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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti...28
1.SoCharles Pfander
19:12.6 PRHamilton
2.FrBenjamin Fazio
19:17.2 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
3.JrJacob Andrews
19:22.7 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
4.SrDaniel Fritz
19:31.6 PRClarkson
5.JrBenjamin Yeo
19:34.2 SRHamilton
6.SoBobby Parker
19:35.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
7.SoRyan Recchia
19:39.1 SRClarkson
8.SrSean Quinn
19:54.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
9.JrTyler Gumina
20:07.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
10.SoDaniel Wentworth
20:08.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
11.SrAldous Strother
20:10.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
12.SrPaul Malek
20:10.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
13.SoJacob Dowman
20:11.2 PRClarkson
14.SrPhillip Spinosa
20:11.9 PRClarkson
15.SrRyan Ash
20:14.2 SRClarkson
16.SoMichael Feeney
20:15.2 PRClarkson
17.FrBrian Crowley
20:15.6 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
18.SoEvan Abelson
20:24.8 SRHamilton
19.JrRobert LaMarre
20:27.4 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
20.JrAdam Merkwan
20:31.8 SRClarkson
21.JrBrad Denton
20:32.6 PRClarkson
22.FrChristopher Sprague
20:34.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
23.SoJack Moses
20:34.7 PRHamilton
24.SoSteven Hammar
20:36.0 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
25.JrDaniel Baer
20:38.2 SRHamilton
26.SrWilliam Robertson
20:38.9 PRHamilton
27.FrGarrett Davis
20:41.6 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
28.FrNick Bouton
20:42.9 SRClarkson
29.SrMichael Debronsky
20:44.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
30.FrGrant Whitney
20:47.7 SRHamilton
31.SoBashir Siddique
20:52.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
32.SrMichael Marrero
20:58.8 SRLeMoyne-Owen
33.SoBen Wagner
21:01.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
34.SrAndrew Klem
21:05.1 PRClarkson
35.SoAdam Zinger
21:05.3 PRLeMoyne-Owen
36.SoJohn Bell
21:07.0 SRClarkson
37.FrAlexander Kunz
21:16.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
38.SoZach Vanderzee
21:17.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
39.FrChase Weaver
21:19.3 SRClarkson
40.FrAlex DeWitt
21:19.7 SRClarkson
41.SoBarrett Whaling
21:20.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
42.FrLorenzo Servedio
21:21.2 PRClarkson
43.FrMatthew Cicciu
21:29.5 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
44.FrColin Smith
21:31.2 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
45.SrRyan Crist
21:35.8 PRClarkson
46.FrLukas Patrizio
21:45.6 SRClarkson
47.FrSteven Bruley
21:47.7 PRClarkson
48.SrScott Etkin
21:50.4 PRHamilton
49.FrScott Besser
21:51.5 PRLeMoyne-Owen
50.SoBrad Schwartz
21:54.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
51.FrNolan Feola
21:56.7 SRRensselaer Polytechn...
52.FrChris LaCoss
21:57.4 PRClarkson
53.SrChristian Cobb
22:00.2 PRLeMoyne-Owen
54.FrCollin Rooney
22:05.0 PRClarkson
55.SoOkan Kaya
22:06.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
56.JrPaul Ferrer
22:07.7 PRClarkson
57.SrNick Marshall
22:25.2 PRClarkson
58.JrMichael Donovan
22:42.7 PRClarkson
59.-Patrick Ducey
23:01.2 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
60.FrBrad Gosselin
23:20.8 PRClarkson
61.SoWilliam Yancey
23:27.1 PRClarkson
62.SoJosh Keeler
23:35.6 PRLeMoyne-Owen
63.FrJhonathan Cifuentes
23:58.7 PRLeMoyne-Owen
64.FrAaron Wishik
24:20.3 PRLeMoyne-Owen
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti...29
1.SrGracie Tilton
14:35.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
2.SoAdrian Walsh
15:00.9 PRHamilton
3.SrHannah Kloeckner
15:30.8 PRHamilton
4.FrRachel Strong
15:35.7 SRLeMoyne-Owen
5.SoAlexa Sakaforas
15:44.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
6.JrHailey Beyer
15:54.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
7.SrHannah Lyons
15:57.2 PRHamilton
8.JrChristine Artim
15:58.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
9.FrAndrea Duncan
15:59.2 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
10.FrSamantha Buttrick
16:04.5 PRHamilton
11.SrAllie Gurney
16:08.3 PRHamilton
12.SrCatherine Zarnofsky
16:11.9 PRClarkson
13.JrSarah Governale
16:14.5 PRClarkson
14.SoKatharine Ward
16:17.1 PRLeMoyne-Owen
15.SoKatherine Clemente
16:20.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
16.SrFiona Recchia
16:28.8 PRClarkson
17.JrLaura Hough
16:29.2 PRLeMoyne-Owen
18.JrEmily Banzer
16:29.8 PRHamilton
19.FrMichelle Fish
16:30.5 SRHamilton
20.SoLoki Rasmussen
16:31.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
21.FrMadeline Dery
16:32.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
22.FrLindsay Heyer
16:33.8 SRHamilton
23.JrHallie Loft
16:37.1 PRHamilton
24.SoGabriella Rollo
16:37.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
25.SoDominique Laplant
16:40.0 PRLeMoyne-Owen
26.SoShannon Trant
16:41.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
27.FrJodi Wrzosek
16:45.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
28.FrAllison Thayer
16:49.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
29.SrGrace Munro
16:55.5 PRHamilton
30.JrLaura Quercia
16:56.3 PRLeMoyne-Owen
31.SoAshley Forshey
16:58.3 PRClarkson
32.SrErin Corrigan
16:59.2 PRClarkson
33.JrRachel Crosley
17:00.9 PRLeMoyne-Owen
34.FrTaylor Macewen
17:02.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
35.SoMegan Curtin
17:05.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
36.SoEmily Stickles
17:07.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
37.FrSarah Dimakis
17:11.7 SRHamilton
38.FrJenevieve Broadwell
17:17.3 PRClarkson
39.-Kerry Reilly
17:19.8 PRHamilton
40.SoGrace Berg
17:23.6 PRHamilton
41.SoErin Evke
17:26.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
42.JrKrystina Choinski
17:32.7 SRHamilton
43.JrTaylor Lewis
17:34.6 SRLeMoyne-Owen
44.SoChelsea Farinacci
17:34.9 PRClarkson
45.SoIsabel Johnson
17:37.3 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
46.FrSierra Weiss
17:42.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
47.SoAllie Day
17:46.2 PRClarkson
48.SoCatherine Reading
17:54.1 SRHamilton
49.SrAlison Travis
17:55.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
50.FrElena Doctor
17:58.6 SRLeMoyne-Owen
51.FrMary West
18:05.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
52.SoMeaghan McKenna
18:17.4 PRClarkson
53.SrNatalie Worley
18:21.8 PRClarkson
54.SoDana Schmidt
18:22.5 PRClarkson
55.SoJessye McGarry
18:27.9 PRHamilton
56.SoLindsey McCormick
18:41.3 PRClarkson
57.JrEmily Sieracki
19:16.9 PRClarkson
58.JrTaryn Dausman
19:40.5 PRClarkson
59.SoAileen Daley
19:41.7 PRClarkson
60.SrRobin Collyns
19:47.4 PRClarkson
61.FrKatherine Doyle
21:27.3 PRClarkson
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