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Portage West Middle School

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Portage West Middle School

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Portage Central21
2.St. Joseph48
3.Portage Northern67
4.Stevensville Lakeshore112
1.12Connor Wuori
15:54Portage Central
2.10Gannon Foley
16:46Portage Central
3.12Tanner Rydleski
16:49St. Joseph
4.10Jon Koning
16:54Portage Central
5.10Will Kellam
16:54Portage Northern
6.12Brian Stubelt
17:13Portage Central
7.12Nick Jewell
17:28St. Joseph
8.10Jacob Hovda
17:38Portage Central
9.12Ian Otto
17:46Portage Northern
10.9Will Lage
17:48St. Joseph
11.10Zach Franks
17:52Portage Central
12.10Nathan Mack
18:06Portage Central
13.9Zhane Arthur
18:07St. Joseph
14.11Wayne Matunas
18:07Portage Northern
15.10Riley Nickell
18:21Portage Central
16.12Tim Walsh
18:24Portage Central
17.11Kurt Egelhaaf
18:39St. Joseph
18.10Mike Stinchcomb
18:42Portage Northern
19.12Alex Knue
18:51Portage Central
20.11Kyle Ogata
18:54Stevensville Lakeshore
21.11Matthew Strouse
18:54Stevensville Lakeshore
22.9Charlie Levy
19:01Portage Central
23.11Dalton Seeley
19:02Portage Central
24.12Ian Epkey
19:05Portage Central
25.12Noah Hall
26.12Benjamin Maddux
19:10Portage Central
27.12Charles Leonard
28.11Daniel Pfahler
19:16St. Joseph
29.9Griffin Fitts
19:16St. Joseph
30.10Nick Yoakam
19:19Portage Central
31.11Foster Woodruff
19:21St. Joseph
32.12Marius VanderHoff
19:25Portage Northern
33.12Erik Edwards
19:29St. Joseph
34.12James Jungblut
19:30Stevensville Lakeshore
35.10Benjamin Stump
19:34Portage Northern
36.12Drew Brown
19:36Stevensville Lakeshore
37.12Joe Puzycki
19:42Stevensville Lakeshore
38.9Jonah Stolz
19:44 PRPortage Northern
39.12Quinton Broach
19:45Portage Central
40.11Scott Jimenez
19:46 PRPortage Central
41.9Owen Gwyn
19:50Portage Central
42.12Noah Aleman
19:51 SRPortage Northern
43.10Brenden Hall
44.11Cody Clemens
20:02Portage Northern
45.10Cade Stephenson
46.12David Shane
20:15Stevensville Lakeshore
47.11Samuel Burck
48.10William Chung
20:19Portage Central
49.11John Wendland
20:22Stevensville Lakeshore
50.9Jack Shinabarger
20:23Portage Central
51.9Ben Miller
20:23Portage Central
52.12Tyler Darr
20:32St. Joseph
53.10Noah Boot
20:43Portage Central
54.12Chris Ahlgrim
55.10Dylan Miller
20:47Portage Northern
56.12Adam Lucker
20:50Stevensville Lakeshore
57.9Hunter Greenman
58.9Sebastian Smaling
20:52Portage Central
59.11Patrick Fischer
20:55St. Joseph
60.9Rob Kurtz
20:58St. Joseph
61.9Tyler Maki
21:02Portage Northern
62.9Isaac Dodson
21:17St. Joseph
63.10Andrew Flick
64.10Chris Kulpa
21:25Portage Northern
65.9Andrew Borre
21:25St. Joseph
66.12Andrew Burch
21:38Portage Central
67.12Gregory Smith
21:40St. Joseph
68.11Ben Beach
21:40Portage Northern
69.9Keegan Murphy
70.11Logan Wilkerson
21:51Stevensville Lakeshore
71.10Casey Noack
21:53Stevensville Lakeshore
72.11Alex Kahmark
21:59Portage Central
73.9Clark Cummings
22:01Portage Northern
74.9Ian Beshears
22:06Stevensville Lakeshore
75.12Stingray Jaynes
76.9Avery McCaughan
22:27St. Joseph
77.9Nick Gersonde
22:31St. Joseph
78.9Ross Argue
22:33Portage Northern
79.9Myles Clarke
22:34St. Joseph
80.9Nathaniel Berkley
22:42Portage Central
81.12Zack Freye
23:07St. Joseph
82.10Darien Tomlinson
83.9Blayne Laclaire
84.9Davin Simpson
85.9Christian Smusz
23:23St. Joseph
86.9Brandon Wogoman
87.10Will Elmore
23:40Stevensville Lakeshore
88.9Conner Grey
89.9Josh Dunlop
23:54St. Joseph
90.9Kai Borah
23:55St. Joseph
91.9Riley Fernandez
24:33Portage Northern
92.10Anthony Patzer
24:38St. Joseph
93.10Andre Barkholz
24:39Portage Central
94.9Tyler Jessalunas
24:53Portage Northern
95.10Cole Sherwood
26:20St. Joseph
96.9Triston Stockwell
26:22Portage Central
97.9Chris Styrlund
26:38Portage Central
98.11Ryan Carmody
28:14Stevensville Lakeshore
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.St. Joseph17
2.Portage Northern56
3.Portage Central63
4.Stevensville Lakeshore110
1.12Jessie Armstrong
19:51St. Joseph
2.9Kaitlin Newton
19:54St. Joseph
3.10Vanessa Veersma
19:58St. Joseph
4.9Anna Fischer
20:04St. Joseph
5.12Kayla Gercak
20:35Portage Northern
6.10Zoe Holdorf
20:43Portage Northern
7.10Abigail Tschetter
20:44St. Joseph
8.10Emily Hamlin
20:53Portage Northern
9.11Aubrey Hemstreet
20:57Portage Central
10.11Maddy Estkowski
21:02St. Joseph
11.9Katie Algyre
21:02St. Joseph
12.12Ellie Best
21:28Portage Central
13.9Paige Newton
21:34St. Joseph
14.11Megan Buckingham
21:36St. Joseph
15.10Maya Fitzstephens
21:38St. Joseph
16.12Lauren Wright
21:39Portage Central
17.10Anna Kahmark
21:43Portage Central
18.10Emily Perrin
21:44St. Joseph
19.11Amanda Boelman
21:45 SRPortage Central
20.10Annie Klusendorf
21:48 SRSt. Joseph
21.12Kristina Maki
21:59Portage Northern
22.12Sarah Corbe
22:16St. Joseph
23.10Marianna Bringas
22:23Portage Central
24.12Hattie Foley
22:37Portage Central
25.11Jacquelyn Frazier
22:38Stevensville Lakeshore
26.9Jessica Roth
22:39Portage Central
27.9Emily Ogata
22:40Stevensville Lakeshore
28.10Sarah Payne
22:41Portage Central
29.9Alena Gleason
22:43Portage Northern
30.9Mary Ollis
22:43Stevensville Lakeshore
31.11Grace Beverage
23:00Portage Central
32.11Chelsea Best
33.10Emily Stoner
23:12Portage Central
34.11Morgan McClure
23:31Stevensville Lakeshore
35.10Nikki Shenker
23:32Stevensville Lakeshore
36.9Kailey Skarbek
37.9Mikayla Kindler
23:41Portage Central
38.12Sylvia Knight
23:43Portage Central
39.10Megan Hemstreet
23:44Portage Central
40.12Mackenzie Cannon
23:45Portage Central
41.12Abi Cihlar
23:54St. Joseph
42.12Emily Zavoral
24:00Stevensville Lakeshore
43.12Kylee Myer
44.11Avery Bauer
24:06Stevensville Lakeshore
45.9Andie Ziemkowski
24:07Portage Northern
46.12Carley Beemer
24:10St. Joseph
47.11Elena Wilson
24:16Portage Northern
48.10Sarah Gonda
24:26Portage Northern
49.12Katie Beukema
24:29Portage Central
50.10Hannah Jackowiak
51.12Hannah Walker
52.12Hailey Malone
24:46Stevensville Lakeshore
53.10Sadie Brown
24:57St. Joseph
54.10Aayushi Priya
25:06Portage Central
55.12Lyndsey Covert
25:06Stevensville Lakeshore
56.9Caitlin Green
25:06Portage Central
57.10Kristina Mills
25:10Portage Central
58.10April Anderson
59.11Ashley Dine
25:16Stevensville Lakeshore
60.11Maggie Graham
25:16Portage Northern
61.9Morgan Mitchell
25:36Portage Central
62.9Bella Pedraza
25:42Portage Central
63.11Chelsie Morgan
25:45Portage Central
64.11Meygan Rudlaff
65.9Mara Wilder
25:54Portage Central
66.12Collette Green
25:55Portage Central
67.10Madeline Stanton
68.11Melisa Schneider
26:04Portage Northern
69.10Ana Strawhun
26:07Portage Northern
70.10Nicole Prihoda
26:08Portage Central
71.9Ashriya Patel
26:11Portage Central
72.11Julia Russell
26:11Stevensville Lakeshore
73.11Abbey Filippo
26:22St. Joseph
74.11Kara Welch
26:30Stevensville Lakeshore
75.11Kaitlin Premer
26:45 SRPortage Central
76.9Ashley Shortman
77.11Mariah Rifenberg
26:49St. Joseph
78.11Julia Carpenter
26:49Stevensville Lakeshore
79.9Esmee Zondag
26:54Portage Central
80.9Abby Main
27:01Portage Central
81.12Isobel Tollenaar
27:05St. Joseph
82.11Natelie Swailes
83.11Madeleine Kindler
27:29Portage Central
84.10Samantha Peters
27:45Stevensville Lakeshore
85.12Meeghan Hoose
27:46Portage Central
86.10Kelcey Hiemstra
27:51Portage Central
87.10Anna Whitaker
27:59Portage Northern
88.10Sierra Kuhns
28:40 PRPortage Northern
89.9Lexi Gavlas
29:00Portage Northern
90.12Rebekah Rainwater
29:16Portage Northern
91.11Leah Alburtus
29:22Portage Central
92.9Deidre Crowell
30:26Portage Northern
93.11Meghan Rifenberg
30:33St. Joseph
94.11Rachel Stockwell
32:58Portage Central
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