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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School5:20 PM
1 Mile Middle School5:45 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School5:20 PM
1 Mile Middle School5:45 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.OJ DeJonge29
2.Benzie Central51
1.8Will Flewelling
10:53.52 PROJ DeJonge
2.8Pedro Roman
10:56.40 PRBenzie Central
3.7Max Kline
11:20.32 PROJ DeJonge
4.8Nathan Lange
11:43.58 SROJ DeJonge
5.8Sam Bandstra
11:45.25 PROJ DeJonge
6.8Nathan Peabody
11:50.26 PRBenzie Central
8.8Bradlee Popkowski
12:08.40 PRManistee
9.8Will Kidder
12:10.53 PRShelby
10.7Will Elbers
12:13.82 PRManistee
12.8Richard Frisbie
12:23.34 PRBenzie Central
15.7Carter Kissell
12:34.31 PRManistee
17.8Michael McLouth
12:36.45 PRShelby
18.8Jared Kraeft
12:38.20 PRBenzie Central
20.8Brady Reid
12:40.22 PRManistee
21.7Mason Schaubroeck
12:43.51 SRManistee
26.7Kyle Snyder
13:00.78 PROJ DeJonge
27.8Thomas Veine
13:06.46 PRManistee
28.7John Wade
30.7John Biggs
13:15.90 PROJ DeJonge
33.8Noah Barnes
13:43.10 PRBenzie Central
36.8Nathan Wietrzykowski
13:52.77 PROJ DeJonge
42.7Jason Hubbard
44.8Justin White
14:18.87 PRManistee
45.7Dustin Finkhouse
14:19.17 PRBenzie Central
46.8Tristian Landis
50.8Garrett Larson
14:44.33 PROJ DeJonge
52.7Roger Lind
15:39.00 SRTrinity Lutheran (Ma...
53.7Tyler Iverson
15:47.00 PRBenzie Central
64.7Jared Case
17:04.00 PRBenzie Central
65.7Charlie Mosher
17:18.00 SRManistee
66.7Quinn Sargent
17:23.00 PROJ DeJonge
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1 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.-Kyle Bennett
6:07.00 PROJ DeJonge
2.6Craig Fuller
3.6Declan McCann
6:44.50 PRManistee
4.6Grant Schlaff
5.6Griffin Antal
6.6Drew Schlaff
7:03.00 PRManistee
7.6Bruce Thompson
7:08.00 PROJ DeJonge
11.6Caleb Adamski
12.6Owen Storm
7:36.70 PROJ DeJonge
13.6Dylan Johnson
23.6Dylon Mitchell
9:25.00 PRManistee
24.6David Lapoint
9:30.00 PRManistee
25.6Trent Beaudrie
9:31.80 PRManistee
26.6Titus Lind
9:32.00 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ma...
27.-Aidan Johnson
9:48.00 PRBenzie Central
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Benzie Central32
3.OJ DeJonge48
7.8Erin Dorn
11:51.02 PRManistee
11.8Katrina Lesinski
12:20.75 PROJ DeJonge
13.8Randi Stone
12:24.69 PROJ DeJonge
14.8Peyton Burch
12:32.69 PRBenzie Central
16.7Paige Johnston
12:35.53 PRBenzie Central
19.8Sierra Pallin
12:39.33 PRBenzie Central
22.8Grace Jankwietz
12:43.52 PRManistee
23.7Andrea Taghon
12:44.52 PRBenzie Central
24.8Bella Huddleston
12:46.19 PRBenzie Central
25.7Noelle Fink
12:56.03 SRManistee
29.7Brooklynn Jones
13:13.84 PRShelby
31.8Emily Eix
13:39.40 PRManistee
32.8Keira Hatch
13:40.80 PROJ DeJonge
34.8Jaelyn Thomas
13:45.64 PRManistee
35.7Ruby Strahan
13:47.41 SROJ DeJonge
37.7Makayla Alcayde
13:54.86 PRManistee
38.7Sara Thompson
14:02.70 PRManistee
39.8Ciara Anderson
14:05.79 PRManistee
40.7Alanna Patterson
14:08.72 PROJ DeJonge
41.8Grace Parsekian
14:11.65 PRShelby
43.7Maria Sobaski
14:14.40 PROJ DeJonge
47.7Charlotte Glanville
14:21.51 SROJ DeJonge
48.8Emily Drake
14:31.72 PRBenzie Central
49.7Kassidy Clark (Sou...
14:38.73 PROJ DeJonge
51.8Katie Huber
14:47.21 SRManistee
54.7Megan Huber
15:54.00 PRManistee
55.8Emma Witkowski
16:03.00 PRManistee
56.7Maverlie Carey
16:23.00 PRManistee
57.7Ana Sgro
16:35.00 PROJ DeJonge
58.7Mackenzie Pollock
16:50.00 PROJ DeJonge
59.7Grace Okros
16:51.00 PRBenzie Central
60.7Grace Taranko
16:51.20 PROJ DeJonge
61.7Ava Thuemmel
16:53.50 PRManistee
62.7Angel Birdsley
16:54.00 PRShelby
63.7Marial Rahn
16:57.00 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ma...
67.7Juliana Pohl
17:47.00 SROJ DeJonge
68.7Lyndsey Kelley
18:34.00 PRManistee
69.8Ally Johnston
19:13.00 PRBenzie Central
70.7Aurora Johnson
22:05.00 PRTrinity Lutheran (Ma...
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1 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

8.-Kendall Biggs
7:10.00 PROJ DeJonge
9.-Sierra Guay
7:28.00 PRBenzie Central
10.6Ellen Bretzke
7:30.00 PRBenzie Central
14.6Morgan Duby
7:47.00 PRManistee
15.6Anna Jankwietz
7:51.80 PRManistee
16.6Casey Lapoint
17.6Lily Leavitt
8:53.90 PROJ DeJonge
18.6Logan Wayward
9:06.00 PRManistee
19.6Cecile Mallon
9:09.00 PRBenzie Central
20.-Grace Hilliard
9:13.90 PROJ DeJonge
21.6Kendall Earhart
9:20.00 PRManistee
22.6Megan Peltier
9:21.00 PRManistee
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