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Mens Races
1.7 Mile Junior High9:30 AM
2.97 Mile Junior Varsity10:45 AM
2.97 Mile Varsity12:15 PM
Womens Races
1.7 Mile Junior High10:00 AM
2.97 Mile Junior Varsity11:30 AM
2.97 Mile Varsity1:00 PM

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Complete meet results including team scores and video from the finish line can be found at

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Mt. Baker XC Invitational at Silver Lake  (coaches)

Open Race will take place after the varsity races, roughly 1:45pm. Cost is $5. (Cash or check only. This is the race for club teams, college athletes, weekend warriors and people reliving their glory days) All funds raised go directly to supporting Mt. Baker High School's cross country and track and field programs! Thank you! See you September 27th at Silver Lake Park. If you're interested in camping at Silver Lake, you should! See below! 



* $125 per team (men & women)             Make checks out to: Mount Baker High School Cross Country

* $75.00 per team men or women           Mail to: P.O. Box 95, Deming, WA 98244   Please mail before meet or bring check with you.

* $50.00 per MS/JH Team (men & women)     IF YOU NEED AN INVOICE, please email me at

Coaches, please have entries completed before Thursday, 9/25 at 8am. NO ADDS WILL BE ALLOWED after 8am. If you're not sure, enter the athlete as they can always scratch from their race. (but not do another race)



* Check-in @ finish Area begins at 8:00 AM. During the meet be sure to hit up the Fairhaven Runners tent for games to win schwag!

* JH Awards will follow the completion of the JH races

* All other awards will follow the completion of the Varsity Boys Race

* Top 3 teams and top 10 finishers from each division will receive plaques and medals/ribbons. 

* Top 3 men and women in the open race will receive medals


Last Updated 6:50 PM, Wed, Sep 17


Coaches, new this year for our invite, we'll have GC Racing taking care of our timing! ( This is the same group that provides timing and results for the Fort Steilacoom Invite, Curtis Invite, Narrows League Championships, SPSL League Championships, Meto League Championships, SeaKing District Championships, and the Westside Classic.  AUTO TIMING!!!



Silver Lake Park is a great place to camp and spend the weekend after the races! Sites start at $18 per night. 

Silver Lake Camp Ground

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Mens Results

1.7 Mile Junior High

Official Team Scores

1.Horizon (Ferndale)42
3.St Paul's Academy53
4.Lynden Christian81
1.8Israel Escamilla
09:17.64 PROmak
2.8Dylan Grimme
09:30.14 PRBlaine
3.8Gabe Regimbal
09:42.59 PRSt Paul's Academy
4.8Kameron Kelley
09:44.17 PRMount Baker (Deming)
5.8Brenden Bingham
09:53.81 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
6.8Carl Crithcley
10:16.02 PRMount Baker (Deming)
7.8Abbas Theophilus
10:21.17 PRMeridian
8.8Kevin Young
10:22.44 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
9.8Cody Lyzwinski
10:23.87 PRSt Paul's Academy
10.8Owen Brands
10:27.60 PRSt Paul's Academy
11.8Nathan Schneider
10:31.20 PRMeridian
12.7Mason Holborn
10:33.63 PROmak
13.7Eddie Cornelius
10:48.46 PRMeridian
14.8L Caspian
11:03.26 PRLynden Christian
15.8James Vorenkamp
11:13.01 PRAssumption Catholic
16.8Jakob Strom
11:15.17 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
17.8Jorren Bishop
11:16.31 PRLynden Christian
18.7Jacob Broselle
11:18.05 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
19.7David Wallace
11:23.39 SRMeridian
20.8Sean Le
11:24.44 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
21.6Joshua Frazier
11:29.66 PRAssumption Catholic
22.8Barrett Rybka
11:30.64 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
23.6Tommy Forest
11:40.77 SRSt Paul's Academy
24.7Reese Gillespie
11:41.89 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
25.7Ben Rorvig
11:52.99 SRLynden Christian
26.8Jenson Ellars
11:54.51 PRMeridian
27.8Isaiah deRegt
11:54.77 PRLynden Christian
28.7James Gibson
12:05.13 PRVista
29.7Grayson Atwell
12:07.31 SRAssumption Catholic
30.8Vincent Le
12:09.75 PRVista
31.8Gerry VanIngen
12:12.90 PRLynden Christian
32.8Grant Heeringa
12:25.45 PRLynden
33.7Colm Schaefer
12:30.18 SRAssumption Catholic
34.8Richy Kaech
12:30.99 SRVista
35.7Malakai Shannon
12:33.19 SRMount Baker (Deming)
36.7Max Suwarno
12:34.74 SRSt Paul's Academy
37.7James Harris
12:42.62 SRLynden
38.8Tanner Beson
12:43.86 PRBlaine
39.7Kyle Gunter
12:49.20 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
40.8Nate Olson
12:51.82 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
41.7Remy Talbot
12:54.53 SRSt Paul's Academy
42.7Zachary Doll
12:55.66 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
43.8Braeden O'Dell
12:56.99 PROmak
44.6Cameron Chase
13:01.17 SRSt Paul's Academy
45.7Colton DeBeeld
13:09.01 SRNooksack Valley
46.7Aedan Schapler
13:24.12 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
47.8Leo Mullen
13:25.16 PRMeridian
48.7Jack Burns
13:25.94 SRVista
49.8Scott Stephenson
14:00.96 PRVista
50.7Eli Belmont
14:05.21 PRVista
51.7John Bass
14:13.49 PRLynden
52.8Blake VanDenTop
17:28.96 SRMeridian
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens25
4.Meridian (WA)109
7.Lynden Christian209
8.Granite Falls230
10.Nooksack Valley294
1.9Cade Brown
16:48.61 PRBellingham
2.9Riley Koon
17:47.41 PRLake Stevens
3.10Nicholas Leishman
17:51.05 PRBellingham
4.12Chase Reid
17:57.45 SRLake Stevens
5.9Nick Pena
18:00.47 PRLake Stevens
6.10Ruben Aguero
18:09.34 PRLake Stevens
7.10Jackson Zerba
18:23.26 PRBellingham
8.10Casey Rothgeb
18:26.37 PRLake Stevens
9.9Bailey Hodge
18:26.94 SRMeridian (WA)
10.10Zach Sulak
18:26.97 PRFerndale
11.10Jacob Ramirez
18:27.46 SRFerndale
12.10David Joo
18:32.82 PRLake Stevens
13.9Ty Veldhuisen
18:33.19 PRBellingham
14.10Kayle Widmer
18:35.12 PRFerndale
15.11Sam Miller
18:43.82 PRLake Stevens
16.10Samir Nasr
18:59.49 PRLake Stevens
17.9Elijah McCoy
19:09.19 PRLake Stevens
18.11Kent Zander
19:09.85 SRMeridian (WA)
19.12Sage Williamson
19:17.27 PRLakewood
20.9Nathan McGinty
19:20.41 PRLake Stevens
21.9Mingyuan Yin
19:24.85 PRBellingham
22.9Zion Crocker
19:29.43 PRBellingham
23.10Soren Sandeno
19:29.51 PRSehome
24.12Jonah Short-Miller
19:32.22 SRBellingham
25.9Dylan Kitterman
19:39.61 SRBellingham
26.12Ian Whitehouse
19:40.26 PRSehome
27.9Alexander Donner
19:42.22 PRLake Stevens
28.11Addi Wolfson
19:45.26 PRBellingham
29.9Scott Leischner
19:49.32 SRBellingham
30.9Brandon Wilhoite
19:55.54 SRFerndale
31.9Timothy Crabtree
19:56.47 PRBellingham
32.12Phillip Hofmann
19:56.93 PRLakewood
33.9Andreas Lytle
20:01.57 PRSehome
34.9Chuck Dvorachek
20:05.49 PRSqualicum
35.11Rico Martinez
20:06.45 SRMeridian (WA)
36.9Kyle Holborn
20:08.38 SROmak
37.9Nick Short
20:08.73 PRLake Stevens
38.10Blayne Hart
20:14.82 PRBellingham
39.11Preston Sandland
20:16.99 SRMeridian (WA)
40.12Chandler Hodge
20:18.32 PRMeridian (WA)
41.10Alfonso Medina
20:22.87 SROmak
42.9Andrew Ward
20:22.94 PRLynden Christian
43.10Ian Salvisberg
20:23.00 PRLake Stevens
44.10Maclain Schapler
20:29.72 PRFerndale
45.11Yoshi Anderson
20:30.22 PRBellingham
46.9Tadeusz Pforte
20:31.48 PRSehome
47.9Ethan Strom
20:32.69 PRFerndale
48.9Simeon Murphy
20:33.33 SRBellingham
49.10Dameon Micallef
20:37.46 PRLake Stevens
50.9Ryan Vandenberg
20:38.78 PRLynden Christian
51.10Chandler Heintz
20:39.35 SRSehome
52.11Lyman Dudley
20:41.82 SRBellingham
53.9Dylan Schneider
20:43.60 PRLake Stevens
54.9Ethan Sabini
20:54.51 PRLake Stevens
55.9Noah Gillespie
21:02.15 SRFerndale
56.9Aiden Holm
21:04.81 SRGranite Falls
57.9Ryan Hudson
21:05.42 PRLakewood
58.9Jack Dykstra
21:05.70 PRSehome
59.10Gabe Savage
21:05.76 PRSehome
60.10Gabriel Schiess
21:06.81 PRLakewood
61.10Taiga Migita
21:07.04 SRSehome
62.10Trenton Gray
21:08.92 PRLake Stevens
63.11Max Hughes
21:11.32 PRLake Stevens
64.12Michael Gutierrez
21:13.86 PRLynden Christian
65.9Dylan DeVon
21:16.68 PRLakewood
66.12Logan Corbin
21:17.85 SRGranite Falls
67.12Nicholas Aristides
21:29.82 SRSehome
68.10Sean Conaway
21:29.92 SRGranite Falls
69.9Austin Theriault
21:38.75 SRGranite Falls
70.9Levi Postma
21:45.02 PRLynden Christian
71.9Caleb Karber
21:50.19 SRNooksack Valley
72.11Andrew Bullock
21:59.38 SRBlaine
73.9Dakota Gummere
21:59.73 PRSedro-Woolley
74.10Cameron Hilburn
21:59.95 PRSehome
75.9Henry Skaggs
22:02.02 SRMeridian (WA)
76.11Cole Tiemersma
22:02.53 SRNooksack Valley
77.10Christopher Spring
22:04.13 PRMount Baker
78.12Jay Park
22:06.43 PRLakewood
79.9William Howard-Sny...
22:10.66 PRSehome
80.9Adam Cross
22:14.27 PRLakewood
81.9Nathan Pringle
22:14.34 SRFerndale
82.9Logan Sasken
22:17.23 PRFerndale
83.10Logan Carpenter
22:18.22 PRSehome
84.9Zach Murdzia
22:23.34 PRSehome
85.12Cameron Ashurst
22:25.19 PRSehome
86.11Elias Hargadine
22:26.06 SRSehome
87.11Casey Christenson
22:26.72 SRSehome
88.9Kyle V'Dovec
22:30.15 SRBlaine
89.12Jack Boersma
22:31.74 SRLynden Christian
90.9Tyler Warren
22:33.29 SRSqualicum
91.9Cameron Hirschi
22:37.43 SRGranite Falls
92.12Zach Steensma
22:39.16 SRLynden Christian
93.11Matt Owen
22:45.00 SRLake Stevens
94.9Sam Clark
22:45.00 SRSqualicum
95.10Emmet DeKoekkoek
22:45.91 PRNooksack Valley
96.11Kennan Sykes
22:46.41 PRLake Stevens
97.10Will Engel
22:59.66 PRSedro-Woolley
98.9Sam Albers
23:04.32 PRSehome
99.10Luke Davis
23:06.60 SRLakewood
100.9Marcus Poulos
23:08.59 PRSehome
101.10Colten Starbuck
23:09.97 SRNooksack Valley
102.9Taylor Stich
23:10.15 PRLakewood
103.9Quinn Jansma
23:11.16 PRSqualicum
104.9Tristen Hofmann
23:12.56 PRLakewood
105.9Isaac Holmberg
23:19.45 PRSqualicum
106.11Anton Bermudez
23:22.54 PRLakewood
107.9Lewis White
23:32.24 PRSehome
108.10Jasper Kohler
23:37.03 SRSehome
109.9Nathan Le'Roy
23:38.99 PRSedro-Woolley
110.10Brendan Onderbeke
23:48.96 PRGranite Falls
111.9Sawyer McDonald
24:03.44 PRSehome
112.10Spencer Yaude
24:04.02 PRSehome
113.10Orion Collins
24:13.82 PRSehome
114.9Wyatt Wahlgren
24:13.87 PRSedro-Woolley
115.9Ben Harmon
24:15.85 PRMeridian (WA)
116.9Alex Thornton
24:18.24 PROmak
117.12Vaughn Lodge
24:26.85 PROmak
118.10Jarrin Olenslager
24:34.35 SRNooksack Valley
119.12Ryan Pringle
24:37.02 SRFerndale
120.9Alex Kelsh
24:39.29 PRSehome
121.9Max Lafreniere
24:41.00 PRUniversity Prep
122.11Kyler Cantrell
24:46.02 SRSqualicum
123.9Blake Cerenzia
24:51.31 SRSehome
124.12Alex Van de Poel
25:15.03 PRSehome
125.9Levi Bates
25:26.68 PRGranite Falls
126.11Noah Swanson
25:29.80 SRMeridian (WA)
127.9Cameron Scoville
25:31.29 PRMount Baker
128.9Carter Schmidt
25:33.88 PRMeridian (WA)
129.9Nikolas Fricker
25:37.03 PRBlaine
130.12Joey Salazar
26:15.06 PRBlaine
131.10Micheal Wegemann
26:27.46 PRLake Stevens
132.10Elliot Nestor
26:53.30 PRSehome
133.9Dane Nielson
26:54.52 PRBlaine
134.9Gareth McGuiness
27:19.22 PRSehome
135.9Parker Wong
27:22.85 PRSehome
136.9Kiet Ngo
27:34.37 SRSqualicum
137.9Nathan Wilson
27:34.71 PRMeridian (WA)
138.9Hayden Bushfield
27:55.34 PRUniversity Prep
139.10Alex Volmert
28:00.45 PRMount Baker
140.9Eamon Carmichael
28:42.78 PRSqualicum
141.9River Taylor
28:57.73 PRSehome
142.9Marcus Benson
29:07.25 PRSqualicum
143.9Landon North
29:14.13 SRSehome
144.9Michael Whitson
29:27.51 PRMount Baker
145.9Conner Schubeck
30:17.08 PRSehome
146.9Kennedy Juradacain
30:31.21 PRFerndale
147.11Ricardo Pinheiro
30:53.93 PRLakewood
148.10Ricky Cornelius
30:54.65 PRMeridian (WA)
149.9Gunnar Stenseth
31:03.36 PRSedro-Woolley
150.10Ryan Brower
31:57.58 PRLakewood
151.9Joseph Watson
32:08.24 PRSedro-Woolley
152.10Ryan Cunningham
35:45.40 PRSqualicum
153.9Peighton Walz
41:16.82 PRSedro-Woolley
154.9Michial Huglen
46:16.00 PRLakewood
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens25
2.Meridian (WA)60
3.Lynden Christian142
5.Nooksack Valley173
6.Granite Falls175
9.Mount Baker221
12.University Prep262
1.12Collin Magnusson
15:59.03 PRMeridian (WA)
2.10Noah Wallace
16:24.48 PRLake Stevens
3.10Trevor Allen
16:28.41 PRLake Stevens
4.11Roberto Aguilera
16:37.34 SRFerndale
5.11Cortlend Novak
16:55.63 PRLake Stevens
6.12Isaiah Britt
16:56.51 PRLake Stevens
7.12Chais Sugden
17:04.57 PRSqualicum
8.12Derek Morrow
17:06.59 PRMeridian (WA)
9.9Nick Paduano
17:16.09 PRLake Stevens
10.10Derek Holz
17:24.42 SRMeridian (WA)
11.11Josh Lingbloom
17:25.52 PRLynden Christian
12.10Jackson Slesk
17:28.53 PRSehome
13.12Jesse Phan
17:37.46 PRMount Baker
14.11Parker Morris
17:38.60 SRBlaine
15.9Jacob Headland
17:42.36 PRLake Stevens
16.12Jon Wiley
17:48.25 SRLynden Christian
17.12Riley Hawkins-Hecock
17:52.03 PRMeridian (WA)
18.11Conner Jones
17:55.11 SRNooksack Valley
19.12Jared Olsen
17:58.91 SRLake Stevens
20.10Jack VanderGriend
18:00.02 PRLynden Christian
21.11Nick Napier
18:01.17 SRUniversity Prep
22.11Andrew Twedt
18:05.81 PRBellingham
23.12Tristin Larsen
18:08.66 SRGranite Falls
24.11Zach Harvey
18:09.22 PRNooksack Valley
25.12Levi Morrow
18:09.86 PRMeridian (WA)
26.11Ricky Mueller
18:12.40 SRGranite Falls
27.9Arthur "AJ" Rankin
18:16.30 PRFerndale
28.12Charlie Baldwin
18:21.71 PRBlaine
29.9Eric Steiger
18:22.52 PRLynden Christian
30.11Dante Gadbois
18:24.48 SRGranite Falls
31.11Max Hannah
18:27.29 PRSehome
32.11Quentin Salinas
18:27.60 PRSedro-Woolley
33.11Matthew Steiber
18:33.04 SRFerndale
34.12Jordan Hem
18:47.86 SRNooksack Valley
35.10Jacob Frazier
18:52.17 PRSehome
36.9Cole Bergquist
18:54.82 SRFerndale
37.10Jacob Swenson
18:57.17 PRSedro-Woolley
38.12Brendon Ross
18:58.55 PRMeridian (WA)
39.10Keenan Gray
19:03.24 SRMount Baker
40.10McKay Ross
19:04.59 SRMeridian (WA)
41.10Valentin Villalobos
19:05.64 SRNooksack Valley
42.11Ben Kraske
19:08.01 SROmak
43.10Jordan Click
19:08.50 PROmak
44.10Ian Tomberlin
19:09.69 SRSqualicum
45.10Jackson Schroyer
19:12.38 PRSehome
46.12Ethan Short
19:17.19 PRGranite Falls
47.9Ty Maider
19:18.86 PRUniversity Prep
48.10Logan King
19:20.38 PRFerndale
49.11Tristan Soto
19:20.98 SRBlaine
50.12Wesley Cruse
19:22.39 SRFerndale
51.11Greg Arps
19:24.08 SRBlaine
52.10Curt Peila
19:26.01 SRSqualicum
53.9Caleb Forbes
19:27.00 SRMount Baker
54.10Ezra Swenson
19:28.88 PRSedro-Woolley
55.12Chris Cervarich
19:30.28 PRGranite Falls
56.9Will Napier
19:35.31 PRUniversity Prep
57.10Mitchell Pelzer
19:41.90 SRMount Baker
58.11Jon Smith
19:43.58 SRGranite Falls
59.10Damon Hardwick
19:44.94 PRUniversity Prep
60.12Calvin Ledet
19:50.85 SRNooksack Valley
61.9Ethan Vance
19:53.77 PRSehome
62.11Teegan Sterling
19:57.97 SRSedro-Woolley
63.10Casey McHugh
20:01.04 PRMount Baker
64.11William Wing
20:01.84 SRSedro-Woolley
65.10Austin Hughes
20:03.16 PROmak
66.11Lars Stenseth
20:08.58 PRSedro-Woolley
67.9Finnegan Boyd
20:10.75 SRFerndale
68.10David Martin
20:11.65 PRLynden Christian
69.10Kyle Abrahamson
20:12.02 PROmak
70.9Zach Archambault
20:14.94 PRSehome
71.12Samuel Welch
20:16.82 PRBlaine
72.9James Klinman
20:17.28 SRGranite Falls
73.9Tyler Weed
20:24.74 PRNooksack Valley
74.9Dawson Click
20:27.72 SROmak
75.9Raiven McCormick
20:28.29 PRMount Baker
76.11Spenser Dodge
20:30.78 SRBlaine
77.11Denny McAuliffe
20:31.54 SRSqualicum
78.9Carl Peterson
20:35.69 PRSqualicum
79.11Brenden Pelkie
20:36.39 SRSqualicum
80.10Sam DiMeo
20:53.56 PRSedro-Woolley
81.11Gabe Holz
21:17.80 PROmak
82.10Devyn Grillo
21:21.57 PROmak
83.10Elliot Hardwick
21:46.96 PRUniversity Prep
84.12Alex Dodge
22:05.09 SRBlaine
85.11Shawn Goto-Gierke
22:41.97 SRNooksack Valley
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Womens Results

1.7 Mile Junior High

Official Team Scores

1.Horizon (Ferndale)58
3.Mount Baker (Deming)79
4.Lynden Christian88
7.Nooksack Valley135
1.7Aine Dillon
10:59.66 SRSt Paul's Academy
2.7Katelyn Barnes
10:59.75 SRMeridian
3.8Jada French
11:04.77 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
4.8Makenna Holz
11:11.78 PRMeridian
5.7Kali Cook
11:12.09 SRMount Baker (Deming)
6.8Sofie Fransen
11:26.98 PRLynden Christian
7.8Kendyl Otter
11:27.74 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
8.7Jocelyn Seig
11:31.06 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
9.7Darleen Zarate
11:32.31 SRNooksack Valley
10.7Maya Ball
11:50.01 PRBlaine
11.7Lia Vadnais
11:51.11 PRVista
12.7Madeline Hall
11:51.92 PRLynden
13.8Rubi Stuit
11:59.10 PRMeridian
14.7Juliette Haggith
12:00.84 PRMount Baker (Deming)
15.8Katie Huizenga
12:11.59 PRLynden Christian
16.8Elizabeth Conner
12:12.76 PRNooksack Valley
17.7Jada Biesheuvel
12:15.27 PRLynden
18.7Emma Mulryan
12:16.39 SRBlaine
19.8Peyton Terpstra
12:16.59 PRLynden Christian
20.8Marissa Anderson
12:16.93 PRMount Baker (Deming)
21.7Taylee McCormick
12:17.44 SRMount Baker (Deming)
22.7Ellary Boyd
12:18.46 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
23.8Emilie King
12:19.29 PRLynden
24.8Beard Erin
12:19.75 PRNooksack Valley
25.8Andrea Hansen
12:29.46 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
26.7Laine DeJong
12:29.53 SRLynden Christian
27.7Kylie Silves
12:33.44 PRLynden
28.8Cameron Bertrand
12:36.50 PRMount Baker (Deming)
29.7Marsaili Morin
12:40.04 PRBlaine
30.7Leah Brendley
12:47.34 PRMount Baker (Deming)
31.8Sofia Witzel
12:47.79 PRVista
32.7Muriel TerBeek
12:48.24 PRLynden Christian
33.8Brody Short
12:52.45 PRMeridian
34.8Nicole Guessford
12:54.78 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
35.8Ashlyn Loehr
12:59.27 PRMeridian
36.8Dawn Hoffer
12:59.52 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
37.8Kady Aamot
12:59.55 PRMeridian
38.7Allyssa Brooks
13:04.08 PRMeridian
39.8Jacci Plenkovich
13:04.82 PRLynden Christian
40.8Rhianna Guzman
13:08.09 PRBlaine
41.8Sherry Agnello
13:09.44 PRBlaine
42.7Savannah Camba
13:10.30 PRBlaine
43.8Jordan Blok
13:14.21 PRLynden Christian
44.7Hannah Pelzer
13:14.49 SRMount Baker (Deming)
45.7Adelaide Haddock
13:18.05 PRMount Baker (Deming)
46.7Isabella Almlie
13:23.51 SRLynden Christian
47.8Aurelia Gilmer
13:31.55 PRLynden
48.7Kyla Ingram
13:31.59 PRMeridian
49.7Lexie Dixon
13:33.15 PRBlaine
50.8Noah Clendenen
13:35.83 PRBlaine
51.8Maia Jensen
13:38.24 PRLynden
52.7Piper Grahame
13:47.29 SRVista
53.8Cordelia Pallares
13:50.34 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
54.7Jenna Tiemersma
13:53.04 PRNooksack Valley
55.8Daisy Cox
13:53.24 PRSt Paul's Academy
56.8Taylor Jones
13:57.40 PRNooksack Valley
57.7Samantha Boczek
14:09.59 PRBlaine
58.7Willow Watts
14:11.58 PRMount Baker (Deming)
59.8Gracie McPhail
14:51.37 PRBlaine
60.8Kaitlynn Burris
14:53.98 PRMount Baker (Deming)
61.7Mackenzie Monogue
14:55.19 SRBlaine
62.8Courtney Henniger
14:55.99 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
63.8Leah Kessen
15:13.96 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
64.7Josy Delgadillo
15:18.48 SRBlaine
65.8Kashina George
15:27.94 PRMount Baker (Deming)
66.7Kellyn Burden
15:29.73 PRLynden Christian
67.8Simona Nolasco
15:46.07 PRNooksack Valley
68.7Shelby Disanza
16:04.81 PRNooksack Valley
69.6Kate Tipasatihan
20:39.15 PRSt Paul's Academy
70.7Madison Hill
21:05.94 PRMeridian
71.8Samantha Laurent
25:52.34 PRLynden
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Lake Stevens62
6.Granite Falls138
8.Mount Baker203
1.12Bryanna Barritt
21:17.57 PRSedro-Woolley
2.10Rachael Hinker
21:52.37 PRLake Stevens
3.9Kenzi Schrader
21:54.74 PRSedro-Woolley
4.9Zoe Thompson
21:56.70 PRBellingham
5.11Makayla Stahl
22:06.12 PRBellingham
6.12Jamie Santos
22:10.77 PRLake Stevens
7.10Jaycie Roth
22:31.76 PRBellingham
8.9Emma Burgess
22:43.59 PRBellingham
9.10Brooke Berendsen
22:58.21 PRLynden Christian
10.12Hanna Chappell
23:02.10 PRBellingham
11.10Haleh Mawson
23:07.58 PRBellingham
12.12Molly Dole
23:07.59 PRBellingham
13.9Rosie Thompson
23:18.60 PRBellingham
14.12Marleigh Olson
23:36.55 SRLake Stevens
15.9Alexandra Mellor
23:49.19 PRBellingham
16.11Julia Northrop
23:55.13 PRSehome
17.11Laura Tkacsik
23:55.16 SRFerndale
18.9Riley Abrahamson
24:05.04 PROmak
19.9Olivia Rieland
24:16.32 PRFerndale
20.10Ava Anderson
24:19.79 PRBellingham
21.10Jerrica Chavez
24:21.34 PRGranite Falls
22.9Esmerelda Nieto
24:21.87 PRFerndale
23.10Baylee Jones
24:23.95 PRSedro-Woolley
24.12Gabriella Chavez
24:46.33 PRGranite Falls
25.10Isabell Eelnurme
24:49.95 PRLake Stevens
26.9Alyce Harlan
24:51.45 SRNooksack Valley
27.9Ashley Lingbloom
24:51.99 PRLynden Christian
28.10Angie Petrichenko
25:06.06 PRSehome
29.11Hannah Kean
25:07.09 SRBlaine
30.11Adrienne LeRoy
25:07.39 PRBellingham
31.12Courtney Klein
25:44.56 SRLake Stevens
32.11Emma Much
25:48.94 SRBellingham
33.11Triaena Summerfield
25:57.00 PRFerndale
34.10Trinity Nelson
26:20.87 SRFerndale
35.9Maddy Thompson
26:22.21 PRFerndale
36.10Cody Gilder
26:27.34 SRBellingham
37.10Fiona Layton
26:36.53 SRSehome
38.9Michelle Zender
26:39.28 PRSehome
39.9Biz Eurich
26:42.34 PRLakewood
40.12Emily Rice
26:42.96 SRGranite Falls
41.10Autumn Jensen
26:45.14 PRLakewood
42.9Elizabeth Mellor
26:48.88 SRBellingham
43.9Di Pham
26:49.12 PRMeridian (WA)
44.11Delaney Lester
26:50.00 PROmak
45.11Mckenzie Meyer
26:51.64 SRGranite Falls
46.11Lina Kuether
27:12.59 PRSqualicum
47.12Navkiran Gill
27:23.37 PRBlaine
48.11Katy Daley
27:29.57 PRSedro-Woolley
49.12Lily Hunter
27:38.03 SRMount Baker
50.9Francesca Desanctis
27:42.91 PRMount Baker
51.10Kristene Thomas
27:54.27 SRLake Stevens
52.11Courtney Wright
27:55.10 PRSedro-Woolley
53.11Madison Denney
27:58.14 PRBellingham
54.11Rachel Anderson
27:59.20 SRBellingham
55.9Carrie Latimer
28:03.73 SRBellingham
56.10Kathryn Gerner
28:04.21 PRSehome
57.10Mai Le
28:04.69 PRFerndale
58.9Saskia Van de Poel
28:08.79 PRSehome
59.11Lauren Meucci
28:16.59 SRSehome
60.11Stella Christoforou
28:19.69 PRSehome
61.10Joelle Brown
28:20.12 SRMount Baker
62.10Addison Rackowitz
28:28.01 PRLakewood
63.9Elsa Eisenhart
28:28.08 PRBellingham
64.10Tatiana Barbone
28:42.03 SRSehome
65.10Renee Caldwell
29:08.21 PRFerndale
66.10Emily Oman
29:10.28 SRSqualicum
67.11Allison Fonda
29:19.00 SRFerndale
68.11Mandi Cook
29:24.46 PRGranite Falls
69.11Hannah Anderson
29:48.64 SRSedro-Woolley
70.10Michaela Yonkman
29:56.01 SRNooksack Valley
71.12Sammi Conaway
30:10.97 PRGranite Falls
72.12Miranda Hinkle
30:26.13 PRMeridian (WA)
73.12Elizabeth Hargraves
30:27.93 PRGranite Falls
74.11Kenna Todd
30:43.30 SRGranite Falls
75.12Mckenna Rybka
30:50.80 SRFerndale
76.9Bridgid Cronk
31:33.41 SRMount Baker
77.10Katelyne Zucati
32:07.56 PRMeridian (WA)
78.10Ellie Rubin
32:37.43 PRSehome
79.10Emma Oppenheimer
32:41.80 PRSehome
80.9Annabel Thomson
32:47.24 PRMount Baker
81.10Alexi Pearson-Lund
33:19.99 PRBellingham
82.12Courtney Miller
33:48.91 PRLake Stevens
83.10Abbie Graf
35:16.02 PRLakewood
84.9Jillian Desmond
35:16.05 PRLakewood
85.12Brehanna Meigs
35:18.13 SRLakewood
86.12Anh Nhu
36:14.28 PRSqualicum
87.10Thu Ton
36:43.87 SRSqualicum
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens57
2.Lynden Christian78
3.Meridian (WA)79
8.Nooksack Valley165
1.11Amy Jo Murphy
19:34.93 SRNooksack Valley
2.11Mimi Meggison
20:09.92 SRMeridian (WA)
3.11Sarah Ball
20:23.75 PRLynden Christian
4.12Hillary Kiele
20:37.27 PRBlaine
5.11Angie Rooth
20:49.17 PRFerndale
6.10Dena Andrushenko
20:52.24 SRMeridian (WA)
7.11Jillian Anderson
20:52.28 SRFerndale
8.11Natalie Smith
20:55.83 SRMount Baker
9.11Emma Horn
21:05.42 PRLake Stevens
10.10Emily Haegeland
21:10.87 PRLake Stevens
11.10Alex O'Dell
21:37.17 PROmak
12.12Katie Buss
21:41.88 SRMount Baker
13.12McKenzie Young
21:45.76 SRLynden Christian
14.9Abby Koenig
21:47.01 SRSqualicum
15.10Taylor Ten Pas
21:48.06 PRLynden Christian
16.9Cassandra Valles
21:50.08 PRLake Stevens
17.10Cassie Jennings
21:50.68 PRLake Stevens
18.10Rachel Schackman
21:58.10 PRLake Stevens
19.11Katherine Dunford
22:02.69 SRMount Baker
20.9Ashlee VanDenTop
22:05.57 SRMeridian (WA)
21.11Hannah Niebling
22:06.30 PRSehome
22.11Maria Fairchild
22:13.77 PRSehome
23.12Tiana Pratt
22:15.18 PRMeridian (WA)
24.9Grace Oswin
22:18.89 SRSqualicum
25.11Diana Montes
22:21.21 PROmak
26.11Jana Peterson
22:22.52 SRFerndale
27.10Sophia Regimbal
22:24.75 PRSqualicum
28.9Sienna Smith
22:27.38 PRSedro-Woolley
29.11Teracita Shanes
22:32.50 PRSedro-Woolley
30.12Julia Morris
22:35.36 SRLynden Christian
31.10Ketta Vanden Bos
22:35.38 PRLynden Christian
32.11Dandelion Kinison
22:38.82 SRLake Stevens
33.10Katherine Chamblin
22:43.48 PRFerndale
34.10Kaylyn Barnes
22:44.67 SRSedro-Woolley
35.12Emily Foster
22:51.60 SRLake Stevens
36.9Sophia Dwyer
22:53.33 SRBlaine
37.11Sarah O'Dell
22:55.23 SROmak
38.11Pearl Morris
23:03.32 SRNooksack Valley
39.12Brianna Rutgers
23:07.16 SRLynden Christian
40.12Abigail Early
23:09.01 SROmak
41.12Sarah Chute
23:17.40 SRSehome
42.12Madie Holz
23:26.54 PRMeridian (WA)
43.12Hannah Chute
23:28.16 PRSehome
44.11Jessica Jose
23:28.41 SRNooksack Valley
45.12Sydney Arndorfer
23:33.41 PRSqualicum
46.10Annika Rauch
23:35.49 PRNooksack Valley
47.10Jordan Sims
23:55.95 PRSqualicum
48.11Hailey Linville
24:00.30 SRSqualicum
49.12Kara Collins
24:00.75 PRFerndale
50.9Jennifer O'Dell
24:03.76 PROmak
51.9Nina Hooper
24:04.62 PRSehome
52.12Emily Huggins
24:06.87 PRSedro-Woolley
53.12Sydnee Rooks
24:06.94 SRSedro-Woolley
54.9Allison Bunker
24:13.06 PRUniversity Prep
55.9Angie Van Beek
24:23.35 PRFerndale
56.12Taylor Warner
24:24.14 SRSedro-Woolley
57.10Anne Schoenell
24:46.44 PRNooksack Valley
58.12Tara Knight
25:01.51 SRSqualicum
59.11Diana Kawczynski
25:20.42 PRSehome
60.11Mariana Brandt
25:32.63 SRSedro-Woolley
61.11Maria Cazares
25:42.98 PRNooksack Valley
62.11Sarah DeRoy
25:56.56 SRSehome
63.10Kaitlyn Stapp
26:17.78 SRMount Baker
64.10Cassandra Lange
26:44.10 SROmak
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