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3.08 Mile Junior Varsity
3.08 Mile Varsity
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2.75 Mile Junior Varsity
2.75 Mile Varsity

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Mens Results

3.08 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mater Dei Catholic63
2.Maranatha Christian77
3.Pacific Ridge79
4.Santa Fe Christian93
5.St Augustine104
6.Army-Navy Academy130
7.Foothills Christian152
8.Liberty Charter216

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Thomas Roth
19:39St Augustine
2.12Tai Eubank
20:22 PRPacific Ridge
3.9Shane Uribe
20:34 PRBishops
4.9Josiah Secrist
20:38 PRMaranatha Christian
5.11Jacob Vazquez
20:42 PRSt Augustine
6.10Brett Doig
20:44 PRMaranatha Christian
7.10Josh Thompson
20:49 PRSanta Fe Christian
8.9Wyatt Duggan
20:54 PRArmy-Navy Academy
9.10Ian Cohen
20:54 PRPacific Ridge
10.9Ricardo Cardoza
21:20 PRMater Dei Catholic
11.10Justin Zanardi
21:24 PRSanta Fe Christian
12.9Justin Gray
21:25 PRMaranatha Christian
13.11Salvador Aguilar
21:33 PRMater Dei Catholic
12Phillip Vasquez
21:36St Augustine
14.12Christopher Braden
21:45 PRMater Dei Catholic
15.9Eduardo Navarro
21:49 PRMater Dei Catholic
16.9Roman Flores
21:53 PRMater Dei Catholic
17.9Christian Mixer
21:57 PRMaranatha Christian
18.10Joe Kang
22:05 PRFoothills Christian
19.12Michael Cain
22:10 PRMater Dei Catholic
20.9Ricky Matter
22:14 PRFoothills Christian
21.9Francisco Morales
22:18 PRHigh Tech (CV)
22.9Bryce Snodgrass
22:26 PRPacific Ridge
23.9Giancarlo Amezcua
22:34 PRHigh Tech (CV)
24.10Jacob Benson
22:38 PRSanta Fe Christian
25.9David Pretorius
22:42 PRSanta Fe Christian
26.10Jared Pollard
22:51 PRPacific Ridge
27.10Harrison Zhang
23:03 PRArmy-Navy Academy
28.10Trevor McDonough
23:07 PRFoothills Christian
29.12Matthew Vaughn
23:08 PRPacific Ridge
30.9Matthew Blodgett
23:16St Augustine
31.9Jonathan Engle
23:27St Augustine
32.11Yucheng Wang
23:34 PRArmy-Navy Academy
33.9Christopher Ong
23:47 PRPacific Ridge
34.11Tommy Boehringer
23:49 PRBishops
35.12Nathan Cheng
23:57 PRPacific Ridge
36.9Robert Pinski
24:42 PRHigh Tech (CV)
37.12Jonathon Cheong
24:58 PRBishops
38.10Arthur Chang
25:20 PRArmy-Navy Academy
39.10Hamilton Allport
25:40 PRBishops
40.9Enrique Marcilla
25:53 PRMater Dei Catholic
41.10Jacob Zanardi
26:21 PRSanta Fe Christian
42.12Mario Andrade
26:38 PRSanta Fe Christian
43.11Locarno Samman
26:41 PRLiberty Charter
44.10Kyle Pavey
26:49 PRSanta Fe Christian
45.12Chad Hanlon
26:54 PRSanta Fe Christian
46.12Kevin Grebbien
27:08 PRSanta Fe Christian
47.11Jia Hao Qu
27:29 PRArmy-Navy Academy
48.9Dsavid Rivas
49.12Oliver Rocha
28:26 PRMater Dei Catholic
50.9Carlos Cerna Gomez
28:27 PRMater Dei Catholic
51.10Yibo Bao
28:28 PRArmy-Navy Academy
52.10Jason Han
29:11 PRArmy-Navy Academy
53.11Thor Tjossem
29:12 PRLiberty Charter
54.9Josiah Hepner
29:55 PRMaranatha Christian
55.11Dean Lockwood
30:14 PRLiberty Charter
56.9Seth Hanson
31:10St Augustine
57.11Nathaniel Tapia
31:18 PRFoothills Christian
58.10Asbel De la Paz
31:35 PRMater Dei Catholic
59.10Jielun Zhang
32:00 PRArmy-Navy Academy
60.11Micah Bobczynski
32:15 PRFoothills Christian
61.10Arturo Romero
32:25 PRKing-Chavez
62.12Jeremiah Jordan
33:20 PRLiberty Charter
63.9Action Jackson
64.10Chris Parada
34:35 PRKing-Chavez
65.11Mario Pena
35:55 PRMater Dei Catholic
66.9Blake Altisce
36:57 PRMaranatha Christian
67.10Javier Lupercio
38:25 PRKing-Chavez
68.11Brian Mitchell
38:55 PRHigh Tech (CV)
69.11Matthew Wood
40:45 PRLiberty Charter
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3.08 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mater Dei Catholic46
2.St Augustine47
5.Santa Fe Christian138
6.High Tech (CV)141
7.Liberty Charter185
8.Foothills Christian195

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Chris Halter
17:04 PRBishops
2.12Aren Johnson
17:17 PRArmy-Navy Academy
3.9Donovan Prince
17:26 PRHigh Tech (CV)
4.11Salvador Rodriguez
17:51 PRMater Dei Catholic
5.11Ryan Dent
17:56St Augustine
6.10Juan Pablo Villegas
18:04 PRMater Dei Catholic
7.11Alex Karaniwan
18:10St Augustine
8.10Andres Worstell
18:16 PRBishops
9.12Will Glockner
18:23 PRPacific Ridge
10.10Luis Humberto Cern...
18:24 PRMater Dei Catholic
11.11Josh Nunez
18:34 PRLiberty Charter
12.12Alex Stokes
18:38St Augustine
13.11Joseph Chiappe
18:48 PRMater Dei Catholic
14.11Jacob Zickert
18:52St Augustine
15.10Jett Liu
18:54 PRBishops
16.12Matt Davis
19:03 PRSanta Fe Christian
17.10William Stonehouse
19:04St Augustine
18.11Todd Piedad
19:05 PRHigh Tech (CV)
19.12Angelo Montano
20.12Vinh Nguyen
21.12Matthew Ireland
19:23 PRMater Dei Catholic
22.12Jack Cipolla
19:26 PRSanta Fe Christian
23.10Hayden Flagg
19:30 PRBishops
24.11Ricardo Reyes
19:31 PRBishops
25.12Ben Sykes
26.10Nicholas Midler
19:36 PRBishops
27.10Christian Yun
19:41 PRPacific Ridge
28.12Ian Banta
19:43 PRBishops
29.11Matt Danaher
19:51St Augustine
30.9Alan Rojas
20:01 PRMater Dei Catholic
31.10Jack McGuinness
20:18 PRSanta Fe Christian
32.12Ben Stafslien
20:19 PRSanta Fe Christian
33.12Arman Attisha
20:19St Augustine
34.12Michael Zhu
20:21 PRArmy-Navy Academy
35.10Jonah Gercke
20:25 PRPacific Ridge
36.12Luke Grantham
20:30 PRFoothills Christian
37.9Cameron Allem
20:33 PRHorizon
38.10Enrique Preciado
39.11Ryan Grantham
20:38 PRFoothills Christian
40.9Diego Olivares
20:53 PRMater Dei Catholic
41.11Tony Phillips
42.11Jon Lorenz
20:58 PRLiberty Charter
43.10Jeromi Payad
21:03 PRLiberty Charter
44.9Alec Sarabia
21:14 PRHigh Tech (CV)
45.11Alexis Cuadras
46.11Wayne Chong
21:19 PRPacific Ridge
47.11Eli Wooten
21:20 PRFoothills Christian
48.9Luis Ruiz
49.12Nick Hernandez
21:29 PRHigh Tech (CV)
50.12Arik Espineli
21:30 PRHigh Tech (CV)
51.11David Siqueiros
21:51 PRKing-Chavez
52.10Nick Estepa
21:56 PRHigh Tech (CV)
53.12Hunter Enniss
22:03 PRFoothills Christian
54.12Justin Christensen
22:09 PRFoothills Christian
55.10Kellen Sandvik
22:15 PRSanta Fe Christian
56.10Keivon Harris
22:20 PRO'Farrell Charter
57.12Danny Waugh
22:21 PRFoothills Christian
58.11Camden Stapleton
22:22 PRRiver Valley Charter
59.10Eric Moraly
22:24 PRArmy-Navy Academy
60.10Ethan Kuzmack
22:26 PRSanta Fe Christian
61.10Conor Kuzmack
22:27 PRSanta Fe Christian
62.11Tucker Ferguson
23:01 PRLiberty Charter
63.9Devante Spencer
23:15 PRLiberty Charter
64.10Jwann Sy
23:24 PRO'Farrell Charter
65.9Peerless Johnson
23:57 PRLiberty Charter
66.12Brian Babineau
24:13 PRFoothills Christian
67.9Carter Bond
24:20 PRLiberty Charter
68.10Alexander Celaya
24:35 PRO'Farrell Charter
69.10Licheng Zhou
24:58 PRArmy-Navy Academy
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Womens Results

2.75 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mater Dei Catholic15

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Laura Toscano
22:28 PROur Lady of Peace8:10 RP
2.9Abigail Debus
22:46 PRFoothills Christian
3.9Jessica Lindgren
22:50 PROur Lady of Peace8:18 RP
4.11Mia Sanchez
23:08Mater Dei Catholic
5.10Jessica Boyer
23:15 PRMaranatha Christian
6.10Emma Callant
23:30 SRSanta Fe Christian
7.11Karina Sarabia
23:35 PRMater Dei Catholic
8.11Alisa Flores
23:39 PRClairemont
9.10Makayla Hann
23:54River Valley Charter
10.9Francesca Salazar
23:58 PROur Lady of Peace8:20 RP
11.9Jessica Hewitt
24:25Maranatha Christian
12.9Anna Azeka
24:26Maranatha Christian
13.10Haley Heinneman
24:33 PRClairemont
14.9Ximena Posada
25:02Mater Dei Catholic
15.11Jessica Alcaraz
25:20 PRMater Dei Catholic
16.11Maddie Wadel
25:44Foothills Christian
17.10Naomi Fowler
25:46Liberty Charter
18.12Ariana Delucchi
26:06High Tech (CV)
19.9Camila Rodriguez
26:09 PRLiberty Charter
20.12Faith Reynolds
26:13Santa Fe Christian
21.12Ima Chief
26:14 PRClairemont
22.9Madison Hann
26:22River Valley Charter
23.10Hannah Lange
26:25 SRPacific Ridge
24.11Diana De La Toba
27:12Mater Dei Catholic
25.11LinLin Yamaguchi
27:43 PRBishops
26.9Jasmin Calvillo
28:10 PRLiberty Charter
27.10Lauren Wood
28:16 PRLiberty Charter
28.11Lynnee Lampton
28:18 PRHigh Tech (CV)
29.9Sara Duron
31:50 SROur Lady of Peace11:35 RP
30.9Linda Figueroa
32:58 PRHigh Tech (CV)
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2.75 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Our Lady of Peace56
3.Santa Fe Christian78
4.Liberty Charter99

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Renee Phillips
2.10Jasmine Rippey
3.9Chapin Miller-Maes
4.12Aeron Yim
5.10Kayla Bierschbach
6.12Haley Chasin
7.10Kacey Butrovich
19:28 SRFoothills Christian
8.12Hannah Downey
19:44 SRCoronado
9.12Masie Smith
19:56Escondido Charter
10.9Sarah Kim
19:57 PREscondido Charter
11.11Elena Hoffman
19:59High Tech High
12.10Lynnlee Duck-Reyno...
20:06Pacific Ridge
13.9Kayley Gibbons
20:31Our Lady of Peace7:27 RP
14.11Katlyn McDonough
20:32Our Lady of Peace7:27 RP
15.9Darianna Romero
16.9Samantha Carranza
20:53 PROur Lady of Peace7:35 RP
17.12Miranda Campos
20:58Mater Dei Catholic
18.9Samantha Barreiro
21:08 PRHigh Tech (CV)
19.11Alexa Romano
21:14 PRSanta Fe Christian
20.9Akacia Brillon
21:21 SRLiberty Charter
21.11Grace Stevenson
21:27Santa Fe Christian
22.10Katherine Shen
21:33 PROur Lady of Peace7:50 RP
23.9Olivia Justice
21:39 PROur Lady of Peace7:52 RP
24.10Iliana Lemos
21:48Mater Dei Catholic
25.11Jasmine Perez
21:49 SRClairemont
26.10Daniela Ruiz
21:50 PRClairemont
27.10Katie Flynn
28.10Audrey Landes
21:52Santa Fe Christian
29.11Miranda Ng
21:58 SRLiberty Charter
30.10Kate Bosman
22:02Santa Fe Christian
31.12Lindsay Magee
22:06 SROur Lady of Peace8:02 RP
32.12Katia Valdez
22:09Santa Fe Christian
33.11Tara Vogel
34.12Grace Fregoso
22:39 PRHigh Tech (CV)
35.10Lauren Jouni
23:06 PRLiberty Charter
36.10Lindsey Godwin
23:16Santa Fe Christian
37.11Alejandra Felix
23:36Mater Dei Catholic
38.11Adelaide Duckett
39.10Laura De La Cruz T...
23:42 PRKing-Chavez
40.11Dominique Flower
24:01 PRHigh Tech (CV)
41.10Michaela Salzmann
24:48Santa Fe Christian
42.11Rachel Bray
25:25 PRLiberty Charter
43.10Gissel Amaya
44.10Anna Bray
26:38 PRLiberty Charter
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