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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Dearborn Divine Child35
2.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep56
3.Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard63
4.Macomb Lutheran North85
5.Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook K...115
1.11Nathan Mylenek
17:04Pontiac Notre Dame P...
2.10Brendan Fraser
17:11Pontiac Notre Dame P...
3.12Colin McNally
17:20Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
4.12David Rose
17:23Dearborn Divine Child
5.12Dane Miller
17:35Dearborn Divine Child
6.12Eli Tukel
17:40Bloomfield Hills Cra...
7.9Alexander Petlichk...
17:45Dearborn Divine Child
8.10Peter Freeman
18:05Macomb Lutheran North
9.11Andrew Kohn
18:11Dearborn Divine Child
10.11Ryan Mangulabnan
18:18Dearborn Divine Child
11.12Danny Weglarz
18:25Macomb Lutheran North
12.9James Fedewa
18:29Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
13.10Bryce Messmann
18:33Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
14.11Tyler Prisby
18:34Macomb Lutheran North
15.11Matt Karls
18:35Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
16.11Drew Guest
18:36Pontiac Notre Dame P...
17.11Marc Crew
18:43Bloomfield Hills Cra...
18.9Nicholas Fraser
18:46Pontiac Notre Dame P...
19.12Joshua Fullerton
18:50Pontiac Notre Dame P...
20.12Will Libs
18:59Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
21.12Ryan Obear
19:03Pontiac Notre Dame P...
22.12Andy Hill-Carruthers
19:07Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
23.9Andrew Putlock
19:11Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
24.11Luke Mullis
19:20 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
25.10Joe Milanov
19:22Macomb Lutheran North
26.11Daniel Mazur
19:24Dearborn Divine Child
27.11Paul Romzek
19:28Pontiac Notre Dame P...
28.12Brett Hudson
19:29Macomb Lutheran North
29.11Valentine Vena
19:30 SRDearborn Divine Child
30.12David Totten
19:35Dearborn Divine Child
31.10Dylan Kerry
19:35Dearborn Divine Child
32.12Sean Gu
19:42Bloomfield Hills Cra...
33.12Yoshiki Yamamoto
19:43Bloomfield Hills Cra...
34.11Charles Rich
19:50Dearborn Divine Child
35.11Carter Slunick
19:54Pontiac Notre Dame P...
36.10William Martin
19:59Macomb Lutheran North
37.12Scott Rola
20:09Pontiac Notre Dame P...
38.10Trevor Smith
20:12Macomb Lutheran North
39.11Alexander Leonowicz
20:13Pontiac Notre Dame P...
40.11Nico Bennett-Carpe...
20:14Bloomfield Hills Cra...
41.9Aaron Wood
20:17Macomb Lutheran North
42.12Robert Li
20:22Bloomfield Hills Cra...
43.11David Adams
20:24 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
44.10Eddie Zelek
20:25Pontiac Notre Dame P...
45.9Andy Edwards
20:33Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
46.12George Sawaya
20:36Dearborn Divine Child
47.10Alex Schneider
20:36Macomb Lutheran North
48.11Will Ballew
20:44Pontiac Notre Dame P...
49.12Ryan Peck
20:46Macomb Lutheran North
50.10Peter Stumpo
20:47Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
51.9James Archey
20:48Pontiac Notre Dame P...
52.10Andy Bischoff
20:48Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
53.11Matt Remillard
20:55Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
54.10Zach Anderson
20:58Macomb Lutheran North
55.11Kurt Deutschmann
21:01Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
56.11Joey Agro
21:03 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
57.11Neil Kauffman
21:15Pontiac Notre Dame P...
58.11Dominic Raona
21:31Dearborn Divine Child
59.12Joseph VanBuhler
21:34Dearborn Divine Child
60.12Jack Klovoski
21:37Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
61.9Paul Villa
21:42Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
62.11Andrew Ladi
21:47Bloomfield Hills Cra...
63.9Sean O'Connor
22:02Dearborn Divine Child
64.11James Bonar
22:30Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
65.9Andre Senerpida
22:40Dearborn Divine Child
66.11Brendon Godin
22:44Dearborn Divine Child
67.10Collin Lambrecht
22:47Pontiac Notre Dame P...
68.10Nathan Kurek
22:49Macomb Lutheran North
69.12Austin Brewis
22:50Dearborn Divine Child
70.11Benjamin Boss
22:51Bloomfield Hills Cra...
71.9Tristan Sirls
22:52Bloomfield Hills Cra...
72.9Cole Misuraca
22:52Macomb Lutheran North
73.10Sean Clor
22:53Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
74.12Logan Verheyen
23:06 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
75.10David Miller
23:11Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
76.10Daniel Schulz
23:13Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
77.11Brendan Esper
23:39Dearborn Divine Child
78.10James Massey
23:41Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
79.9Vincent Pucillo
23:42Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
80.9Alex Ware
23:43Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
81.12Richard Nguyen
23:47Dearborn Divine Child
82.10Collin Bush
24:07Macomb Lutheran North
83.9Noah Harris
24:09Macomb Lutheran North
84.9Caleb Heemstra
24:16Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
85.12Jonathan Sadocha
24:17Macomb Lutheran North
86.12Tyler Kressbach
24:20Macomb Lutheran North
87.11Sam Inloes
24:22Bloomfield Hills Cra...
88.9Luke Juriga
24:27Pontiac Notre Dame P...
89.9Justin Peck
24:30Macomb Lutheran North
90.11Alex Julson
24:43Macomb Lutheran North
91.11Kevin Livingstone
24:45Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
92.10Josh Conrad
25:20Macomb Lutheran North
93.10Alex Klemm
25:35Macomb Lutheran North
94.12Scott Pavlik
25:53Macomb Lutheran North
95.10Nicholas Rokosz
26:04Bloomfield Hills Cra...
96.11Dylan Smith
26:53Dearborn Divine Child
97.9David Forrest
26:53Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
98.10Ryan Flaherty
27:06Pontiac Notre Dame P...
99.9Scott Corbat
27:09Macomb Lutheran North
100.10Chris McLane
27:11Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
101.11Daniel Doyle
27:35Dearborn Divine Child
102.9Ethan Lazzara
27:44Pontiac Notre Dame P...
103.9Kyle Colburn
27:52Pontiac Notre Dame P...
104.11Zachary Hoeppner
28:20Pontiac Notre Dame P...
105.9Noah Thomas
28:46Pontiac Notre Dame P...
106.11Andrew DiGregorio
28:53Pontiac Notre Dame P...
107.10Alex Dennis
29:33Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
108.9Brendan Kelly
34:46Pontiac Notre Dame P...
109.11Joey Harris
36:17 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
110.10Jacob Mancinotti
36:56Pontiac Notre Dame P...
111.10Andrew Dubach
40:13Macomb Lutheran North
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Macomb Lutheran North35
2.Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook K...64
3.Dearborn Divine Child75
4.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep84
5.Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard99
1.12Gina Patterson
18:56Macomb Lutheran North
2.12Lauren McGrath
19:50 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
3.12Schirin Rangnick
19:51Bloomfield Hills Cra...
4.12Jenna Briney
20:08Macomb Lutheran North
5.12Claire Ford
20:27Bloomfield Hills Cra...
6.12Natalie Baxter
20:30Bloomfield Hills Cra...
7.9Claire McNally
20:47Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
8.12Ellayna Iaquaniello
21:05Dearborn Divine Child
9.12Jenna Cundy
21:33Macomb Lutheran North
10.10Alana Patterson
21:35Macomb Lutheran North
11.9Anna Getzinger
21:36Macomb Lutheran North
12.10Veronica Norwood
21:50Dearborn Divine Child
13.10Emily Schomaker
21:51Macomb Lutheran North
14.9Dana Bodary
21:52Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
15.10Grace Iaquaniello
21:54Dearborn Divine Child
16.12Hunter Williams
21:57Pontiac Notre Dame P...
17.10Megan Miller
22:06Macomb Lutheran North
18.10Sarah Grawburg
22:10Dearborn Divine Child
19.9Cassidy Wiest
22:11Pontiac Notre Dame P...
20.11Ellie Wallace
22:15Pontiac Notre Dame P...
21.12Emily Lynch
22:17Bloomfield Hills Cra...
22.11Haley Divis
22:24Dearborn Divine Child
23.10Grace Rumler
22:24Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
24.12Nina Sapienza
22:30Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
25.12Jackie White
22:33Dearborn Divine Child
26.11Briana Weglarz
22:39Macomb Lutheran North
27.9Angelina Yglesias
22:44Dearborn Divine Child
28.9Abigail Rankin
22:47Pontiac Notre Dame P...
29.9Claire Seitzinger
22:48Pontiac Notre Dame P...
30.12Catlyn Stark
23:04Macomb Lutheran North
31.10Zoe Baxter
23:09Bloomfield Hills Cra...
32.12Haley Holmes
23:15Macomb Lutheran North
33.12Katherine Toenniges
23:16Bloomfield Hills Cra...
34.9Maria Przebienda
23:17Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
35.10Mary Benz
23:29Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
36.11Sammy Soter
23:38Dearborn Divine Child
37.10Sophia Filipe
23:39Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
38.12Erin Clark
23:48 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
39.11Hannah Byrd
23:51Pontiac Notre Dame P...
40.12Savannah Pfeffer
23:53Pontiac Notre Dame P...
41.12Erin Herrgott
23:54Pontiac Notre Dame P...
42.10Emily Eaton
24:02Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
43.9Natalie Jablonski
24:10Dearborn Divine Child
44.10Michelle Jonik
24:14Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
45.12Kasey Schock
24:19Dearborn Divine Child
46.10Maggie White
24:25Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
47.11Deema Ujayli
24:40Pontiac Notre Dame P...
48.9Rachel Zauel
24:44Macomb Lutheran North
49.12Claire Schomaker
24:51Macomb Lutheran North
50.11Claire Vogel
25:01Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
51.12Christine Scheer
25:05Pontiac Notre Dame P...
52.12Emily Flaherty
25:08Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
53.10Abigail Roman
25:15Macomb Lutheran North
54.9Julia Cundy
25:31Macomb Lutheran North
55.12Rachel Hoegeman
25:38Macomb Lutheran North
56.10Emily Eicher
25:44Pontiac Notre Dame P...
57.11Meredith Griffin
25:50Macomb Lutheran North
58.10Ashleigh Thomas
25:53Macomb Lutheran North
59.10Rebecca LaCroix
26:00Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
60.12Katherine Swartz
26:03Pontiac Notre Dame P...
61.11Elizabeth Swartz
26:06Pontiac Notre Dame P...
62.10Audrey Towler
26:12Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
63.12Victoria Mazur
26:13 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
64.9Ellie Falahee
26:18Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
65.9Anna Vogel
26:20Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
66.9Megan Thornton
26:21Pontiac Notre Dame P...
67.12Mackenzie Davis
26:22Macomb Lutheran North
68.12Laura Nemes
26:23Dearborn Divine Child
69.12Caroline Oska
26:25Macomb Lutheran North
70.10Tai Robinson
26:26Dearborn Divine Child
71.9Leah Bell
26:26Macomb Lutheran North
72.9Jordan Prisby
26:30Macomb Lutheran North
73.12Emily Mulrenin
26:39Pontiac Notre Dame P...
74.9Grace Wagner
26:43Pontiac Notre Dame P...
75.10Kathleen Van Antwerp
26:44Dearborn Divine Child
76.12Lexi Van Tiem
26:46Macomb Lutheran North
77.10Danielle Richardson
26:47Macomb Lutheran North
78.12Fiona Gallagher
26:48Macomb Lutheran North
79.9Elena Ghezzi
26:48Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
80.11Maria Viviano
26:53Macomb Lutheran North
81.11Allison Getzinger
26:54Macomb Lutheran North
82.11Abi Matkin
26:55Macomb Lutheran North
83.12Danielle Gore
27:01Macomb Lutheran North
84.12Melissa Moon
27:01Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
85.9Emily McCarthy
27:07Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
86.9Genevieve Morand
27:08Dearborn Divine Child
87.11Lindsay Stuef
27:09Macomb Lutheran North
88.9Lauren Plant
27:18Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
89.11Sabrina Isham
27:23Pontiac Notre Dame P...
90.12Addison Merem
27:31Dearborn Divine Child
91.10Mirei (Mimi) Yamam...
27:36Bloomfield Hills Cra...
92.11Alyssa Witzleben
27:42Dearborn Divine Child
93.10Maria Sapienza
27:43Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
94.9Emily Byrd
27:46Pontiac Notre Dame P...
95.11Emily Hampel
27:47Pontiac Notre Dame P...
96.11Sabrina Kloss
27:48Pontiac Notre Dame P...
97.10Gemma Van Buhler
27:51Dearborn Divine Child
98.10Emily Provencher
27:52Macomb Lutheran North
99.11Alexis Potestivo
28:00Pontiac Notre Dame P...
100.9Emilie Reinhardt
28:29Dearborn Divine Child
101.12Therese Benz
28:30Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
102.10Lily Newcomb
28:39Dearborn Divine Child
103.11Sarah Samsundar
28:40Dearborn Divine Child
104.11Sydney Pauls
28:41Pontiac Notre Dame P...
105.12Carly Mckeown
28:59Macomb Lutheran North
106.12Nina Michielutti
29:02Pontiac Notre Dame P...
107.12Mary Margaret Payne
29:11Pontiac Notre Dame P...
108.9Samantha Schuck
29:16Dearborn Divine Child
109.10Mary Gass
29:22Dearborn Divine Child
110.10Kelsey O'Brien
29:22Dearborn Divine Child
111.10Jessie Collins
29:30Dearborn Divine Child
112.12Anna Krolewski
29:34Macomb Lutheran North
113.11Julia Ebben
29:34Pontiac Notre Dame P...
114.12Tessa Harkey
29:39Dearborn Divine Child
115.12Tritia Heemstra
29:43Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
116.12Molly McDonald
29:52Dearborn Divine Child
117.10Therese Kasper
29:54Macomb Lutheran North
118.10Hannah Hiestand
29:57Macomb Lutheran North
119.12Reagan Kazyak
29:57Pontiac Notre Dame P...
120.9Lindsey Patterson
30:01Macomb Lutheran North
121.9Shelby Marshall
30:05Macomb Lutheran North
122.11Lily McLean
30:14Pontiac Notre Dame P...
123.12Anna Czapski
30:23Pontiac Notre Dame P...
124.12Rachel Sartori
30:47 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
125.12Erin Flaherty
30:55Pontiac Notre Dame P...
126.10Mary Clare Pollock
31:05Dearborn Divine Child
127.9Theresa Ignatoski
31:06Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
128.9Alexis Smith
31:08Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
129.9Victoria Smerdon
31:10Dearborn Divine Child
130.9Michelle Karls
31:46Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
131.11Veronica Correa
31:49Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
132.10Edie Metzger
31:58Dearborn Divine Child
133.11Mira Housey
32:06Pontiac Notre Dame P...
134.11Emma Evans
32:07Pontiac Notre Dame P...
135.10Joy Fullerton
32:35Pontiac Notre Dame P...
136.9Dana Hamann
33:15Macomb Lutheran North
137.9Judy Oska
33:22Macomb Lutheran North
138.9Frida Galaviz
33:33Dearborn Divine Child
139.9Rebecca Messiter
34:22Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
140.9Maria Galaviz
34:50Dearborn Divine Child
141.10Emily Kling
35:49Pontiac Notre Dame P...
142.9Anna Hein
36:19Pontiac Notre Dame P...
143.9Samantha Berger
37:03Bloomfield Hills Cra...
144.9Megan Guiles
38:04Macomb Lutheran North
145.12Gbanah Passmore
38:10Dearborn Divine Child
146.9Mary Kennedy
38:12Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
147.10Grace Stier
38:22 PRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
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