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Mens Races

Patriots Park

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:00 AM
2 Mile Middle School12:30 PM
1.5 Mile K - 6th grade1:30 PM
Womens Races

Patriots Park

5,000 Meters Varsity10:30 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:30 AM
2 Mile Middle School1:00 PM
1.5 Mile K - 6th grade1:50 PM

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2014 News Herald Meet Info  (coaches)

29th Annual News Herald Cross Country Invitational

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Location: Young Patriot’s Park in Riverview (Sibley Rd, between Fort St. & Grange)


Event Schedule:      8:00    Packets available for pickup in Community Building

10:00  HS Boys Varsity 5000m

                                    10:30 HS Girls Varsity 5000m

                                    11:00  HS Boys Reserve 5000m

                                    11:30  HS Girls Reserve 5000m

                                    Noon   High School Awards

                                    12:30  7th & 8th Grade Boys (two miles)

                                     1:00   7th & 8th Grade Girls (two miles)

                                     1:30   K-6 Boys – 1.5 miles

                                     1:50   K-6 Girls – 1.5 miles

                                     2:15   Junior High Awards


Awards:         HIGH SCHOOL

                        Trophies – Top 3 Teams

                        Medals – Top 25 ‘All-Area’- Varsity

                        Medals – Top 10 - Reserve


                        JUNIOR HIGH

                        Trophies – Top 3 Teams

                        Medals – Top 25 racers



Medals – Top 30


Entry Fee:      High School: $180 ($90 p/ gender)

Junior High/Middle Schools: $130 ($65 p/ gender)

K-6 Club/Team $100 ($50 p/ gender)


Individual Entry Fees:

High School (9th-12th grade) - $15 p/runner if less than 5 runners


Junior High (7th/8th Grade) - $10 p/runner if less than 5 runners

Regular entry fee for any gender with 5 or more runners


K-6 Club - $7 p/runner if less than 5 runners

Regular entry fee for any gender with 5 or more runners.


Mail entry Fees to: Gabriel Richard Catholic H.S. , 15325 Pennsylvania Rd. Riverview 48193

- or bring your check to the event –


NEW IN 2014:

A late fee of $50 will be applied to any school that does not supply their payment prior to the event OR on race day. This fee is included for EACH of the three race divisions.



  • This is a ‘Championship’ event for all levels. Please do not enter walkers.
  • Parents/Coaches/Teammates are NOT allowed to run side by side.


Results:         Posted on Community Building

                        Printed results to Coaches Only!!

Will be posted to and






Review all info in this email

Run without a bib #

Make all changes 30 minutes before the start of the race requiring change

Put the wrong bib on the wrong kid

Know the course!

Bother the timers/computer operators

Keep moving through the chute

Park in restricted areas

Buy Dave Lustig coffee

Hog the boxes if your team is large.

Thank the Gabriel Richard Athletic Boosters for their hard work!

Enter Runners that cannot handle the full race distance. This is a showcase meet for all ages!










These will be available in the Community Building and near the high school starting line (brown building). A few porta-jons will be available as well.



If you don’t remind your parents/athletes to park in the appropriate spots or remind them that parking will be difficult in general then there will be problems.


-Busses will be drop off only at Patriots Park. They will be allowed to park at Riverview Highlands Golf Course


-Spectators will be allowed to park at Patriots Park on a first come, first serve basis. Parking is limited.


-Overflow parking:

*Riverview Highlands Golf Course (spectators can actually walk through the residential area across the street and find themselves right at the exit of the woods!)

*Shopping Centers at Fort St. & Sibley Road



  • On the shoulder of Sibley Road.
  • At any ‘single’ entity businesses. Those are private parking lots!!



Coaches thanks again for allowing Riverview Gabriel Richard to provide a great event for the high school runners of the Downriver Area. This meet carries much tradition and we hope that all of the coaches, athletes and spectators will help to maintain the integrity of this day.



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Logan Kleam
16:18.00Brownstown Woodhaven
2.12Dominic Davis
16:31.40Wyandotte Roosevelt
3.12Alec Keaton
16:48.50Allen Park
4.12Brett Navarre
5.11Kory Johnson
17:11.80Brownstown Woodhaven
6.12Anthony Kroll
17:15.70Southgate Anderson
7.10Adam Sawicki
17:20.50Grosse Ile
8.12Ryan Sander
17:21.70Southgate Anderson
9.12Otto Kasbauer
17:22.10Summit Academy
10.10Garrett Novak
17:33.70Summit Academy
11.11Eric Wilkewitz
17:35.90Brownstown Woodhaven
12.11Jared Rieden
17:42.80Allen Park
13.11Uriel Gonzalez
17:47.50Southgate Anderson
14.12Austin Guyer
17:49.50Southgate Anderson
15.11Jackson Kelly
17:58.50Grosse Ile
16.11Isidore Harris
17:59.30Wyandotte Roosevelt
17.12Mark Klingel
18:01.00Gibraltar Carlson
18.10Nick Holbrook
18:02.30New Boston Huron
19.11Caleb Keyes
18:06.20Brownstown Woodhaven
20.10Adam Skidmore
21.12Austin Goulasarian
18:13.80Allen Park
22.10Zach Camilleri
18:14.10 SRGrosse Ile
23.12Jack Randles
18:14.80Riverview Gabriel Ri...
24.10Jacob Ochab
18:15.50Grosse Ile
25.9Rocco Jelsomeno
18:16.50Wyandotte Roosevelt
26.9Mike Green
18:18.30Wyandotte Roosevelt
27.11Pavan Dave
18:23.60Brownstown Woodhaven
28.10Ryan Lafferty
18:25.50Allen Park
29.10Carson Cappaert
18:27.40Wyandotte Roosevelt
30.10Estevan Vasquez
18:30.40Wyandotte Roosevelt
31.11Matt Skarbinski
18:31.10Allen Park
32.11Chandler Collins
18:34.10Wyandotte Roosevelt
33.10Garrett Brown
18:39.80Southgate Anderson
34.12Tyler Terteling
18:40.50Southgate Anderson
35.12Christian DeBlois
18:40.80Brownstown Woodhaven
36.9Drew Johnson
18:48.50Allen Park
37.12Jonathon Vanpaepeg...
38.12nate Smith
18:52.50Lincoln Park
39.9Michael Graf
18:58.70 SRAllen Park Cabrini
40.11Brandon Close
19:03.80Brownstown Woodhaven
41.12Cameron Colwell
19:11.20Grosse Ile
42.12Justin Querry
19:19.00Allen Park Cabrini
43.12Ben Lewis
19:20.10Allen Park
44.10Max Grahl
45.9Dylan Greene
19:20.90Summit Academy
46.11Joe Kowalsky
19:23.60 PRSouthgate Anderson
47.9Aaron Amaya
19:30.80Grosse Ile
48.9Josh Potter
19:31.30 SRGibraltar Carlson
49.12Caleb Culp
19:31.90Taylor Baptist Park ...
50.11Myles Lovasz
51.11Donavan Wheeler
19:35.50Riverview Gabriel Ri...
52.12Michael Look
19:39.00Riverview Gabriel Ri...
53.10Kyle Solesbee
19:40.30 PRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
54.11London Baran
19:41.40Gibraltar Carlson
55.11Jacob Gibson
19:42.10Lincoln Park
56.10James Maitland
19:42.60Summit Academy
57.9Andrew Holten
19:48.70 SRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
58.10Josh Stroupe
19:50.10 PRNew Boston Huron
59.12Samuel Martin
60.9Roman Ruddy
61.12Samuel Heilman
19:58.90Grosse Ile
62.12Reynaldo Quintero
63.10Griffin Shimanek
64.9Noah Hamilton
20:18.40New Boston Huron
65.10William Loggie
20:22.90New Boston Huron
66.12Alex Boettner
67.9Wyatt Slaughter
20:24.80Allen Park Cabrini
68.10Anthony DePaulis
69.10Juan Pablo-Gomez
20:29.20Lincoln Park
70.10Andrew Hohmann
71.10Michael Pomponio
20:38.80Allen Park Cabrini
72.10Lucas Chuey
73.12Dakota Nuttall
20:40.40 PRRiverview
74.11Darren Bigham
20:47.30New Boston Huron
75.10Jarred Crull
20:48.60Summit Academy
76.11Chevy Lond
20:49.60Summit Academy
77.12Nikolai Tomassi
20:53.20 SRAllen Park Cabrini
78.10Tim Augustyniak
20:53.70Riverview Gabriel Ri...
79.11Jordan Chambers
80.12Carlos Salcido
21:16.10Allen Park Cabrini
81.10Alex Blackburn
21:16.70Summit Academy
82.11Branden Cervelli
21:38.60Lincoln Park
83.9Elrik Wilder
21:38.90 SRMelvindale
84.12Chris Gotts
21:39.80Gibraltar Carlson
85.9Dennis Lobb
21:47.80Taylor Baptist Park ...
86.11Justin Graff
87.11David Hayse
22:39.20New Boston Huron
88.10Colin Smith
22:53.20Gibraltar Carlson
89.12Derrick Fields
23:21.90Lincoln Park
90.12Zachary Campeau
23:32.50Taylor Baptist Park ...
91.10Jacob Kuty
23:44.70Gibraltar Carlson
92.9Ryan Storms
23:46.20Taylor Baptist Park ...
93.10Jack Kabara
23:48.50Allen Park Cabrini
94.10Jeffery Smith
23:49.10Gibraltar Carlson
95.9Seth Culp
23:52.80Taylor Baptist Park ...
96.9Caleb Hamilton
24:09.20Taylor Baptist Park ...
97.9Manny Villareal
98.9Brandon Ortiz
99.9Joshua Riling
100.9Adrian Shareaf
101.12Seth Thompson
28:11.60Taylor Baptist Park ...
102.9Nick Pozendek
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Alex Rieden
18:54.30Allen Park
2.12Jacob Lesko
19:14.90 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
3.10Luke Arreola
19:15.30Wyandotte Roosevelt
4.12Joseph Benjamin
19:25.00 PRGrosse Ile
5.12Erik Haener
19:48.40Brownstown Woodhaven
6.10Devin Tenerowicz
19:51.60Allen Park
7.9Ryan Colquit
19:51.90 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
8.10Aaron Plegue
19:55.80Grosse Ile
9.11Joe Mertic
19:58.10 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
10.10Patrick Orawiec
20:02.70 SRRiverview
11.11Nathan Elliott
20:04.10Southgate Anderson
12.12Nick Camilleri
20:07.00 PRGrosse Ile
13.9Joey Burke
20:11.70Southgate Anderson
14.11Nick Bolduc
20:12.50Brownstown Woodhaven
15.10Nick Rumohr
20:14.10Brownstown Woodhaven
16.12Brandon Doran
20:22.00Brownstown Woodhaven
17.9Luis Sanchez
20:23.10Wyandotte Roosevelt
18.10Jake Price
20:24.90Brownstown Woodhaven
19.11Joshua Miller
20:36.90Southgate Anderson
20.10Steven Brantley
20:37.10Grosse Ile
21.10Jackson Farrell
20:37.60Grosse Ile
22.11Zachary Phillips-B...
23.11Keith Chinavare
20:47.40Wyandotte Roosevelt
24.11Agis Diamantis
20:52.90 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
25.12Alec Penland
20:58.70Gibraltar Carlson
26.10Ethan Bronni
21:13.20Brownstown Woodhaven
27.9Brandon Ferro
28.11Ryan Quinn
29.9Jacob Theobald
21:32.40Brownstown Woodhaven
30.10Connor Harrison
31.10Jared Lenart
21:40.30Summit Academy
32.9Blaine Baran
21:42.90Gibraltar Carlson
33.11Nathan Easton
21:48.30Brownstown Woodhaven
34.10Ian Robertson
21:48.80Wyandotte Roosevelt
35.12Sebastiano Pasquini
36.12Devin Carey
21:59.30Brownstown Woodhaven
37.12Casey Koberg
22:04.20 PRWyandotte Roosevelt
38.10Zachary Miller
39.11Alex Moldovan
22:13.50 PRSummit Academy
40.11Anders Hindman
22:16.40Brownstown Woodhaven
41.11Alec Davis
22:16.80Brownstown Woodhaven
42.12Jamieson Richardson
22:17.10Summit Academy
43.9Joshua Berthiaume
22:17.50 PRAllen Park Cabrini
44.9Joe Rigotti
45.9Matt Solodon
22:18.40 SRAllen Park Cabrini
46.10Nick Anderson
47.10Marcial Gomez
22:26.80Wyandotte Roosevelt
48.9Cole Robbins
22:53.40 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
49.9Faoud Diry
22:54.00Brownstown Woodhaven
50.9Seamus Holloway
23:06.60 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
51.10Chris Burgess
52.10Logan Dupuie
23:24.40 SRGrosse Ile
53.12Jonathan Schmidt
54.9Kramer Koski
23:48.80 SRTrenton
55.9Julian Campitelle
23:59.80Allen Park Cabrini
56.11Kenneth McGlory
24:01.40Summit Academy
57.9Connor Karagitz
24:10.70Brownstown Woodhaven
58.9Seth Robbins
24:12.00Summit Academy
59.12Angel Leka
24:18.50Southgate Anderson
60.12Javier Cantu
24:29.90Gibraltar Carlson
61.12Tristan Hosier
62.10John Martin
63.9Andrew Hoying
24:41.20Grosse Ile
64.11Riley Pigott
24:44.20 SRSummit Academy
65.9Indrit Gusho
24:50.20Allen Park
66.10Alex Pickell
67.10Andrew Gillon
26:17.70Summit Academy
68.11Jordan Chico
69.12Mason Kolmetz
26:23.70 SRBrownstown Woodhaven
70.9Dominic Covelli
26:43.70Brownstown Woodhaven
71.12Christian Tedone
72.9Brendan Chico
73.11Quinn Kenward
30:33.80Summit Academy
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2 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grosse Ile40
4.Divine Child92
6.Allen Park159

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Jacob Sawicki
11:41.70Grosse Ile
2.8James Gedris
11:50.90Grosse Ile
3.8Steven Augustyniak
11:58.00 PRSt Pius X Catholic
4.8Sean Hand
12:02.00 PRSt Pius X Catholic
5.7Terry Emeigh
12:05.20 SRAllen Park
6.8Owen Bronni
7.8Matthew Graver
12:30.70Grosse Ile
8.8Noah Louria
12:33.10 PRBoyd W Arthurs
9.7Josh Vernier
10.7Jonas Walker
12:39.30 SRSummit Academy
11.7Brenden Buckner
12:40.20 PRDavidson
12.7Austin Fritz-Marton
12:40.90 SRRenton
13.8Erik Norwood
12:41.40 PRDivine Child
14.8Adam Mentzer
12:45.70 PRRenton
15.8Austin Floyd
12:49.10 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
16.8Alexander Read
17.8Jamal Jackson
12:54.50Summit Academy
18.8Parker LePage
12:57.90 PRDivine Child
19.8Jasper Lina
20.7Daniel McCaffery
13:01.70Boyd W Arthurs
21.8Aiden Mazany
13:06.80 PRGrosse Ile
22.7Jesse Anderson
23.8Chad Donahue
13:10.90 PRGrosse Ile
24.7John Samyn
13:11.40 SRWilson (Wyandotte)
25.7Bobby Belair
26.8Prahar Dave
27.8Scott Lange Jr
13:20.80Summit Academy
28.7Luke Oleski
13:21.80 PRDivine Child
29.7Peter Ciarelli
13:23.70 PRDivine Child
30.8Ben Bolduc
13:27.20 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
31.7Phoenix Guzzi
13:27.90 SRShumate
32.8Jared Blum
13:28.90 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
33.7Matthew Arble
13:31.90 SRAllen Park
34.8Jacob Sanderlin
13:37.70 PRRenton
35.8Derrick Stuck
36.7Ryan Hang
37.7Jacob Lerette
38.8Ethan Laszlo
13:50.50 PRDivine Child
39.7Sullivan Cowan
13:59.00 SRGrosse Ile
40.7Ethan Oaks
14:01.50 SRWoodhaven-Brownstown
41.8Sean Morris
42.8Jim Camilleri
14:04.40 PRGrosse Ile
43.7Walter Hladchuk
14:08.10Grosse Ile
44.7Ben Lambert
45.8Grant Wilkinson
14:12.20 PRRenton
46.7Ethan Ramik
47.8Ethan Szabados
14:15.20 PRShumate
48.8Ryan Briggs
49.7Chris Watts
14:23.50 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
50.8Luke VanAuken
14:24.00Boyd W Arthurs
51.6Ethan Sajdak
14:27.30 PRAllen Park
52.7Gabe Welch
53.7Colin Schwartz
14:36.50 PRBaptist Park Christian
54.8Quinn Brick
14:37.00 PRDivine Child
55.8Arun Jayaraman
56.8Lucas Eccleton
14:38.70 PRAllen Park
57.8Miles Sysol
58.8Cortez Johnson
14:47.50 PRDavidson
59.8Charles Phipps
60.7Jordan Sanchez
14:49.40 PRAllen Park
61.8Tim Vadasz
62.8Marcus Martinez
63.8Jack Verdun
14:54.00Grosse Ile
64.8Blake Rye
65.8Zane Nuttall
66.7Trevor Taylor
14:56.50 PRSeitz
67.7Erie Thomas
68.7Cody Towe
14:57.90 PRSt Pius X Catholic
69.7Jon Laskowski
70.8Chad Rakoczy
71.7Benjamin Thomas
15:13.20 PRShumate
72.7Nicklas Slone
15:19.10Wilson (Wyandotte)
73.8Jack Angelinas
74.8Anthony Caruso
75.7Adam Holten
15:22.40 SRSt Pius X Catholic
76.7MacDougall Cameron
15:23.40 SRSeitz
77.7Simon Bronni
78.8Zac Rye
79.8Alex Abbot-Mims
15:50.70 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
80.7Xavier Krach
15:52.80 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
81.7Andrew Rumohr
82.7Joe Davis
16:07.00Grosse Ile
83.7Trevor Stanley
16:11.80Allen Park
84.7Yves Castaneda
85.8Matt Lewis
86.8Gabriel Brinkley
87.7Justin Miner
16:29.00 SRAllen Park
88.7Antonio Chambers
89.7Samual Marsh
90.8Mason Cleland
16:58.70Allen Park
91.7Nate Centeno
92.8Mason Jurko
17:04.40Allen Park
93.7Tyler Melcher
94.7Austin Bain
95.7Aiden Suni
96.8Lino Diamantis
97.8Riley Henderson
98.8Alex Chang
17:34.10Grosse Ile
99.8Xavier Garza
100.7Caleb Rodden
17:37.70Summit Academy
101.7Ben Oaks
102.8Sebastian Martinez
103.7Mark Gorham
18:17.60 PRShumate
104.7Carson Taylor
105.7Nick Hickey
18:27.70Wilson (Wyandotte)
106.8Julian Ghoulston
18:54.10 PRDavidson
107.8Grady Walkup
19:09.70Allen Park
108.7William Elliott
19:12.70 SRGrosse Ile
109.8Shane McDonald
19:32.70 PRAllen Park
110.7Jacob Bustamante
20:48.10Divine Child
111.7Charlie Garza
112.8Forester Day
21:45.50Boyd W Arthurs
113.7Ben Miller
21:51.70 PRAllen Park
114.7Tavian West
21:54.20 PRAllen Park
115.7Ammar Chauhdri
116.7Christopher Walker
117.7Isa Ahmed
118.7Logan Teatsorth
24:01.10Allen Park
119.7Garrett Millner
24:47.30Allen Park
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1.5 Mile K - 6th grade

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Alec Grzegorek
2.6Brandon Johnson
3.6Isiah Vamvas
9:40.90Allen Park
4.6Dylan Young
5.6Marco Pomponio
10:00.00 PRSt Pius X Catholic
6.4Tyler Swick
10:00.20Grosse Ile Running
7.6Aidan Gazdecki
10:15.70 PRSeitz
8.6Ayden Roupe
10:22.80New Boston Braves
9.6Tommy Shook
10:29.30 SRSt Pius X Catholic
10.6Adam Polakowski
10:33.00 SRDivine Child
11.5Miles Fichtner
10:34.30New Boston Braves
12.6Tarin Fountain
13.6Kyle Meeker
10:39.30New Boston Braves
14.6Troy Schnell
10:41.00Allen Park
15.6Ryan Greene
10:41.80Summit Dragonites
16.6Jerry Kephart
10:42.70Allen Park
17.4Matthew Gladd
10:44.00 PRDivine Child
18.6Cole Kacher
10:44.30Allen Park
19.6Trey Swick
10:44.70Grosse Ile Running
20.4Ryan Morris
10:44.90New Boston Braves
21.6Freddie Horne
10:45.10Boyd W Arthurs
22.6Jalen Jackson
10:47.50Wilson (Wyandotte)
23.6Lawrence Stanley
10:50.30New Boston Braves
24.5Samuel Rankine
10:55.00Wilson (Wyandotte)
25.6Isaias Villarreal
11:01.60Allen Park
26.5Ryan Bolduc
27.6Jonah Gaggin
11:05.70Allen Park
28.4Justin Kanaziz
11:09.10Wilson (Wyandotte)
29.5Evan Sawicki
11:11.00 SRGrosse Ile Running
30.6Hunter Krudwig
11:13.10Wilson (Wyandotte)
31.5Diego Medel
11:17.30 PRGrosse Ile Running
32.4Zachary Fritz
11:18.30Wilson (Wyandotte)
33.2Tommy Cappellino
11:22.00Grosse Ile Running
34.6Jacob Dulimba
35.4Conor Morrow
11:22.90 PRDivine Child
36.6Hesham Abdo
37.3Caiden Siggett
11:25.90New Boston Braves
38.6Ryan Paddock
39.6Matthew Kemp
11:28.40Boyd W Arthurs
40.6Noah Thomas
11:31.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
41.6Gerald Nagy
11:31.70Wilson (Wyandotte)
42.3David Gladd
11:36.20 PRDivine Child
43.7Austin Bain
11:36.90 PRDavidson
44.6Alex Brockington
45.5William Lowery
11:38.70 PRGrosse Ile Running
46.6Anthony Swanson
11:39.90Allen Park
47.6Kirk Phillips
48.5Nolan Swamy
11:46.50Grosse Ile Running
49.6Sam Giannetti
11:50.60Allen Park
50.6Griffin Mihalko
11:54.00Grosse Ile Running
51.6Vincent Steyaert
11:56.20Boyd W Arthurs
52.6Dominic Jacobs
53.3Caden Williams
11:57.70New Boston Braves
54.6Tyler Herrgard
11:59.40Boyd W Arthurs
55.5Jamin Kanaziz
12:00.00Wilson (Wyandotte)
56.6Dylan Holly
12:01.20Allen Park
57.3Noel Piasecki
12:02.90New Boston Braves
58.5Lucas Allen
12:03.60Wilson (Wyandotte)
59.6Keegan O'Callaghan
12:04.00Boyd W Arthurs
60.6Cory Druhet
12:06.50Allen Park
61.3Carson Downey
12:08.30New Boston Braves
62.6McCade Campbell
63.6Lucas Kuty
64.6Nick Gilevich
65.6Colin Colwell
12:20.70Grosse Ile Running
66.11Jordan Chico
12:23.60 PRSeitz
67.6Cal Curnell
12:25.50Allen Park
68.6Caeden Coffman
69.6Jack Doxey
12:30.10New Boston Braves
70.6Trent Fields
71.6Jackson Hicks
12:37.40Boyd W Arthurs
72.6Kaiden Phillips
12:40.60Allen Park
73.4Aidan Morrow
12:42.60 PRDivine Child
74.5Owen Lazenby
12:46.60New Boston Braves
75.6Jesse Lopez
12:48.50Allen Park
76.5Pietro Cataldo
12:53.50 PRSt Pius X Catholic
77.3Isaac Hannewald
12:57.50Grosse Ile Running
78.6Kyle Fust
12:59.30 PRCabrini
79.7-8Connor Darbyshire
13:04.30Summit Dragonites
80.4Ashton Grzecki
13:08.30 PRSummit Dragonites
81.6Noah Tyrabon
13:13.60Wilson (Wyandotte)
82.3Jack Calcut
13:14.20 PRGrosse Ile Running
83.4Logan Weick
13:15.90New Boston Braves
84.6Benjamin Higgins
85.5James Seagraves
13:17.50Summit Dragonites
86.4Samuel Stanley
13:18.10New Boston Braves
87.3Isaac Trombetta
13:20.00Grosse Ile Running
88.6Ian Kramp
13:20.60 PRCabrini
89.5Justin Blum
13:21.50Wilson (Wyandotte)
90.4Owen Brovont
13:21.90Wilson (Wyandotte)
91.4Andrew Cabalang
13:23.00 PRSt Pius X Catholic
92.6Jacob Jackson
93.6Cole Mullins
94.7-8Connor Vernier
13:26.90Summit Dragonites
95.7-8Ryan Hildebrand
13:29.00 PRSummit Dragonites
96.4Riley Greene
13:32.70Wilson (Wyandotte)
97.3Drew Blosser
13:33.40 PRNew Boston Braves
98.6Henry Vergowen
13:39.00Grosse Ile Running
99.1Louie Macon
13:44.70New Boston Braves
100.5Caleb Matkovich
13:50.70Grosse Ile Running
101.6Matt Rose
13:56.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
102.3Anthony Lucas
13:57.70Summit Dragonites
103.6Matt Brown
104.1Landon Hall
14:01.80 PRNew Boston Braves
105.3Noah Mckinnon
14:13.90Summit Dragonites
106.6Ethan Sajdak
14:14.80Allen Park
107.-Kyle Siggett
14:27.40New Boston Braves
108.6Chris Tomalka
14:32.80Allen Park
109.5Brendon Ellerholz
14:34.00New Boston Braves
110.-Cameron Crane
14:37.20New Boston Braves
111.6Arnold Monhollen
14:38.10Allen Park
112.7-8Pheonix French
14:41.70Summit Dragonites
113.3Seth Patterson
14:45.00New Boston Braves
114.3Gareth Bayon
14:45.60New Boston Braves
115.3Liam Hilliker
14:49.20 SRNew Boston Braves
116.7-8Anthony Kenn
14:52.50Summit Dragonites
117.6Jack Ryan Farkas
14:55.90New Boston Braves
118.4Sam Bovee
15:04.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
119.6William Fritz-Marton
15:04.60New Boston Braves
120.6Tyler Flynn
15:06.50Allen Park
121.7-8Ashton Robinson
15:32.40Summit Dragonites
122.4Joseph Kenward
15:42.20Summit Dragonites
123.6Divum Mittal
15:53.40Grosse Ile Running
124.7-8Erik Strasser
15:54.20 PRSummit Dragonites
125.1Reece Lazere
15:59.50 SRNew Boston Braves
126.6Ian Watson
16:09.00Allen Park
127.7-8Noah Vernier
16:33.40Summit Dragonites
128.7-8Tyler Bangs
16:37.20 PRSummit Dragonites
129.6Eladio Roberts
130.6Nicholas Codd
17:11.60Allen Park
131.5Mitchell Gegich
17:21.50Summit Dragonites
132.7-8Jason Blaylock
17:49.30Summit Dragonites
133.6Eric Pickell
134.5Charlie Hoke
18:15.30New Boston Braves
135.3Colin Uselton
18:50.50Grosse Ile Running
136.7-8Nathanial Biles
18:52.10Summit Dragonites
137.7-8Ethan Strasser
19:04.10Summit Dragonites
138.6Zachary Miller
19:16.00Allen Park
139.3Tyler Stewart
19:26.80New Boston Braves
140.4Jacob Welch
19:30.60New Boston Braves
141.-Lucas Stewart
19:36.50New Boston Braves
142.2Garrett Hooper
22:08.10Summit Dragonites
143.7-8Aidric Bean-sohoza
22:11.20Summit Dragonites
144.7-8Alex Flint
22:28.40 PRSummit Dragonites
145.7-8Wyatt Henricks
23:59.80Summit Dragonites
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Robyn Loselle
18:45.90Wyandotte Roosevelt
2.9Clarissa Hoye
19:00.60Brownstown Woodhaven
3.9Natalia Milanowski
19:34.00Brownstown Woodhaven
4.10Maggie Pawelczyk
20:00.70Wyandotte Roosevelt
5.10Chloe Hoye
20:34.40Brownstown Woodhaven
6.12Rachel Yates
20:40.00New Boston Huron
7.9Makayla Perez
20:42.70 SRAllen Park
8.12Aly Trapp
20:46.30Brownstown Woodhaven
9.12Kendra Cook
20:52.70Brownstown Woodhaven
10.11Alyssa Harlow
21:02.30Wyandotte Roosevelt
11.9Isabella DiMilia
21:03.30Brownstown Woodhaven
12.11Amber Castoreno
21:03.60Allen Park
13.12Morgan Swick
21:06.00Grosse Ile
14.12Carolyn Ferraiuolo
21:07.60Allen Park Cabrini
15.9Arianna Wegienka
21:08.50Brownstown Woodhaven
16.11Zoe VanAuken
17.12Morgan Fantow
21:20.60 SRSouthgate Anderson
18.11Sydney Kreger
21:20.90Grosse Ile
19.9Jacqueline Parks
21:22.80Southgate Anderson
20.11Jillian Fenton
21:25.70Allen Park Cabrini
21.10Melanie Farley
21:26.00Wyandotte Roosevelt
22.12Casey Lyons
21:31.20Riverview Gabriel Ri...
23.10Maddy Davis
21:32.00 SRGrosse Ile
24.12Katie Lyons
21:32.40 PRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
25.10Julia Kanack
21:33.70 SRWyandotte Roosevelt
26.9Madison Smith
21:37.10Grosse Ile
27.11Ruslana Gill
21:43.70 SRNew Boston Huron
28.10Valerie Christou
21:47.80Grosse Ile
29.9Lauren Buckner
21:50.90Southgate Anderson
30.10Victoria Hebda
31.11Nichole Lapkewych
22:05.80 PRSouthgate Anderson
32.11Mackenzie Hand
33.12Marina Goocher
34.11Courtney Murray
22:15.80Allen Park
35.11Michelina Partipilo
22:16.80Riverview Gabriel Ri...
36.11Elizabeth Raupp
22:17.50Wyandotte Roosevelt
37.9Madison Swick
22:25.30Grosse Ile
38.11Maria Gedris
22:29.80Grosse Ile
39.12Hannah Burke
22:34.80Allen Park Cabrini
40.12LeAnna Richards
22:35.40Southgate Anderson
41.12Hallie Tingstad
22:36.10 PRSouthgate Anderson
42.10Emily Lambert
22:46.80 SRRiverview
43.9Stephanie Yeager
22:52.40New Boston Huron
44.10Lexi Sinani
22:52.70Southgate Anderson
45.12Lauren Randazzo
46.11Allie Cayo
22:59.30Allen Park
47.10Ani Purcell
48.12Ammy Rosales
23:19.30Allen Park
49.12Amber Kuczynski
50.9Mikayla Thompson
23:21.60Taylor Baptist Park ...
51.12Kaylee Kozlowski
52.10Camryn Lozon
23:31.70Riverview Gabriel Ri...
53.12Juanita Gratowski
23:44.00Gibraltar Carlson
54.12Erica Augustyniak
23:57.60Riverview Gabriel Ri...
55.11Alexandra Kaminske
24:03.40Gibraltar Carlson
56.12Brittany Cini
24:10.40Wyandotte Roosevelt
57.9Mackenzie Keller
24:15.40 PRTrenton
58.10Courtney Wallace
24:19.80Gibraltar Carlson
59.11Maleah Marshall
24:26.30Gibraltar Carlson
60.10Emily McGrath
24:34.40 PRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
61.12Michaela Lizura
24:35.20Allen Park Cabrini
62.10Haley Powell
24:39.00Allen Park
63.11Brooklyn Proudlock
24:43.90Gibraltar Carlson
64.12Shannon Kowalewski
24:52.20Riverview Gabriel Ri...
65.12Emily Lovasz
24:56.50Allen Park
66.11Veronica Raft
67.10Samantha Yates
25:33.60New Boston Huron
68.11Meagan Sindone
25:47.40Summit Academy
69.9Sveta Gill
26:07.60New Boston Huron
70.9Julie Hughes
27:08.80Gibraltar Carlson
71.9Sierra Sandum
27:11.40New Boston Huron
72.12Mary Goodrich
27:44.10Allen Park Cabrini
73.9Taylor Roberts
27:55.60New Boston Huron
74.12Sarah Priest
75.10Lindsey Lefebvre
28:08.70Allen Park Cabrini
76.12Amanda Holbrook
28:52.80 PRNew Boston Huron
77.9Alondra Deleon
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Lauren Mator
2.12Karina Villalobos
21:59.60Brownstown Woodhaven
3.12Tea Greca
22:04.70Brownstown Woodhaven
4.10Chloe Watters
22:13.00Brownstown Woodhaven
5.9Macee Wilson
22:23.70Brownstown Woodhaven
6.9Lauren Lyons
22:24.60Brownstown Woodhaven
7.10Jessica Hawkins
22:36.00Brownstown Woodhaven
8.10Peyton Ratusznik
22:47.20Brownstown Woodhaven
9.10Jilly Drzinski
22:50.00Grosse Ile
10.9Diana Nunez
23:00.20Grosse Ile
11.10Shania Cox
23:12.90Lincoln Park
12.12Melinda Dietz
23:15.60Brownstown Woodhaven
13.11Hannah Henson
23:31.10Brownstown Woodhaven
14.10Lindsey Machcinski
23:45.50Brownstown Woodhaven
15.12Samantha Philips
23:52.10Wyandotte Roosevelt
16.11Sydney Martin
23:53.60Southgate Anderson
17.9Nicole Speare
24:09.40Southgate Anderson
18.9MacKenzie Yanke
24:31.20 SRSouthgate Anderson
19.12Destini Pugh
24:33.60Grosse Ile
20.9Chelsey Fritz
24:39.30Wyandotte Roosevelt
21.9Natalie Walsh
24:45.00Wyandotte Roosevelt
22.12Brianna DiMilia
24:48.60Brownstown Woodhaven
23.11Rianna Castelow
24:57.80Brownstown Woodhaven
24.11Maddie Simpson
25:00.60Wyandotte Roosevelt
25.12Amber Simms
25:05.80Southgate Anderson
26.9Kathryn Kosztowny
25:18.30Grosse Ile
27.9Madison Fedele
25:19.90Riverview Gabriel Ri...
28.10Maya Pandya
25:24.50Grosse Ile
29.10Christi Kent
25:27.60Brownstown Woodhaven
30.9Jerica Parker
25:41.90Brownstown Woodhaven
31.10Abby Wozniak
25:48.20Grosse Ile
32.9Saachi Mittal
26:09.00Grosse Ile
33.11Emma Peek
26:13.40Southgate Anderson
34.12Jodi Kurtzhals
35.12Emily Tyburski
26:36.70Grosse Ile
36.11Rina Chavez
26:41.80Gibraltar Carlson
37.12Destiny Gorski
26:49.60Wyandotte Roosevelt
38.12Brielle Bashore
39.12Kyra Goeller
27:11.70Southgate Anderson
40.10Verenna Gonzalez
27:45.80Brownstown Woodhaven
41.9Megan Harris
27:57.60Gibraltar Carlson
42.11Jamie Douglas
28:12.90Wyandotte Roosevelt
43.9Brynna Bashore
44.12Caroline Kurth
30:04.60Allen Park Cabrini
45.11Savannah Thomas
30:50.60Allen Park
46.11Mikayla Jarratt
35:02.20 PRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
47.9Anacristina Iglesias
36:54.30Allen Park Cabrini
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2 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Marisa Swick
12:54.10Grosse Ile
2.8Adeline Meyers
12:57.60 SRDivine Child
3.8Alisa Erickson
13:07.80Grosse Ile
4.8Breana Stuck
5.7Hannah Fulmer
13:27.30Grosse Ile
6.8Olivia Dennison
7.7Lynsey Fowler
13:45.20 PRAllen Park
8.8Chloe Wilkerson
9.8Mikayla Borg
13:52.50 PRDavidson
10.8Sydney Kelley
13:54.70 PRDavidson
11.8Mary Sirois
13:57.50 SRSt Pius X Catholic
12.8Victoria Fellows
13.8Gabby Feltz
14:09.80 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
14.8Melena Sclesky
14:14.30 SRAllen Park
15.7Lena Zielke
14:19.30Divine Child
16.8Anna Cole
14:22.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
17.8Mikayla Trumbla
14:28.70 PRCabrini
18.8Madison Hall
14:36.60 SRDivine Child
19.8Ellie Fichtner
20.7Emma McClelland
14:40.70Boyd W Arthurs
21.8Lynder Worsley
14:41.10Grosse Ile
22.6Arianna Thompson
14:48.70 PRBaptist Park Christian
23.7Angela Cabalang
14:55.50 SRSt Pius X Catholic
24.8Madeline Soto
14:57.40 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
25.8Christina Raupp
15:02.50 SRWilson (Wyandotte)
26.8Miranda Marek
15:03.70 PRRenton
27.8Carly Allen
15:05.10 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
28.7Haley Bitner
15:05.50 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
29.7Jaelin Papiez
15:06.40 SRShumate
30.7Ami Yezman
15:07.80Grosse Ile
31.8Caitlin Roupe
32.8Lily Campbell
33.8Gabby Sheldrake
15:24.50 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
34.8Lauren Graver
15:27.20Grosse Ile
35.7Emma Small
15:29.40 SRSeitz
36.7Kallie McElroy
15:32.40 PRBaptist Park Christian
37.8Jessie Padilla
15:32.80 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
38.7Aniela Ormanian
39.8Carmen Caldwell
40.7Jayden Bedford
15:36.00 SRRenton
41.8Kristina Scanland
15:41.70Wilson (Wyandotte)
42.7LaNena Hernandez
15:43.80 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
43.8Kristen Kukla
15:47.50Divine Child
44.7Amelia Kafkakis
15:53.40 SRDavidson
45.7Madelynn Shannon
15:55.20 SRDivine Child
46.8Jocelyn Dean
47.7Jasmine Dodson
16:06.50Boyd W Arthurs
48.7Dalia Daher
16:16.30 PRShumate
49.8Becca Lent
50.7Gabriella Chadwick
16:22.80Allen Park
51.7Charlie O'Connell
16:25.10Allen Park
52.8Erin Murphy
16:26.70Grosse Ile
53.8Vanessa Vargas
16:28.80 PRAllen Park
54.7Frances Hickey
16:30.60 PRWilson (Wyandotte)
55.8Paige Deon
56.7Lauren Vitale
16:35.30 PRShumate
57.8Julia Wilkinson
58.8Morgan Buffa
16:45.30 PRAllen Park
59.7Kalistsa Peyton
16:59.60 PRAllen Park
60.8Isabel Balas
17:00.50 PRRenton
61.7Libby Snider
17:01.50Grosse Ile
62.7Jocelyn Wegienka
63.7Jessalyn Marshall
17:03.10 PRShumate
64.8Olivia Murray
17:14.30Divine Child
65.7Viviana Gonzalez
66.8Alayna Starll
67.8Haille Grajek
17:21.70Summit Academy
68.7Willow Barnes
17:25.50 PRSummit Academy
69.8Malia Borg
17:29.40 SRDavidson
70.8Madalyn Raftis
17:41.00 SRAllen Park
71.8Mariann Ray
17:59.50 SRWilson (Wyandotte)
72.7gabrielle Delisen
18:03.80Boyd W Arthurs
73.7Kiley Johnson
74.7Nicole Bateman
75.7Alexis Farnsworth
18:18.90 PRSeitz
76.7Lizbeth Saenz
77.8Josie Lossing
78.7Aurora Slocum
79.8Kelsey Alesescu
80.7Patricia Bramlett
81.8Sydney Kamm
82.8Laura Jensen
19:24.80Summit Academy
83.7Ava Corns
84.8Mikayla Black
19:42.80Summit Academy
85.8Kali Harrison
19:43.20Summit Academy
86.7Erin-Nicole McGarrah
87.7Loryl Erdos
19:59.20 SRAllen Park
88.8Cecilia Bono
20:02.70 PRAllen Park
89.8Kyla Keyes
20:05.70Summit Academy
90.7Hadley Krzyske
91.7Samantha Clipper
20:49.50Allen Park
92.7Addison Foy
20:57.70 PRCabrini
93.8Margarita Howes
94.7Isabella Nabozny
95.7Allison Miller
96.7Cassie Robbins
97.7Madison Miller
23:04.10Allen Park
98.7Angelina Wroblewski
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1.5 Mile K - 6th grade

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Erin Hegarty
10:16.50 PRDivine Child
2.5Allison Meyers
10:21.10 PRDivine Child
3.6Marina Rensi
10:29.40 SRGrosse Ile Running
4.6Mallory Emeigh
10:38.00Allen Park
5.4Breeann Roupe
10:38.60New Boston Braves
6.6Sydney Rosbury
10:53.00 PRDivine Child
7.6Laura Howey
10:53.40Boyd W Arthurs
8.6Holly Louria
10:59.90Boyd W Arthurs
9.5Julia Lizak
11:00.40 PRSt Pius X Catholic
10.6Emma Deasy
11:04.00Boyd W Arthurs
11.6Joslyn Ferguson
12.6Elora Burgess
11:08.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
13.5Klaire Schott
14.7-8Rodriana Jordan
11:13.60 SRSummit Dragonites
15.6Lilly Johnson
16.6Kylie Skidmore
17.5Emma Hamilton
11:16.60 PRBaptist Park Christian
18.6Alaina Gartner
11:16.90Grosse Ile Running
19.4Terah Ceccarelli
11:17.40 PRDivine Child
20.6Tylee Hunter
21.5Natalie Marek
11:20.20New Boston Braves
22.5Olivia Byrd
11:22.10 SRSt Pius X Catholic
23.6Leslie Maloney
24.6Kailey Susewitz
11:34.10Allen Park
25.6Allyson Paryaski
11:35.50Boyd W Arthurs
26.6Hailey Sheldrake
11:39.20Wilson (Wyandotte)
27.6Madison Lee
11:39.80Grosse Ile Running
28.6Alaina Goulasarian
11:40.00Allen Park
29.6Kaylee Folding
30.4Elaine Teed
11:44.80 PRCabrini
31.6Emily Trela
11:48.30Boyd W Arthurs
32.3Mariah Johnson
11:50.50Summit Dragonites
33.5Abby Raftis
11:52.30 SRAllen Park
34.5Ava Fredericks
11:52.90 PRDivine Child
35.6Madison Feerer
11:55.20Wilson (Wyandotte)
36.6Francesca DePaulis
11:55.60 PRSt Pius X Catholic
37.6Meagan Raupp
11:56.50Wilson (Wyandotte)
38.5Anna Cappellino
11:57.10Grosse Ile Running
39.6Stephanie Klotz
11:59.10 PRSeitz
40.6Abby Karp
11:59.80Boyd W Arthurs
41.6Gillian Draft
12:02.50 PRSt Pius X Catholic
42.6Jayd Kanaziz
12:05.00Wilson (Wyandotte)
43.3Makaela Mihalko
12:06.90Grosse Ile Running
44.6Rachael Keller
45.6Patricia Nazareno
12:10.00Allen Park
46.6Mackenzie Lada
12:11.00Allen Park
47.4Maria Humphreys
12:12.00 PRDivine Child
48.6Desiray Johnson
49.3Cassidy Eblin
12:15.20 SRGrosse Ile Running
50.4Giavanna Kardos
12:15.50Grosse Ile Running
51.6Emily Jordan
12:18.50 PRCabrini
52.6Emma Johnson
12:18.90 SRSt Pius X Catholic
53.6Olivia Livernois
12:19.70Boyd W Arthurs
54.6Allison Schaefer
55.6Mikayla Fritz
12:20.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
56.5Clare Stefan
12:21.10Grosse Ile Running
57.6Megan Rakoczy
58.6Faith Plummer
59.5Kelsey Cornwall
12:29.20New Boston Braves
60.3Capri Adams
12:30.50New Boston Braves
61.6Emily Monahan
62.5Lia Raftis
12:32.30 SRAllen Park
63.6Emily Flanery
12:33.30Allen Park
64.5Theresa Hickey
12:34.80Wilson (Wyandotte)
65.6Emily Brooks
12:46.90Wilson (Wyandotte)
66.5Rylee McElroy
12:48.50 PRBaptist Park Christian
67.6Julie Bolash
68.4Paige Chinavare
12:52.20Wilson (Wyandotte)
69.4Maja Keyser
12:53.40 PRDivine Child
70.3Anaiia Simmons
12:56.90Summit Dragonites
71.6Ava Mangiapane
12:58.50Allen Park
72.6Claire Schaefer
73.6Annalyse Hudson
74.5Ava True
13:02.90Grosse Ile Running
75.6Alana Harrison
13:04.80Summit Dragonites
76.6Cecilia Shine
13:09.50Allen Park
77.6Leah Mirch
78.3Cora Pengelly
13:19.50 PRNew Boston Braves
79.5Sophie Calcut
13:21.10Grosse Ile Running
80.6Sophie Miller
13:22.50Allen Park
81.6Sophia Giannetti
13:23.40Allen Park
82.6Alana Maffesoli
13:24.70 SRCabrini
83.1Sophia Mihalko
13:27.50Grosse Ile Running
84.5Naomi Bayon
13:28.40 PRNew Boston Braves
85.4Angelina Kardos
13:28.90Grosse Ile Running
86.6Kyleigh Clawson
13:30.00Boyd W Arthurs
87.6Sidney Tolstyka
88.4Savina Olada
13:34.60 PRDivine Child
89.4Samantha Murray
13:43.10 PRDivine Child
90.2Lauren Meeker
13:45.00New Boston Braves
91.6Lauren Buzzy
13:46.50Boyd W Arthurs
92.6Makayla Louks
13:49.00Wilson (Wyandotte)
93.6Abby Myrabo
13:52.30Boyd W Arthurs
94.5Ella Ray
13:53.90Wilson (Wyandotte)
95.4Jacqueline Bustama...
13:55.70 PRDivine Child
96.5Noelle Robertson
13:58.50Wilson (Wyandotte)
97.4Marin Genaw
14:06.30 PRCabrini
98.5Aleana Worsley
14:06.80 PRGrosse Ile Running
99.6Kelly Truitt
14:08.60Boyd W Arthurs
100.3Elise Buhl
14:08.80 PRGrosse Ile Running
101.6Melanie Selonka
14:15.60 PRSeitz
102.6Grace Bushey
103.6Isabelle Sutherland
14:18.70 PRSt Pius X Catholic
104.5Kaley Thivierge
14:31.40 PRSt Pius X Catholic
105.6Elaina Howes
106.6Lucy MacDonagh
14:46.80Wilson (Wyandotte)
107.4Elizabeth Wellington
14:59.00 PRCabrini
108.4Camille Odavar
14:59.70Summit Dragonites
109.4Mona Tyrabon
15:07.20Wilson (Wyandotte)
110.3Hailey Vincent
15:07.80Summit Dragonites
111.4Rachel Gedris
15:09.20Grosse Ile Running
112.5Hannah Moore
15:15.90Summit Dragonites
113.-Julia Welch
15:19.00 PRNew Boston Braves
114.7-8Caitlyn Leigh
15:36.00Summit Dragonites
115.7-8Miracle Hobbs
15:42.00Summit Dragonites
116.3Mia Wilson
15:45.60 PRGrosse Ile Running
117.4Ella Johnson
15:49.30 PRDivine Child
118.4Harmony Bedikian
15:51.40Wilson (Wyandotte)
119.4Allison Paluszewski
16:22.60 PRDivine Child
120.7-8Corrine Mclellan
16:41.70Summit Dragonites
121.6Quinn Murphy
16:46.90Grosse Ile Running
122.6Mary Kushner
16:55.00Boyd W Arthurs
123.6Alana Ganop
124.7-8Kimonee Walton
17:13.30Summit Dragonites
125.7-8Brya Hunt
17:27.70 PRSummit Dragonites
126.7-8AaJanae' Biles
17:32.90Summit Dragonites
127.7-8Jennifer Leigh
18:09.80 PRSummit Dragonites
128.2Lizzy Bayon
18:13.40New Boston Braves
129.7-8Maya Landry
18:16.50 PRSummit Dragonites
130.-Carissa Bayon
18:16.80New Boston Braves
131.6Ashley Kopriva
18:24.40Allen Park
132.7-8Arielle Flores
18:43.80 PRSummit Dragonites
133.5Samantha Frolick
19:24.50Summit Dragonites
134.3Adrianna Haman
20:08.80Summit Dragonites
135.6Madason Blockton
22:30.00 SRSummit Dragonites
136.-Kimiko Chippewa
22:40.90Summit Dragonites
137.4Lauryn Coleman
22:50.30Summit Dragonites
138.7-8Naomi Morgan
26:27.50Summit Dragonites
139.7-8Milena Gegich
29:03.70Summit Dragonites
140.2Evelyn McNaughton
30:55.20Summit Dragonites
141.7-8Aaliyah Flint
31:31.00 SRSummit Dragonites
142.-Hayden Towler
38:00.00 PRSummit Dragonites
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