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2.7 Mile Varsity
2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.7 Mile Varsity

2.11Garren Arnold
15:37Glacier Peak
3.12Isaac Ripley
15:41Glacier Peak
4.11Sawyer Carter
15:47Glacier Peak
6.10Chris Bianchini
16:00Glacier Peak
7.12James Horne
16:07Glacier Peak
10.12Max Ingalls
16:35Glacier Peak
11Michael Sandquist
16:45 SRStanwood
14.9Tim Mandzyuk
16:54Glacier Peak
12West Weinert
16:55 SRStanwood
12Nate McCaughan
17:01 SRStanwood
11Isaac Olson
17:43 SRStanwood
9Jack O'Brien
17:53 SRStanwood
12Kris Wood
17:57 PRStanwood
9Garrett Larson
18:20 SRStanwood
11Aaron Maritz
18:21 PRStanwood
12Nick Uhrich
18:48 SRStanwood
10Glen Bennett
19:01 PRStanwood
10Coleson Gillis
19:01 PRStanwood
11Keegan Carlson
19:04 PRStanwood
9Caleb Gae
19:07 PRStanwood
9Kaleb Christian
19:14 SRStanwood
9JR Matkins
19:17 PRStanwood
10Dobe Stone
19:31 PRStanwood
9Cam Klundt
19:33 SRStanwood
9Collin McMillan
19:36 SRStanwood
9Michael McNaughton
20:21 PRStanwood
9Mike Mezzone
20:45 PRStanwood
9Dan Evoy
21:04 PRStanwood
10Corbin Andrus
21:06 PRStanwood
9Sam Nicholas
22:08 PRStanwood
9Jon Kennedy
23:25 PRStanwood
11Quinton Morgan
24:02 SRStanwood
10Kyoul lee
24:13 PRStanwood
10Bryant Baumgartner
27:00 SRStanwood
12Paul Mourges
28:20 SRStanwood
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2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

4.10Parker Rounds
17:36Glacier Peak
6.11Riley Townsend
17:53Glacier Peak
8.9Ryan Meyer
18:22Glacier Peak
10.11Matt Hsieh
18:24Glacier Peak
12.12Logan Duke
18:54Glacier Peak
13.10Nathan Caldwell
18:59Glacier Peak
16.9Lucas Doney
19:09Glacier Peak
24.9Austin Robinson
19:35Glacier Peak
36.9Caleb Herzog
21:14Glacier Peak
42.9Pierson Tre Smith
23:25Glacier Peak
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