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5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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2014 18TH ANNUAL Don Anderson Invitational

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome Coaches and Athletes to the 18th Annual Don Anderson Invitational!  We have expanded our race this year and we would like you to bring your teams.


WHERE:         Grand Haven High School

Buccaneer Stadium/Rothi Field

17001 Ferris ST. Grand Haven, MI 49417


COURSE:       Cross Country Course located on Grand Haven H.S. Track

                        Runners must use ¼ inch spikes because we finish on the track.


SCHEDULE:              Gates open at 2:45 p.m.*

Girls’ Race – 5:00 p.m.*

                                    Boys’ Race – 4:30 *

*(If we have a large field, we will run separate Varsity and JV races for boys and girls.)


AWARDS:     Varsity race: Top 20 boys and girls finishers will receive medals.

Team awards for the first place team and runner-up in each race.


RESULTS:      Electronic Timing provided by Michianatiming. Results will be available immediately after the race and online at


ENTRY FEE: $150.00 PER SCHOOL for two teams, $100.00 for only one team. 

Make checks payable to Grand Haven Cross Country Program.


ENTRIES:      Please respond to the invitation you receive on before August 1, 2014. Please input your team into before Friday August 29th before 5:00 p.m.



Scott Przystas, Head Coach, Girls’ Cross Country, 616-850-6495 or

 John Tarr, Head Coach, Boys’ Cross Country, 616-850-6173 or

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Haven31
2.Holland Black River40
3.GR_Covenant Christian74
5.Creative Technologies Academy136
6.West MI Academy of Environme...170

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Jack Nicholson
17:06.78Grand Haven
2.11James McCann
17:11.87Holland Black River
3.11Brenden Jones
17:34.09Holland Black River
4.11Brantley VanOverloop
17:55.55GR_Covenant Christian
5.12Joseph Britt
18:03.78Holland Black River
6.11Jordan Diephouse
18:05.86Grand Haven
7.12John Miles
18:12.90Grand Haven
8.12Brent Petersen
18:13.18Grand Haven
9.12Zach Duff
18:17.77Grand Haven
10.11Matt Suarez
11.9Les Miner
18:39.02Creative Technologie...
12.10Justin Lundstrom
18:49.22Holland Black River
13.12Nick Johnson
18:57.46Grand Haven
14.10Dominic Hentemann
19:00.86Grand Haven
15.11Aaron Langerak
19:02.08GR_Covenant Christian
16.10Seth Bleyenberg
19:02.46GR_Covenant Christian
17.12Joel Griffioen
19:03.00GR_Covenant Christian
18.11Brian Ellis
19:06.30Holland Black River
19.12Jared Kelly
19:10.85Grand Haven
20.9Aaron Hughes
19:12.67Grand Haven
21.10Eric Johnson
19:16.83Grand Haven
22.10Jake Phillips
19:23.82Grand Haven
23.12Merrick Richardson
19:27.66Grand Haven
24.12Austin Schouman
19:33.97Grand Haven
25.10Isaac Langeland
19:41.01Holland Black River
26.10Oliver Britt
19:47.17Holland Black River
27.10Quentin Couvelaire
19:50.60Grand Haven
28.9Joshua Fink
19:52.12Holland Black River
29.11Connor Weber
20:06.89Grand Haven
30.12Rohan Dandavati
20:08.12Holland Black River
31.10Trent Matthews
32.12Caleb Koole
20:41.31GR_Covenant Christian
33.11Jake Griffioen
20:45.84GR_Covenant Christian
34.10Preston Mills
21:01.61Holland Black River
35.12Alexander Bascom
21:03.79Holland Black River
36.9Jacob Bradley
37.12David George
21:09.29Grand Haven
38.10Connor Piotrzkowski
21:09.65Grand Haven
39.10Allen Rademaker
21:13.02Grand Haven
40.12Kyle Christensen
21:18.44West MI Academy of E...
41.10Carson Spraug
42.10Phil Dommisse
21:27.72GR_Covenant Christian
43.9Mike Altena
21:29.96GR_Covenant Christian
44.10Ethan Lehman
21:30.29Creative Technologie...
45.12Brandon Henman
21:30.99Grand Haven
46.9Logan Henning
21:32.83Holland Black River
47.9Connor DenBleyker
21:33.69Holland Black River
48.12Jared Kraker
21:34.10GR_Covenant Christian
49.9Brice VanOverloop
21:37.27GR_Covenant Christian
50.12Noah Cleghorn
21:47.12Grand Haven
51.11Jared Poehl
52.9James Hofstra
22:21.88Creative Technologie...
53.12Noah Hughes
22:25.26Grand Haven
54.10Drew Henman
22:47.77Grand Haven
55.12TJ Leach
56.12Jonathon Carrillo
22:59.84West MI Academy of E...
57.10Tommy Andrew
23:01.54Holland Black River
58.11Zach Koole
23:05.43GR_Covenant Christian
59.12Justin Merriman
23:09.04Grand Haven
60.10Josh Groom
23:10.44Grand Haven
61.10Matthew George
23:22.38Grand Haven
62.10Logan Colter
23:48.88Creative Technologie...
63.9Owen Jennings
24:08.50Grand Haven
64.11Sean Boysen
24:09.66Holland Black River
65.11Jordan Hoekstra
24:23.51GR_Covenant Christian
66.9Dawson Armstrong
24:50.04Creative Technologie...
67.11Evan Milligan
25:05.02Holland Black River
68.11Morrison Hatlen
25:11.68Holland Black River
69.11Caleb Kahrs
70.8Corbin Ebeling
25:41.36West MI Academy of E...
71.8Jaydon Dietrich
25:43.12West MI Academy of E...
72.9Brendan Kelly
26:19.92Grand Haven
73.9Sam Zylstra
26:23.54Holland Black River
74.11Jackson Huizinga
26:28.67GR_Covenant Christian
75.9Isaac Jessup
26:34.28GR_Covenant Christian
76.9Will Webster
26:38.92Grand Haven
77.11Coz Anderson
78.9Caleb Moelker
27:13.40GR_Covenant Christian
79.12Jared Altena
27:46.66GR_Covenant Christian
80.12Jon Hoops
29:51.12Creative Technologie...
81.9Johnathon LeTourneau
32:44.00Creative Technologie...
82.11Joshua Appel
32:45.74West MI Academy of E...
83.9Dylan Topliff
35:59.36Grand Haven
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Haven27
2.Holland Black River40
3.GR_Covenant Christian76

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Allison Vroon
20:02.52Holland Black River
2.11Sydney Del Valle
21:13.53Holland Black River
3.11Hannah Kenny
21:24.61Grand Haven
4.11Audrey Boersen
21:28.97Grand Haven
5.12Rachel Sedgewick
21:36.56Grand Haven
6.10Emily Schipper
22:32.68GR_Covenant Christian
7.10Eliza Lowe
22:48.67Grand Haven
8.12Mikayla Takas
22:51.59Grand Haven
9.12Mikayla Rowden
23:09.36Grand Haven
10.11Courtney Hylock
23:15.00Grand Haven
11.11Chelsea Miskelley
23:20.53Holland Black River
12.10Zoe McGregor
23:26.32Grand Haven
13.11Daniela Sanchez-Ma...
23:29.56Holland Black River
14.11Haley Kalis
23:31.96Grand Haven
15.10Rylee Rutherford
23:37.29Grand Haven
16.9Renee Borchers
23:40.79Grand Haven
17.9Julia Drabczyk
23:42.45Grand Haven
18.12Lauren Harvey
23:52.08Grand Haven
19.11Larissa Langerak
23:57.17GR_Covenant Christian
20.11Anna Dexter
24:09.61Grand Haven
21.12Katie Fojtik
24:19.58Grand Haven
22.10Eden Rosin
24:20.49Holland Black River
23.10Brogan Westra
24:21.79Holland Black River
24.9Jordan Siler
25.10Nicole Gillman
26.11Lydia Kamps
25:07.91GR_Covenant Christian
27.10Anna Langerak
25:10.50GR_Covenant Christian
28.10Kirsten Prelesnik
25:21.20Grand Haven
29.11Kara Minderhoud
25:25.46GR_Covenant Christian
30.10Haylee Ray
25:25.89Grand Haven
31.9Isabelle TenElshof
25:26.27West MI Academy of E...
32.11Alexis Stille
25:32.41Grand Haven
33.10Madison Ray
25:37.89Grand Haven
34.12Madison Houle
25:39.14Grand Haven
35.12Tressa Bathke
25:43.89Grand Haven
36.12Samantha Glass
37.12Natalie Ophoff
25:53.34GR_Covenant Christian
38.11Rachel Rutgers
25:53.89GR_Covenant Christian
39.10Skyler Boterenbrood
26:00.89Grand Haven
40.12Gabby Braley
26:04.86Grand Haven
41.11Lizzy Russo
42.12Elly St. John
43.12Sophie Stoepker
26:15.88Grand Haven
44.9Jenny Ryan
26:36.38Grand Haven
45.9Ayebah Wilson
26:45.75Grand Haven
46.9Sophia Camarota
26:46.55Holland Black River
47.9Clarissa Cherry
26:49.18Grand Haven
48.9Becca Glass
49.12Rachel Meinders
50.10Brooke Lonergan
26:54.63Grand Haven
51.9Natasha Robertson
26:55.00Grand Haven
52.9Isadora Mitchell
27:03.15Grand Haven
53.12Emily Vanderwagon
54.12Lisette Boer
27:11.75Holland Black River
55.12Melissa Lieffers
56.10Leah Kuiper
27:37.38GR_Covenant Christian
57.9Madeline Langerak
28:17.81GR_Covenant Christian
58.9Melanie Hanko
28:18.25GR_Covenant Christian
59.11Emma Bollinger
60.12Ellie Jessup
29:00.47GR_Covenant Christian
61.11Samantha Striegle
29:02.30Grand Haven
62.9Katie Webster
29:03.72Grand Haven
63.9Jossilyn Maycroft
64.10Abby Kuiper
29:07.15GR_Covenant Christian
65.9Jazzy Stowe
29:19.73 PRGrand Haven
66.10Josie VanderKolk
29:51.77GR_Covenant Christian
67.12Erika Crater
68.9Cassie Stroven
69.11Alainna Haggert
30:20.77Grand Haven
70.9Lucy Schuiling
71.11Peyton Cook
30:33.65Grand Haven
72.10Olivia Salik
30:39.38Grand Haven
73.9Bryanna VanBaren
30:50.04GR_Covenant Christian
74.11Jenna VanBaren
30:56.57GR_Covenant Christian
75.9Danielle Page
31:53.46Grand Haven
76.10Laney Decker
32:35.86Grand Haven
77.10Naomi Byrd
33:01.06Holland Black River
78.11Natasha Wright
36:53.76Holland Black River
79.11Kaleigh Keech
49:10.75Creative Technologie...
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