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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Seattle Christian36
2.Charles Wright Academy44
3.Bellevue Christian59
4.Vashon Island90
1.12Rory Reshovsky
17:04.10 PRCharles Wright Academy
2.12Tyler Ridings
17:17.17Seattle Christian
3.9Adam Berg
17:46.86Charles Wright Academy
4.12Nick LaBerge
17:52.81 SRCharles Wright Academy
5.12Michael Li
17:57.10Cascade Christian
6.10Camden Roberts
17:59.00Life Christian Academy
7.10Mikhail Hemmerling
18:09.76 PRSeattle Christian
8.10Craig Lambert
18:11.05Bellevue Christian
9.9Jared Donnel
18:12.23Bellevue Christian
10.12Brandon Seeger
18:20.22Seattle Christian
11.11Scott Graves
18:37.47Bellevue Christian
12.12Jorren Mills
18:45.73Seattle Christian
13.10Andrew Neumann
18:46.84Seattle Christian
14.12William Kluck
18:49.08Seattle Christian
15.11Luke Edvalds
18:55.46Seattle Christian
16.12Quinn Weber
19:00.30Vashon Island
17.12Conor Sandoval
19:23.18Charles Wright Academy
18.10Isaac Hughes
19:33.17Vashon Island
19.9Luke Sala
19:38.49Bellevue Christian
20.10Mario Simmons
19:38.82Seattle Christian
21.9Hunter Justis
19:39.16Vashon Island
22.12Nathan Williams
19:55.03 SRVashon Island
23.10Kevin Smith
20:03.73Bellevue Christian
24.12Geoffrey Donovan
20:08.97Seattle Christian
25.10Landon Lively
20:09.25Seattle Christian
26.12Ethan Walkley
20:10.90Charles Wright Academy
27.12Adam Koehler
20:15.45Bellevue Christian
28.12Aaron Kitchener
20:23.79Vashon Island
29.9Jackie Zhong
20:30.45Charles Wright Academy
30.11Nathan Anderson
20:30.86 SRVashon Island
31.9Jonathan Zacarias
20:43.58Charles Wright Academy
32.9Rohan Sandoval
21:01.43Charles Wright Academy
33.12David Reynolds
21:11.01Bellevue Christian
34.11Brennen Kendall
21:16.79Charles Wright Academy
35.10Ryan Minami
21:19.40 PRSeattle Christian
36.10Luke Miller
21:22.32Bellevue Christian
37.10Michael McLoughlin
21:24.98Bellevue Christian
38.9Michael McAlexander
21:28.46Life Christian Academy
39.12Robbin Xu
21:35.43Charles Wright Academy
40.12Cale Woyvodich
21:38.32 PRSeattle Christian
41.9Gianno Waller
21:39.18Vashon Island
42.12Mason Carter
21:42.90 PRVashon Island
43.10Dalton Saggau
21:43.12Seattle Christian
44.11Ken Yang
21:56.11 PRCharles Wright Academy
45.10Daniel Burnett
22:00.17Bellevue Christian
46.12Jack Mask
22:01.51Vashon Island
47.11Tim Tang
22:06.83Bellevue Christian
48.12Eddie James
22:08.99Charles Wright Academy
49.9Basil Dahan
22:14.45Charles Wright Academy
50.10Connor Ridings
22:16.87Seattle Christian
51.10Brendan Merdich
22:21.09Seattle Christian
52.10Joseph Peder
22:24.37Bellevue Christian
53.10Jens Crosier
22:27.18Life Christian Academy
54.11Andrew Jennings
22:43.47Cascade Christian
55.11Yuzhi Shao
22:44.03Charles Wright Academy
56.12Joe Shugart
22:53.99Vashon Island
57.10Jason Lim
22:59.06 PRCascade Christian
58.9Josh DeLauder
23:14.26Seattle Christian
59.12Joe Laupati
23:25.26Charles Wright Academy
60.11Ryan Burnett
23:31.60Bellevue Christian
61.12Gabriel Friend
23:33.52 PRCharles Wright Academy
62.12Karl Stahlfeld
23:41.73Seattle Christian
63.12Tanner Stinson
23:44.74Vashon Island
64.9Nathan Smith
23:49.13Bellevue Christian
65.12Brett Featherstone
24:01.24 PRVashon Island
66.10Adam Kraabel
24:09.37 SRVashon Island
67.12Grayson Gale
24:24.11 PRVashon Island
68.9Jonathan Chen
24:26.45Charles Wright Academy
69.9Louis Chai
24:36.61Charles Wright Academy
70.12Eric Spear
24:53.65 PRCharles Wright Academy
71.11Owen Fitz
24:59.48Charles Wright Academy
72.10Jeffrey Ye
25:07.76Charles Wright Academy
73.11Nick Grabner
25:14.83Life Christian Academy
74.10Ryan Fang
25:43.78Bellevue Christian
75.9Josh Erme
25:47.17Bellevue Christian
76.11Adam Pinkerton
25:51.29Bellevue Christian
77.10Jared Rosas
26:22.16Seattle Christian
78.9Julian Cross
27:15.76Vashon Island
79.11David Walker
27:22.63Charles Wright Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Vashon Island22
2.Charles Wright Academy36
3.Bellevue Christian77
1.10Rachelle Mayes
22:04.08Seattle Christian
2.10Aria Mildon
22:16.91Vashon Island
3.10Selena Mildon
22:23.97Vashon Island
4.9Ann Thompson
22:43.21Charles Wright Academy
5.10Jessica Merritt
22:45.91Vashon Island
6.10Kassie Mastras
23:03.57Charles Wright Academy
7.11Kayla Gustafson
23:27.34 SRLife Christian Academy
8.10Annie Muller
23:43.89Vashon Island
9.9Anna Stewart
24:47.58Charles Wright Academy
10.12Stephanie Lindblom
24:55.08Seattle Christian
11.11Rachael Buselmeier
25:11.07Life Christian Academy
12.10Greta Hale
25:36.27 SRCascade Christian
13.12YuJin Kwon
25:46.41 SRCharles Wright Academy
14.11Taryn Mulvihill
25:56.70Vashon Island
15.12Anna Ripley
25:59.43Vashon Island
16.10Gabby Watson
26:02.32Seattle Christian
17.9Kathleen Crosby
26:13.13Bellevue Christian
18.11Leila Praino
26:19.75Bellevue Christian
19.12Constance Hosannah
26:36.69Charles Wright Academy
20.11Kate Atwell
26:44.21Vashon Island
21.9Piper Coyner
26:44.56Charles Wright Academy
22.10Sophia Yean
26:48.87Charles Wright Academy
23.10Ena Shepard
26:52.36Charles Wright Academy
24.12Kristin McAlexander
26:59.99Life Christian Academy
25.11Natalie VanDevanter
27:15.17Vashon Island
26.10Jane Oswald
27:22.61Vashon Island
27.11Rebecca Dideriksen
27:53.39Bellevue Christian
28.9Hannah Praino
28:17.27Bellevue Christian
29.9Liah Tian
30:12.01Bellevue Christian
30.12Kaylei Goodine
30:42.32Charles Wright Academy
31.11Aubrey Kraabel
31:24.32Vashon Island
32.10Megan Sadler
31:25.27Cascade Christian
33.12Rachel Simmons
33:49.28Seattle Christian
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