craig
23:26.3 SRFranklin
353.10Jesse Reyes
23:28.2Battle Ground
354.11Austin Gulstrom
23:31.0South Albany
355.9Austin Weeks
356.10Connor Martin
357.9Alex Roe
23:50.1 SRSherwood
358.11Bryce Hines
23:51.5South Albany
359.9Shane Seeger
23:52.0 SRWest Salem
360.9Matthew Lochridge
361.12Zach Ragozzino
24:04.3Lake Oswego
362.10Jason King
363.12Jordan Townsend
24:21.3South Albany
364.11Toren Zeek
24:29.8South Albany
365.11Romeo Pereles
366.10Daniel Walker
24:48.4 PRBattle Ground
367.10Drew Jackson
25:18.0 PRLake Oswego
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Ahmed Muhumed
15:03.3 SRWest Salem
2.12Justice Lamer
15:08.1 PRCrescent Valley
3.11Roman Ollar
15:16.4 SRWest Linn
4.12Kaden Harbertson
15:17.0 PRSkyview
5.10Chanse Gilbert
15:25.5 PRSkyview
6.12Ronald Graham
15:29.5 PRLincoln
7.12Jason Rae
15:37.4 PRLa Salle Prep
8.12Wilder Boyden
15:39.7 PRValley Catholic
9.11Grayson Ollar
15:40.7 SRWest Linn
10.12Dakota Thornton
15:49.1 PRMountain View (OR)
11.11Mason Scheidel
15:50.4 SRSkyview
12.11Mark French
15:50.7 SRTualatin
13.11Ben Davidson
15:53.6 PRValley Catholic
14.11Devon Wilson
15:53.7 PRMcMinnville
15.12Griffin Drake
15:53.9 PRFranklin
16.12Ethan Bauer
15:55.2 PRSkyview
17.12Gabe Wyllie
15:57.2 PRMountain View (OR)
18.11Adin Becker
15:59.1 SRLincoln
19.11Noah Belcik
16:00.4 SRLakeridge
20.11Paris Williams
16:00.5 PRLiberty
21.12Jordan Moore
16:01.3 PRUnion
22.10Miguel De La Melena
16:01.4 PRUnion
23.12Carlos Villagomez
16:01.5 PRWilsonville
24.10Matthew Watkins
16:02.2 SRHenry Jackson
25.11Eulises Cruz-Vieyra
16:03.9 SRTillamook
26.10Henry Mong
16:06.0 SRFranklin
27.11Ransom Gravatt
16:06.0 SRLincoln
28.11Hunter Mosman
16:08.1 SRWest Salem
29.11Daniel Ragsdale
16:08.4 PRLakeridge
30.9Samuel Johnson
16:10.1 PRMountain View (WA)
31.12Christian VanSise
16:10.9 PRMountain View (OR)
32.10Zeke Oien
16:13.1 SRSkyview
33.11Pierce Miller
16:13.5 SRLincoln
34.11Conor Egan
16:14.5 SRWest Linn
35.10Jamie Kawaguchi
16:17.8 PRValley Catholic
36.11Sean Richardson
16:18.5 SRLa Salle Prep
37.12Robbie LeParc
16:19.0 PRSilverton
38.11Tristan Robins
16:21.3 PRUnion
39.11Lucas Aguilar
16:21.9 PRMountain View (WA)
40.11Jose Aguilar
16:22.2 SRLincoln
41.12Jack Thompson
16:22.4 PRHenry Jackson
42.11Joe Kortenhof
43.12Birkley Ramberg
16:22.9 PRMountain View (WA)
44.10Dominic Arce
45.12Matthew Lovos
16:27.6 SRTualatin
46.11Justin Miller
16:28.5 PRLakeridge
47.9Adam Klein
16:29.0 SRTualatin
48.12Jonathan Fookes
16:29.5 PRLiberty
49.12Joe Taddese
16:30.1 PRUnion
50.12Keaton Spiller
16:30.7 PRHeritage
51.10Gustavo Lopez
16:31.9 PRWoodburn
52.10Nicholas Speth
16:33.4 PRTigard
53.12Josh Meyer
16:33.7 SRWilsonville
54.12Jacob Evans
16:33.7 PRWest Linn
55.12Josiah Burson
16:34.5 PRMountain View (WA)
56.11Nathanael Ramos
16:35.9 PRHenry Jackson
57.11Marshall Johnson
16:37.2 PRSkyview
58.11Adi Wolfenden
16:37.6 SRMountain View (OR)
59.12Dominick Marshall
16:38.2 PRLiberty
60.11Sean Ramos
16:41.0 PRNewberg
61.10Quinton Read
16:41.9 SRNewberg
62.11Richy Simms
16:42.1 PRWilsonville
63.9Henry Myers
16:42.2 PRFranklin
64.11David Olvera
16:42.7 PRPrairie
65.11Linn Rising
16:42.9 SRLake Oswego
66.10Jacob Godshalk
16:44.1 SRValley Catholic
67.12Darby Estes
16:44.9 SRWest Salem
68.12John Caufield
16:45.2 PRTigard
69.12Tynan Cardwell
16:46.3 PRSouth Albany
70.11Quinn Nelson
16:48.2 SRBattle Ground
71.10Hosea Catterall
16:49.7 SRSilverton
72.12Leo Alvarez
16:51.3 PRWilsonville
73.12Julio Olmos
16:51.6 PRWoodburn
74.10Hunter Schiess
16:52.6 SRWest Salem
75.12Sawyer Hiton
76.11Juan Medina
16:53.1 PRSouth Albany
77.12Connor McLaughlin
16:53.3 PRSherwood
78.12Kody Wilde
16:53.8 PRWilsonville
79.12Austin Finster
16:54.2 PRLiberty
80.12Dakota Steppe
16:54.3 PRHorizon Christian
81.12Matthew Brooks
16:55.5 PRSherwood
82.11Alex Kiss
16:55.5 SRValley Catholic
83.10Gabe Smith-Nilsen
16:55.9 PRLakeridge
84.11Sam Roth
16:56.2 SRSilverton
85.11Reed Mederos
86.10Kieran Andrews
16:56.5 PRFranklin
87.11Caleb Schleicher
16:56.9 SRPrairie
88.12Danny Scott
16:57.5 PRHenry Jackson
89.10Alex Harbert
16:57.8 SRLakeridge
90.12Michael Ketsdever
16:58.2 PRSouth Albany
91.12Justin Knowles
16:58.8 PRSkyview
92.11Wolf Seifer
17:00.4 SRSilverton
93.10Jarad McKinney
17:00.9 SRUnion
94.10Phillip Borlet
17:01.3 SRValley Catholic
95.12Andrew Jenck
96.11Alex Haupt
17:05.3 SRHenry Jackson
97.10Dawson Shoup
17:05.9 SRUnion
98.9Brennen Le Bel
17:06.3 SRWest Salem
99.11Avi Meyer
100.12Liam McKeegan
17:09.4 PRMcMinnville
101.12Nathanael Benson
17:09.9 PRMountain View (OR)
102.12Noah Vaughn
17:11.4West Salem
103.12Cole Demert
17:12.0 PRMountain View (WA)
104.9Doug Heymann
17:12.5 PRLake Oswego
105.12Nathan Tamashiro
17:13.0 PRLa Salle Prep
106.9Josh Quaglio
17:13.2 SRSherwood
107.12William Calder
17:15.8 PRTualatin
108.9Nicholas Whitaker
17:17.2 SRWilsonville
109.11Aidan Gillespie
17:17.4 PRValley Catholic
110.11Efren Chavez
17:17.8Henry Jackson
111.12Parker Elliott
17:18.3 PRWest Linn
112.12Joshua Moats
17:18.7 SRSherwood
113.9Michael Abeyta
114.11Drew Peters
17:19.7 SRSherwood
115.10Anthony Garcia
17:23.3 SRHenry Jackson
116.11Ryan Chidlaw
17:23.6 SRSherwood
117.12Dalen Gardner
17:23.7Mountain View (OR)
118.12Bradley Olson
17:24.0 PRWest Linn
119.12Levi Atkinson
17:24.4 PRCrescent Valley
120.11Angel Goemaere
17:25.1 SRMcNary
121.9Sean Flynn
17:25.2 SRSkyview
122.12Leo Theisen
17:25.8 PRMountain View (OR)
123.12Efrain Martinez
124.12Jose Cortez
17:29.7 PRFranklin
125.10Alex Olson
17:29.9Horizon Christian
126.11Josh Eddy
17:30.7Mountain View (WA)
127.10Henry Rummerfield
17:30.8 SRSherwood
128.11Isaiah Perez
17:31.1 PRSilverton
129.11Joe Kim
17:35.4 SRCrescent Valley
130.12Matthew McGowen
17:35.4Crescent Valley
131.11Jack Stemm
132.12Sean Tan
133.11Christian Carsh
17:36.3 PRNewberg
134.11Peter Goetze
17:37.2 SRWest Linn
135.10Alejandro Madrigal
17:38.6 PRWoodburn
136.10Zack Stetzel
17:38.6 SRHorizon Christian
137.10Jeremy Stephens
17:38.8 SRTigard
138.9Gabe Lachenmeier
17:40.1 SRTillamook
139.11Cooper Frantz-Geddes
17:40.4 SRWest Salem
140.12Nathan McGill
17:40.9 PRHorizon Christian
141.10Davis McHugh
17:41.0 PRMcNary
142.12Carson Denison
17:41.1 SRCrescent Valley
143.11Aaron Dhanens
17:41.7 PRBattle Ground
144.10Nobuki Yaso
17:41.7 SRWilsonville
145.12AJ England
146.10Nicholas Turkisher
17:42.6 SRCrescent Valley
147.11Matt Shilling
17:43.2 SRMountain View (OR)
148.12Derek Baltzell
17:43.4 PRWestside Christian
149.11Garrett Riggs
17:43.6 SRLakeridge
150.12Hart White
17:43.8 PRSilverton
151.11Jack Hennerty
17:46.3 PRPrairie
152.10Nicholas Schloss
17:50.2 PRTigard
153.9Jack Chapman
17:50.3 SRLakeridge
154.11Jason Kiff
17:51.2 SRMcMinnville
155.11Jason Stallkamp
17:51.3 SRTualatin
156.11Tanner Fackrell
17:51.5 SRWoodburn
157.12Duncan Robertson
17:51.8Crescent Valley
158.12Fred Resch
17:52.4 PRSherwood
159.12Sam Garvin
17:52.7 SRMountain View (WA)
160.12riley McCammon
17:53.4 PRClackamas
161.10Noah Czerwinski
17:53.4 SRSherwood
162.11Cameron Quenzer
17:53.5 SRWilsonville
163.10Chad Richards
17:53.5 SRUnion
164.10Travis Martin
17:54.2Mountain View (OR)
165.11Stevie Mare
166.10Jacob Espinosa
167.9Fabian Elizondo Jr
17:54.5West Salem
168.10Daniel Grimshaw
17:54.6 SRMountain View (WA)
169.12Jonny Collier
17:54.9 PRUnion
170.9Cody Brown
17:55.3 SRMcMinnville
171.11Will Smothers
17:55.7 SRMcMinnville
172.12James Henry
17:56.2Henry Jackson
173.10Curtis Brown
17:56.5 PRBattle Ground
174.11Alex Berger
17:57.4 PRLa Salle Prep
175.9Zachary Cross
17:57.9 PRLa Salle Prep
176.12Vitaliy Svirdan
17:58.7 SRHeritage
177.11Alex Pohjanpelto
17:59.0 SRCrescent Valley
178.10Robert Wassom
17:59.4 PRPrairie
179.9Aaron Avery
17:59.7 SRUnion
180.9Jacob Maiben
18:00.7 PRNewberg
181.10Josiah Johnson
18:00.9 PRSkyview
182.11Tyler Whittaker
18:02.0South Albany
183.12Alex Dickinson
18:04.0 SRLiberty
184.11Jonas Matson
18:04.5 SRBattle Ground
185.12Michael Guenther
18:04.5 SRPrairie
186.11Eric Alvarez
187.11Tucker Peterson
18:06.1South Albany
188.11Nick Salsburg
18:07.1 PRLakeridge
189.9Andy Krueger
18:10.1 SRLa Salle Prep
190.9Stephen Kiraly
18:13.8 PRSkyview
191.11Oscar Orellana
192.11Kellen Butler
18:14.9 SRBattle Ground
193.12Jack Pitcher
18:15.0 SRWestside Christian
194.11Kohl Nicoll
18:15.5 PRLake Oswego
195.9Jase Matson
18:16.2 SRBattle Ground
196.11Nick Kiddle
18:16.3 PRLake Oswego
197.10Warren Elwood
18:16.8Crescent Valley
198.11Sage Albright
18:18.1 SRNewberg
199.11Jeff Johnson
18:18.7 PRPutnam
200.10Sean MacPherson
201.10Calvin Roskelley
18:20.4South Albany
202.12Chance Clark
18:20.9 PRMcNary
203.10Seth Martin
204.10Braden Oehler
205.10Evan Marx
18:24.3 PRTualatin
206.9Spencer Boock
18:27.0 SRCrescent Valley
207.9Sanjeet Singh
18:29.8 PRHeritage
208.10Cam Moats
18:30.5 SRSherwood
209.11Ben Rosenbaum
210.12Calvin Ong
18:34.7 PRClackamas
211.12Ryan Hanson
18:35.0 PRTualatin
212.12Scott Blackman
18:35.1 PRClackamas
213.10Brad Nokes
18:35.4West Salem
214.12Jack Southworth
18:36.2 PRLake Oswego
215.10Neil Yotsuya
18:36.3 SRWest Linn
216.10Thomas Witney
18:37.5 SRSouth Albany
217.12Weiyi Zhou
18:38.3 SRClackamas
218.11Zeke Linn
18:38.3 PRSilverton
219.10Cayden O'Brien
18:38.4 PRTillamook
220.10Eric Castillo
18:39.5 PRWest Salem
221.11Allen Frank
18:40.3 SRBattle Ground
222.12Eli Gonzalez
18:40.5 PRNewberg
223.10Ryan Hemphill
18:41.3Mountain View (WA)
224.11Mitchell Stauffer
225.12William Mundorff
226.12Michael Choquer
18:47.9Battle Ground
227.10Kade Prentice
18:50.4 SRClackamas
228.12Gabe Llewellyn
18:51.1 PRClackamas
229.12Arjan Baleswaran
18:52.1Mountain View (WA)
230.10Jacob Harris
18:58.0Crosshill Christian
231.12Austin Smith
18:58.7 PRLake Oswego
232.11Tyler Rosette
18:59.7 PRTigard
233.11Ryan Maloney
19:00.0 PRBattle Ground
234.12Vincent Yeuan
19:00.9 PRClackamas
235.10Nicholas Touchette
19:02.0La Salle Prep
236.10Isma Rodriguez
19:03.6Crosshill Christian
237.10Levi Miles
19:04.5La Salle Prep
238.12Thomas Korsness
19:05.7 SRPutnam
239.9Keoki Kanahele
19:06.0 PRSilverton
240.10Brandon Hobson
19:06.9 PRWoodburn
241.10Daniel Rofelty
19:10.7 SRSilverton
242.12Riley Repp
243.9Michael Medina
19:11.9South Albany
244.11Will Meade
245.10Koby Portes
19:19.7 PRHeritage
246.10Gabriel Marcial
19:21.3 PRClackamas
247.12David Brockman
19:26.8Crosshill Christian
248.12Jacob Stafford
19:28.0 SRClackamas
249.9Thaddeo Pia
19:29.3 SRVeritas
250.11Wyatt Grine
251.12William Sweesy
252.9Giovanni Aguilar
19:40.4 SRTillamook
253.9Enrique Noyes
254.12Jack Kehoe
19:44.7 PRLake Oswego
255.11Jesse Honeyman
19:48.1 SRMcNary
256.12Erik Korsness
19:50.7 SRPutnam
257.10James Rossiter
20:02.4South Albany
258.9Ken Ford
20:04.4 PRPrairie
259.10Patrick Higgins
260.10David Keller
261.12Max Hancock
20:18.2 PRPutnam
262.10Andrew Fleming
20:22.3 PRTillamook
263.12Aiden Thran
20:31.2 SRPutnam
264.9Peyton Kuffel
265.10Nathaniel Gurnee
20:53.7Westside Christian
266.9Kenny Pratt
20:58.9Westside Christian
267.9Ethan Edwards
21:06.2Crosshill Christian
268.11Matthew Gille
21:15.7Crosshill Christian
269.11Jim Benson
270.10Nathan Haskell
23:02.4Crosshill Christian
271.9Simon Griffin
24:41.8Westside Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters JVcoed

Official Team Scores

2.Henry Jackson97
3.St Mary's Academy101
5.West Linn204
6.Lake Oswego217
14.West Salem398
37.9Karina Amsden
23:34.9 PRLincoln
40.12Anna Saltveit
23:48.4 SRLincoln
47.9Arianna Cline
49.11Ellie Smith
24:10.6 PRHenry Jackson
56.11Madison Kenney
24:23.2 SRLincoln
58.10Marilyn Reyes
24:24.9 PRHeritage
64.11Maddie McDougal
24:35.9 PRValley Catholic
66.12Maggie Redshaw
24:37.9 SRLincoln
67.12Chaucie Edwards
68.12Justine Hanway
24:42.7 PRMountain View (OR)
72.9You Lian Weiner
24:45.5 SRLincoln
73.11Anna Golebiewski
25:04.9Henry Jackson
74.11Gabby Bruce
25:06.4 PRSt Mary's Academy
75.10Mackenzie Coder
25:07.8 SRLakeridge
76.9Ella Behnke
25:11.7 SRSt Mary's Academy
80.11Meghan Taylor
82.9Alexis Karbowicz
25:30.0 PRSt Mary's Academy
83.11Mikayla Barney
25:30.1 SRUnion
85.10Sabrina Bowman
25:32.8 PRWest Salem
88.9Susan Bibbs
25:36.1 SRHenry Jackson
90.11Annie Mayfield
25:39.6 SRLakeridge
91.10Riley Woodland
92.12Ellen Glad
25:40.6 PRLake Oswego
93.11Kathleen Resch
25:41.4 SRSherwood
96.12Sydney Collett
25:52.3 PRTillamook
97.10Eleanor Johnson
25:54.4 SRWest Linn
98.11Kamryn Laurence
25:56.1 SRHenry Jackson
99.11Charlie Lowther
25:57.5 PRClackamas
100.12Francesca Fontana
25:59.1 PRTillamook
101.10Cruci Gonzalez
25:59.9 PRUnion
102.10Erin Smith
26:00.8 SRMountain View (OR)
103.9Olivia Rovang
26:01.2West Linn
105.10Alexia Valdez
106.11Moira Chen
107.12Megan Yordy
108.10Lexy Dennis
26:05.8 PRClackamas
109.9Charlotte Cowan-Ruth
26:06.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
110.10Victoria Martusheff
26:06.7 PRSilverton
112.9Sarah Quenemoen
26:08.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
113.11Maris Thompson
26:08.4 SRLakeridge
114.10Anna Peters
26:10.2 PRLakeridge
116.12Samantha Cross
119.12Maddie Lawhead
120.9Delaney Chase
26:17.4 SRSherwood
121.11Louise Begue
26:18.4Lake Oswego
122.10Kendall Marshall
26:22.4 SRLakeridge
123.11Yessenia Martinez
124.10Catie Wright
26:24.5 SRSouth Albany
125.12Jennifer Li
26:27.1 PRLakeridge
126.11Lexus Pina
26:27.6 SRHeritage
128.11Sara Michell
129.9Kasey Osborn
26:30.0 SRHenry Jackson
130.9Susan Polevoy
26:30.7 SRHenry Jackson
131.11Katelynn Allen
26:33.7South Albany
132.10Acacia Like
26:34.7 SRWilsonville
133.9Gracie Hollin
26:34.9 SRSherwood
135.10Meghan Carbiener
26:39.3 SRWest Linn
136.9Andrea Ramos
26:40.5 PRNewberg
139.11Maggie Simcoe
140.10Emily Watson
141.11Casey Lum
26:43.6 SRLake Oswego
142.10Natalie MacMillan
26:43.9 SRWest Linn
143.12Aubryn Walters
26:44.1 SRMcMinnville
144.10Madison Roelofs
26:44.6 SRWilsonville
145.10Riley Hertford
26:44.8Lake Oswego
146.12Jessalyn Valdez
26:45.4 PRSherwood
147.12Anna Valio
26:48.5 PRMcMinnville
148.10Olivia George
26:50.1 PRWilsonville
150.12Ada Zhang
26:51.3 PRLake Oswego
151.12Ciara Taylor
26:51.8 SRLincoln
152.9Nicolletta Gilbert...
26:52.0 PRHenry Jackson
153.11Kayleigh Flynn
26:52.0 SRHenry Jackson
154.11Skylar Peak
156.11Skylar Gray
26:59.7 SRWest Linn
157.12Caroline Snell
27:02.2Lake Oswego
158.12Annalise Daul
27:03.2 PRClackamas
159.10Suzanne Stafford
160.11Elaina Maki
27:05.6 PRLiberty
162.10Caroline Iverson
163.10Pearl Prinslow
164.12AnnaKae Roberts
27:09.1 PRMcMinnville
165.12Yo-Yu Chou
27:10.4 PRClackamas
166.9Rowan Nelson
167.12Kaitamaria Pounds
27:15.2 PRWilsonville
168.10Cynthia Ramirez
27:16.7 SRWest Salem
169.10Sadie Neilson
170.12Elaine Rauer
27:23.5 PRTillamook
171.10Morgan Dunn
172.9Logan Arata-Wentwo...
173.12Savannah Sinn
27:24.8 PRSilverton
174.9Nina Fletcher
27:27.7 PRSt Mary's Academy
175.9Sophia Mick
27:28.6 PRSt Mary's Academy
176.10Nikki Wilson
177.12Marina Geist
178.12Miranda Hanson
179.11Monica Weber
27:32.4 PRHenry Jackson
181.9Mara Popescu
27:39.5 SRHenry Jackson
183.10Yesenia Sanchez
27:40.1 SRSkyview
184.11Brittni Plummer
27:44.3 SRUnion
185.11Megan Ryan
186.9Amy Schneider
187.11Nina Mundy
27:48.6St Mary's Academy
188.11Maddie Held
27:49.1 SRSherwood
189.11Sydney Kirsch
27:50.1Mountain View (WA)
190.11Jamie Adams
27:50.9Mountain View (WA)
191.9Anna Maxwell
27:51.9St Mary's Academy
192.12Tesa Breault
27:53.7 SRWest Linn
193.10Jill Batiuk
27:55.6Lake Oswego
194.12Cosette Adamson
27:56.5 SRSherwood
195.10Jessyka Evans
196.9Caitlyn Ark
27:58.5St Mary's Academy
197.10Aili Hauptmann
198.10Pallmer Thomas
199.10Evelyn Bizovi
28:06.2Lake Oswego
200.10Cierra Bump
28:07.3 SRPrairie
201.9Feeyee Zhen
202.12Tessa Noble
28:08.4 PRClackamas
203.10Alisen Vrabel
28:08.9 SRClackamas
204.9Caitlin Gill
205.10Honoka Yokoyama
28:13.9South Albany
206.10Morgan Mankin
28:15.3 PRWest Linn
207.10Kate Fayloga
28:15.6Lake Oswego
208.9Ally Weberg
209.11Caitlyn Udy
28:26.1 PRPrairie
210.9Hannah Kennedy
211.11Hayley Breen
28:32.1 PRHeritage
212.11Emma Fitzpatrick
28:32.3St Mary's Academy
213.11Natalie Hunt
28:33.5 PRPrairie
214.11Rocio Ponce
28:35.3 SRSkyview
215.11Sienna Warshawsky
216.9Maddie Taylor
217.9Ariana Waskin
28:37.0Crescent Valley
218.10Anna Harris
28:37.5 PRSt Mary's Academy
219.12Jennifer Ambrose
220.10Erin Chatel
28:41.6 PRSkyview
221.9Amanpreet Kang
28:43.1 PRHeritage
222.10Kayla Snow
28:44.4 PRLiberty
223.12Hannah Solheim
28:45.5 SRLiberty
224.11Antonia Kemmerling
225.11Allie Quinn
28:49.2 SRSt Mary's Academy
226.12Keeley Prestwich
28:50.2 PRPrairie
227.12Jaycie Anderson
28:55.7 PRPrairie
228.12Samantha Palladino
230.12Emma Jackola
231.10Courtney Thorn
232.11Allissa Van Order
233.12Serena Stoiantsche...
29:24.6Valley Catholic
234.9Emalyn Raper
29:28.6St Mary's Academy
236.10Claire Robert
237.9Sylvia Fraser
29:30.3 PRSt Mary's Academy
238.10Jennifer Miranda
29:33.5West Salem
239.9Lilly Burnett
29:33.5 SRWest Linn
240.10Amanda Aydelott
29:34.9 SRMcNary
241.9Megan Black
29:36.9Horizon Christian
242.12Katie Barnes
243.12Aimee Gay
29:43.2South Albany
244.11Rachel Simedru
245.9Amy Nguyen
29:49.6 PRHenry Jackson
246.11Natalia Gilbertson
29:55.1 PRHenry Jackson
247.10Allyson Mertz
248.10Ashley Kophs
30:23.4 SRSkyview
250.10Sania Kent
30:25.0West Salem
251.10Katie Stell
252.12Emily Pearson
253.9Eleanor Williams
30:31.7West Linn
255.10Gianna Golphenee
30:33.6 PRMountain View (WA)
256.11Hayden Givens
30:35.9 SRLiberty
257.9Anita Vandenburg
258.11Hillary Stark
30:38.2 SRWest Linn
259.9Annabelle Hartz
30:39.7 PRNewberg
260.12Gianna Bortoli
261.9Kyra Stoiantschewsky
30:46.4 SRValley Catholic
262.12Anne deGoeij
263.10Patricia Alegre
30:57.3 PRUnion
264.10Katherine Yoo
31:12.9 SRWest Linn
265.10Delia Davis-Blackb...
266.11Eliana Takano
31:32.1 SRWest Linn
267.12Hannah Lundeen
268.11Danielle Davis
269.11Katherine Hendrick...
32:06.5Henry Jackson
270.9Anna Sharp
32:07.0 SRSt Mary's Academy
271.9londit O'Longaigh
32:22.6St Mary's Academy
272.11Hailey Fredrickson
32:32.5 SRSkyview
273.10Elizabeth Rupp
274.11Rosa Mallorson
32:46.8St Mary's Academy
275.12April Jacobs
33:20.8 SRHenry Jackson
276.11Michayla Bradford
34:20.6 SRSkyview
277.9McKenzie Baker
34:28.7 SRWest Salem
278.9Clair Johnson
34:50.0 PRSherwood
279.11Kana Kunishima
34:55.9 SRSkyview
280.10Emily Rich
36:27.9Lake Oswego
281.11Mckenna Murray
36:50.6Lake Oswego
282.11Hope Murphy
36:51.1 SRLake Oswego
283.12Emma Davis
37:14.0Lake Oswego
284.12Caroline Molloy
37:14.6Lake Oswego
Provided by

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Madison Leapaldt
19:48.5Mountain View (OR)
2.10Anna Bishop
21:22.6 SRSt Mary's Academy
3.12Laura Place
21:41.0St Mary's Academy
4.12Jillian Rix
21:41.6St Mary's Academy
5.11Julia Canfield
21:41.9 PRSt Mary's Academy
6.12Anna Horton
21:51.2 SRLincoln
7.12Emmy Vesterberg
21:52.0 PRSilverton
8.12Madi Mayfield
21:52.3 PRLakeridge
9.11Emma Place
21:53.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
10.12Ursula Clausing-Hu...
21:55.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
11.11Krishelle Christner
22:02.2 PRSt Mary's Academy
12.10Olivia Bostick
22:07.6 SRSt Mary's Academy
13.11Analis Martin
22:15.8 PRLincoln
14.9Mia Yerton
15.9Alli Eroh
22:23.8 PRLincoln
16.9Victoria Lee
22:26.1 PRLakeridge
17.9Hailey Davis
22:26.6 PRWest Linn
18.9Karissa Walterman
22:27.7 PRClackamas
19.9Elida Ramsey
22:28.8 SRMountain View (OR)
20.10Katherine Renner
22:31.0 SRLincoln
21.10Lauren Burns
22:38.7 SRWilsonville
22.12Hannah Hodgson
22:42.7 SRSilverton
23.10Katie Rawlins
22:43.4 PRHenry Jackson
24.10Sofia Reyes
22:43.8 SRUnion
25.9Ellie Kobak
26.12Sydney Jones
22:45.7 PRLake Oswego
27.9Anna Mare
28.11Ann Monroe
22:49.5 SRLakeridge
29.10Sierra Smith
22:50.8 SRSt Mary's Academy
30.12Ashlyn McManus
22:51.4 PRWilsonville
31.11Annika Pounds
22:51.6 SRWilsonville
32.12Sarah Tucker
22:53.6 SRLake Oswego
33.9Maggie Wu
22:53.8 SRLakeridge
34.11Michelle Yan
35.12Heather Klug
23:03.1 PRMountain View (WA)
36.9Julia Patridge
23:05.4 SRLincoln
37.12Kristen Place
23:08.3 SRMountain View (OR)
38.10Rebekah Benson
23:10.7Mountain View (OR)
39.10MaryCatherine Morgan
23:11.6 SRSt Mary's Academy
40.10Haile Peveto
23:12.1 SRLincoln
41.11Eve Hallock
23:12.5 SRWilsonville
42.9Anya Katz
23:14.3 SRMountain View (OR)
43.10Mary Smith
23:15.2 SRSherwood
44.10Elizabeth Lusardi
23:16.4 SRCrescent Valley
45.10Sabrina Ufer
23:20.5 PRSt Mary's Academy
46.10Milena Rogers
23:22.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
47.12Natalie Johnson
23:26.8 SRHenry Jackson
48.10Anna Tassia
23:27.9 SRSt Mary's Academy
49.12Lotta Kaijalainen
23:28.0 PRNewberg
50.10Madeline Salo
23:28.1 SRWest Linn
51.10Tessa Zink
23:29.2 PRHenry Jackson
52.9Alejandra Vazquez-...
23:29.9 PRSilverton
53.11Marin Motylewski
23:31.6 SRLake Oswego
54.9Lydia Kramer
23:32.0 PRSt Mary's Academy
55.12Maria Arenas
56.11Anna Nichols
23:33.0 SRLincoln
57.11Jacqueline Baca
23:35.6 SRNewberg
58.12Lexi Williams
23:36.1 SRClackamas
59.11Renee Myers
23:36.4 PRMcMinnville
60.11Danika Odell
23:36.9 SRWest Linn
61.12Anne-Marie Wieland
62.12Theodora Mautz
23:38.0 SRLincoln
63.11Megan Manley
23:40.4 PRWest Linn
64.11Audrey Zerr
23:42.8 SRSt Mary's Academy
65.10Tessa Faulhaber
23:43.7 PRSilverton
66.12Cassie Ventura
23:44.6 SRSilverton
67.11Celia Diffely
23:45.0 SRLincoln
68.11Kayla Dahlberg
23:46.0 PRWilsonville
69.11Michal Jones
23:47.1Henry Jackson
70.11Olivia Bridwell
23:51.6Lake Oswego
71.12Nicole Callahan
72.9Clare Soennichsen
23:58.1 SRSt Mary's Academy
73.10Kelley Phelan
23:58.6 PRLakeridge
74.9Kaila Willard
24:00.6 PRWilsonville
75.12Erin Allison
76.11Grace Glisson
24:02.1 SRSt Mary's Academy
77.11Harper Eveleth
24:02.4 SRLakeridge
78.9Jesica Baca
24:02.5 SRNewberg
79.11Sarah Johnson
24:02.7 SRWilsonville
80.10Lucy Cummins
24:07.0 PRSt Mary's Academy
81.10Rachel Kuhnert
24:07.3 SRLakeridge
82.12Jennica Carlile
24:07.7 PRTillamook
83.9Anandi Williams
24:08.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
84.10Maggie Arnold
24:09.1 PRPrairie
85.9Harper D'Andrea
24:09.7 PRSt Mary's Academy
86.11Megan Bailey
87.11Elisabeth Sullivan
24:11.6 PRSt Mary's Academy
88.11Alyssa Enghauser
24:13.3 SRCrescent Valley
89.10Sophia Antrim
24:13.5 PRSherwood
90.9Taylor Wright
24:14.1 PRWest Linn
91.10Denali Webber
24:15.4 PRTualatin
92.11Sophie Croome
24:17.0 PRLake Oswego
93.10Isabel Dreyfus
24:17.2 SRSt Mary's Academy
94.9Natalie Rader
24:18.6 SRSt Mary's Academy
95.12Claire FitzGerald
24:18.9 PRSt Mary's Academy
96.11Alicia Capuchine
24:20.0 PRMcNary
97.12Anna Klug
24:20.7 PRMountain View (WA)
98.11Katheryne Cox
24:25.7 SRSouth Albany
99.12Caitlin Clifford
100.12Rebekah Denning
24:27.0 SRHenry Jackson
101.11Caty Powell
24:29.0 PRWest Linn
102.12Kaylee Combs
24:30.1West Linn
103.11Jocelyn Welberg
24:32.0 PRWilsonville
104.9Paige Spencer
24:33.1 PRMountain View (WA)
105.9Carina Baca
24:34.7 SRNewberg
106.10Maddy Cottle
24:35.6 SRLake Oswego
107.9Anna Speer
24:36.0 SRWest Linn
108.9Ashley Corley
24:37.3Mountain View (WA)
109.10Annelin Stephens
110.10Kayley Pruden
24:41.9 SRPrairie
111.10Tanya Finestein
24:42.4 PRWest Linn
112.11Annie Lee
24:42.7 SRSt Mary's Academy
113.9Nancy Bignell
24:43.5 SRLakeridge
114.9Sage Kosmala
24:43.8 PRTigard
115.9Allison Ruth
24:44.3 SRClackamas
116.10Caroline Hall
24:46.6 SRSt Mary's Academy
117.9Sara Conklin
24:47.4Mountain View (OR)
118.11June Davies
119.10Katelyn Metzger
120.12Sarah Simpson
24:49.6 PRMcMinnville
121.11Vicky Nganga
24:54.7 SRMountain View (WA)
122.12Taylor Hamilton
24:57.7 PRCrescent Valley
123.9Amy Gilliat
124.10Makayla Rife
24:59.9 SRTualatin
125.10Maia Insinga
25:00.9 PRLakeridge
126.11Ellie Meyer
25:07.4 SRWest Linn
127.11Brienna Voss
25:10.2 SRClackamas
128.11Shelby Larson
129.12Natalie Roe
25:11.1 PRSherwood
130.10Jennifer Verdin
25:12.6 SRTillamook
131.12Emma Vaincourt
25:14.5 PRSherwood
132.11Katie Stubbs
25:15.5 SRClackamas
133.9Megan Hann
134.10Vanessa Gonzalez
25:16.6 SRNewberg
135.12Morgan Nuss
136.12Kylen Tromblay
137.10Adaline Lee
138.9Nadia Alvarez
25:19.4 PRWest Salem
139.12Marisa McGrath
140.9Sophia Lochner
25:21.2 PRWilsonville
141.12Kaeti Richards
25:22.8 SRTillamook
142.10Emma Rivas
25:23.6 SRSherwood
143.10Olivia Bean
25:25.0 SRWilsonville
144.9Migdalia Pensado
145.9Lauren Hannu
25:27.1 PRBattle Ground
146.11Lynnae Boyer
25:27.3 PRNewberg
147.10Catherine Hancock
148.9Kenna Reid
149.12Brianna Gelow
25:28.5 PRClackamas
150.12Kelsey Allen
151.11Gabrielle Foley
152.11Sarah McKay
25:47.2 PRWest Linn
153.12Keyona Durbin
154.11Michelle Esterhuizen
25:54.5Crescent Valley
155.11Ruby Rosas
25:58.1 PRTillamook
156.10Angelica Ocampo
26:00.0 SRLiberty
157.12Marina Diaz
158.10Monica Herrera
26:23.2 PRWoodburn
159.9Olivia Hill
160.9Ashleigh Lawson
161.12Krista Zobrist
26:27.9 SRTualatin
162.10Maureen Mullally
26:28.1Mountain View (WA)
163.11Molly Test
164.10Miranda Dahmen
26:38.3 SRClackamas
165.10Charlotte Cozza
166.12Emily Tasaka
27:10.4Henry Jackson
167.10Allison Lorphanpai...
27:26.0 PRBattle Ground
168.9Daria Kent
169.10Maria Arellano
28:29.8 SRBattle Ground
170.9Otillia Schreuder
29:13.9St Mary's Academy
Provided by

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Brooke Kingma
17:53.0 PRHenry Jackson
2.12Alexis Fuller
3.11Brooke Chuhlantseff
18:13.4 PRWest Salem
4.10Savanna Craig
18:25.4 SRMountain View (WA)
5.11Rachel Khaw
18:33.9 PRLiberty
6.9McKenna Henke
18:35.6 SRCrescent Valley
7.12Lucy O'Sullivan
18:36.5 PRSt Mary's Academy
8.12Molly McCullough
18:40.5 PRSt Mary's Academy
9.11Lacey Conner
18:43.5 SRSt Mary's Academy
10.11Maddie Fuhrman
18:49.9 SRSilverton
11.12Jamie Ferris
18:54.3 SRPrairie
12.10Maia Edwards
18:55.0 SRClackamas
13.10Allie Connell
18:55.9 PRUnion
14.10Ciara Jones
19:00.3 PRMountain View (OR)
15.12Michaela Bruns
19:02.2 PRPrairie
16.12Tia Hatton
19:05.4 PRMountain View (OR)
17.11Sage Hassell
19:10.5Mountain View (OR)
18.10Lara Rix
19:11.2 SRSt Mary's Academy
19.10Annika Steele
19:20.2 SRLincoln
20.9Rowan Halsey
19:21.0 SRSt Mary's Academy
21.11Kate Patterson
19:23.8 SRSt Mary's Academy
22.11Cassie McKinney
19:24.0 SRUnion
23.10Johanna Briscoe
19:24.9 SRWest Linn
24.10Delaney Hartmann
19:25.1 SRFranklin
25.12Victoria Kehler
19:27.0 PRHeritage
26.10Cole Gross
19:27.4 PRHenry Jackson
27.12Darlina Rose
19:29.2 PRHeritage
28.9Kailey Doutt
19:32.3 SRMcNary
29.9Grace David
19:33.5 SRLake Oswego
30.10Lauren Mahnke
19:35.1 PRMountain View (WA)
31.12Megan Condon
19:35.1 PRSkyview
32.11Whitney Rich
33.10Kate Intile
19:37.2 SRTualatin
34.11Batya Beard
19:38.3 SRSt Mary's Academy
35.12Lisa Jauch
19:39.1 PRWestside Christian
36.10Lindy Voss
19:42.7 SRSherwood
37.12Lindsay Asplund
19:43.3 SRPrairie
38.12Elizabeth Dean
19:49.3 PRTigard
39.11Emily Hylland
19:50.3 SRHenry Jackson
40.12Hannaly Duff-McGau...
19:51.2 PRTigard
41.10Haley Prusse
19:52.2 SRWilsonville
42.12Madison Budge
19:52.7 PRSherwood
43.10Grace Hanna
19:53.0 SRNewberg
44.12Sam Mckibbon
19:55.3 PRSherwood
45.9Alexa Hayes
20:02.1 SRClackamas
46.9Kara Putman
20:03.4 SRTillamook
47.10Eliana Eby
20:03.8 PRFranklin
48.11Andrea Velazquez
20:08.0 PRLake Oswego
49.12Emily Cantrell-Cole
20:09.3 PRWest Salem
50.11Cecilia Wong
20:09.6 SRFranklin
51.10Kennedy Thompson
20:09.9 PRMountain View (OR)
52.11Elli Newman
20:10.6 PRLakeridge
53.12Kestrel Bailey
20:13.4 SRTillamook
54.11Annabel Guptill
20:13.7 PRMcNary
55.9Brooklyn James
20:14.7 SRClackamas
56.10Dulcie Jones
20:15.5 SRLake Oswego
57.10Emmy Hensley
20:16.0 PRSherwood
58.11Vanessa Hufnagel
20:16.5Crescent Valley
59.11Isabel Leonard
20:18.4 SRFranklin
60.10Rosemary Elliot
20:19.0 SRFranklin
61.10Emily Van Orman
20:23.4 SRLake Oswego
62.11Emma Smith
20:25.3 SRLake Oswego
63.11Jassmine Reill
20:25.6 PRMountain View (OR)
64.11Winter Baumgartner
20:26.6 SRHenry Jackson
65.11Veronique Calmels
20:26.9 SRTigard
66.10Marley Johnson
20:27.0 SRTigard
67.11Maricela Jaroch
20:27.4 SRValley Catholic
68.10Megan Bruns
20:27.6 SRPrairie
69.12Mckenna Masterson
20:28.0 PRTigard
70.10Katy Howells
20:28.4 SRLake Oswego
71.10Eleanor Tetreault
72.12Laura Votava
20:29.1 SRSt Mary's Academy
73.12Hannah Cesario
20:34.5 PRHorizon Christian
74.9McKinsey Breier
75.11Kendra Jackson
20:36.6 PRLake Oswego
76.12Abby Diess
20:37.3St Mary's Academy
77.11Kelly Roth
20:38.9 PRSherwood
78.9Brooklyn Stenstrom
20:39.8 SRWilsonville
79.10Stephanie Zitzelbe...
20:40.1 SRSilverton
80.11Sara Kim
20:40.4 PRWilsonville
81.10Maj Wehrmeister
20:41.8 SRLakeridge
82.11CeCe Hall
20:43.0 PRSt Mary's Academy
83.10Gillian Stephenson
20:43.7 SRCrescent Valley
84.11Macey Hsu
20:45.4 PRPrairie
85.10Misun Chong
20:46.6 PRUnion
86.11Sophie French
20:47.0 SRLakeridge
87.11Lillie French
20:47.4 PRLakeridge
88.11Roxanne Hannam
20:51.7 PRMountain View (WA)
89.12Allie Rasmussen
20:51.8 SRWest Salem
90.12Emily Gillett
20:52.1 PRWilsonville
91.12Dorothy Wang
20:53.2 SRLakeridge
92.9Samantha Monello
20:55.0 PRWilsonville
93.11Carly Veasy
20:55.2La Salle Prep
94.10Emma Harbison
95.11Micaela Frick
20:57.5 PRHenry Jackson
96.10Stephanie Hamilton
97.10Abigail Dalke
20:59.7 SRLincoln
98.9Ashley Ulberg
21:04.1 SRTualatin
99.12Toni Gowen
21:04.2 SRWilsonville
100.9Kerry Horton
101.10Hillary Wyllie
21:08.3 SRMountain View (OR)
102.12Margaret Halstead
21:10.2 SRNewberg
103.11June Pauly
21:10.8Lake Oswego
104.9Ellen Burbank
21:15.5 SRSkyview
105.11April Chia
21:16.5 PRLakeridge
106.11Olivia Ogard
21:16.7 SRLa Salle Prep
107.9Xela Shawn
21:17.4 PRLincoln
108.11Hannah Baggs
21:22.6 SRLa Salle Prep
109.12Zoe Clegg
21:22.8 SRClackamas
110.12Courtney Beard
111.11Ermina Lee
21:23.3 SRValley Catholic
112.11Myriam Yao
21:23.8 SRLa Salle Prep
113.12Molly Fettig
114.10Nicole Oh
21:26.2 SRTualatin
115.12Kela Apau
21:26.2 SRTigard
116.11Sarah King
21:26.3 PRPrairie
117.9Sage Bailey
21:27.0 PRTillamook
118.9Braylin Jenson
21:27.3 PRHenry Jackson
119.9Priya Kadel
21:27.6 PRWest Linn
120.10Emmalyn Leonard
21:27.6 SRWest Linn
121.10Taylor Rarick
21:27.9 PRNewberg
122.12Tori Eichten
21:28.0 PRNewberg
123.12Sydney Peters
21:29.2 SRClackamas
124.10Christina Hollon
21:31.9Crescent Valley
125.11Amy Moring
21:32.2 SRLake Oswego
126.10Danielle Johnson
21:32.6 SRHenry Jackson
127.9Naomi Moulton
128.12Cassia Catterall
21:35.4 PRSilverton
129.10Emily Curtis
21:36.2 SRWestside Christian
130.9Katelynn Franklin
21:38.6 SRBattle Ground
131.12Grace Livengood
21:38.8 PRWest Salem
132.11Grace Cruickshank
21:39.2Westside Christian
133.9Anya Jesson
21:40.5 PRLincoln
134.12Taylor Ford
135.11Sontia Christopher
21:41.6Battle Ground
136.11Savanah Kehler
21:42.6 SRHeritage
137.9Caitlin Smith
21:42.9 PRLakeridge
138.10Olivia Cooper
21:43.2 PRLa Salle Prep
139.12Dominique Holman
21:43.8 PRWilsonville
140.10Riley Humbert
21:44.2 SRLakeridge
141.12Madi Willihnganz
21:47.7 SRLake Oswego
142.11Bailey Hardinge
21:49.2 SRTigard
143.9Maddie Smith
21:49.7Crescent Valley
144.9Abby Taylor
21:50.2 PRLincoln
145.12Sequoia Rysdam
21:50.6 SRSilverton
146.12Danielle Russell
21:51.4Battle Ground
147.10Alina Svirdan
148.10Hazel Wallin
21:52.9 PRMountain View (WA)
149.10Leah Doeden
150.10Hanna Van Nortwick
21:54.0 PRSkyview
151.12Gillian Freitas
21:55.0 PRPrairie
152.10Bailey White
21:56.2 SRMountain View (WA)
153.12Valeria Vazquez-Tr...
21:57.3 PRSilverton
154.12Hanna Morford
21:58.1 SRWest Linn
155.12Emma Woodburn
156.12Emily McLeod
21:58.9 PRValley Catholic
157.12Kacey Little
22:00.7 PRCrescent Valley
158.11Jessica Noyes
22:02.4 PRMcMinnville
159.12Grace Marchesseault
22:04.0 SRHeritage
160.10Emily Haslam
22:04.0 PRUnion
161.9Payton Goebel
22:05.6Westside Christian
162.9Alison Repp
22:06.7 SRMcNary
163.12Alexandra Walker
22:08.3 PRBattle Ground
164.10Olivia Rebich
22:08.4 SRLiberty
165.12Jane Provost
22:09.5Mountain View (WA)
166.12Adrienne Hohensee
22:09.6 PRWest Linn
167.9Christine Davis
22:10.2 SRUnion
168.11Rebekah Boucher
22:12.6 PRBattle Ground
169.9Maddie Rollins
170.9Emily Hogan
22:14.4 SRSkyview
171.9Natalie Pihulak
172.11Kameryn Price
22:18.8 PRSherwood
173.9Madeline McClellan
22:20.0 SRBattle Ground
174.9Mallory Roberts
22:20.7 SRMountain View (OR)
175.9Alyssa Moreland
176.12Chloe Tomlinson
177.9Alida Lopez
22:23.2Mountain View (OR)
178.12Bridgett Palmer
179.12Brianna Fernandez
22:28.7 SRWilsonville
180.12Kristie McWilliams
22:30.7 SRNewberg
181.12Amber Harvey
22:31.2 SRClackamas
182.11Jaime Sullivan
22:31.4 SRWest Linn
183.9Carlee Reed
22:32.9Mountain View (WA)
184.12Lizzy Ellingson
22:34.0 PRWoodburn
185.11Sarah Krill
22:34.4 SRTualatin
186.10Ashlyn Welk
22:39.4 PRTualatin
187.10Jenny Kwon
22:39.7 PRLake Oswego
188.9Lindsay Mackenzie
22:41.0 SRPrairie
189.9Madison McChesney
22:44.6 SRVeritas
190.9Courtney Davis
22:46.4 PRUnion
191.10Mariah Pyle
192.11Clarissa Au
22:48.5 SRTigard
193.9Sarah Branstetter
22:48.7 SRPutnam
194.12Kaleah Walterman
195.12Marija Jozic
22:54.2 SRWest Linn
196.12Callan Brick
22:55.2 PRMountain View (OR)
197.11Kaylynn Miller
22:57.9 SRSouth Albany
198.10Nicole Bell
23:00.9Crescent Valley
199.10Brittan Robinett
23:01.5 PRSkyview
200.12Sarah Wright
23:11.1 SRSouth Albany
201.12Julia Lewis
23:11.3 PRMcNary
202.10Raven Hartley
23:12.1Crescent Valley
203.9Josie Hall
204.11Hayley Hensley
205.9Mary Eisenbacher
23:17.3 PRValley Catholic
206.10Hayden Wilde
207.11Natalie Shaw
23:21.0 SRTigard
208.10Haley Erickson
23:23.6 SRHeritage
209.12Sabrina Polman
210.9Amber Miller
211.10Emma Platt
23:29.0South Albany
212.11Markita Martin
23:30.6 SRTillamook
213.11Sydney Rose
23:31.9 SRLiberty
214.12Daniela Sanchez-Rios
23:36.3 PRMcNary
215.12Jane Westenhaver
23:42.0 PRTualatin
216.9Noelle Mannan
23:42.2 PRValley Catholic
217.12Jennie Jiang
218.9Alexandra Call
219.10McKenzie Richards
220.12Claire Bernhisel
23:44.9 SRMcMinnville
221.12Caitlyn Wahnshchaffe
222.9Morgan Darby
23:53.5 SRTualatin
223.10Mariana Diaz
224.12Katherine Metz
225.12Camille Collier
24:06.6West Linn
226.12Bailey Staley
24:07.6 PRMcNary
227.12Havilah Patching
228.10Anna Gurnik
24:29.5Battle Ground
229.12Jackelin Diaz
24:34.6 SRLiberty
230.12Abbey Hayes
24:39.7 SRPutnam
231.9Eilish Wayrynen
232.12Julia Engstrom
25:05.4 PRValley Catholic
233.9Oksana Greenwood
25:11.4West Salem
234.11Emery Roberts
235.11Nikki Leighton
30:40.6Westside Christian
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