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3 Mile All Girls4:30 PM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kennan Schrag
15:34 PRIssaquah
2.11Jacob Brueckman
16:19 PRIssaquah
3.9Luke George
16:27 PRIssaquah
4.10Grant Baker
17:15 PRMt Si
5.9William Betz
17:18 SRMt Si
6.11Jonny Gendro
17:19 PRMt Si
7.10Jadon Martz
17:37 PRNewport (Bellevue)
8.11Matthew Duff
17:38 SRIssaquah
9.12Dimitri Popoff
17:40 PRNewport (Bellevue)
10.12Austin Rogers
17:42 PRIssaquah
11.10Jackson Stokes
17:47 SRMt Si
12.9Jared Putney
17:47 PRIssaquah
13.10Shalin Gogri
17:56 PRNewport (Bellevue)
14.11Ben Nygaard
17:57 SRNewport (Bellevue)
15.11Tanner Sundwall
18:01Mt Si
16.9Dil Thiagarajan
18:03 PRIssaquah
17.11Igor Banin
18:05 PRNewport (Bellevue)
18.11Brandon Lee-zz
18:08 SRIssaquah
19.11Andrew Martinez
18:08 PRIssaquah
20.9Jenner Sapienza
18:12 PRIssaquah
21.12Spenser Hu
18:14 PRNewport (Bellevue)
22.9Cathal O'Dea
18:16 PRIssaquah
23.11Anthony Winter
18:18 PRNewport (Bellevue)
24.12Ian Salmon
18:22 PRIssaquah
25.11Jordan Ruffner
18:29 SRIssaquah
26.9Alexander Helfrich
18:30Mt Si
27.10Zach Fowler
18:32 SRIssaquah
28.11Hunter Franklin
18:36 PRMt Si
29.11Chris Bailey
18:38 PRIssaquah
30.9Tanner LeeMaster
18:39 SRMt Si
31.9Caden Hercules
18:45 PRIssaquah
32.12Jordan Hamilton
18:47 PRIssaquah
33.12Steven Berggren
18:50 PRNewport (Bellevue)
34.9Dan Constantinescu
18:52 PRIssaquah
35.10Jack Hamerly
19:10Mt Si
36.11Ryan Moore
19:10 SRMt Si
37.9Nick Ruble
19:10 SRNewport (Bellevue)
38.10Jack Go
19:13 PRNewport (Bellevue)
39.10Brendon Fetsch
19:16 SRIssaquah
40.10Alex ZZJonson
19:29 SRIssaquah
41.11Josiah Stoddard
19:37 PRMt Si
42.10Gunnar Peterson
19:49Mt Si
43.10Taylor Pickering
19:58 SRNewport (Bellevue)
44.12Joseph Green
20:04 PRNewport (Bellevue)
45.9Andy Pantoja
20:21Mt Si
9Kian Carson
20:46Mt Si
47.9Nicholas Basaldua
21:18Mt Si
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3 Mile JV

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Dmytro Banin
18:28 SRNewport (Bellevue)
2.9Jordan Crist
18:45 PRIssaquah
3.10Carson Barry
19:20 SRIssaquah
4.12Wesley Esko
19:21 SRIssaquah
5.10Brandon Moon
19:35 SRIssaquah
6.10Jacob Grebinsky
19:37 PRIssaquah
7.9Peter Favour
19:44 SRNewport (Bellevue)
8.12Zachariah Isom
19:47 PRIssaquah
9.9Mathias Bien
19:52 SRNewport (Bellevue)
10.11Gabe Acuna
19:56 SRIssaquah
11.12Adithiya Vivekanan...
20:00 SRIssaquah
12.10Gary Wang
20:11 SRIssaquah
13.10Jaycob Callies
20:19 PRMt Si
14.9Kirk Weibel
20:20 SRNewport (Bellevue)
15.11Matt Spataro
20:24 PRIssaquah
16.11Lee Hyatt
20:29 PRNewport (Bellevue)
17.9Sean Huentelman
20:32 PRNewport (Bellevue)
18.12Max Mohlin
20:33Mt Si
19.12Kenji Crenshaw
20:34 SRIssaquah
20.12Aaron Robey
20:37Mt Si
21.9Andrew Chan
20:37 PRNewport (Bellevue)
22.11Keen Wong
20:38 PRIssaquah
23.9Evan Ruan
20:40 PRIssaquah
24.12Colby Bentley
20:51Mt Si
25.10Matthew Shaw
20:53Mt Si
26.10Evan Johns
20:54 SRIssaquah
27.9Shaun Cannan
21:03 PRNewport (Bellevue)
28.9Jeffrey Yeh
21:14 SRNewport (Bellevue)
29.12Bailey Rosenberger
21:18Mt Si
30.12Alex Baker
21:19 SRIssaquah
31.9John Kibby
21:21 PRNewport (Bellevue)
32.10Coleman Trader
21:24Mt Si
33.10Spencer Young
21:38 PRIssaquah
34.9Chase Browell
21:46 PRNewport (Bellevue)
35.10Jay Bang
21:49 PRMt Si
36.10Eric Furukawa
21:51 PRIssaquah
37.9Tyler Bateman
21:53Mt Si
38.10Harrison Lee
21:53 SRIssaquah
39.10Aidan Rietveldt
22:08Mt Si
40.11Michael Quan
22:10 PRNewport (Bellevue)
41.9Dawson Burger
22:16 PRNewport (Bellevue)
42.11Nick Thomas
22:44 PRIssaquah
43.11George Liu
22:53 PRIssaquah
44.12Brandon De leon
22:59 PRIssaquah
45.9Andrew Luttinen
23:37Mt Si
46.11Jason Lee
23:52 SRNewport (Bellevue)
47.9Tyler Weir
24:00Mt Si
48.9Anthony Lim
24:07 SRNewport (Bellevue)
49.9Preston Hunter
24:13 PRIssaquah
50.10Matt Woodman
24:13 PRNewport (Bellevue)
51.9Ho Kwon Kim
24:29 SRNewport (Bellevue)
52.9Max Saviello
24:33 PRIssaquah
53.11Kent Kito
24:41 SRNewport (Bellevue)
55.9Nick Stanton
24:47 PRNewport (Bellevue)
54.11James Ricks
24:52Mt Si
56.11Dustin Robey
25:08Mt Si
57.10Dimitri Schneider
25:21 SRNewport (Bellevue)
58.11Ethan Tiu
25:24 SRNewport (Bellevue)
59.9Lahkdeep Singh
26:08 PRNewport (Bellevue)
60.10Cole Westerlund
26:09Mt Si
61.10Liam Geisser
26:44 PRIssaquah
62.11Chris Ni
26:59 SRNewport (Bellevue)
63.9William Shen
28:19 PRNewport (Bellevue)
64.11Derek Wu
29:25 PRNewport (Bellevue)
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Womens Results

3 Mile All Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Cayla Seligman
18:07 PRIssaquah
2.10Hannah Waskom
18:33Mt Si
3.9Sami Corman
18:41 PRIssaquah
4.9Kenna Clawson
18:54 PRIssaquah
5.12Ellie Clawson
19:09 SRIssaquah
6.10Lindsey Sydnor
19:28Mt Si
7.12Larissa Kolasinski
19:36 PRIssaquah
8.12Mackenzie Lew
20:36 SRNewport (Bellevue)
9.12Abby Wilson
20:44 SRIssaquah
10.12Ellie Hendrickson
20:49 SRIssaquah
11.10Belle Lau
20:54 PRNewport (Bellevue)
12.10Ryan Tiu
21:02 SRNewport (Bellevue)
13.9Savannah Shaw
21:08 PRNewport (Bellevue)
14.11Sarah Smiley
21:09 PRIssaquah
15.10Victoria Eng
21:11 PRNewport (Bellevue)
16.9Andie Kolasinski-zz
21:24 PRIssaquah
17.10Ellie Bruce
21:24 SRMt Si
18.12Molly Miller
21:28 PRNewport (Bellevue)
19.9Cecilia Bailey
21:37 PRIssaquah
20.9Brielle Arnold
21:39 PRIssaquah
21.11Kylie Steskal
21:50 PRMt Si
22.12Rachael Kuhn
21:54 SRNewport (Bellevue)
23.9Chloe Cosgrove
21:58 SRMt Si
24.11Olga Andreeva
22:01 PRIssaquah
25.10Nicole Victory
22:04 PRIssaquah
26.9Lexi Winter
22:05Mt Si
27.10Megan Freer
22:06 PRIssaquah
28.11Katie Peterson
22:18 PRIssaquah
29.12Jaimie Waltz
22:25 SRIssaquah
30.10Bella Foos
22:27 PRIssaquah
31.11Sonia Scallon
22:33 PRNewport (Bellevue)
33.12Ariana Moreno
22:37Mt Si
33.11Amelia Warren
22:38 PRIssaquah
34.10Hailey Hammer
22:46Mt Si
36.11Alexia Oblad
22:59 SRNewport (Bellevue)
37.9Julene McDonald
22:59Mt Si
38.12Brooke Baumgartner
23:06 PRNewport (Bellevue)
39.12Faith Callies
23:20 PRMt Si
40.11Katherine Eng
23:29 PRNewport (Bellevue)
41.10Sarah Ea
23:32 SRNewport (Bellevue)
42.12Nadeen Kabbani
23:32 PRNewport (Bellevue)
43.10Morgan Hughes
23:32 PRIssaquah
44.9Annie Harris
23:44 PRNewport (Bellevue)
45.12Allison Evans
23:45 PRIssaquah
46.9Lauren Haas
24:01 PRIssaquah
47.11Nancy Miller
24:12 PRNewport (Bellevue)
48.12Sarah Lusby
24:14 PRNewport (Bellevue)
49.9Sophie Kuhn
24:15 PRNewport (Bellevue)
50.12Sarah Rothwell
24:20 PRIssaquah
51.9Shannon Victory
24:26 PRIssaquah
52.9Quinn Van Buren
24:27 SRMt Si
53.11Dani Bensussen
24:38 SRIssaquah
54.12Emma McKenny
24:38 SRIssaquah
55.12Laura Claypool
24:50 PRNewport (Bellevue)
56.9Lindsay Farr
25:00 PRNewport (Bellevue)
57.11Naomi Klinge
25:01 SRNewport (Bellevue)
58.11Lin Gable
25:22 SRNewport (Bellevue)
59.9Victoria Lasch
25:28 PRIssaquah
60.9Katherine Kuenster
25:44 PRNewport (Bellevue)
61.9Andrea Scallon
25:45 SRNewport (Bellevue)
62.9Isabella Sagun
25:45 SRNewport (Bellevue)
63.12Mary Hendricks
25:51 SRNewport (Bellevue)
64.11Sage Abplanalp
25:55 SRIssaquah
65.9Emily Han
26:00 PRIssaquah
66.9Meggie Obernberger
26:20 PRIssaquah
67.12Brie Baslington
26:23 SRIssaquah
68.12Christie Toborg
26:38 PRIssaquah
69.11Lindsey Benoit
27:20 PRNewport (Bellevue)
70.9Josie Malone
27:27 PRNewport (Bellevue)
71.9Mallory Freeman
27:31 PRNewport (Bellevue)
72.9Olivia Gobel
27:34 PRNewport (Bellevue)
77.11Katherine Benoit
27:46 SRNewport (Bellevue)
73.10Mackenzie McGowen
28:11 PRIssaquah
74.10Melanie James
28:15 SRIssaquah
75.10Samantha Xu
28:25 PRNewport (Bellevue)
76.10Kari Orth
28:43Mt Si
78.9Julia Donohue
28:51 PRIssaquah
79.11Kirsten Rosenbalm
29:29 SRIssaquah
80.10Laura Hu
32:00 PRNewport (Bellevue)
81.12Grace Kim
32:03 PRNewport (Bellevue)
12Stena Peterson
32:33 PRMt Si
83.10Jessica Hart
33:15 PRIssaquah
84.10Kelly Dunn
34:52 PRMt Si
85.11Margaux Richardson
34:52 SRNewport (Bellevue)
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