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Mens Races
2 Mile Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Varsity4:40 PM

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Last Updated 9:13 AM, Thu, Oct 2

Mt. Baker High School's Home Meet  (coaches)

This year Mt. Baker's home meet will be held at the high school in Deming. Course is 2 miles long. 

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Mount Baker
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Mens Results

2 Mile Varsity

1.12Collin Magnusson
10:17 PRMeridian (WA)
2.12Derek Morrow
10:47 PRMeridian (WA)
3.12Jesse Phan
10:48 PRMount Baker
4.10Derek Holz
11:14 PRMeridian (WA)
5.12Enrique Medina
11:17 PRLummi
6.12Riley Hawkins-Hecock
11:25 PRMeridian (WA)
7.12Levi Morrow
11:32 PRMeridian (WA)
8.12Brendon Ross
11:36 PRMeridian (WA)
9.9Bailey Hodge
11:42.76 PRMeridian (WA)
10.10McKay Ross
11:42.83 PRMeridian (WA)
11.9Kenny Barnes
11:45 PRMeridian (WA)
12.10Jacob Heeringa
11:46 PRLynden
13.11Kent Zander
11:48 PRMeridian (WA)
14.10Keenan Gray
11:49 PRMount Baker
15.9Roscoe Perry
11:53 SRLynden
16.10Mitchell Pelzer
11:58 PRMount Baker
17.9Caleb Forbes
12:12 PRMount Baker
18.9Cole Crabtree
12:21 PRLynden
19.12Ian Witecki
12:24.64 PRLynden
20.12Keaton Hanson
12:29.76 PRLynden
21.9Josiah Diacogiannis
12:35 SRLynden
22.12Chandler Hodge
12:41 PRMeridian (WA)
23.11Rico Martinez
12:43Meridian (WA)
24.9Luke Wolfisberg
12:45 PRLynden
25.11Preston Sandland
12:48 PRMeridian (WA)
26.9Nick Kildall
13:00 SRLynden
27.9Dakota Edmonds
13:01 PRMeridian (WA)
28.9Raiven McCormick
13:02 PRMount Baker
29.10Casey McHugh
13:04 PRMount Baker
30.12Aiden McCaig
13:17 PRLynden
31.9Henry Skaggs
13:21 PRMeridian (WA)
32.9Carson Westrich
13:44 SRLynden
33.12Alex Hathaway
14:01 PRLynden
34.10Christopher Spring
14:01 PRMount Baker
35.9Ben Harmon
15:11 PRMeridian (WA)
36.11Noah Swanson
15:13 SRMeridian (WA)
37.9Ethan Gates
15:31 PRMount Baker
38.11David Rowe
16:06 PRLynden
39.9Cameron Scoville
16:13.3Mount Baker
40.9Zach McKay
16:13.61 PRLynden
41.9Brad Hay
16:33 PRMount Baker
42.9Nathan Wilson
17:37Meridian (WA)
43.9Michael Whitson
17:38 PRMount Baker
44.10Ricky Cornelius
18:00 PRMeridian (WA)
45.9Donovan Jones
19:09 PRLummi
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