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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

2.South Whidbey44
3.Granite Falls54

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Andrew Ayers
2.10Matt Jackson
3.12Cole Zink
18:20.57South Whidbey
4.12Tristin Larsen
18:32.06Granite Falls
5.12Anders Bergquist
18:36.11South Whidbey
6.12Arthur Emmons
7.12Nate Richards
8.12Daniel Bolliger
9.11Ricky Mueller
18:50.17Granite Falls
10.11Dante Gadbois
18:57.13Granite Falls
11.10Will Simms
19:02.72South Whidbey
12.10Cory Ackerman
19:07.06South Whidbey
13.12Truman Hood
19:23.60South Whidbey
14.12Ethan Short
19:36.27Granite Falls
15.10Josh Frohardt
16.9Roman Billing
17.12Chris Cervarich
20:06.00Granite Falls
18.9Connor McElmurry
19.11Jon Smith
20:28.31Granite Falls
20.9James Klinman
20:30.17Granite Falls
21.10Collin Burns
20:48.81South Whidbey
22.11Kohl Hunter
20:55.18South Whidbey
23.12Will Holbert
20:57.15South Whidbey
24.12Logan Corbin
21:20.13Granite Falls
25.9Austin Theriault
21:49.64Granite Falls
26.9Cooper Curry
21:56.13Granite Falls
27.11Joseph Ballestrasse
22:43.85South Whidbey
28.10John Parrott
29.10Brendan Onderbeke
23:09.63Granite Falls
30.9Aiden Holm
23:30.62Granite Falls
31.9Cameron Hirschi
23:30.89Granite Falls
32.12Garrett Poteat
23:31.16South Whidbey
33.10Sean Conaway
24:27.24Granite Falls
34.9Levi Bates
24:48.48Granite Falls
35.9Joe Davies
26:02.62 SRSouth Whidbey
36.10Max Hanson
26:03.88 SRKing's
37.11Isaac Greene
36:53.42South Whidbey
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