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Hemlock HS

5,000 Meters Freshmen/Sophomore Race4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Race5:00 PM
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Hemlock HS

5,000 Meters Freshmen/Sophomore Race4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Race5:00 PM

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5th Annual

 Hemlock Cross-Country Classic (H.C.C.C.) Invitational Friday, August 22nd 2014


Hemlock is proud to host its fifth annual cross-country invitational.  This invitational is a different format then most invitational’s you are accustomed to.  Instead of a team boys and girls varsity/JV race we will have 2 individual classes, (freshmen/sophomore, junior/ senior), races.  To kick the meet off we will have an open race where coaches, spectators, and junior high teams may compete.


Meet Location:                  Hemlock High School

                                             733 N. Hemlock Rd.  Hemlock, MI  48626


Parking:                              Bus parking will be in the main high school parking lot.


Team Set-up:                      Team set-up will be outside the football/track complex,

(East Side), in overflow parking lot.


Entries:                               Entries will be submitted via Contact George Herrington for a contract - E-mail: or Phone: 989-642-5287 for contract).


Open Race:                         Their will be an open race open to the public. There is a $5 Entry

Fee (MS Teams – negotiable rates)


Meet Schedule    :              3:00 Coach’s Meeting

                                             3:30 Open Race

                                             4:15 Freshmen/Sophomore (Boys & Girls)

                                             5:00 Junior/Senior (Boys & Girls)

                                             6:00 Awards


Awards:                              Top 7 athletes (female & male) in fresh/soph and junior/senior division in high school race.

                                             1 Top Male Athlete Plaque

                                             1 Top Female Athlete Plaque

                                             Top 5 male & female in open race division

                                             Ribbons to all open race finishers


Officials:                            Timer/Score Keeper:        Ray Guzy

                                             Starters:                              Rudy Godefroidt

                                             Referee:                                             Rudy Godefroidt

                                             Meet Manager:                  George Herrington / G.K. Drown


Media Reports:                  Hemlock will fax results to the Saginaw News and the Midland Dailey News


Questions:                          Please e-mail myself or call George Herrington with any questions:


                                                            Phone: 989-245-8977


                                                           Phone:   989-642-5287


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Freshmen/Sophomore Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Heritage21
2.Essexville Garber73
3.Midland Bullock Creek102
5.Birch Run126
6.Saginaw Swan Valley141
7.New Lothrop165

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jordan Eisengruber
18:04Saginaw Heritage
2.9Michael Fiore
18:11.9Saginaw Heritage
3.10Brennan Senkowski
18:19.7Saginaw Heritage
4.10Spencer Waldmann
18:32.3Midland Bullock Creek
5.10Andrew Yaworski
18:34.2Essexville Garber
6.10Jordan Martinus
18:35.1Birch Run
7.10D'Anthony Goodwin
8.9Jack Doyle
18:39.4Saginaw Heritage
9.9Nick Sonnenberg
18:48.5Saginaw Heritage
10.10Clay Charbeneau
19:12Saginaw Heritage
11.9Nicolas Trevino
19:13.2Saginaw Heritage
12.10Marty Fedewa
13.9Asher Van dell
19:26.3Essexville Garber
14.10Ryan Christensen
19:32Essexville Garber
15.9Nathan Weidman
19:44.9Saginaw Heritage
16.10Daylen Garver
17.10Nick Colucci
20:34Saginaw Heritage
18.10Brandon Harris
19.9Parker Hayes
20.10Jacob Quinnan
20:45.8St. Charles
21.9Andrew Garza
20:47.1Saginaw Heritage
22.9Brennan Mudd
20:57.8Midland Bullock Creek
23.10Andrew Hubbard
24.10Clayton Meder
25.9Graham Govitz
26.9Andrew Wendler
21:06.1Saginaw Swan Valley
27.9Harrison Lamont
28.10Jacob Yura
21:13Saginaw Heritage
29.10Noah Shankool
21:19.9Essexville Garber
30.9Zach Smith
31.9Garrett Hirschenbe...
21:34.9Saginaw Heritage
32.Lance Boruszewski
21:37.8Saginaw Heritage
33.Colby Vitany
21:43.7Birch Run
34.9Dylan Vinke
21:59.1 SRNew Lothrop
35.10Jackson Percy
22:05.1Birch Run
36.9Connor Good
22:09.6Saginaw Heritage
37.9Liam Burns
22:15.1Saginaw Heritage
38.10Garret Moskal
22:15.9Saginaw Heritage
39.10Thomas Bate
22:21Midland Bullock Creek
40.10Carson Krupp
22:31.9New Lothrop
41.9Grant Freudenstein
22:34.2Saginaw Heritage
42.10Bryce Bila
43.10Brandon McDonald
44.10Cameron Bragg
22:57.6Bay City Central
45.10DavidL Beuthin
22:58.5Essexville Garber
46.10Nick Skabardis
23:18.9 SRSaginaw Swan Valley
47.9Thatcher Trudell
23:22.1Midland Bullock Creek
48.10Nathan Malott
23:36.4Saginaw Swan Valley
49.10Tyler Schneider
23:45.6Saginaw Heritage
50.10Andrew Gross
51.10Gregory Goodwine
23:53.4Bay City Central
52.10Paxton Ruddy
23:55.7 SRChesaning
53.10Calub Niswander
23:55.9Midland Bullock Creek
54.9Tyler Kramer
55.10Alex Malott
24:03.6Saginaw Swan Valley
56.10Darren Young
24:22.2Saginaw Heritage
57.10Connor McVannel
58.9Nick Anderson
24:36Saginaw Swan Valley
59.9Joey Spencer
25:07.2Saginaw Heritage
60.10Luke Winslow
25:18.7Midland Bullock Creek
61.10Brandon Kline
25:33.4New Lothrop
62.10Quinn Sommer
25:40.2Birch Run
63.9Michael Kieffer
25:42.1New Lothrop
64.10Andrew Wisniewski
65.9Conrad Strecker
25:58.7Saginaw Swan Valley
66.9Jared Shattuck
26:13.9Saginaw Swan Valley
67.10Alex Turner
26:38.6Birch Run
68.10Zach Swarthout
69.10Andrew Stewart
27:02.7Essexville Garber
70.9Daniel Powell
71.10DJ Parkinson
27:15.5Midland Bullock Creek
72.10Zachary Claypool
73.10Brennan Vitous
28:24New Lothrop
74.9Hunter Holbrook
28:46.3Birch Run
75.9Gabriel Turschak
29:29.3Bay City Central
76.9Connor Graves
77.9Daniel Jacobs
29:38.3Bay City Central
78.10Hunter Wheeler
29:40.8New Lothrop
79.9Andy Richardson
29:46.5New Lothrop
80.10Austin Birchmeier
30:13.1New Lothrop
81.9Jacob Irwin
30:31Birch Run
82.9Julian Stone
33:32.2Essexville Garber
83.9Kristopher Woods
36:02.3Saginaw Swan Valley
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5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Heritage25
4.Midland Bullock Creek87
5.New Lothrop116
6.Saginaw Swan Valley151

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Parker Eisengruber
16:34.9Saginaw Heritage
2.12Ben Yagiela
17:12.1Essexville Garber
3.11Ryan Hilbrandt
4.11Matt Beaudin
17:37.4Saginaw Heritage
5.11Landon Honsinger
6.12Andrew Ellsworth
17:58.2Saginaw Heritage
7.12Chandler Biggs
18:00.7Midland Bullock Creek
8.12Noah Keller
9.12Jordan Borchard
18:08.8Saginaw Heritage
10.12Alex Stowell
11.11Tom Yura
18:14.9 SRSaginaw Heritage
12.12Michael Reh
18:26.1Saginaw Heritage
13.11Connor Lavigne
18:29.5Saginaw Heritage
14.12Chase Badalamenti
18:38.8Essexville Garber
15.11Kurt Sollner
16.12Shane Mudd
19:04.1Midland Bullock Creek
17.12Jacob Stone
19:09.1Essexville Garber
18.11James Stewart
19:14.8Saginaw Heritage
19.12Ryan Trahan
20.11Hayden Cobley
19:30.5Essexville Garber
21.11Shane Woodcock
19:34.1Birch Run
22.12Mitch Mynatt
19:38.3Saginaw Heritage
23.12Gabe Bennett
20:13.8New Lothrop
24.12Graham Fitkin
25.11Max Ketelhut
20:21.7Saginaw Heritage
26.12Anthony Cook
27.11Andrew Withrow
20:36.7 SRSaginaw Heritage
28.11Ryan Laorr
20:50.3Saginaw Heritage
29.12Eric Handeguard
20:55.5Saginaw Swan Valley
30.11Brice Leuenberger
31.12Luther Houle
20:59.1Bay City Central
32.11Cole Hersch
21:02.1New Lothrop
33.11Levi Gagne
21:05.7Midland Bullock Creek
34.11Lucas Raycraft
35.12Justin Martin
21:29.8Midland Bullock Creek
36.11Robert Burdick
21:30.9Midland Bullock Creek
37.11Wylie Joynt
21:49.2Saginaw Heritage
38.12Jeff Ayling
22:03.8Birch Run
39.12Danny Bernard
22:14.2Saginaw Heritage
40.12Bailey Schwerin
41.11Levi Krupp
22:24.7New Lothrop
42.12Justin Kissinger
22:26.3Midland Bullock Creek
43.11Jalen Krenz
44.11Logan Graves
45.11Garrett Delemeester
22:55.1New Lothrop
46.12Dominic Premo
23:35.1Saginaw Swan Valley
47.11Hogan Hayes
48.11Harrison Miller
23:55.7New Lothrop
49.12James Sitarski
23:59.6Saginaw Heritage
50.11Austin Bitterman
24:41.7Birch Run
51.11Matt Winterstein
52.12Dion Tokalende
25:38.5 PRNew Lothrop
53.11Kyle Altman
25:41Birch Run
54.12Angelo Lopez
25:44.7Saginaw Swan Valley
55.11David Vandercar
26:02.8New Lothrop
56.11Michael Hoffman
57.11Damien Brown
58.12Greg Massaro
59.11Isaiah Powell
60.11Habib Jajawie
29:10.7Saginaw Heritage
61.12Josh Lofton
29:32.9St. Charles
62.12Jacob Smith
29:39.5Saginaw Swan Valley
63.11Alex Ross
35:35.6 SRSaginaw Swan Valley
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Freshmen/Sophomore Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Heritage18
3.New Lothrop67

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jenna Jeczmionka
20:52.2Essexville Garber
2.9Rachel Kempf
21:14.3Saginaw Heritage
3.9Lynsey Amthor
22:32.6Saginaw Heritage
4.9Courtney Krupp
22:51.7New Lothrop
5.10Madison Brooks
22:59.6Saginaw Heritage
6.9Emily Stewart
23:06.8Saginaw Heritage
7.10Ashtyn Stewart
23:07.9 PRBay City Central
8.10Jenna Gregory
9.10Megan Nalazek
24:01.1Saginaw Heritage
10.9Rebecca Sullivan
24:31.3Saginaw Heritage
11.9Serena Alworden
24:34.5Saginaw Swan Valley
12.9Kaylee Argyle
13.10Lauren Wellman
24:47.3Saginaw Heritage
14.10Mykenzie Garza
25:25.4Saginaw Swan Valley
15.9Kasey Klaczkiewicz
25:36.2Saginaw Heritage
16.9Robin Barnes
25:37.6 SRHemlock
17.10Taylor Myers
26:00Saginaw Heritage
18.10Isabella Turner
19.9Amanda Kalkman
26:10.8Saginaw Heritage
20.9Kayla Chingman
26:11.1Saginaw Heritage
21.9Natalie Hoffman
22.10Robynn Verhaeghe
26:18.8Essexville Garber
23.9Payton Honsinger
24.10Emily Krupp
26:39New Lothrop
25.9Abbie Bethune
26:49.7Saginaw Heritage
26.10Olivia Weber
26:51.5Saginaw Heritage
27.9Olivia Farrell
28.10Alivia Wilson
27:04.1New Lothrop
29.10Kasey Staley
30.10Bailie Gagne
27:12.8Midland Bullock Creek
31.10Cassidy Korson
27:18.3Midland Bullock Creek
32.10Laura Valliere
27:20.9Midland Bullock Creek
33.10Baylee Jo Cragg
34.9Madison Massey
28:05.4Birch Run
35.9Katelyn Klein
28:11.9Birch Run
36.10Angie Lenon
28:19.7Midland Bullock Creek
37.9Devyn Warian
38.10Kayleigh Zechmeister
28:55.2Saginaw Swan Valley
39.9Savannah Taylor
29:06.5New Lothrop
40.10Brianna Tabit
29:07.4Birch Run
41.10Kelyn Blenkhorn
29:45.1Bay City Central
42.10Mya Ackley
29:53Bay City Central
43.10Tatyana Spaulding
44.9Jaden Talbert
30:49.9Saginaw Heritage
45.10Amanda Aquinaga
31:19.7Saginaw Heritage
46.10Sierra Rodriguez
47.10Jessica Smith
31:35.9Saginaw Heritage
48.9Brooke Stivers
31:47.1 SRChesaning
49.9Autumn Schneider
31:57.1Saginaw Heritage
50.9Autumn Pillsbury
32:00.8St. Charles
51.10Makayla Morell
32:16.8New Lothrop
52.10Alexsandra Guziak
53.9Marlee Weber
32:34.1Saginaw Heritage
54.10Chloe Kubacki
33:08.7 SRSaginaw Heritage
55.10Kaitlyn Wilson
34:08.8Saginaw Heritage
56.10Lily Gatza
34:29.2New Lothrop
57.10Sidney Richardson
34:29.6New Lothrop
58.9Dakota Longberry
36:42.6St. Charles
59.10Kirsten Carnahan
40:23.2New Lothrop
60.9Julia Stoinski
61.9Kennedi Church
41:06.2New Lothrop
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5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Heritage37
2.Essexville Garber76
3.Midland Bullock Creek94
4.New Lothrop100
6.Birch Run109
7.Bay City Central152

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nichole Clement
19:42.2Saginaw Heritage
2.12Julia Jeczmionka
21:26.6Essexville Garber
3.11Contessa Hammond
4.11Claudia Raines
22:27.7Saginaw Swan Valley
5.11Marissa Lashuay
22:34.1Midland Bullock Creek
6.11Hunter Berger
7.11Jessica Bishop
22:58.3Birch Run
8.12Lindsay Christensen
23:03.1Essexville Garber
9.11Ashleigh Bicknell
23:03.8Saginaw Heritage
10.11Grace Wellman
23:06.7Saginaw Heritage
11.12Nicole Sebok
23:26New Lothrop
12.12Courtney Kelly
23:43.3 PRBeaverton
13.11Yu Mei Anderson
23:44.3Midland Bullock Creek
14.11Jackie Pruitt
15.11Megan Sullivan
24:04.6Saginaw Heritage
16.11Sarah Shapley
24:09.1Saginaw Heritage
17.12Chelsee Larsen
24:09.4Saginaw Swan Valley
18.12Haley Gorski
24:32.4Essexville Garber
19.11Maddison Preston
24:47.8Birch Run
20.12Brooklyn Orosco
24:48.5St. Charles
21.11Madison Krupp
22.11Bailey Schnell
24:51.1New Lothrop
23.12Raegan Price
25:22Bay City Central
24.12Ericka Kenny
25:22.4 SRHemlock
25.12Cailin King
26.11Leigha White
27.11Shelby Vincke
25:38.1New Lothrop
28.11Kara Dobulis
29.12Katlyn Trinklein
26:32.9Saginaw Heritage
30.12Chynna Biggs
26:50.1Midland Bullock Creek
31.11Rebecca Gordon
27:22.3Saginaw Heritage
32.11Kylie Keyser
27:22.9Saginaw Heritage
33.11Kayleen Kindy
27:24.3Midland Bullock Creek
34.11Krinn Eickholt
27:42.9New Lothrop
35.12Erica Rudy
27:50.7Bay City Central
36.12Maya Olgac
27:56.4Essexville Garber
37.11Alexis Duffett
28:14.8Birch Run
38.12Kerisa Rascoe
28:35.5Essexville Garber
39.11Daisja Huell
28:39Saginaw Heritage
40.11Keeley Melwing
41.11Anecia Eurich
28:51.2Saginaw Heritage
42.12Casey Rappuhn
29:21.7Saginaw Heritage
43.12Marissa Doyen
29:26.8Bay City Central
44.11Sarah Kempf
29:53.7Saginaw Heritage
45.11Mia Copes
46.11Baley Wright
30:25.3Birch Run
47.12Anjela Wilson
30:27.4Birch Run
48.11Kaitlyn Bell
30:52Saginaw Swan Valley
49.12Katie Forsyth
30:57.3New Lothrop
50.12Andrea Scherf
31:12.8Essexville Garber
51.11Amber Schneider
31:18.8Saginaw Heritage
52.11Ally Sovis
31:22.2New Lothrop
53.11Kalie Gabriel
31:25.1Saginaw Swan Valley
54.12Kelly Dvorak
31:29.7 SRMidland Bullock Creek
55.11Paige Vincke
33:32.4New Lothrop
56.11Kayla Parsley
33:36.4 PRBay City Central
57.11Jazmin Steele
58.12Samatha DuLong
59.12Brianna Miller
36:35.8 PRBirch Run
60.11Marlee Curnutt
37:49.6Saginaw Heritage
61.12Alicia Turner
37:57.7 PRBirch Run
62.11Nancy Lubas
38:48.7Birch Run
63.12Farvona Kojaeva
38:58.6New Lothrop
64.12Elizabeth Sahouri
38:58.8Saginaw Heritage
65.11Erika Foutch
66.12Lakin Boyer
67.12Haila Ackley
42:13.7Bay City Central
68.-Nanni Asia
43:16.9 PRNew Lothrop
69.12Erica Seamon
51:37New Lothrop
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