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Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Voyager Academy34
2.Franklin Academy67
3.Raleigh Charter69
4.Woods Charter109
5.River Mill Academy139
6.Kestrel Heights171
7.Roxboro Community184
8.East Wake Academy204
1.12Chris O'Brien
15:59.00Raleigh Charter
2.12Patrick Lester
17:24.00Voyager Academy
3.12Lawton Kariher
17:38.00Voyager Academy
4.9Timmy O'Neill
17:56.00Raleigh Charter
5.11Justin Martin
18:11.00Franklin Academy
6.-Treyvon Brooks
18:20.00 PRKestrel Heights
7.12Zach Perry
18:24.00Voyager Academy
8.9Luke Bennett
18:28.00Voyager Academy
9.9Yates McConnell
18:37.00Raleigh Charter
10.11Aaron Frisbie
18:42.00Roxboro Community
11.10Tommy Johnson
18:50.00Woods Charter
12.12Nick Mazzoleni
18:53.00Franklin Academy
13.11Matthew Pertz
18:56.00Franklin Academy
14.11Gary Ford
19:00.00Voyager Academy
15.11Josh Glazer
19:01.00Voyager Academy
16.10Alfredo Ellzey
19:05.00Voyager Academy
17.9Kevin Ruiz
19:17.00Franklin Academy
18.-Chris Rodriguez
19:21.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
19.11Jake Hoffman
19:32.00Voyager Academy
20.9David Williams
19:48.00Woods Charter
21.9Mathew Soderberg
19:51.00 SRVoyager Academy
22.12Evan Uhlig
19:56.00Franklin Academy
23.9Ian Ovenden
20:00.00 SRVoyager Academy
24.-Jackson Briggs
20:03.00River Mill Academy
25.9Collin Ward
20:08.00Woods Charter
26.11Isaiah Rowley
20:15.00 PREast Wake Academy
27.11Sean Beatty
20:16.00Franklin Academy
28.-Jeffrey Ord
20:20.00 PRRaleigh Charter
29.9Aidan Robinson
20:21.00Franklin Academy
30.9Evan Mills
20:32.00 SRKestrel Heights
31.10David Berrian
20:37.00Woods Charter
32.10Peter Barof
20:42.00 PRWoods Charter
33.11Joey Kochuba
20:42.00Raleigh Charter
34.9Malik Singletary
20:47.00River Mill Academy
35.-Sebastian Payne
20:48.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
36.10Jackson Perrin
20:49.00Raleigh Charter
37.9Chris Dymond
20:50.00 SRWoods Charter
38.10Kadin Peterman
20:53.00 PRWoods Charter
39.10Matthew Gwinn
20:59.00 PRRaleigh Charter
40.12Jeffrey Venable
21:01.00 SRFranklin Academy
41.12Donald Irvin
21:01.00Raleigh Charter
42.-Quinten Buie
21:10.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
43.11Colby Weatherspoon
21:10.00 SREast Wake Academy
44.9Shayan Dolikhani
21:16.00 SRFranklin Academy
45.10Tucker Monroe
21:22.00 PRFranklin Academy
46.-Wheeler Davis
21:34.00 PRRaleigh Charter
47.9Jacob Joyner
21:35.00 SRFranklin Academy
48.-Marley Cook
21:37.00 PRWoods Charter
49.11Ethan Fox
21:45.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
50.9Jacob Naegele
21:51.00 SRFranklin Academy
51.10Alek Buie
21:55.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
52.-Paul Anderson
21:58.00 PRFranklin Academy
53.10Ben Pearson
22:11.00 PRWoods Charter
54.-Jon Adams
22:24.00 SRRiver Mill Academy
55.Ross Unknown
56.9Jarod Coyne
22:40.00 PRFranklin Academy
57.10Richard Lochbaum
22:58.00Raleigh Charter
58.-DeShawn McGhee
23:11.00 PRRoxboro Community
59.-Adam Ramsey
23:21.00 PRRoxboro Community
60.10Aaron Adams
23:30.00 PRRoxboro Community
61.-Jesan Simmons
23:44.00 PRVoyager Academy
62.12Tommy Holden
23:47.00 SRWoods Charter
63.10Matthew Keys
24:00.00 SREast Wake Academy
64.-Blake Rhodes
24:02.00 PRFranklin Academy
65.10Trenton Shields
24:41.00 SRRiver Mill Academy
66.-Matthew Campbell
24:43.00 PRWoods Charter
67.10Brent Riley
24:52.00 PRVoyager Academy
68.-Arturo Watson
25:06.00 PRKestrel Heights
69.-Noah McDonald
25:26.00 PRRaleigh Charter
70.-Jeremy Clark
25:36.00 PRKestrel Heights
71.-Javier Rogers
25:56.00 PRKestrel Heights
72.-Harley Finkbeiner
25:57.00 PRRoxboro Community
73.11Jacob Bouren
26:04.00 PREast Wake Academy
74.-Jaxon Boykin
26:05.00 PREast Wake Academy
75.-Andrew Hren
26:30.00 PRRaleigh Charter
76.-Terrance Mcarthy
26:52.00 PREast Wake Academy
77.-Graham Trogdon
26:52.00 PRRaleigh Charter
78.-Tyler Sauls
27:17.00 PREast Wake Academy
79.11Zach Sanders
28:34.00 SRKestrel Heights
80.-Press Browne
28:41.00 SRRaleigh Charter
81.-Reid Sinnott-Nadasky
30:01.00 PRWoods Charter
82.-Nicholas Binaco
30:02.00 PRWoods Charter
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin Academy46
2.Raleigh Charter51
3.Woods Charter78
4.Voyager Academy115
5.Roxboro Community128
6.Kestrel Heights143
7.River Mill Academy145
1.10Hannah Zenker
19:34.00Franklin Academy
2.10Jade Ogilvie
21:05.00Woods Charter
3.9Jenna Janicki
21:06.00River Mill Academy
4.10Christy Witcher
21:16.00 SRRaleigh Charter
5.9Murphy Credle
21:38.00Kestrel Heights
6.-Aly Chura
21:50.00 PRFranklin Academy
7.9Lani Foglesong
21:59.00Voyager Academy
8.9Ally Christopher
22:28.00Franklin Academy
9.12Ella Perrin
22:41.00 PRRaleigh Charter
10.-Alexa Dreyer
22:51.00 PRRaleigh Charter
11.11Olivia Brueckner
22:58.00Voyager Academy
12.11Theresa Farrel
23:06.00Woods Charter
13.12Elizabeth Nicholls
23:17.00Raleigh Charter
14.11Brittany Henderson
23:18.00Franklin Academy
15.12Sarah Beach
23:43.00Raleigh Charter
16.12Jess Canton
23:44.00 PRWoods Charter
17.9Kianna Cook
23:45.00Franklin Academy
18.9Karly Dreyer
23:50.00Raleigh Charter
19.9Katie Pleasant
23:53.00 SRRoxboro Community
20.10Brittany Smith
24:22.00 SRRoxboro Community
21.-Emily Pierce
24:45.00 PRRoxboro Community
22.10Mattison Francis
24:47.00Woods Charter
23.11Krista Gilbert
24:48.00 PRFranklin Academy
24.10Olivia Glass
24:53.00Raleigh Charter
25.-Ashley Johns
24:54.00 PREast Wake Academy
26.10Laura Gaines
24:55.00Raleigh Charter
27.10Paige Whalen
24:59.00 PRRaleigh Charter
28.10Elaine Hager
25:00.00 PRRaleigh Charter
29.9Lilly Whalen
25:14.00 SRRaleigh Charter
30.9Bree Smith
25:19.00 PRFranklin Academy
31.-Kathryn Colores
25:27.00 PRRaleigh Charter
32.11Brittany Siegert
25:30.00Raleigh Charter
33.10Linnea Howe
25:31.00 PRRaleigh Charter
34.12Claire Day
25:35.00 SRWoods Charter
35.9Brooke Gupton
26:15.00 SRFranklin Academy
36.10Rachel Deininger
26:33.00Woods Charter
37.-Isabelle Upchurch
26:34.00 PRFranklin Academy
38.9Anna Muckenfuss
26:39.00Voyager Academy
39.11Heather Lundquist
26:44.00 SRFranklin Academy
40.-Marina Nicol
26:59.00 PRFranklin Academy
41.11Samantha Holtman
27:13.00 SRFranklin Academy
42.-Kira Hollingurst
27:16.00 PRKestrel Heights
43.11Gabby Rudiak
27:21.00 PRFranklin Academy
44.-Kamryn Ingold
28:01.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
45.-Makalya Gregory
28:06.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
46.-Ashton Martin
28:12.00 PRRoxboro Community
47.10Kelsey Spruill
28:15.00 PRKestrel Heights
48.-Taylor Little
28:56.00Voyager Academy
49.11Sofia McCarthy
29:07.00 SRRaleigh Charter
50.12Chandler Elliot
29:15.00Voyager Academy
51.11Grace Bodmer
29:17.00 SRRaleigh Charter
52.-Rachel Isacco
29:36.00 PRRaleigh Charter
53.-Amy Kimbrough
29:44.00 PRRoxboro Community
54.10Rachael Silver
29:44.00 PRFranklin Academy
55.9Monique Anthony
29:59.00 SRKestrel Heights
56.10Miranda Alvarez
30:12.00 PRFranklin Academy
57.11Allison Powell
30:31.00 SREast Wake Academy
58.-Drew Ernst
30:32.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
59.9Olivia Zebley
31:09.00 PRKestrel Heights
60.-Ryka Wilson
31:59.00 PRKestrel Heights
61.9Emery Laethem
32:41.00 SRWoods Charter
62.-Kristin Slaybaugh
32:47.00 PRFranklin Academy
63.-Megan Bryne
32:51.00 PREast Wake Academy
64.-Kathleen Doman
33:07.00 PRRaleigh Charter
65.-Ryan Wilson
33:24.00 PRKestrel Heights
66.-Elizabeth Doman
33:42.00 PRRaleigh Charter
67.-Caroline Coble
33:57.00 PREast Wake Academy
68.11Kayla Burns
34:37.00River Mill Academy
69.-Kyra Kudron
34:45.00 PRRiver Mill Academy
70.-Lindsey Stewart
35:32.00 PRRaleigh Charter
71.-Prarthana Kalmath
41:25.00 PRRaleigh Charter
72.-Sonia Magana
42:53.00 PRKestrel Heights
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