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Tahoma 15K Coed Cross-Country Relays  (coaches)

Tahoma 15K Coed Cross-Country Relays

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Lake Wilderness Park, Maple Valley, WA

Race Times:

  • Open 3K Run: Boys 8:30am & Girls 8:40am 
  • 9:15 Relay Race begins

InformationCourse Map

  • Teams consist of five runners: no more than three male or female (2 boys/3 girls or 3 boys/2 girls).
  • Each school can enter unlimited teams.
  • Teams can pick their own order to run.
  • Bring your extra runners to join with other schools to form relay teams.
  • Each leg is 3 kilometers.
  • 10% Pavement, 35% Grass, 50% Trails, 5%(or less) Water
  • There will be a 3K Open Run starting at 8:30. Cost is $5.00 per individual at time of race, except coaches and team entrants not on a relay. We will not be timing the open run. The boys and girls will have a 10 minute staggered start.
  • Awards: Medals to 1st – 10th place teams (one for each member of the team)
  • BBQ pits are available for teams that would like to enjoy a picnic after the race.
  • This event is intended to be a good team building activity.

Entry Fee is $125 per school, unlimited number of relay teams.

Mail to:

Tahoma XC Running Club #191
26828 Maple Valley Hwy.

Maple Valley, WA 98038

When you arrive (or fill out prior), you will be handed a packet with entry forms for your teams, please fill the forms out and return it to the registration table to get your race numbers. You can get race tags for the open run for each member on your team that will be running in the open run (coaches welcome as well) at the registration. More details will be available in your packets.

3K Open Run is a Community Run and is open to all that want to participate. Cost is $5. (Coaches and HS team members are free)

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Devin Wulff
11:01 PRRedmond
12Andrew Ayers
9Tamire Proctor
11:11 SRNorthwest
12Graham Peet
11:21 PRNorthwest
10Tibebu Proctor
11:25 SRNorthwest
12Kurt Lamon
11:25 PRLake Washington
11Dylan Holland
11:34 PRAnacortes
11Hameed Makttoof
11:35 SRRenton
12Michael Schach
11:37 PRRedmond
11Kameron Jones
11:41 SRRenton
12Jared McMeen
11:45 PRKentwood
11Ron Roberts
11:45 PREatonville
12Ryan Clarke
11:48 PRPort Townsend
10Daniel Langer
11:48 SRLindbergh
11Noah Kells
11:51 SRJuanita
12Zachary Ames
11:54 PREatonville
10James Parker
11:55 PRAnacortes
11Juan Medina
12:01 SRSouth Albany
12Tynan Cardwell
12:06 PRSouth Albany
11Tom Mikkelson
12:08 SRJuanita
10Adrian Goodwin
12:09 SRJuanita
10Matt Nechiporuk
12:10 SRKentwood
9Tyler Hughey
12:10 SRLindbergh
11Grant Mackey
12:11 SRJuanita
12Alex Most
12:12 PRNorthwest
12Ethan Lockhart
12:12 PRLake Washington
12Erik Oldenburger
12:21 PRJuanita
12Arthur Emmons
12Jovany Ruiz-Navarr...
12:24 PRJuanita
10Deven Maddy
12:25 SRLindbergh
11Nick Goodwin
12:27 SRJuanita
9Kyle Nickum
12:28 PRRedmond
12Vu Nguyen
12:29 PRRenton
11Jacob Montiel-Bravo
12:29 PRRedmond
10Matt Jackson
12Trevor Derie
12:33 PRAnacortes
12Dan Pham
12:33 PRRenton
12Andrew Burt
12:34 PRJuanita
11Adam Wheeler
12:36 PRKentwood
12Sumiran Poudel
12:38 PRRenton
12Michael Ketsdever
12:38 SRSouth Albany
11Isaac Harper
12Jared Hanson
12:41 PRAnacortes
10Angel Cordoba
12:43 PRRenton
12Alex Chen
12:43 PRRedmond
9Tyler Volta
12:43 PRRedmond
10Ian Fay
11Bobby Belter
12:47 SRKentwood
10Cameron Hammontree
11Joel Keddie
12:51 SRRedmond
9Eric Nickum
12:51 PRRedmond
10Jeff Vazquez
12:55 PRAnacortes
12Jakob Kurle
12:56 PRRenton
12Conrad Von Scheliha
12:56 PRLake Washington
10Calvin Roskelley
12:56 PRSouth Albany
9Michael Medina
12:57 SRSouth Albany
9Calder Wood
12:58 PRAnacortes
10Max Randal
12:59 PRRedmond
11Brendan Stamper
13:00 SRKentwood
11Vincent Dams
10Alex Sifuentes
13:00 SRLindbergh
9Tai Anthony McMillan
13:03 SRRenton
12Max Mondzac
13:04 SRNorthwest
10Brennan LaBrie
13:05 SRPort Townsend
10Thomas Witney
13:07 SRSouth Albany
12Daniel Bolliger
9Owen Leslie
13:08 PRRedmond
9Chad Keddie
13:10 PRRedmond
9Josh Trujillo
13:10 PRSpanaway Lake
12Caleb Schwartz
13:12 PRLake Washington
10Eric Olsen
13:13 PRAnacortes
10Michael Gengo
13:16 SRJuanita
12Jason McLean
13:16 PRJuanita
10Jacky Chen
13:18 PRJuanita
10Dylan York
13:18 SRRedmond
12Dakota Bickford
13:18 SRSpanaway Lake
12Nate Richards
13:19 SRKing's
12Luis Arguijo
13:19 PRJuanita
12Sean Dwyer
13:20 PRPort Townsend
11Travis Rice
13:20 PRRedmond
11Simon Fraser
11Marshall Clairmont
13:22 SRLindbergh
11Tyler Whittaker
13:22 SRSouth Albany
12Michael Chaney
13:23 PRJuanita
10Eduardo Nicolas
13:24 PRRenton
10Gunnar Schultz
11John Shaw
12Samy Megalli
13:27 PRNorthwest
11Stirling Lam
13:27 SRRenton
12Nate Lemiszki
13:28 PRAnacortes
9Joseph Gathuru
13:29 PRRenton
9Jordan Bickford
13:29 PRSpanaway Lake
10Brian Granillo
13:30 PRRedmond
10Ben Visse
13:32 PRRedmond
10Anthony Hess
13:34 PRSpanaway Lake
10Alejandro Montanez
13:35 SRPort Townsend
11Tucker Peterson
13:36 SRSouth Albany
9Andrew Nord
13:36 SRSouth Albany
11Austin Hughes
13:39 PRAnacortes
12Justin Mendoza
11Kai Perschbacher
13:40 PRAnacortes
12Mark Streett
13:41 PRPort Townsend
11Jared Felix
13:41 SRKentwood
12Selby Ranger
13:42 PRRedmond
12Braden Barnard
13:43 PRLake Washington
12Brett Burns
13:43 SRSouth Albany
12Joel Mackey
13:44 PRPort Townsend
11Xavaar Quaranto
13:45 PREatonville
10Rand Ferch
13:45 PRRedmond
12Evan Blajev
13:46 PRRedmond
11Ryan Foggin
13:47 PRAnacortes
9Tyler Miller
13:47 SRSouth Albany
10Colton Smith
13:48 PRSpanaway Lake
9Ben Benson
9Connor McElmurry
9Ethan Seaman
13:56 PRAnacortes
10Chase Bolin
11Frank Garland
13:57 PRNorthwest
10Colton Komar
13:58 SRLindbergh
11Michael Chen
13:59 PRRedmond
10Nick Miller
14:00 PRRedmond
11Kyle McIntyre
14:01 PRLake Washington
12Evan Lin
14:02 SRNorthwest
12Collin Mallinak
14:02 PRLake Washington
11Johnny Fischer
14:05 PRAnacortes
12Arthur Brunnenkant
14:05 PRJuanita
9Ty Maurer
14:05 SRJuanita
10Alex Miller
14:06 SRKentwood
8Lewi Hagos
14:07 PRKing's
9Roman Billing
10Carson Hutchings
14:08 PREatonville
12Gavin Shavey
14:09 PRJuanita
11Shannon Smith
14:10 SRJuanita
12Connor Lemons
11Payton Guthrie
14:11 PRJuanita
11Josiah Cline
14:11 PRRedmond
11Jerry Robinson
14:12 SRKentwood
12Wesley Warriner
14:12 SRRedmond
11Sam Riccardi
14:13 SRAnacortes
12Hunter Eider
14:13 PRRenton
10Eliot Briefer
14:15 PRAnacortes
12Nate Blanchard
14:16 PRJuanita
9Oskar Shambaugh
14:16 PRRedmond
12Joe Ziller
14:17 PRKentwood
12Jayden Schwope
14:18 SRLindbergh
10Logan Warriner
14:18 PRRedmond
10Son Do
14:20 SRKentwood
10Noah Smith
14:22 SRRenton
12Zane deCillia
14:25 PRKentwood
10Josh Nelson
14:25 SRLindbergh
12Dillon Hansen
14:29 PRRedmond
9Jeremy Caldeira
14:31 PRRenton
11Ron Beverly
14:31 PRSouth Albany
12Viet Pham
14:35 PRLindbergh
10Rafael Rodriguez
14:36 PRRenton
9Jesus Duran
14:37 SRPort Townsend
11Cody Frost
14:37 PRAnacortes
10Andrew Calderhead
14:39 PRRedmond
10Alex Hsu
14:40 PRRedmond
9Joey Kissinger
10Eli Ballesteros
14:42 SRRenton
12Cameron Maddox
14:44 PRAnacortes
9Caleb Klingsheim
9Mohad Abdi
14:47 PRRenton
11Lars Candland
10Eric Rogers
14:48 PRLake Washington
10Nate Weeks
14:50 PRAnacortes
10Graydon Lehto
10Chase O'Brien
14:53 SRLindbergh
12Kyle Bergfalk
14:54 PRAnacortes
10Kyle Fang
14:55 SRRenton
9Brennen Hall
14:56 PREatonville
10Kristian Ramos
14:57 SRKentwood
10Kerrington Botts-H...
15:04 PRRenton
9Thomas Dylan
15:05 PRAnacortes
9Emmett Klaiber
9Gregory Lum
15:05 SRJuanita
11Adam Braude
15:08 PRPort Townsend
11Matt Sledge
15:09 SRSouth Albany
9Grant Van Valkenburg
9Daniel Murphy
12Edgar Cetino
15:12 SRRenton
9Michael Chovanak
15:15 PRRedmond
11Max Lorenze
15:16 PRNorthwest
9Dmitriy Kot
15:17 SRKentwood
9Jackson Frank
9Adrian Cordoba
15:18 PRRenton
11Daniel Gutmann
10Rome Lin
15:20 SRNorthwest
9Cody Allington
15:20 SRJuanita
9Josh Medvinsky
15:20 PRRedmond
11Logan Hoggard
15:21 PRLake Washington
11Will Sladich
15:22 SRAnacortes
9Patrick McCabe
9Nathan Greenhaw
15:23 SRJuanita
12Jeff Roetcisoender
15:24 SRJuanita
9Titus Bender
12Kamden Chew
15:30 PRJuanita
12Adrian Leary
15:30 PRJuanita
12Kirk Huse
15:30 PREatonville
12Peyton Lantis
15:35 SRCedarcrest
10Cooper Wechkin
12Tristan Heywood
15:42 PRRedmond
12Kyle McNeley
15:43 PREatonville
9Israel Slater
15:44 PRLake Washington
12Long Tran
15:45 SRRenton
8Alex Grimm
15:48 PRKing's
9Jakob Bell
15:50Spanaway Lake
9Christopher Donohue
15:54 PREatonville
9Justin Young
10Michael Stuart
15:58 PRRenton
11Alex Martz
16:00 SRLindbergh
10Trevor Dalton
16:00 SRLindbergh
9Johannes Reitinger
16:03 PRRedmond
11Torjan Barnes
10Aldrey Raquiza
16:09 PRRenton
10Javier Santos
16:15 SRKentwood
11Anuraag Polisetty
16:18 PRRedmond
9Noah Tyler
16:19 SRJuanita
10Luke Sturdivant
16:27 PREatonville
12Alex Drake
16:28 PRRedmond
12Wyatt Jabaay
16:30 PREatonville
12Tony Pham
16:31 PRRenton
10Gabriel Villavicen...
16:32 PRRenton
9Trevor Christensen
16:34 PRRedmond
11Brad Crevling
16:35 PRKentwood
9John Pham
16:37 SRRenton
9Aaron Guillen-Garcia
16:38 SRRenton
11James Swanson
16:43 PRAnacortes
11Austin Gulstrom
16:47 SRSouth Albany
9Joseph Robi
16:48 SRRenton
9Connor Smith
16:50 PRAnacortes
9Graham Godfrey
16:55 PRLake Washington
9Brandon Hooper
17:07 SRLindbergh
9Gage Olsen
17:13 PREatonville
12Jason Kendrick
17:14 PRJuanita
12Tai Nguyen
12Ian Hawkins
17:15 PREatonville
12Keaton Sjogren
17:20 PRJuanita
9Andrew Trinidad
17:28 PREatonville
10Montana Kottkey
17:29 PRRedmond
11Ben Finch
17:35 SRKentwood
10Taiga Koffron
17:36 PRRedmond
10Rian Peterson
17:36 PRRedmond
10Chandler Larsen
17:41 PRKentwood
10Brandon Saari
17:43 SRLindbergh
12Joey Donahue
17:45 PRJuanita
11Justin Apolonio
17:48 SRRenton
9Matt Triplett
17:49 PRJuanita
10Keenan Barr
17:52 PRRedmond
9Ethan Darrah
18:01 PREatonville
7Titus Shorack
18:10 SRKing's
12Jarod Miller
18:12 PRCedarcrest
9Jay Nguyen
18:13 PRRenton
10Gavin Derting
18:27 PRAnacortes
9Austin Ward
18:27 SRCedarcrest
9Evan Luttrell
19:28 SRLindbergh
9Barret Buchstaber
19:29 PRAnacortes
9August Chen
19:47 PRRedmond
12Jovani Azpeitia
9Jacob Getty
19:50 SRKentwood
12Cooper Lytle
12Chris Potter
11Leshon Lucas
20:11 PRAnacortes
12Richard Zhou
9Rex Zhu
7Carson Sharpe
21:15 PRKing's
12Dylan Doerflinger
21:55 PRLake Washington
7Rodney Johnston
22:57 PRKing's
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Megan LeGresley
13:05 PRLake Washington
12Hazel Carr
13:27 SRNorthwest
12Emily Peterson
13:43 PRJuanita
12Caitlyn Rowe
13:57 PRSouth Albany
12Alexis Manns
14:00 SRJuanita
10Nadia Medvinsky
14:10 PRRedmond
12Julia Mitchell
14:11 PRNorthwest
10Feven Fessehatzion
14:12 SRLindbergh
10Emma McMeen
14:30 PRKentwood
12Tyra Beckman
14:34 PRRenton
12Maddie McCann
14:38 PRNorthwest
9Kellie Cobb
14:43 PRRedmond
10Nicole Soleim
14:44 SRKentwood
12Katia Matora
14:44 PRLake Washington
11Christine Villanueva
14:50 SRLindbergh
9Kelis Barton
14:54 SRRenton
12Alyssa Foster
14:55 SRRedmond
10Madi Shinn
10Ebsitu Hassen
15:01 PRRenton
10Emily Padgett
15:03 PREatonville
9Sophia Riccardi
15:10 PRAnacortes
11Stella Gillman
15:15 PRAnacortes
10Krystal Brodsky
10Grace Dzieciuch
15:18 PRAnacortes
10Molly McCammon
15:18 SRNorthwest
11Emma Vuksich
15:25 PREatonville
10Courtney Tobin
12Mekenna Mossman
15:27 SRRedmond
10Bethany Clowers
15:28 PRLake Washington
9Emma Bury
15:30 PRRedmond
12Nicole Rhodes
15:30 PRRedmond
11Ruby Farias
12Samantha Cobb
15:33 SRRedmond
10Kristen Buckingham
15:35 PRLake Washington
12Emily Yoshioka
15:37 PRRenton
10Payton Palsson
15:43 PRJuanita
9Claire Cocales
15:43 PRLake Washington
9Catryce Thompson
15:50 PRKentwood
11Clara Estenson
15:50 PRAnacortes
10Taleah Phillips
15:55 PRAnacortes
10Risa Shutz
15:57 PRRedmond
12Carina Bolanos Lewen
16:03 PRNorthwest
12Tayler Cearley
16:03 PREatonville
12Leina McDermott
16:04 SRJuanita
12Hanna Trailer
16:05 PRPort Townsend
12Emily Rochelle
16:05 PRSouth Albany
9Ally Bradley
16:06 PRPort Townsend
12Sarah Wright
16:06 PRSouth Albany
12Hope Hurtado
16:09 PRAnacortes
10Jenny Flores
16:10 PRLindbergh
11Kiana Ward
11Rachel Mills
10Whitney Hogge
16:15 PRAnacortes
12Carina Tran
16:15 PRRenton
9Courtney Brown
16:22 PRLake Washington
11Lily Kleven
9Isabelle Snyder
16:26 PREatonville
10Amelia Grant
16:28 PRPort Townsend
10Claire Jacobsen
16:30 SRJuanita
11Kaylynn Miller
16:32 SRSouth Albany
12Zuzana Pankovcin
16:33 PRRedmond
12Celia Langford
16:36 PRRedmond
9Amelia Muscott
16:36 PRRedmond
12Miranda Heilweil
16:36 PRRedmond
10Chloe Fink
16:37 PRRedmond
9McKayla Maddox
16:39 PRAnacortes
11Faith Julian
16:42 PRSpanaway Lake
10Lucia Rathbun
16:43 SRNorthwest
10Emma Platt
16:44 SRSouth Albany
10Sierra Baker
16:45 PRRedmond
9Katrina Teo
16:47 SRJuanita
12McKenna Johnson
16:48 SRKentwood
10Nicole Hagens
10Sydney Retzlaff
16:48 PRJuanita
9Kira Goutzioulis
16:49 PRNorthwest
10Rachel Ramirez
16:49 PRRenton
9Karla Santillana
16:50 PRRedmond
10Alina Nguyen
16:51 PRLake Washington
9Josie Ballew
16:51 SRNorthwest
12Piper Evarts
10Meryl Aebi
16:52 PRRedmond
10Lena Friedman
16:53 SRNorthwest
9Mary Cate Babcock
12Kate Kloba
16:56 PRJuanita
11Lexus Sparks
16:59 PRSpanaway Lake
9Allison Perrow
17:00 SRKing's
10Stephanie Bicknell
17:01 PRKing's
11Natalie Wilson
17:01 PRAnacortes
12Fiona Ruddell
17:02 SRNorthwest
12Amelia Culp
9Faith Vuksich
17:04 PREatonville
10Genevieve Payne
17:05 SRNorthwest
10Lily Krueger
10Alyssa Eells
17:12 SRKing's
10Sara Anderson
17:12 PRLake Washington
9Anja Shjarback
17:13 PRAnacortes
9Kate Vergillo
17:14 SRCedarcrest
12Brennah Houlihan
11Hannah Visse
17:14 PRRedmond
9Isabella Hedly
17:15 PRJuanita
9Reanna Wong
17:17 SRRenton
10Jelissa Prado
17:20 SRRenton
10Lauren Gross
17:21 PRKentwood
11Zuzanna Wisniewski
17:23 PRRedmond
12Christiana Santos
17:28 PRRenton
11Madeline Vinh
17:30 SRNorthwest
10Norchel Laylo
17:30 SRLindbergh
12Noelle Viger
10Clara Andrews
17:38 PRLake Washington
9Paige Lucas
10Ada Bowles
17:39 SRNorthwest
12Madeleine Zacher
17:40 PRKentwood
9Annie Hanchett
17:40 SRKing's
11Mathea Pielemeier
9Isa Meyers
17:45 SRNorthwest
11Hannah Forsyth
17:45 SRRedmond
10Kayla Kenyon
17:46 SRKentwood
11Annalise Ellefsen
17:49 PRJuanita
11Mia Snyder
17:49 PREatonville
10Elizabeth Bensussen
17:51 PRLake Washington
9Hannah Limb
17:53 SRKing's
12Aliya Zaheer
17:54 PRAnacortes
10Claire Johnson
17:56 PRRedmond
10Isabel Wagner
17:59 SRRedmond
12Sonja Barreto
10Olivia Knibbs
18:03 PRLake Washington
12Gina Guilliams
18:05 PRRedmond
11Siri Hedreen
18:12 PRLake Washington
10Chloe Cairns
11Marissa Tavener
18:17 PRRedmond
9Emma Hutcheson
18:19 SRKing's
12Clarissa Farmer
18:21 PRJuanita
10Anna Stoneman
18:23 PRLake Washington
12Anna Boyar
18:24 PRNorthwest
10Melanie Greenberg
18:29 SRNorthwest
11Lidiya Gebre
18:33 PRLindbergh
10Alice Tran
18:34 PRLake Washington
10Rianna Steiner
18:39 PRRedmond
9Ailey Butler
18:40 PRRedmond
10Megan Owens
18:43 PRLake Washington
11Ali Billow
18:47 PRAnacortes
9Lexie Rudolph
18:47 PRAnacortes
10Kira Patterson
18:48 SRKentwood
11Chloe Jenkins
18:48 SRRedmond
12Corrine Ramstead
18:59 PRJuanita
11Courtney Fraga
18:59 SRSouth Albany
11Jacqie Mousseau
18:59 SRRedmond
10Alexandra Schrader
19:09 PRRedmond
10Kim Tran
19:10 SRRenton
9Alicia Krivanek
10Drew Dang
19:14 SRLindbergh
11Surina Taing
19:14 PRRedmond
10Sara Clinton
19:15 PRRedmond
12Elizabeth Novy
19:21 PRAnacortes
11Stacy Allington
11Emily Mathis
19:22 SRAnacortes
11Shandiny Gualip
19:22 SRLindbergh
10Beth Gebre
19:25 SRLindbergh
11Cassy Foss
19:25 PREatonville
11Madison McDaniel
19:28 PRRedmond
7Grace Hutcheson
19:30 SRKing's
12Stephanie Busch
10Nikole Hanquet
10Miriam Sandoval-Fu...
19:38 SRRenton
10Linnea Walsh
19:46 PRLake Washington
12Mia Rudd
19:48 PRRedmond
10Sandy Nguyen
19:49 PRRenton
9Caitlyn Axe
19:49 PRRedmond
10McKenzie Malloy
19:50 PRLake Washington
11Emily Allen
9Renata Barzul
19:57 PRLindbergh
11Katheryne Cox
20:00 SRSouth Albany
11Morgan Cardon
20:05 SRSpanaway Lake
11Katie Bell
11Sidney Suit
20:18 SRKentwood
12Niva Ashkenazi
20:18 PRRedmond
11Anna Lovin
20:18 PRRedmond
9Allison Riley
20:27 PRRedmond
11Kelsie Claunch
20:37 SRSpanaway Lake
11Alex Hanesworth
20:40 SRAnacortes
12Breanna Casper
20:41 PRJuanita
11Gwen Muscott
20:46 PRRedmond
10Hannah Peterson
12MacKenzie Hattrup
20:50 SRKentwood
12Sydney Riley
20:54 PRRedmond
12Carrie Saada
20:57 PRNorthwest
11Avital Baral
10Christine Pham
11Julia Houppermans
21:32 SRAnacortes
10Kira Nelson
10Andrea Hernandez
23:02 SRRenton
9Karina Lara Perez
23:07 PRRedmond
9Niamh Sheehy
23:08 PRRedmond
10Madison Inman
23:22 PRLake Washington
11Amy Olson
11Aishah Mohamed
26:07 PRKentwood
11Anna Ambrosio
26:47 PREatonville
10Aryanna Warner
27:40 PREatonville
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