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Mens Races
1.5 Mile Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay
1.5 Mile Junior Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay
1.5 Mile Frosh/Novice Open Race
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay
1.5 Mile Junior Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay
1.5 Mile Frosh/Novice Open Race

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Cougar Classic 6 Mile XC Relay  (coaches)

Welcome to the Asics Cougar Classic 6 Mile Cross Country Relay.  This is a great season opener, featuring 4 x 1.5 mile XC relay teams.  Divisions include boys and girls Varsity and JV relays as well as an individual 1.5 mile race for novice/frosh runners only.

This event features a festive atmosphere with great competition, music and fun games throughout the meetwith Asics merchandise being given away as prizes.  Gift certificates and Asics merchandise will be awarded to the top 3 teams in all relay races and Asics merchandise to the top 25 finishers in the Novice races.  There will be a large and small school division.  Both divisions will compete together but team awards will be given to the top 3 large schools and the top 3 small schools.  If a small school wishes to compete in the large school division, please contact the meet director.

The start, exchange zones, and finish will all be on the Cal State San Marcos track.  The course is flat with one small hill and a downhill finish.  For more detailed information please contact Jerid Meek @

Schools will not be entered into the Cougar Classic 6 Mile XC Relay until the Invitational contract has been returned to Jerid Meek.  Once contract is received please register your team only on  Coaches will register their athletes on an excel spreadsheet that will be emailed to confirmed schools a couple weeks before meet day. 

For contract and more detailed meet info please email Jerid Meek @

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay

12Julius Diehr
6:58 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Eric Lawver
7:04 PRLa Costa Canyon
12Steven Terris
7:04 PRLa Costa Canyon
9Joaquin Martinez d...
7:07 PRCathedral Catholic
12Raymond Boffman
7:08 PRCathedral Catholic
11Tomas Miralles
7:11 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Wyatt Hill
7:12 PRRancho Bernardo
3.12Brendan Cassidy
7:17 PRPoway
12Mikio Kuroiwa
7:20 PRRancho Bernardo
12Alex Merder
7:21 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Deion Molina
7:24 PRPoly (Riverside)
3.12Tyler Couvrette
7:25 PRPoway
3.10Jarett Chinn
7:27 PRPoway
10Michael Robinson
7:28 PRCathedral Catholic
11William Gravelle
7:29 PRRancho Bernardo
11Bryan Johnson
7:31 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Burak Tufekci
7:34 PRRancho Bernardo
12Preston Dodson
7:34 PRPoly (Riverside)
3.11Colin Jensen
7:36 SRPoway
12Jeffrey Stewart
7:37 PRRancho Bernardo
10Hank Tadeusiak
7:37 PRCathedral Catholic
12Cristian Nunez
7:37 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Joel Sandoval
7:45 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Fuyuki Kuroiwa
7:46 PRRancho Bernardo
12Connor Marmion
7:48 PRCathedral Catholic
11Joshua Litwiller
7:50 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Tristan Caparas
7:50 PRRancho Bernardo
10Senri Kuroiwa
7:50 PRRancho Bernardo
11Jason Leary
7:50 PRCoronado
22.11Owen Schatzlein
7:51 PRPoway
22.12Brent Parkes
7:51 PRPoway
11Isaac Diaz
7:52 PRLa Costa Canyon
22.12Erik Whitney
7:52 PRPoway
23.10Hayden Salverda
7:55 PRPoway
23.12Brannon Smudz
7:55 PRPoway
12Michael Atwell
7:58 PRPoly (Riverside)
11John Granahan
7:59 PRCathedral Catholic
23.11Gaston Banuelos
8:00 PRPoway
12Patrick Clark
8:02 PRCoronado
23.10Tyler Neal
8:02 PRPoway
12Madison Adams
8:09 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Daniel Robinson
8:10 SRCathedral Catholic
11Jackson Daugherty
8:14 PRLa Jolla Country Day
22.10Kyle Kesler
8:16 PRPoway
12Jack Cipolla
8:24 PRSanta Fe Christian
10Keoni Rodriguez
8:25 PRCathedral Catholic
11Noah Forougi
8:32 PRSanta Fe Christian
12Matt Davis
8:36 PRSanta Fe Christian
9Cole Nichols
8:38 SRCoronado
11Ryan Watkins
8:45 PRLa Jolla Country Day
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1.5 Mile Junior Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay

10Andrew Bengtson
7:44 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Alex Modiano
7:54 PRRancho Bernardo
11Jeremy Garcia
7:57 PRPoly (Riverside)
9Gavin Aleshire
7:57 PRLa Costa Canyon
12Chris Slezak
8:00 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Max Lata
8:04 PRRancho Bernardo
11Dylan Brenk
8:04 SRCathedral Catholic
10Dylan DeGrood
8:05 PRPoly (Riverside)
7.11Alfredo Matias
8:14 PRPoway
10Diego Perez
8:18 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Jack Romero
8:19 PRLa Costa Canyon
7.12Aldair Barranco
8:19 PRPoway
7.12Banks Irelan
8:19 PRPoway
12Jeff Makings
8:20 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Nelson Rader
8:21 PRLa Costa Canyon
12Elias Guanuna
8:23 PRPoway
12David Akagi
8:23 PRRancho Bernardo
11Jake Feyedelem
8:26 PRRancho Bernardo
11Nate Jalbuena
8:27 PRRancho Bernardo
7.11Nathan Mannion
8:29 PRPoway
12Joey Schiefer
8:32 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Thomas Donovan
8:33 PRPoly (Riverside)
9Alec Kauffman
8:37 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Dominic Catanzaro
8:40 SRCathedral Catholic
10Keita Nadalin
8:41 PRRancho Bernardo
10Riley Henderson
8:42 PRCathedral Catholic
12Kiyotaka Hachisuka
8:49 SRRancho Bernardo
9Charles Winn
8:50 SRCoronado
12Elvis Rhys
8:51 PRCoronado
11Jacob Itchon
8:52 SRCathedral Catholic
11Grant Brannigan
8:53 SRCathedral Catholic
30.10Luke Beckwith
8:54 PRPoway
12Keaton Mertz
8:56 PRLa Jolla Country Day
11John Welborn
8:58 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Nathan Gottlieb
8:59 SRRancho Bernardo
10Justin Palacios
8:59 PRCathedral Catholic
10Luke Leidiger
8:59 PRCathedral Catholic
10Dylan Gallego
8:59 PRCathedral Catholic
10Calvin Zeljak
9:02 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Dylan Horton
9:02 SRLa Costa Canyon
10Brandon Mitchell
9:03 PRPoway
37.10Dane Affleck
9:06 PRPoway
37.10Micah Hirashiki
9:08 SRPoway
11Aidan Booth
9:09 PRCathedral Catholic
37.10Spencer Vierra
9:12 PRPoway
30.10Mendel Baljon
9:14 PRPoway
12Henry Mull
9:15 PRPoway
11Patrick Greene
9:15 PRCathedral Catholic
10Will Moses
9:15 PRLa Costa Canyon
10David Bourassa
9:19 PRCathedral Catholic
30.10Corey Boyce
9:21 SRPoway
10Kyle Fields
9:33 PRCoronado
9Alex Hill
9:38 PRLa Jolla Country Day
47.11Nathan Sheehan
9:38 SRPoway
10Nico Marino
9:39 PRLa Costa Canyon
30.10Jeff Bauer
9:39 PRPoway
12Kyler Smith
9:41 PRCoronado
47.10Gabriel Villar
9:54 PRPoway
10Garan Comfort
9:56 SRLa Jolla Country Day
12Blake Booker
9:56 SRCathedral Catholic
9Daniel Vayser
10:10 PRLa Jolla Country Day
37.10Joaquin Fuenzalida
10:25 SRPoway
47.10David Intrabartolo
10:26 PRPoway
47.11Joe Pratt
10:26 PRPoway
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1.5 Mile Frosh/Novice Open Race

1.12Aren Johnson
7:16 PRArmy-Navy Academy
9.11Robert Goff
8:11 PRClassical Academy
10.9Luke Shuler
8:16 PRPoway
11.10Dylan Engel
8:17 PRPoway
14.9Cedrick Chiu
8:24 PRPoway
9Michael Utterback
8:27 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Matt Holmes
8:29 PRRancho Bernardo
17.10Cameron Hirsh
8:29 PRPoway
19.10Gavin Blain
8:29 PRPoway
24.9Trevor Riley
8:35 PRPoway
25.10Adam Hunter
8:35 PRPoway
26.12Brian White
8:37 PRClassical Academy
10Ian Thomas
8:44 PRRancho Bernardo
32.11Gian Cascos
8:44 PRClassical Academy
35.9Wyatt Duggan
8:47 PRArmy-Navy Academy
9Bradley Pickard
8:48 SRRancho Bernardo
9Michael Dischner
8:50 PRCathedral Catholic
10Fernando Santos
8:51 PRRancho Bernardo
9Joshua Cullins
8:54 PRLa Costa Canyon
42.9Gio Guanuna
8:54 PRPoway
10Eric Sy
8:55 PRRancho Bernardo
45.11Erik Swanson
8:56 PRClassical Academy
10Kaili Takeda
8:57 PRRancho Bernardo
9Kyle Humphrey
8:58 PRRancho Bernardo
9Luke Hofrichter
8:58 PRCathedral Catholic
9Benjamin Ahlstrom
8:59 PRRancho Bernardo
9Riley White
8:59 PRPoly (Riverside)
9Joey Roberts
9:00 SRRancho Bernardo
11Jaxon Guenther
9:00 PRLa Costa Canyon
9Bobby Santos
9:01 SRRancho Bernardo
60.10Eric Moraly
9:04 PRArmy-Navy Academy
10Ian Thurgood
9:06 PRCathedral Catholic
63.9Shane Carlson
9:07 PRClassical Academy
65.12Trent Lilley
9:08 PRMater Dei Catholic
12Tristan Koyamatsu
9:12 PRRancho Bernardo
12Joseph Powers
9:12 PRCathedral Catholic
72.11Gianromano Piconi
9:12 PRArmy-Navy Academy
11Jonathan Warner
9:14 PRClassical Academy
12Brandon White
9:17 PRRancho Bernardo
80.10Adam Voggenthaler
9:17 PRPoway
12Jonathan Downey
9:18 PRCathedral Catholic
83.10Jake Kingston
9:18 PRPoway
9Tyler Koyamatsu
9:19 SRRancho Bernardo
87.9Roman Flores
9:19 PRMater Dei Catholic
88.10Gavin Metz
9:20 PRPoway
10Takashi Joubert
9:22 SRRancho Bernardo
11Alex Scott
9:24 PRLa Costa Canyon
9Trevor Ruuspakka
9:25 SRRancho Bernardo
95.9Evan France
9:25 PRClassical Academy
9Zachary Skalak
9:27 PRRancho Bernardo
98.12Evan Jones
9:28 PRClassical Academy
10Mitchell Kadowaki
9:30 PRRancho Bernardo
9Ashtin Brantley
9:31 SRRancho Bernardo
10Simon Yei
9:32 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Terence Zegarra
9:33 PRCathedral Catholic
9Alan Karuku
9:36 SRRancho Bernardo
9Keegan Adams
9:36 PRLa Costa Canyon
109.9Khirin Dacanay
9:36 PRPoway
110.9Brian Yee
9:36 PRPoway
9Bryce McManigal
9:37 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Aaron Quini
9:39 SRCathedral Catholic
10Sam Tick
9:42 PRPoly (Riverside)
121.10Quinton Dai
9:43 PRPoway
9Julian Natividad
9:44 PRRancho Bernardo
9Alex Astorgano-Shuh
9:45 PRRancho Bernardo
9Jack Bacich
9:45 PRCathedral Catholic
9Tyler Sweeney
9:45 PRCathedral Catholic
9Robert Gordon
9:45 PRLa Costa Canyon
124.9Eduardo Navarro
9:45 PRMater Dei Catholic
10Jacob Saunders
9:46 SRRancho Bernardo
128.10Peter John Musselman
9:46 PRClassical Academy
10Jack Schaefer
9:49 PRCathedral Catholic
10Daniel Arca
9:50 PRCathedral Catholic
134.12Braulio Lopez
9:54 PRMater Dei Catholic
9Parker Moore
9:55 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Grant Baldwin
10:00 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Aaron Fontanila
10:02 PRRancho Bernardo
140.11Mario Pena
10:02 PRMater Dei Catholic
10Max Del Secco
10:06 PRRancho Bernardo
9Fox Stowe
10:07 PRCathedral Catholic
145.9George Mandell
10:07 PRPoway
9Joe Johnson
10:09 PRLa Costa Canyon
151.9Jorlly Chang
10:14 PRArmy-Navy Academy
153.10Tyge Ortega
10:16 PRPoway
9Parker Groenke
10:17 PRCathedral Catholic
9Chris Romano
10:26 PRSanta Fe Christian
9Cole Smith
10:29 PRRancho Bernardo
161.10Jose Velasquez
10:30 PRArmy-Navy Academy
162.10Max Paredes
10:39 PRArmy-Navy Academy
9Myles Davis
10:40 PRRancho Bernardo
10Dane Scott
10:46 PRCathedral Catholic
165.9Sergio Fernandez
10:46 PRPoway
9Nicholas Lostetter
10:48 PRRancho Bernardo
167.10John Sweeney
10:50 PRArmy-Navy Academy
12Billy Santos
11:11 PRRancho Bernardo
174.12Daniel Sanchez
11:11 PRMater Dei Catholic
177.9George Oraha
11:12 PRPoway
181.10Landon Drinkward
11:18 PRClassical Academy
9Jack Fennick
11:24 PRCathedral Catholic
183.9Jacob Harmon
11:24 PRClassical Academy
10Jack Henwood
11:26 PRSanta Fe Christian
9Maxx Song
11:32 SRLa Jolla Country Day
186.9Caleb Standley
11:34 PRClassical Academy
10David Martin
11:47 SRLa Costa Canyon
9Noah Siapno
12:04 SRRancho Bernardo
196.9Carlos Cerna Gomez
12:26 PRMater Dei Catholic
9Alec Valdez
16:39 PRSanta Fe Christian
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay

12Natalia LaSpada
8:14 SRLa Jolla Country Day
12Bryanna Fuller
8:18 PRRancho Bernardo
10Michaela Fromme
8:25 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Nia Akins
8:26 PRRancho Bernardo
10Kassady Learn
8:35 PRRancho Bernardo
11Alexandra Stetkevick
8:38 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Renee Phillips
8:41 PRCoronado
9Kalea Ibarra
8:42 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Savannah Boyd
8:43 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Riley Prohaska
8:44 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Rachel Bohan
8:44 PRCathedral Catholic
11Keely Boyd
8:45 PRLa Costa Canyon
11Rachel Ereso
8:50 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Lauren Mammini
8:51 PRCathedral Catholic
12Alexis Louis
8:53 PRPoly (Riverside)
7.11Kaitlyn Umsted
8:53 PRPoway
12Sierra Hill
8:54 PRRancho Bernardo
9McKenna Brown
8:54 PRLa Costa Canyon
7.10Alex Calegari
8:55 PRPoway
11Sarah Abrahamson
8:59 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Ameya Patel
9:02 PRCathedral Catholic
11Sierra Valenzuela
9:03 PRPoly (Riverside)
12Jordan Rich
9:04 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Jasmine Rippey
9:05 SRCoronado
7.11Elena Guanuna
9:07 PRPoway
12Ellyissa Andino
9:08 SRRancho Bernardo
9Chapin Miller-Maes
9:09 PRCoronado
12Megan Reed
9:10 PRPoly (Riverside)
7.11Savannah Santiago
9:10 SRPoway
12Alyssa Kuck
9:12 PRRancho Bernardo
10Kayla Bierschbach
9:13 PRCoronado
11Sophia Hrinko
9:13 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Kerry Desmond
9:15 PRCoronado
12Aeron Yim
9:16 PRCoronado
10Julia Valdez
9:18 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Alex Cerveny
9:23 PRCathedral Catholic
12Haley Chasin
9:24 PRCoronado
12Emily Armstrong
9:25 SRCathedral Catholic
12Molly Mineiro
9:31 PRLa Costa Canyon
12Michaela Elmer
9:32 PRCathedral Catholic
24.12Cambria Johnson
9:33 PRPoway
10Maya Kramer
9:34 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Dani Lopez
9:34 PRCathedral Catholic
22.12Amanda Bauer
9:35 PRPoway
11Erin MacNeil
9:36 PRCathedral Catholic
22.10Ariella Lee
9:36 PRPoway
11Gaby Esparza
9:45 PRRancho Bernardo
12Christina Winn
9:46 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Clara Lee
9:47 SRRancho Bernardo
10Amanda Kindel
9:47 PRLa Costa Canyon
24.12Gina Alvarez
9:50 PRPoway
12Hannah Downey
9:51 SRCoronado
22.12Christie Ackley
9:52 SRPoway
24.10Drew Robeson
9:53 PRPoway
10Samantha Valencia
9:58 PRPoly (Riverside)
10Morgan Lafferty
9:59 PRLa Costa Canyon
24.11Quinn Dekker
10:00 SRPoway
10Molly O'Connor
10:05 PRCathedral Catholic
11Devon Doheny
10:07 SRCathedral Catholic
22.11Kori Cortez
10:08 SRPoway
12Brittany Lostetter
10:09 PRRancho Bernardo
12Gabi Foyle
10:09 PRCathedral Catholic
12Isabella Dohil
10:20 SRCathedral Catholic
11Gabrielle Smotrich
10:37 PRLa Jolla Country Day
10Helen Day
10:53 PRLa Jolla Country Day
11Natalie Hammond
10:56 SRLa Jolla Country Day
9Kennan Loesch
11:02 PRLa Costa Canyon
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1.5 Mile Junior Varsity 4 x 1.5 relay

9Gabrielle Waters
9:15 PRCathedral Catholic
9Cami Doheny
9:16 SRCathedral Catholic
9Grace Caponetto
9:22 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Marina Kaye
9:22 PRPoly (Riverside)
9Mary Henderson
9:30 PRCathedral Catholic
11Gaby Esparza
9:45Rancho Bernardo
12Amanda Muna
9:47 PRRancho Bernardo
12Audrey Jawor
9:50 PRCathedral Catholic
9Hazel Groff
9:51 PRCathedral Catholic
11Claire Hobrock
9:53 PRCathedral Catholic
9Bailey McCraner
9:55 PRCathedral Catholic
12.11Delaney Toth
9:55 PRPoway
10Eleanor Burnett
9:56 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Samantha Valencia
9:58Poly (Riverside)
9Daniella Lumkong
10:01 PRLa Costa Canyon
12Paige Sachrison
10:14 PRLa Costa Canyon
9Quinn Lekse
10:16 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Sophia Cabrera
10:16 PRPoly (Riverside)
12.12Madison Ortega
10:18 PRPoway
9Dare Hunt
10:21 PRLa Costa Canyon
10Vivienne Rasmussen
10:27 PRCathedral Catholic
34.12Rachel McDowell
10:30 PRPoway
10Hanae Sugiura
10:31 PRRancho Bernardo
10Olivia Karson
10:32 SRLa Costa Canyon
12.12Shannon Riley
10:32 PRPoway
12.10Nikki Idle
10:33 PRPoway
9Jimena Salazar
10:38 PRCathedral Catholic
9Olivia Firsching
10:42 PRCathedral Catholic
12Zoe Elliott
10:49 SRRancho Bernardo
12Kylee Krynicki
10:52 SRLa Costa Canyon
12Emily Olmedo
10:53 PRPoly (Riverside)
11Shelby Wolfe
10:57 PRCathedral Catholic
12Paige Detwiler
10:58 SRLa Costa Canyon
11Kami Aleksandrova
11:10 PRLa Costa Canyon
9Isabel Licosati
11:15 PRCathedral Catholic
12Caitlin McDonald
11:39 SRLa Costa Canyon
34.12Kalyx Christensen
11:54 SRPoway
34.10Madison Buchanan
12:07 SRPoway
34.10Mallory Waller
12:59 SRPoway
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1.5 Mile Frosh/Novice Open Race

Official Team Scores

2.Classical Academy56
3.Rancho Bernardo82
4.Poly (Riverside)114
5.La Costa Canyon136
6.Rancho Buena Vista143
8.Cathedral Catholic176
9.Mater Dei Catholic240
10.Cathedral City334
11.Guajome Park Acad345
12.West Valley354
1.9Marin Haluza
9:23 PRPoway
2.9Dana Gill
9:26 PRClassical Academy
3.10Emma Powers
9:31 PRPoway
4.9Grace Leto
9:34 PRRancho Bernardo
5.9Tatum Chapman
9:36 PRPoway
6.12Grace Agyan
9:42 PRClassical Academy
7.11Heidi Panek
9:51 SREscondido Charter
8.9Paula Romo
9:53 PRRancho Buena Vista
9.12Masie Smith
9:54 PREscondido Charter
10.11Alyssa Cascos
9:56 PRClassical Academy
11.9Lexi Watkins
10:00 SRLa Jolla Country Day
12.9Sarah Kim
10:01 PREscondido Charter
13.10Briana Courtney
10:03 PRLa Costa Canyon
14.9Ari Barcoma
10:08 PRMission Hills
15.10Marina Kaye
10:09Poly (Riverside)
16.9Lessli Maldonado
10:12 PREscondido
17.9Alyssa Tivadar
10:13 SRRancho Bernardo
18.9Amanda Smith
10:13 PRRancho Bernardo
19.9Shelby Brown
10:15 PRPoway
20.9Hailey Sasaki
10:15 PRRancho Bernardo
21.9Kylie Wilcox
10:15 PRRancho Buena Vista
22.9Cayley Oravets
10:16 PRPoly (Riverside)
23.9Brittney Montalbano
10:16 PRPoly (Riverside)
24.10Greta Swanson
10:20 PRClassical Academy
25.9Daria Bonds
10:21 PREscondido
26.9Libby Burger
10:24 PRClassical Academy
27.12Hayley Beebe
10:25 PRMission Hills
28.9Isabella Mattera
10:25 PRCathedral Catholic
29.10Janette Rodriquez
10:26 PRHamilton
30.11Elizabeth Yerkes
10:29 PRSan Marcos
31.9Fiona Boyle
10:30 PRPoway
32.12Faith Pigeon
10:37 PRClassical Academy
33.10Morgan Vice
10:37 PRLa Costa Canyon
34.11Gabby Burns
10:39 PRCathedral Catholic
35.9Maia Chaffin
10:40 SREscondido
36.9Irena Rutz
10:40 PRRancho Buena Vista
37.10Ana Nunez
10:40 PRVista
38.10Kylie Wilke
10:41 PRPoway
39.10Madison Lerner
10:48 PRPoway
40.9Grace Casciano
10:49 PRLa Costa Canyon
41.10Emily Putnam
10:51 PRLa Costa Canyon
42.10Hayley Manges
10:51 PRPoly (Riverside)
43.9Alexandra Flores
10:51 SREscondido
44.11Cristina Salmeron
10:53 PRVista Del Lago
45.9Isabelle Ramirez
10:54 PRMater Dei Catholic
45.11Jessica Alcaraz
10:54 PRMater Dei Catholic
46.12Stephanie Rivas
10:55 PRPoly (Riverside)
47.9Anna Bourke
10:55 SRCathedral Catholic
48.10Miranda Krueger
10:56 PRRancho Bernardo
49.9Jill Carter
10:58 PRLa Costa Canyon
50.11Megan Leigh
10:58 PRLa Costa Canyon
51.11Alejandra Felix
10:59 PRMater Dei Catholic
52.10Raquel Nambo
11:00 PRRancho Buena Vista
53.9Rylie Pepper
11:00 PRClassical Academy
54.9Lili Sanders
11:05 PRSanta Fe Christian
55.9Elizabeth Barton
11:06 PRClassical Academy
56.10Zoe Peritz
11:07 PRLa Jolla Country Day
57.11Jennifer Bumbaugh
11:07 SRCathedral Catholic
58.9Alissa Kaabe
11:10 PRHamilton
59.11Coral James
11:10 PRClassical Academy
60.11Megan Oakes
11:11 PRClassical Academy
61.9Chloe Chose
11:12 SRRancho Bernardo
62.9McKenna Copeland
11:12 PRSan Marcos
63.10Hannah Blackburn
11:13 PRRancho Bernardo
64.9Lilla Cunningham
11:15 PRCathedral Catholic
65.9Katie Nicholi
11:15 PRCathedral Catholic
66.10Emma Callant
11:15 PRSanta Fe Christian
67.10Iliana Lemos
11:18 PRMater Dei Catholic
68.9Bri Frain
11:18 SRRancho Buena Vista
69.10Liliana Lupton
11:19 PRPoway
70.10Victoria Aragon
11:21 PRCathedral Catholic
71.9Abigail Gausepohl
11:21 PRCathedral Catholic
72.12Kalina White
11:21 PRGuajome Park Acad
73.-Mikayla Istavanyi
11:24 PRMission Hills
74.9Alexandria Doulger...
11:25 PRSage Creek
75.10Natalie Boyer
11:26 PRLa Jolla Country Day
76.10Angelina Rocca
11:26 PRSage Creek
77.10Joanna Medina
11:27 PRRancho Buena Vista
78.9Sophia Agrusa
11:30 PRPoway
79.10Katherine Norwood
11:30 PRRancho Bernardo
80.12Daeryen Mason
11:31 PRSan Marcos
81.10Haley Martin
11:32 PRRancho Bernardo
82.10Marina Lemly
11:33 PRRancho Bernardo
83.12Guadalupe Cervantes
11:33 PRCathedral City
84.12Megan Golba
11:34 PRCathedral Catholic
85.10Gabrielle Courtney
11:35 PRLa Costa Canyon
86.10Naomi Teal
11:36 PRRancho Bernardo
87.10Maritza Curtice
11:37 PRMater Dei Catholic
88.10Maiya Gomez
11:37 PRRancho Bernardo
89.9Trinity Long
11:40 PRPoly (Riverside)
90.9Katherine Ruiz
11:41 PRVista Del Lago
91.10Kali Schiefer
11:44 PRLa Costa Canyon
92.9Monica Ontiveras
11:47 PREscondido
93.12Citlayi Villasenor
11:47 PRClassical Academy
94.9Anna Ross
11:48 PRCathedral Catholic
95.10Brianna Fabian
11:48 PRLa Costa Canyon
96.12Heather Pape
11:49 PRCathedral Catholic
97.12Christina Johnson
11:49 SRCathedral Catholic
98.9Vanessa Sanchez
11:50 PRHamilton
99.10Kayla Lutes
11:50 PRLa Costa Canyon
100.10Amanda Williams
11:51 PRCathedral Catholic
101.10Kate Goldberg
11:51 PRPoway
102.9Emily Holloway
11:51 PRCathedral Catholic
103.9Brooke Swanson
11:51 PRClassical Academy
104.9Kaelin Facun
11:52 PRPoway
105.9Christina Pedler
11:53 PRCathedral Catholic
106.9Sarah Greeven
11:54 PRCathedral Catholic
107.11Mia Sanchez
11:55 PRMater Dei Catholic
108.12Tanya Queuedo
11:56 PRValley View
109.9Sophie Otto
11:58 PRCathedral Catholic
110.9Maggie Tomcho
12:00 SRCathedral Catholic
111.9Kendall Defelippi
12:00 PRCathedral Catholic
112.10Elizabeth Kelly
12:01 PRLa Costa Canyon
113.10Sydney Bagshaw
12:01 PRLa Costa Canyon
114.11Courtney Smith
12:01 SRCathedral Catholic
115.12Elizabeth Sullivan
12:01 SRCathedral Catholic
11Ellin Zhao
12:02 PRRancho Bernardo
116.-Ellin Quing
12:02 PRRancho Bernardo
117.11Katie Farley
12:02 SRCathedral Catholic
118.9Natalie York
12:03 PRRancho Buena Vista
119.9Gracie Hull
12:05 PRSage Creek
120.12Jackie Osuna
12:05 PRCathedral City
121.12Natalie Ulloa
12:06 PRWest Valley
122.10Rio Gordon
12:08 PRRancho Buena Vista
123.11Diana De La Toba
12:12 PRMater Dei Catholic
124.10Brittany Bloom
12:16 PRLa Costa Canyon
125.9Rochelle Marifosque
12:16 PRClassical Academy
125.9Lily Sullivan
12:16 PRClassical Academy
126.9Shelby Garcia
12:18 PREscondido
127.10Hannah Silos
12:18 PRGuajome Park Acad
128.9Ximena Posada
12:19 SRMater Dei Catholic
129.10Aileen Cardenas
12:21 PRGuajome Park Acad
130.9Grace Muro
12:25 PRRancho Buena Vista
131.9Natilie Yedes
12:27 PRClassical Academy
132.9Makenna Rohr
12:27 PRClassical Academy
133.11Nancy Barrera
12:29 PRPoly (Riverside)
134.9Rose Corro
12:29 PRMission Hills
135.11Cynthia Ramos
12:31 SRValley View
136.10Noelia Luna
12:34 PRVista
137.11Alexandra Otto
12:36 SRCathedral Catholic
138.10Yasmeen Elbanna
12:40 PRRancho Bernardo
139.11Ana Hall
12:40 PRClassical Academy
140.10Kalli Taylor
12:49 PRPoway
141.9Ashley Greeven
12:53 PRCathedral Catholic
142.10Erica Pham
12:58 PRLa Costa Canyon
143.9Katrina Kellner
13:06 PREscondido
144.9Nicole Pereira-Poli
13:10 SRCathedral Catholic
145.12Paloma Rubio
13:13 PRCathedral City
146.11Delanie Nilson
13:22 SRWest Valley
147.11Samantha Ault
13:24 PRCathedral Catholic
148.12Andrea Natividad
13:25 PRWest Valley
149.9Noemi Suarez
13:30 PRCathedral City
150.9Denae Hernandez
13:34 PRWest Valley
12Emily Olmedo
13:35Poly (Riverside)
151.9Emily Harold
13:35 PRPoly (Riverside)
152.10Jade Snelling
13:35 SRRancho Bernardo
153.11Alyssa Roque
13:55 PRRancho Bernardo
154.9Sarah Armenta
14:15 PRCathedral Catholic
155.9Vanessa Roldan
14:27 PRWest Valley
156.9Noelia Martinez
14:31 PRCathedral City
157.11Elizabeth Torres
14:36 PRWest Valley
158.9Lillie Bates
14:43 PRCathedral City
159.12Andrea Gonzalez
15:09 PRCathedral City
160.10Lea Butterworth
16:21 PRGuajome Park Acad
161.-Kayle Wilson
16:21 PRGuajome Park Acad
162.12Anahi Rubio
16:30 PRGuajome Park Acad
163.9Isabel Cruz
16:35 PRCathedral City
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