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Mens Results

3.04 Mile Men

Official Team Scores

1.SUNY Oneonta31
2.Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti...32
3.SUNY Plattsburgh67
1.FrBenjamin Fazio
15:43.5 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
2.FrBrian Crowley
15:58.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
3.SoJimmy Bernstein
16:01.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
4.JrAndrew Bohunicky
16:01.7 PRSUNY Oneonta
5.SoMike Didas
16:02.3 PRSUNY Oneonta
6.FrEthan Vinson
16:04.3 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
7.SrPaul Malek
16:07.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
8.SoDaniel Wentworth
16:09.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
9.SrTom Haskins
16:11.6 PRSUNY Oneonta
10.JrCharles Remillard
16:14.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
11.JrBrendan Connor
16:17.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
12.SoConor Murphy
16:20.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
13.FrDavid Busby
16:21.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
14.FrJean-Paul Scott
16:23.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
15.JrJay Berube
16:24.3 PRSUNY Oneonta
16.SoSteven Hammar
16:24.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
17.SoJason Flach
16:27.1 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
18.SoLlaney Hernandez
16:30.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
19.JrBobby Gallant
16:31.7 PRSUNY Oneonta
20.FrAndrew Fleming
16:32.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
21.SoBen Wagner
16:33.3 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
22.SrMatt Calado
16:38.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
23.SoBashir Siddique
16:42.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
24.SoZach Rose
16:42.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
25.JrRobert LaMarre
16:43.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
26.FrChristopher Sprague
16:45.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
27.FrMatthew Cicciu
16:46.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
28.JrKyle Howerton
16:47.4 PRSUNY Oneonta
29.FrGriffith Eddy
16:49.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
30.FrGarrett Davis
16:50.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
31.SoJuan Soriano
16:50.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
32.SrSean Quinn
16:53.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
33.JrJacob Andrews
16:56.3 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
34.SoBobby Parker
16:56.5 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
35.SrMitch Todorov
17:02.7 PRSUNY Oneonta
36.FrColin Smith
17:03.2 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
37.FrNolan Feola
17:04.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
38.SoZach Vanderzee
17:05.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
39.SrAldous Strother
17:06.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
40.SrMichael Debronsky
17:09.5 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
41.JrDavid Bohunicky
17:14.7 PRSUNY Oneonta
42.FrAlexander Kunz
17:18.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
43.SoBarrett Whaling
17:21.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
44.FrJoseph Nichols
17:22.5 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
45.-Edward Martinez
17:39.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
46.SoChristopher Scarallo
17:45.4 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
47.SoOkan Kaya
17:48.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
48.JrTyler Gumina
17:55.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
49.FrLouis Castellani
18:06.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
50.-Patrick Ducey
18:37.6 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
51.Matt Nafie
52.SrJoshua Herron
21:27.3 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
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Womens Results

3.04 Mile Women

Official Team Scores

1.SUNY Oneonta30
2.SUNY Plattsburgh49
3.Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti...55
1.SrKelley Driscoll
18:27.9 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
2.SrCatherine Ehmann
19:02.2 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
3.SrGracie Tilton
19:13.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
4.SrDanielle Kennedy
19:18.1 PRSUNY Oneonta
5.JrBrianna McLoughlin
19:20.8 PRSUNY Oneonta
6.FrMary Kate Bida
19:22.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
7.FrAlyssa Drapeau
19:31.4 PRSUNY Oneonta
8.JrMarielle Genovesi
19:42.6 PRSUNY Oneonta
9.SoMegan Schweizer
20:02.4 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
10.FrAndrea Duncan
20:05.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
11.FrLizzy Jewiss
20:10.5 PRSUNY Oneonta
12.FrElizabeth Chichester
20:11.5 PRSUNY Oneonta
13.SoLoki Rasmussen
20:12.3 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
14.FrAllison Thayer
20:19.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
15.SoGabriella Rollo
20:22.5 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
16.FrHanna Cavanagh
20:29.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
17.SoSarah Cottone
20:31.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
18.FrSamantha Wilks
20:34.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
19.JrJaclyn Masucci
20:36.8 PRSUNY Oneonta
20.JrChristine Artim
20:40.2 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
21.SoAlexa Sakaforas
20:40.7 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
22.JrHailey Beyer
20:40.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
23.SoKatherine Clemente
20:41.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
24.JrMariel Doyle
20:44.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
25.SoEmily Stickles
20:45.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
26.SoMegan Curtin
20:46.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
27.FrJodi Wrzosek
20:47.5 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
28.FrMadeline Dery
20:51.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
29.FrMegan Ottati
20:57.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
30.FrRachael Shine
21:02.0 PRSUNY Oneonta
31.FrMelanie Taylor
21:03.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
32.FrDeirdre Davis
21:09.8 PRSUNY Oneonta
33.FrMichelle Collins
21:16.4 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
34.SoErin Evke
21:23.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
35.FrLauren Perschetz
21:27.0 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
36.FrSierra Weiss
21:28.9 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
37.JrCaitlyn Krug
21:30.8 PRSUNY Oneonta
38.FrTaylor Macewen
21:31.8 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
39.SoNicole Lucia Moneta
21:35.5 PRSUNY Oneonta
40.FrEllie Quinlan
21:41.5 PRSUNY Oneonta
41.FrKristin Schnalzer
21:41.5 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
42.-Devan Classi
21:43.8 PRSUNY Oneonta
43.JrMarlaena LeMaitre
21:47.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
44.SoShannon Trant
21:54.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
45.-Marisa Hitchcock
21:56.2 PRSUNY Oneonta
46.SrAllison Ryley
21:58.3 PRSUNY Oneonta
47.-Kierra Keys
22:01.7 PRSUNY Oneonta
48.FrTiffani Love
22:04.1 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
49.FrMary West
22:06.3 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
50.SoMargaret Sanderson
22:08.3 PRSUNY Oneonta
51.FrKimmy Cushman
22:17.4 PRSUNY Oneonta
52.SoIsabel Johnson
22:27.0 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
53.FrMorgan Deming
22:34.8 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
54.SrCara Ugolino
22:38.9 PRSUNY Oneonta
55.-Hilary Crannage
22:50.3 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
56.-Alison Samsel
23:15.1 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
57.FrOlivia Popovitch
23:38.3 PRSUNY Oneonta
58.SoKelsey McNally
23:49.6 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
59.FrBrianna Bessette
24:06.2 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
60.SrAlison Travis
24:50.4 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
61.-Brittany Greene
28:20.5 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
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