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Last Updated 4:19 PM, Sun, Sep 14

Meet info.  (coaches)

Good afternoon cross country coaches and fans!  Please read the notes and the attachments below regarding the cross country meet on Friday, October 10th hosted by Muskegon Community College at University Park Golf Course.  Unless I send out an update later, please tell spectators to NOT park SOUTH of Marquette Ave.  Plenty of parking is available at Muskegon Community College.  If you have questions, please let me know.  Read below for more information.


College Coaches --  Please note that race times were moved 30 MINUTES EARLIER due to the addition of a junior high race later in the day.  Also, if you were planning on sending runners, please register your team on very soon for planning purposes.  Some coaches have said they are coming but are not registered yet on  You have until Friday, October 3rd to register your runners though, but the earlier the better :)  The top 20 men and women will receive unique awards that can be actually be used after the race!  If you have any questions, please let me know.


About the GMAA City Meet for High Schools and Junior High Schools -- I'm missing a few e-mails.  Randy, could you forward this message out to all of the high school and junior high coaches and AD's?  I understand all schools have their own policies, but it would be neat if schools could arrive early to watch the college races as well.  Our college meet is growing and may have 15 teams this year.  What a great opportunity to promote collegiate athletics to your athletes and view a meet like this so close to home!


If any of you have questions or think of something I forgot to mention, please e-mail me back.


Thanks, and Go Jayhawks!


Coach Dan Fishel

Last Updated 4:18 PM, Sun, Sep 14

Meet info.  (coaches)


  • PARKING – College Teams / Meet Workers park in the University Park Golf Course parking lot

  • PARKING – High School Teams / Junior High Teams / Jayhawk 5k participants / Spectators may drop off at the entrance of University Park Golf Course but please park in one of the Muskegon Community College parking lots.

  • PACKET PICKUP – College Teams + Jayhawk 5k at front table by the parking lot near the entrance

  • PACKET PICKUP – High School + Junior High Teams by the finish line from Mr. Randy Johnson

  • SHIRTS – Muskegon Community College Cross Country Meet Shirts will be sold for $15.

  • LEAD CART – There will be a lead cart leading each race, but the course will also be clearly marked with flags and spray paint (including mile markers).

  • PORTA-JOHNS –There will be a total of 10 porta-johns this year with 5 in the parking lot and 5 closer to the start/finish area.

  • TRAINER – There will be an athletic trainer on site.

  • TRASH – There will be various trash cans on the course.Please respect the golf course and pick up all trash so we can continue having this great event here at University Park Golf Course.

Last Updated 12:06 PM, Sun, Sep 7

Race Schedule  (coaches)

RACE SCHEDULE (not final yet and could still be changed)

12:00 p.m.                   JAYHAWK 5k Race (5k Race Open to Everyone, Registration available ahead of time or on the day of the race)

1:00 p.m.                     Awards Ceremony for Jayhawk 5k

1:15 p.m.                     National Anthems (USA and CANADA)

1:30 p.m.                     MEN’s 8k COLLEGIATE RACE

2:15 p.m.                     WOMEN’s 5k COLLEGIATE RACE

3:00 p.m.                     Awards Ceremony for Collegiate Races

3:15 p.m.                     GMAA Varsity BOY’s 5k High School Championship Race

3:50 p.m.                     GMAA Varsity GIRL’s 5k High School Championship Race

4:30 p.m.                     GMAA Coed JV 5k High School Race

5:10 p.m.                     GMAA Coed Junior High 2 Mile Championship Race

5:45 p.m.                     Awards Ceremony for High School and Junior High Races

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Muskegon Mona Shores87
3.North Muskegon132
4.Muskegon Orchard View136
6.Muskegon Western Mich. Chris...157
7.Muskegon Oakridge168
9.Muskegon Reeths-Puffer179

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Keaton Smith
16:09.75 PRWhitehall
2.12Brendan Hamilton
16:14.27 PRFruitport Calvary Ch...
3.11Braxton Snuffer
16:31.81 SRMuskegon Western Mic...
4.11Aaron King
16:32.83 PRFruitport
5.12Wesley Collins
16:34.04 PRNorth Muskegon
6.10Jacob Tanner
7.12Roger Champion
16:45.64 PRWhitehall
8.11Alex Dennis
9.12Bailey Brown
16:51.03 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
10.11Sam Deuling
17:02.10Muskegon Orchard View
11.9Chase Eslick
17:10.65North Muskegon
12.12Jose Hernandez
13.9Kyle Messerschmidt
17:24.74 SRMuskegon Oakridge
14.12Ryan Wasilewski
17:25.86 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
15.12Brennen Zuniga
16.11Zeke Clark
17:29.71Muskegon Mona Shores
17.10Tylor Carmean
17:30.32Muskegon Oakridge
18.12Sky Christenson
17:33.43 PRWhitehall
19.12Codey Moore
17:36.08 SRFruitport
20.10Jesse Gaudette
17:37.32 PRMuskegon Orchard View
21.9Michael Hyatt
17:38.93Muskegon Orchard View
22.11Corey Robinson
17:40.00 PRWhitehall
23.12Nate Goodman
17:41.50Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
24.12Ryan Ruel
17:53.61Muskegon Oakridge
25.10Aaron Simot
17:55.43 SRFruitport
26.11Samuel Karrel
17:56.31 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
27.12Austin Boynton
18:00.22Muskegon Mona Shores
28.9Matt Lipka
29.12Anthony Villanuava
18:15.84 PRMuskegon
30.12Max Churchill
18:17.19Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
31.9Jake Lorenz
18:18.07 SRNorth Muskegon
32.10Spencer Andree
18:20.87 SRWhitehall
33.12David Gilson
18:23.63 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
34.12Kyle Mouw
18:27.20Muskegon Mona Shores
35.10Joe Dandron
36.11Tyler Gagnon
18:31.49Muskegon Mona Shores
37.11Luke Brink
18:33.50Muskegon Western Mic...
38.9Hunter Bower
18:34.39 SRWhitehall
39.12Jacob Boes
18:37.92Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
40.12Collin Kolbe
18:41.42 PRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
41.11Todd Ryan
18:41.94 PRMuskegon Orchard View
42.11Connor Durow
18:42.42North Muskegon
43.9Andrew Plaisier
18:43.09 SRMuskegon Western Mic...
44.12Tanner Fowler
45.10Kevin Slowik
46.11Christian Foreman
18:51.86 SRMuskegon Western Mic...
47.12Austin Campbell
18:57.72 SRFruitport
48.10Frank Lee
19:01.63North Muskegon
49.11Griffin Farr
19:03.34 PRMuskegon Orchard View
50.9Zack Lemmen
51.9Zach Tindall
19:13.06 SRMuskegon Oakridge
52.9Sol VanHassel
19:20.93Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
53.9Brandon Archer
19:22.02 SRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
54.11Noah Brininstool
19:28.77North Muskegon
55.9Christian Lipka
56.10Sam Hardy
19:35.61North Muskegon
57.11William Plaisier
19:39.95 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
58.12Jordan Lathrop
59.9Peter Kubasiak
60.11Ayden Tyler
19:58.15 SRMuskegon Orchard View
61.9Zach Sykes
20:03.20 SRFruitport
62.11Noah Moran
63.10Jasman Sidhu
64.12Greg Plyler
20:22.29Muskegon Western Mic...
65.11Jake Lysiak
20:26.12 PRMuskegon Orchard View
66.12Nic Potter
20:35.79 PRFruitport
67.12Kevin Paggeot
20:38.52 SRFruitport
68.11Simran Rai
20:46.37Muskegon Oakridge
69.10Javen Zamojcin
70.11Matthew Bliss
21:01.23 SRFruitport Calvary Ch...
71.10Jordan Wenzinger
72.12Cameron Andrews
73.10Dylan Kiester
74.9Matthew Ostoin
21:32.67Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
75.10Emmit Gorman
76.11Derek Forner
77.9Paul Bowyer
78.12Aaron Poling
79.12Hunter Macleod
22:54.00Muskegon Oakridge
80.10Kyle Wildfong
81.10Joey Petrongelli
82.10Samuel Crocker
29:20.00 PRMuskegon
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5,000 Meters JV (Combined)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Muskegon Mona Shores21
3.Muskegon Western Mich. Chris...79

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Cade Poland
18:05.71Muskegon Mona Shores
2.11Sean Halverson
18:14.36 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
3.10Sam Powell
18:22.06Muskegon Mona Shores
4.12Tim Reynolds
5.9Haddan Young
19:11.09 SRWhitehall
6.11Jeffrey Bos
19:24.04North Muskegon
7.12Dean Hewitt
19:48.79 PRWhitehall
8.11Calvin Zabrocki
20:01.15 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
9.11Greg Beaudoin
20:01.74Muskegon Mona Shores
10.9Alex Chappell
20:13.74 SRWhitehall
11.12Connor Miller
20:15.86 PRWhitehall
12.9Nick Morin
20:18.67 SRWhitehall
13.9Joe Westerlund
20:47.46 SRFruitport
14.9Samuel Braak
20:49.79Muskegon Western Mic...
15.10Trent McPheron
16.11Matt Farmer
21:07.37Muskegon Mona Shores
17.10Garrett Kracker
21:11.03Muskegon Western Mic...
18.9Jared Hanes
21:13.31 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
19.9Tyler Yonker
21:20.83Muskegon Western Mic...
21.11Justin Tokarczyk
21:47.25Muskegon Mona Shores
22.11Ben Jee
21:50.48 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
25.9Simon Johnson
26.12Noah Wymer
22:20.20Muskegon Orchard View
27.10Jacob VanderPloeg
22:29.08 SRMuskegon Western Mic...
28.11Jack Webster
22:32.41 PRNorth Muskegon
32.12Jon Sturrus
22:51.30Muskegon Western Mic...
38.11Joel Friday
23:26.22Muskegon Mona Shores
43.10Dylan Esch
54.11Thomas Kromminga
25:00.49Muskegon Mona Shores
55.10Lucas Visscher
25:01.03 SRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
69.11Joel VanWinkle
26:46.74Muskegon Western Mic...
71.9Matthew Doty
26:54.18Muskegon Western Mic...
83.9Noah Hall
29:24.42Muskegon Western Mic...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Muskegon Mona Shores51
3.Muskegon Reeths-Puffer72
5.North Muskegon147
7.Muskegon Western Mich. Chris...166
9.Muskegon Orchard View211

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jessica Harris
2.10Maya Hector
18:47.85 PRWhitehall
3.11Jackie Seward
19:21.59Muskegon Mona Shores
4.10Maryssa Depies
19:30.14Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
5.12Avery Lowe
19:33.57North Muskegon
6.9Jayme Brantsen
19:34.33Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
7.11Morgan Dennison
19:42.86 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
8.12Kenadee Shugars
9.10Avley Hentschel
10.9Peyton Erndteman
20:26.17Muskegon Mona Shores
11.11Kendra Irvine
20:35.78 PRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
12.10Mychala Spoelman
13.10Lauren Baustert
20:38.30 SRWhitehall
14.9Noelle Seward
20:39.90 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
15.10Chloe Strach
20:50.74North Muskegon
16.12Brittany Parker
20:54.76 PRMuskegon Orchard View
17.10Sarah Resterhouse
21:06.81Muskegon Mona Shores
18.12Emma Pahl
19.10Annika Cotner
21:15.81Muskegon Mona Shores
20.11Bailey Umstead
21:17.33 SRFruitport
21.11Josie Ruiter
21:22.92Muskegon Western Mic...
22.11Brooke Armstrong
23.9Kendra E. Johnson
24.10Lilah Parker
21:33.47 SRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
25.11Ella Mabrito
21:33.99 PRRavenna
26.12Lanie Nerli
27.12Micah Peel
21:49.85Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
28.9Kiera Smith
29.12Breunisje Kass-McG...
21:54.85Muskegon Western Mic...
30.9Corinne Nedeau
21:58.52North Muskegon
31.10Sarah Six
22:02.92Muskegon Oakridge
32.11Rebekah Townsend
33.9Kaelee VanOs
34.11Abby Keessen
22:12.52 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
35.12Naomi Parker
22:17.43Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
36.9Grace Sweet
22:18.36Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
37.9Emma Brink
22:40.76Muskegon Western Mic...
38.10Lauren Myers
22:49.21Muskegon Western Mic...
39.9Salencia Farr
22:56.19 PRMuskegon Orchard View
40.11Hannah Erffmeyer
41.11Chloe Scamehorn
42.10Caitlynn Christian...
23:06.75 SRFruitport
43.9Hailey Lemmen
23:07.68 PRMontague
44.11Kristina Veurink
23:12.68Muskegon Western Mic...
45.12Alyssa Wright
23:14.21 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
46.11Brooke Rollston
47.9Katie Lemmen
48.9Brooke May
23:31.24Muskegon Orchard View
49.12Jayla Davis
23:31.85 SRNorth Muskegon
50.12Madi Bluhm
23:32.41 PRNorth Muskegon
51.12Phoebe Risselade
23:42.17 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
52.12Taylor Ruel
23:44.73Muskegon Oakridge
53.11Makayla Hutchison
54.10Sidney Linck
55.9Jodi Lemmen
56.10Marek Brott
24:21.94Muskegon Oakridge
57.10Taylor Renick
24:25.64Muskegon Orchard View
58.11Emily Kubasiak
59.12Ellie Wilson
25:13.22North Muskegon
60.10Miranda Terry
61.9Syndel Stressman
62.9Gabrielle Castagna
25:49.65Muskegon Oakridge
63.11Rayne Woirol
26:10.30 SRHolton
64.12Abigail Crocker
65.12Abbie Cammenga
26:51.56 PRFruitport Calvary Ch...
66.9Monica Benson
27:24.20Muskegon Orchard View
67.9Emma Raffie
27:42.84Muskegon Orchard View
68.12Emily Merten
69.10Courtney Tice
70.11Lillian Wilkie-Jones
29:45.55North Muskegon
71.12Jocelyn Luna
31:32.20 SRMuskegon
72.12Lauren Teitsma
32:33.22 PRFruitport
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5,000 Meters JV (Combined)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Muskegon Reeths-Puffer34
3.Muskegon Mona Shores63
5.Muskegon Western Mich. Chris...122

Hypothetical Scores

20.10Becca Bride
21:22.89Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
23.10Kara Green
22:08.50 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
24.12Brooke Fellows
22:14.61 PRWhitehall
29.9Hannah Hilliker
22:33.35Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
30.11Kendal Pippin
22:34.42 SRWhitehall
31.10Levi Gill
22:47.50 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
33.11Mackenzie Brandel
22:54.10 PRWhitehall
34.11Jackie Anderson
22:56.58Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
35.10Bethany Antor
23:06.78Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
36.10Zoe Schultz
23:07.38Muskegon Mona Shores
37.10Sarah Youngo
39.9Lindsay Richardson
23:27.08Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
40.11Carah Crenno
23:39.22Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
41.9Allie Elliott
23:42.55 SRWhitehall
42.9Kaylynn Moschke
23:43.04Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
44.10Caitlyn Giddings
23:55.98Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
45.12Kallan Sawyer
46.10Allison Wernstrom
23:57.92Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
47.12Brianna Grimm
48.11Nicole Gagnon
24:15.70Muskegon Mona Shores
49.10Cierra VanDyke
50.12Ally Zuidema
24:29.29Muskegon Western Mic...
51.11Blanca Torres
52.9Aubrey Conkright
53.12Hannah Moulds
24:56.88 PRWhitehall
56.10Chanaiya Richards
25:03.97Muskegon Western Mic...
57.11Ellie Gilson
25:04.97 PRMuskegon Western Mic...
58.11Lindsie Traxler
25:11.09Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
59.9Jayme Brantsen
25:13.03Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
60.10Molly Patton
25:27.07Muskegon Western Mic...
61.10Alyssa Theile
62.10Alina Meyer
63.12Zoey Elliott
64.10Helena Gryzenia
26:08.15Muskegon Mona Shores
65.12Joslyn Crowley
66.11Hanna Corpe
67.12Rebekah Beeghly
68.12Lena Jacob
26:45.46Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
70.11Lexi Webber
26:48.99Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
72.10Ashley Womble
73.10Anna Ubbesen
27:07.94Muskegon Mona Shores
74.10Shawna Deiters
75.9Lauren Geiger
76.11Sabryna Chapman
27:47.85 SRWhitehall
77.10Carli Bluhm
27:49.15Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
78.10Lyndsey Cox
79.11Jordan Marsman
28:04.82 PRRavenna
80.11Lora Ruch
28:24.47 SRRavenna
81.10Emily Spruit
82.12Lexi Carlston
28:56.42Muskegon Mona Shores
84.11Lexi Bogue
29:27.82Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
85.9Katelyn Mark
86.12Hannah Hughes
31:02.04Muskegon Western Mic...
87.12Abby Bryson
31:13.35Muskegon Mona Shores
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