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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity Boys Combined
5,000 Meters Varsity (#1-3) Boys8:50 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity (#4&5) Boys9:25 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity (#6&7) Boys10:00 AM
2.75 Mile Novice Boys DII10:35 AM
5,000 Meters Novice Boys DI11:15 AM
5,000 Meters JV Boys DII11:55 AM
5,000 Meters JV Boys DI12:35 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity Girls Combined
5,000 Meters Varsity (#1-3) Girls8:30 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity (#4&5) Girls9:05 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity (#6&7) Girls9:40 AM
2.75 Mile Novice Girls DII10:15 AM
2.75 Mile Novice Girls DI10:55 AM
2.75 Mile JV Girls DII11:35 AM
2.75 Mile JV Girls DI12:15 PM

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2014 Running Center So Cal Invite  (coaches)

33rd Annual           

Southern California Cross Country Invitational

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Meet Instructions

Coaches thank you for participating this year!

Cost: $35 per race entered for a team (5 or more athletes) and $7 per individuals.

Registration: You will need to have an account with to enter your roster. Enter the appropriate number of athletes per race. Deadline: Sun. October 12th, 2014.

Course: We will be running the traditional 3.1 course for all Boys and Varsity Girls.  Novice and JV girls will be racing the 2.75 Mi League Course.

Medals: Awarded to top 25 in all JV/Novice races and the top 1/3rd in Varsity Races (We will announce the number of medals at the start but an example would be out of 45 runners -15 would medal)

Parking:  General parking for your parents is located off the highway 76 Entrance (Guajome Lake Rd). Remind your parents not to park on bike lanes or obstruct any driveways as they will be ticketed by the City of Oceanside.  Only disabled, press, volunteers and coaches are allowed to park at the Santa Fe Entrance.

NO ENTRY TO CAMPGROUNDS:  No one is allowed to cross through the campground area.  Please tell your athletes and parents that they need to go around to cheer on athletes.  Campers have paid for their camp sites and we are not to run through them and disturb occupants. This includes Campground Restrooms: There are several port-a-potties that will be available in addition to the park restrooms.

Womens Races

5,000 Meters Varsity (#1-3) Girls               8:30 AM

5,000 Meters Varsity (#4&5) Girls              9:00 AM

5,000 Meters Varsity (#6&7) Girls              9:30 AM

2.75 Miles Div. II Novice Girls                   10:00 AM

2.75 Miles Div. I Novice Girls                    10:40 AM

2.75 Miles Div. II JV Girls                          11:20 AM

2.75 Miles Div. I JV Girls                           12:00 PM

 Mens Races

5,000 Meters Varsity (#1-3) Boys              8:45 AM           

5,000 Meters Varsity (#4&5) Boys             9:15 AM           

5,000 Meters Varsity (#6&7) Boys             9:45 AM           

5,000 Meters Div.II Novice Boys              10:20 AM            

5,000 Meters Div.I  Novice Boys              11:00 AM

5,000 Meters Div. II JV Boys                   11:40 AM

5,000 Meters Div. I JV Boys                    12:20 PM


Sonia Rodriguez Flores                                               

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Boys Combined

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Rancho Bernardo90
3.St. John Bosco103
5.Del Norte122
8.El Camino (Oceanside)197
9.Sage Creek209
10.Rancho Buena Vista249
12.Mater Dei Catholic362
13.La Costa Canyon373
14.Southwest (SD)374
15.Mission Vista387
16.High Tech High NC497

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Trevor Siniscalchi
2.12Nathan Williams
3.12Evan Jameson
15:46Del Norte
4.12Carlos Barrios
15:47St. John Bosco
5.11Jarod Dias
15:48 SRVista
6.12Branden Estrada
15:54St. John Bosco
7.12Robert Stegman
15:55 PRSan Dieguito Academy
8.12Alex Tucker
9.10Ezra Sotelo
16:02St. John Bosco
10.12Wyatt Hill
16:03Rancho Bernardo
11.12Mikio Kuroiwa
16:04 PRRancho Bernardo
12.11Gabe Plendcio
16:05 SRRamona
13.12Isaiah Spieker
16:05 PRRamona
14.12Evan Misuraca
15.11Cameron Tomlinson
16:18Del Norte
16.12Marcus Owens
16:26 PRVista
17.11Noah Johnson
16:27El Camino (Oceanside)
18.12Ryan Little
16:29 PRCarlsbad
19.12Jack Conklin
20.11Marco Jewell
16:38 SRSan Dieguito Academy
21.10Alexander Doyle
16:40 SRRancho Buena Vista
22.12Jeffrey Stewart
16:42Rancho Bernardo
23.12Nicholas Noel
24.11Sam Comerford
16:47 PRFallbrook
25.12Connor Crowe
26.12Paul Holbel
16:47 PRDel Norte
27.12Aren Johnson
16:48Army-Navy Academy
28.11Burak Tufekci
16:50Rancho Bernardo
29.11Tristan Caparas
16:51Rancho Bernardo
30.10Chris Gallagher
16:53 PRSage Creek
31.11Salvador Rodriguez
16:56Mater Dei Catholic
32.11William Gravelle
16:56Rancho Bernardo
33.12Jordan Nava
16:57El Camino (Oceanside)
34.10Beau Prince
16:58 SRSage Creek
35.11Colin McNulty
36.9Mario Trasvina
37.11Calvin Liew
17:04 SRDel Norte
38.11Jesse Lopez
17:04 SRVista
39.11Craig Kimball
17:06 SRSan Dieguito Academy
40.12Sergio Castro
17:09 PRSouthwest (SD)
41.11Josh Minnie
17:09El Camino (Oceanside)
42.10Taylor Chappell
17:13 PRWestview
43.9Colby Corcoran
17:14 SRSt. John Bosco
44.11Jacob Milnes
17:15 PRRancho Buena Vista
45.10Fuyuki Kuroiwa
17:15Rancho Bernardo
46.10William Maas
17:16Sage Creek
47.12Andrew Brion
17:18Rancho Buena Vista
48.12Harper Moore
17:18 PRCarlsbad
49.10Chris Larson
17:19 SRFallbrook
50.12Jonathyn Saravia
17:20St. John Bosco
51.10Igor Landa
17:21 SRDel Norte
52.10Everett Williams
53.11Ilias Arroyo
54.9Kane McMahon
17:23 PRWestview
55.12Jeff Vasquez
17:25 SRVista
56.12James Meskell
57.9Aman Mikel
17:29 SRSage Creek
58.11Chad Ruaburo
17:29 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
59.12Colin Uekert
17:33 PRRamona
60.9Chris Suzuki
17:34Sage Creek
61.12Jacob Voss
17:36 PRRancho Buena Vista
62.12Matt Meskell
17:36 PRRamona
63.10Connor Holmes
17:40 SRDel Norte
64.10Moses Crawford
17:42El Camino (Oceanside)
65.12Andrew Dowey
17:44 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
66.12Jitaro Roybal
17:44St. John Bosco
67.11Joel Sandoval
17:45La Costa Canyon
68.11Joe Garcia
69.11Johnny Arguello
17:50 PRMission Vista
70.12Bryce Lennan
17:50 PRDel Norte
71.9Alec Kauffman
17:56La Costa Canyon
72.9Jonathan Hupfeld
18:01Sage Creek
73.11Avery Helgesen
18:02El Camino (Oceanside)
74.10Hector Ayala
18:04Southwest (SD)
75.10Greg Jameson
18:05 PRMission Vista
76.10Jake Olguin
18:13 SRSt. John Bosco
77.11Joseph Chiappe
18:15Mater Dei Catholic
78.12Ainsley Manlapez
18:18 PRWestview
79.10Juan Pablo Villegas
18:24Mater Dei Catholic
80.9Christian Mitchell
18:24Sage Creek
81.12Roberto Valencia
18:28 PRFallbrook
82.10Nelson Rader
18:29 SRLa Costa Canyon
83.12Brandon Freaner
18:30 PRMission Vista
84.10Dylan Howell
18:32 SRFallbrook
85.12Joshua Humpherys
18:41La Costa Canyon
86.12Matthew Ireland
18:41 PRMater Dei Catholic
87.12Rudy Velasquez
18:49 PRFallbrook
88.12Chris Slezak
18:57La Costa Canyon
89.12Hunter Hixon
19:00 SRMission Vista
90.11Wade Leehey
19:01 SRFallbrook
91.12Mason Miller
19:16 PRMission Vista
92.12Marco Romero
19:17Southwest (SD)
93.9Jacob Fierro
19:18Southwest (SD)
94.9Andrew LaZelle
19:21Rancho Buena Vista
95.12Alex Soto
19:25Southwest (SD)
96.12Lucas Silva
19:27 PRMission Vista
97.10Ruben Castro
19:30 PRRancho Buena Vista
98.10Tristan Hayden
19:39High Tech High NC
99.11Ernest Hughes
19:42 PRFallbrook
100.12Grant Miller
19:59 PRMission Vista
101.11Hector Chavez
20:11Southwest (SD)
102.12Reece Freeman
20:26High Tech High NC
103.9Nicholas Edmonds
20:32 PRCoronado
104.11Armon Hodaee
20:35 SRRancho Buena Vista
105.11Jake VanCleve
20:40Army-Navy Academy
106.10Frank Boensch
20:41High Tech High NC
107.12Alberto Ascencio
20:41Southwest (SD)
108.9Robby Ackles
20:42High Tech High NC
109.10Khailil Stiemke
21:16High Tech High NC
110.12Michael Cain
21:27Mater Dei Catholic
111.9Ryan Ackles
21:31High Tech High NC
112.10Eric Moraly
21:43Army-Navy Academy
113.11Kevin Stiemke
23:22High Tech High NC
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2.75 Mile Novice Boys DII

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Southwest (SD)32
2.Del Norte34
3.Mater Dei Catholic78
4.Sage Creek88
5.Mission Vista100

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Andrew Varvara
16:27 SRDel Norte
2.9Jake Kim
16:40 SRDel Norte
3.9Juan Ayala
16:41 PRSouthwest (SD)
4.10Emiliano Arevalo
16:59 PRSouthwest (SD)
5.12Brandon Garcia
17:23 PRSouthwest (SD)
6.9Diego Olivares
17:26 PRMater Dei Catholic
7.9Jaron Farnham
17:35 SRDel Norte
8.9Austin Arnold
17:45 SRDel Norte
9.10Ian Hernandez
17:49 PRSouthwest (SD)
10.9Nick Beith
17:54 PRSage Creek
11.11Diego Fimbres
17:55 PRSouthwest (SD)
12.9Ricardo Cardoza
18:08 PRMater Dei Catholic
13.10Riley Grimshaw
18:10 SRMission Vista
14.10Ben Cranney
18:11 PRMission Vista
15.9Mark Ibrahim
18:17 PRSage Creek
16.9Rohun Carlton
18:26 PRDel Norte
17.9Eduardo Navarro
18:26 PRMater Dei Catholic
18.9Elijah Kinnell
18:27 PRSage Creek
19.9Roman Flores
18:29 PRMater Dei Catholic
20.11Brock Mickley
18:31 PRMission Vista
21.10Brian Huo
18:47 PRDel Norte
22.9Reid Larson
18:53 PRSage Creek
23.9Joey Babcock
18:57 PRSage Creek
24.9Enrique Marcilla
19:10 PRMater Dei Catholic
25.11Yucheng Wang
19:10 PRArmy-Navy Academy
26.10Harrison Zhang
19:13 PRArmy-Navy Academy
27.11Alex Schnellinger
19:20 PRMission Vista
28.10Sam Pappalardo
19:24 PRSage Creek
29.10Dylan Blackman
19:37 PRSage Creek
30.11Bryon Stanley
19:44 PRMission Vista
31.9Bryan Hernandez
19:45 PRSage Creek
32.10Evan O'leary
19:46 PRMission Vista
33.9Addison Smith
20:01 PRSage Creek
34.9Dakota Coddington
20:03 PRSage Creek
35.9Harley Killion
20:05 PRSage Creek
36.10Mateo Ramirez
20:12 PRMission Vista
37.10Cole Regas
20:13 PRSage Creek
38.9Steven Franks
20:17 PRSage Creek
39.9Jonathan Medina
20:25 PRSouthwest (SD)
40.9Carlos Cerna Gomez
20:30 PRMater Dei Catholic
41.10Michael Spettigue
20:48 PRSage Creek
42.10Licheng Zhou
21:01 PRArmy-Navy Academy
43.9Cassidy Rudko
21:41 PRHigh Tech High NC
44.11Jefrey Jasso
22:06 PRSouthwest (SD)
45.9Zachary Matticola
23:04 PRHigh Tech High NC
46.10Seth Wheeler
23:05 SRMission Vista
47.10Daniel Alvarez
23:56 SRMission Vista
48.9Fernando Hernandez
24:02 PRSouthwest (SD)
49.11Mario Pena
24:58 SRMater Dei Catholic
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5,000 Meters Novice Boys DI

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St. John Bosco28
2.El Camino (Oceanside)63
5.Rancho Bernardo98
7.La Costa Canyon191

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Johnathan Layfield
17:52 PRSt. John Bosco
2.9Michael Olivier
18:08 SRWestview
3.9Luke Shuler
18:09 SRPoway
4.10Leo Perez
18:22 PRSt. John Bosco
5.9Cedrick Chiu
18:23 PRPoway
6.9Blake Siniscalchi
18:28 SRWestview
7.9George Romero
18:29 SRSt. John Bosco
8.10Justin Castro
18:39 SRSt. John Bosco
9.10Alec Billmeier
18:51 PRFallbrook
10.9Joey Roberts
18:52 SRRancho Bernardo
11.9Brody Howard
18:56 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
12.10Jon Serbas
18:57 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
13.9Travis Ashby
18:57 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
14.11Juan Lopez
18:59 SRFallbrook
15.9Max Rodriguez
19:05 SRSt. John Bosco
16.9Alex Wright
19:08 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
17.9Gio Guanuna
19:11 SRPoway
18.9Trevor Riley
19:14 PRPoway
19.9Bobby Santos
19:14 SRRancho Bernardo
20.9Kyle Humphrey
19:15 SRRancho Bernardo
21.9Juan Cruz
19:16 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
22.10Kyle Murray
19:29 PRFallbrook
23.9Blake Koepke
19:35 PRFallbrook
24.10Michael Alvarado
19:35 PRSt. John Bosco
25.9Diego De la torre
19:36 SRSt. John Bosco
26.9Derik Melcher
19:46 PRVista
27.10Mark Atkisson
19:47El Camino (Oceanside)
28.9Bransun Forgione
29.9Benjamin Ahlstrom
19:52 SRRancho Bernardo
30.9Bradley Pickard
19:52 SRRancho Bernardo
31.10Christian Gonzalez
19:56 SRVista
32.9Alvaro Maldonado
33.9Joshua Cullins
20:00La Costa Canyon
34.9Cooper Duffy
20:04La Costa Canyon
35.9Alan Karuku
20:06 SRRancho Bernardo
36.12Jimmy Chung
20:08 PRFallbrook
37.9Kevin Sereno
20:08El Camino (Oceanside)
38.9Collin Chapman
39.10Nathan Schoeder
20:19 PRMission Vista
40.9Julian Natividad
20:20 PRRancho Bernardo
41.9Ashtin Brantley
20:22 SRRancho Bernardo
42.9Ricardo Leon
20:23El Camino (Oceanside)
43.9Luke Gillcrist
20:27 PRFallbrook
44.9Khirin Dacanay
20:33 PRPoway
45.11Jimmy Steinhoff
20:37 PRFallbrook
46.9Trevor Ruuspakka
20:48 SRRancho Bernardo
47.9Tyler Koyamatsu
20:53 SRRancho Bernardo
48.9Zachary Skalak
20:54 PRRancho Bernardo
49.10Jake Pomerleau
21:01 PRCarlsbad
50.11Nelson Girod
21:01 PRCarlsbad
51.10Nick Houck
21:02 PRFallbrook
52.9Kurtis Lamore
21:08El Camino (Oceanside)
53.9Harper Throop
21:20 PRFallbrook
54.10Fernando Santos
21:25 PRRancho Bernardo
55.11Antonio Lopez
21:26 SRFallbrook
56.10Nico Marino
21:30La Costa Canyon
57.9Brian Yee
21:31 PRPoway
58.10David Martin
21:33 SRLa Costa Canyon
59.10Will Moses
21:34La Costa Canyon
60.11Christian Contreras
21:41 PRFallbrook
61.11Nicklaus Bolduc
21:48 PRCarlsbad
62.9Michael Ponce
21:52 PRFallbrook
63.9Robert Gordon
21:55La Costa Canyon
64.9Keegan Adams
22:00La Costa Canyon
65.11Jacob Corona
22:11 SRFallbrook
66.9Alex Astorgano-Shuh
22:54 PRRancho Bernardo
67.9Josh Scott
23:02La Costa Canyon
68.9Ejey Rodriguez
69.9Cole Smith
23:26 PRRancho Bernardo
70.10Grant Baldwin
23:32 PRLa Costa Canyon
71.9Sergio Fernandez
24:04 PRPoway
72.9George Mandell
24:07 PRPoway
73.9Tim Murray
24:10 PRFallbrook
74.12Billy Santos
24:26 PRRancho Bernardo
75.9George Oraha
76.9Khiem Pham
25:18La Costa Canyon
77.9Myles Davis
25:37 PRRancho Bernardo
78.9Noah Siapno
25:52 PRRancho Bernardo
79.9Nathan Mutzino
31:02 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
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5,000 Meters JV Boys DII

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte34
2.Southwest (SD)34
3.Sage Creek93
4.Mater Dei Catholic96
6.Mission Vista122
7.Guajome Park Acad220
8.High Tech High NC250

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Devyn Gollery
17:45 SRHamilton
2.10Hale Castorena
17:57 SRHamilton
3.9Brandan Ruland
18:00 PRRamona
4.9Brad Nelson
18:01Sage Creek
5.11Jackson Sutter
18:02 PRRamona
6.10Matthew Earney
18:05 SRDel Norte
7.12Jack Lee
18:39 PRDel Norte
8.12Joseph Miranda
18:39 SRHamilton
9.12Nicholas Cahill
18:39 PRDel Norte
10.9Brandon Pagan
18:42Sage Creek
11.10Patrick Hanlon
18:47Sage Creek
12.10Jack Lieberman
18:48 PRSage Creek
13.10Colton Meskell
18:50 PRRamona
14.10Kyle Lennan
18:59 SRDel Norte
15.10James Melkonian
19:00Sage Creek
16.11Gabriel Querido
19:08Del Norte
17.10Kaumron Eidgahy
19:26Del Norte
18.10Connor Lennan
19:30Del Norte
19.10Luis Delgadillo
19:45 SRHamilton
20.12Jacob Mercier
19:46 PRMission Vista
21.12Alex Hall
19:50 PRMission Vista
22.10Darren Chow
19:53Del Norte
23.12Matt Luerman
19:54 PRMission Vista
24.12Spencer Gollery
19:56 SRHamilton
25.12Alex Reyes
19:58 PRHamilton
26.9Kyle Stringfellow
20:00Sage Creek
27.10Chance Hardin
20:03 PRRamona
28.10Justin Lopez
20:04 SRHamilton
29.10Ben Charley
20:08 SRHamilton
30.10Parker Askegreen
20:12 SRDel Norte
31.10Kristian Carter
20:19Guajome Park Acad
32.12David Bojorquez
20:19 SRMission Vista
33.10Aidan Noet
20:22 PRDel Norte
34.12Bradley Cai
20:26 SRDel Norte
35.10David Rudolph
20:34Sage Creek
36.10Andrez Plascencia
20:34 SRMission Vista
37.12Christopher Braden
20:36 PRMater Dei Catholic
38.10Andres Guzman
20:47Guajome Park Acad
39.12JB Deperio
20:50 SRMission Vista
40.12Brennen Grimshaw
21:01 SRMission Vista
41.10Colin Deming
21:18 SRMission Vista
42.11Myles East
21:18 SRGuajome Park Acad
43.12Kyle Gruning
21:31 PRMission Vista
44.10Troy Miller
21:32Guajome Park Acad
45.12Jacob Lillengreen
21:45 SRMission Vista
46.10Jared Tomasek
21:50 PRMission Vista
47.10Liam Chambers
22:55High Tech High NC
48.11Juan Tapia
22:59 SRGuajome Park Acad
49.12Nick Nichols
23:03 SRMission Vista
50.11Brady Conley
23:04 PRMission Vista
51.12Edward Gillam
23:30Guajome Park Acad
52.11Salvador Aguilar
23:32Mater Dei Catholic
53.9Spencer Kricfalusi
23:47High Tech High NC
54.9Nico Amial
24:43Guajome Park Acad
55.12Brandon Schnedar
24:56 SRMission Vista
56.10Matthieu Rada
25:11High Tech High NC
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5,000 Meters JV Boys DI

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Bernardo56
4.El Camino (Oceanside)79
7.La Costa Canyon188

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Senri Kuroiwa
17:29 SRRancho Bernardo
2.11Alex Modiano
17:52Rancho Bernardo
3.11Nick Lawford
4.11Cory Vaughn
17:55El Camino (Oceanside)
5.10Tyler Neal
17:57 SRPoway
6.12Stephen Rosenfeld
18:00 PRWestview
7.10Michael Downs
18:10 SRPoway
8.11Thomas Peterschmidt
9.10Cameron Hirsh
18:11 SRPoway
10.10John Connor Uriell
11.12Matt Lakey
18:27 PRCarlsbad
12.11Max Lata
18:28 SRRancho Bernardo
13.12Jack Creed
18:36 SRWestview
14.11Avery Ellis
18:38El Camino (Oceanside)
15.11Trestan Espiritu
18:41 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
16.9Mitchell Scaglione
18:45 SRCarlsbad
17.9Taylor Shaffer
18:49 SRCarlsbad
18.12Jace Hansen
18:51 SRCarlsbad
19.11Jake Feyedelem
18:52 PRRancho Bernardo
20.11Brandon Nanfito
18:54El Camino (Oceanside)
21.10Alejandro Vega
18:57 SRCarlsbad
22.12Stephen Leighton
19:00 PRMission Vista
23.12David Akagi
19:05 PRRancho Bernardo
24.11Gaston Banuelos
25.10Jose Aguilar
26.9Ivan Ramirez
19:08 SRVista
27.11Luiz Hernandez
19:09El Camino (Oceanside)
28.12Andrew Kramer
19:11 PRMission Vista
29.10Kyle Kesler
30.10Ben Little
31.12Cristofer Mayers
19:18 SRMission Vista
32.12Aldair Barranco
19:19 PRPoway
33.10Hayden Salverda
34.10Joe Dangelewicz
19:23 SRWestview
35.10Micah Hirashiki
19:25 PRPoway
36.11Nate Jalbuena
19:28 PRRancho Bernardo
37.11Nathan Mannion
38.11David Gonzalez
19:31 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
39.10Gavin Blain
19:32 SRPoway
40.10Luke Stockes
41.10Nate Baer
42.10Diego Perez
19:40La Costa Canyon
43.12Efrain Tovar
19:40 PRVista
44.10Joshua Bowcutt
19:41 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
45.10Jack Romero
19:42La Costa Canyon
46.11Daniel Rojas
47.12Misha Scott
19:48La Costa Canyon
48.11James Kerr
19:49El Camino (Oceanside)
49.10Calvin Zeljak
19:50La Costa Canyon
50.10Dylan Engel
19:51 PRPoway
51.10Alejandro Vazquez-...
19:53 SRVista
52.12Austin Wood
19:55El Camino (Oceanside)
53.10Carter Knight
54.11Matt Holmes
19:58 PRRancho Bernardo
55.10Brandon Mitchell
56.11Joe Curran
57.11Trevor Martin
58.10Mendel Baljon
20:16 PRPoway
59.10Carlos Gothan
20:19El Camino (Oceanside)
60.12Sam Eubanks
20:23La Costa Canyon
61.10Corey Boyce
20:26 PRPoway
62.10Omar Perez
63.10Alex Lou
20:30 PRPoway
64.12Kyle Bloom
20:31 PRPoway
65.12Jeff Makings
20:35La Costa Canyon
66.12David Lohmann
20:36 PRRancho Bernardo
67.10Ian Thomas
20:37 PRRancho Bernardo
68.11Naseem Baramki-Azar
20:38 SRWestview
69.12Connor McCarthy
20:39 SRLa Costa Canyon
70.12Banks Irelan
71.11Jaxon Guenther
20:42La Costa Canyon
72.11Dylan Horton
20:42La Costa Canyon
73.10Adam Voggenthaler
20:46 PRPoway
74.11John Welborn
20:52La Costa Canyon
75.10Jeff Bauer
76.10Jake Kingston
20:56 PRPoway
77.10Jacob Saunders
21:00 PRRancho Bernardo
78.10Takashi Joubert
21:05 PRRancho Bernardo
79.10Cole Dixon
21:08 SRPoway
80.11Nathaniel Marshall
81.12Brandon White
21:27 PRRancho Bernardo
82.10Keita Nadalin
21:45 PRRancho Bernardo
83.12Jordan Siccardi
21:47La Costa Canyon
84.11Justin Oetting
85.12Elias Guanuna
86.10Luke Beckwith
87.10Quinton Dai
88.10Joaquin Fuenzalida
89.10Adam Hunter
90.12Henry Mull
91.12Tristan Koyamatsu
22:33 PRRancho Bernardo
92.10Max Del Secco
22:44 PRRancho Bernardo
93.10Mitchell Kadowaki
22:53 PRRancho Bernardo
94.10James Preston
95.10Aaron Fontanila
23:12 PRRancho Bernardo
96.10Dane Affleck
23:22 PRPoway
97.11Nathan Sheehan
98.10Spencer Vierra
99.10Gabriel Villar
100.10Gavin Metz
101.10David Intrabartolo
25:09 PRPoway
102.10Jay Dalvie
26:55 PRPoway
103.10Tyge Ortega
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Girls Combined

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Bernardo64
2.El Camino (Oceanside)70
4.Rancho Buena Vista114
6.Del Norte151
7.La Costa Canyon184
11.Mission Vista243
12.Southwest (SD)332

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nia Akins
18:30Rancho Bernardo
2.12Bryanna Fuller
18:37Rancho Bernardo
3.12Christa Kloha
4.11Jourdan Wilson
19:27El Camino (Oceanside)
5.10Renee Phillips
6.10Kassady Learn
19:35Rancho Bernardo
7.12Natalie North-Cole
8.10Jasmine Rippey
9.9Chapin Miller-Maes
19:47 SRCoronado
10.11Elizabeth Mang
19:55 SRRancho Buena Vista
11.11Sienna Brown
20:03El Camino (Oceanside)
12.10Miranda Lakey
20:04 PRCarlsbad
13.11Kathy Morales
20:05 SRRancho Buena Vista
14.11Porter Verfurth
15.12Makaela Rietman
20:10 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
16.10Sienna Sacramento
20:13 PRDel Norte
17.11Nicole Giberson
20:15 PRVista
18.10Mara Acord
20:15 PRMission Vista
19.10Erica Barrett
20.9Hannah Zheng
20:17Del Norte
21.12Vanessa Cady
20:30 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
22.11Claire Swafford
20:31Rancho Buena Vista
23.11Veronica Silva
20:32 PRVista
24.12Anna Sundrud
20:33 PRRamona
25.12Sierra Hill
20:33 SRRancho Bernardo
26.11Perla Cruz
20:34 PRRamona
27.11Andrea Vela
20:36 PRFallbrook
28.9Grace Caponetto
20:40 SRLa Costa Canyon
29.11Keira Crabtree
30.10Amanda Kindel
20:48La Costa Canyon
31.10Taylor Shelgosh
20:50El Camino (Oceanside)
32.9Kendall Drisko
20:50 SRCarlsbad
33.9Olivia Jarvis
20:50 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
34.9Ellie Misuraca
35.9Amanda Ramierez
20:59Rancho Buena Vista
36.10Samantha Schneider
21:05 SRCarlsbad
37.11Clara Lee
21:05Rancho Bernardo
38.10April Xie
21:06Del Norte
39.10Maya Kramer
21:10 SRLa Costa Canyon
40.11Natalie Dudley
21:12 PRFallbrook
41.12Molly Mineiro
21:15 SRLa Costa Canyon
42.11Jasmine Suarez
21:15El Camino (Oceanside)
43.11Chloe Rice
21:17High Tech High NC
44.9Kendall Ryan
45.12Kiera Donaghue
21:23 SRFallbrook
46.12Carisa DeKalb
21:29 SRDel Norte
47.10Valorie Wolf
21:31 PRVista
48.10Karrine Cuatok
21:42 SRDel Norte
49.11Emma Ferrell
21:45Mission Vista
50.11Bailey Stephens
21:51Rancho Buena Vista
51.10Liliana Hakim
21:53 SRCastle Park
52.11Rylee Owen
21:54Rancho Buena Vista
53.12Megan Sorensen
21:54 PRWestview
54.10Gwendalyn Gibson
21:58 SRRamona
55.12Rachel Oliveros
56.10Fabiola Gonzalez
22:02 SRSouthwest (SD)
57.9Natalie Borla
58.11Emma Veidt
59.12Jessica Tomasek
22:14Mission Vista
60.12Samantha Wade
22:18 SRDel Norte
61.11Brittany Davidson
22:33 PRRamona
62.10Marisol Montes
22:33 PRVista
63.9Quinn Lekse
22:38 PRLa Costa Canyon
64.10Brighid Healy
22:49 SRMater Dei Catholic
65.12Amanda Muna
22:54 PRRancho Bernardo
66.9Gabby Martinez
23:01Mission Vista
67.12Miranda Campos
23:14 SRMater Dei Catholic
68.10Eleanor Burnett
23:20 PRLa Costa Canyon
69.9Gisselle Rivera
23:22 SRFallbrook
70.12Paige Sachrison
23:34La Costa Canyon
71.12Jessica Resendiz
72.10Johanna Wehming
23:50 PRFallbrook
73.11Hannah French
24:01 PRFallbrook
74.10Marissa Talle
24:02 SRRamona
75.12Reyna Flores
24:02 PRSouthwest (SD)
76.12Rachel Busike
24:44 PRMission Vista
77.11Erica Basa
24:48 PRSouthwest (SD)
78.10Rikki Thomas
24:50 PRSouthwest (SD)
79.10Nicole Diaz
24:56 PRSouthwest (SD)
80.11Stephanie Hernandez
24:57 PRVista
81.11Jazmine Banaci
25:08 PRSouthwest (SD)
82.12Gabriella Santoyo
26:25 PRSouthwest (SD)
83.11Mikayla Kricfalusi
26:55High Tech High NC
84.12Sydney Titcomb
28:24High Tech High NC
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2.75 Mile Novice Girls DII

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mission Vista27
2.Southwest (SD)47
3.Del Norte50

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Robyn Turner
20:22 PRRamona
2.9Natalya Gomez
21:06 SRCoronado
3.9Kamaya Killebrew
21:13 PRMission Vista
4.11Emma Adkins
21:14 PRRamona
5.12Cynthia Cordillo
21:26 PRRamona
6.9Madison Huckey
21:42 SRRamona
7.9Crista Tuitt
21:53 SRHigh Tech High NC
8.10Marana Kuhn
22:02 SRMission Vista
9.11Cherokee Roth
22:13 PRMission Vista
10.10Kennedy Kellum
22:22 PRMission Vista
11.9Veronica Campbell
22:27 SRDel Norte
12.9Advaita Chandramohan
22:44 PRDel Norte
13.9Ximena Posada
22:48 SRMater Dei Catholic
14.11Margarita Sanz
22:59 PRMater Dei Catholic
15.10Lizbeth Arreola
23:10 PRSouthwest (SD)
16.11Aloma Munguia
23:19 PRSouthwest (SD)
17.10Chantal Gonzalez
23:31 PRSouthwest (SD)
18.12Alejandra Zamudio
23:35 PRSouthwest (SD)
19.10Elizabeth Durall
23:36 PRDel Norte
20.9Catherine Dennis
24:03 PRDel Norte
21.11Estephany Gonzales
24:34 PRSouthwest (SD)
22.11Brenda Enciso
24:42 PRSouthwest (SD)
23.9Lisa Perez
24:58 PRSouthwest (SD)
24.11Diana De La Toba
25:19 SRMater Dei Catholic
25.10Lara Tuazon
25:35Del Norte
26.9Ana Tellez
26:02 PRSouthwest (SD)
27.12Mariana Arzate
26:11 PRSouthwest (SD)
28.10Gloria Enciso
26:47 PRSouthwest (SD)
29.11Jennifer Jasso
27:13 PRSouthwest (SD)
30.11Hannah Saul
27:35 PRMission Vista
31.11Jennifer Torres
27:42 PRSouthwest (SD)
32.12Brenda Diaz
31:00 PRSouthwest (SD)
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2.75 Mile Novice Girls DI

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Bernardo23
3.La Costa Canyon74

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alyssa Tivadar
18:38Rancho Bernardo
2.9Anna Virgilio
18:43 PRWestview
3.9Grace Leto
18:59 PRRancho Bernardo
4.9Marin Haluza
19:20 PRPoway
5.9Hailey Sasaki
19:38 PRRancho Bernardo
6.9Amanda Smith
20:21 PRRancho Bernardo
7.10Olivia Karson
20:23 PRLa Costa Canyon
8.9Mattie Sanseverino
20:25 PRWestview
9.9Hannah Lambert
20:40 SRWestview
10.9Carley Smith
11.10Haley Martin
21:01 PRRancho Bernardo
12.9Shelby Brown
21:12 PRPoway
13.10Anjali Hayes
21:19 PRWestview
14.10Marisela Casiano
21:28 PRVista
15.10Emily Putnam
21:34La Costa Canyon
16.11Kaya Loyd
21:50La Costa Canyon
17.9Chloe Chose
21:57Rancho Bernardo
18.10Cynthia Tellez
22:03 PRVista
19.12Alexi Eich
22:03 SRFallbrook
20.9Kaelin Facun
22:07 PRPoway
21.9Katie Cummins
22:11 SRFallbrook
22.10Miranda Krueger
22:20Rancho Bernardo
23.9Grace Casciano
22:33La Costa Canyon
24.10Kali Schiefer
22:34La Costa Canyon
25.10Emily Larson
22:42 PRFallbrook
26.10Naomi Teal
22:49 PRRancho Bernardo
27.9Jill Carter
22:50La Costa Canyon
28.10Nicole Jones
29.9Hailee Sumners
23:23El Camino (Oceanside)
30.10Kayla Lutes
23:35La Costa Canyon
31.10Lainey Covington
23:36La Costa Canyon
32.10Brianna Fabian
23:37La Costa Canyon
33.9Sophia Agrusa
34.11Lizbeth Clemente
24:27 PRVista
35.9Jessica Hernandez
24:29El Camino (Oceanside)
36.9Melissa Olivares
25:06 PRVista
37.10Noelia Luna
38.11Johawna Penna
25:31 PRLa Costa Canyon
39.11Alexis Kalthoff
40.9J'Nesia Suarez
26:54 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
41.10Sindy Garcia
26:58 PRVista
42.11Lleymi Martinez
31:15El Camino (Oceanside)
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2.75 Mile JV Girls DII

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte20
2.Sage Creek55
3.Mission Vista82
4.Guajome Park Acad83

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Heather Feldmann
18:00Sage Creek
2.9Madeline Utter
18:12Del Norte
3.9Kelsey White
18:37Del Norte
4.9Isabelle Davis
18:57Del Norte
5.11Nicole Cerenzie
19:45Del Norte
6.10Veera Soini
20:10Del Norte
7.11Jeanette Smith
20:37Del Norte
8.10Krisztina Barad
20:39 SRDel Norte
9.12Kim Klarer
20:43 PRRamona
10.10Keegan Canfield
20:47Sage Creek
11.10Iliana Lemos
21:09Mater Dei Catholic
12.10Lily Prince
21:18Sage Creek
13.11Joy Donaldson
21:30 PRDel Norte
14.11Marina Stone
21:31 PRDel Norte
15.12Yulisma Martinez
21:37 PRGuajome Park Acad
16.11Haley Gertner
21:40 PRMission Vista
17.10Rachel Schroeder
21:44 PRMission Vista
18.10Nicole Pshsnychniak
19.11Rebecca Pozos
22:01 SRGuajome Park Acad
20.12Nicole Nelson
22:03Mission Vista
21.11Mia Sanchez
22:13 PRMater Dei Catholic
22.10Angelina Rocca
22:20Sage Creek
23.11Alin Velazquez
22:33 SRGuajome Park Acad
24.9Hadley Shearer
22:55 SRMission Vista
25.9Gracie Hull
22:55 PRSage Creek
26.10Mayra Franco
23:18 PRGuajome Park Acad
27.12Debra Ramirez
23:38 SRGuajome Park Acad
28.9Libertad Carrasco
24:05 PRGuajome Park Acad
29.9Alina Molloy
24:10 SRGuajome Park Acad
30.12Melissa Silvester
24:39Mission Vista
31.10Emily McGuire
25:33 PRSage Creek
32.11Tiffany Salvador
25:33Guajome Park Acad
33.10Alysha Joao
28:23Guajome Park Acad
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2.75 Mile JV Girls DI

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.El Camino (Oceanside)85
4.Rancho Bernardo93
5.La Costa Canyon123

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Amanda Bauer
2.12Alyssa Kuck
18:59Rancho Bernardo
3.9Teresa Dunn
19:11 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
4.11Kate Carter
5.12Brittany Lostetter
19:24Rancho Bernardo
6.12Rosalie Medina
19:25 PRCarlsbad
7.11Delaney Toth
19:27 PRPoway
8.11Ariana Ortiz-Stock
19:38Mission Vista
9.11Reece Schweibold
19:40 PRCarlsbad
10.12Laura Madril
19:40 PRMission Vista
11.11Kori Cortez
19:45 SRPoway
12.11Rachel Steele
13.10Emma Powers
19:51 PRPoway
14.9Nicole Kapan
20:03 PRMission Vista
15.9Daniella Lumkong
20:05La Costa Canyon
16.10Kinley Jorgensen
17.12Naomi Torres
18.12Tara Shamblin
19.11Lauren Roberts
20.11Quinn Dekker
21.10Majesty Prado
20:53El Camino (Oceanside)
22.10Maiya Gomez
20:55 PRRancho Bernardo
23.11Julia Romero
24.10Ariana Diaz
21:03El Camino (Oceanside)
25.12Shannon Riley
21:05 SRPoway
26.11Julia Rietman
21:09El Camino (Oceanside)
27.9Dare Hunt
21:21La Costa Canyon
28.11Winter Schweibold
29.10Tyler Liebentritt
30.12Madison Ortega
31.11Vanessa DeHaro
21:33 PRVista
32.12Sarah Schoenfeld
21:34 SRMission Vista
33.12Torrey Sanseverino
34.11Clarissa Martinez
21:46El Camino (Oceanside)
35.10Drew Robeson
36.12Alyssa White
21:51 PRPoway
37.9McKenna Brown
21:58El Camino (Oceanside)
38.11Natali McCaslin
22:08 SRCarlsbad
39.10Madison Lerner
40.10Kate Goldberg
22:26 PRPoway
41.10Liliana Lupton
42.12Kylee Krynicki
22:47La Costa Canyon
43.11Veronica Lopez
44.12Paige Detwiler
22:54La Costa Canyon
45.11Megan Leigh
23:06La Costa Canyon
46.12Caitlin McDonald
23:14 SRLa Costa Canyon
47.10Hannah Blackburn
23:20 PRRancho Bernardo
48.10Yulisa Martinez
49.10Kylie Wilke
50.10Natalie McGhee
51.10Tawnya Rodriguez
25:37 PRVista
52.10Hannah Kooyman
53.10Kalli Taylor
54.10Yasmeen Elbanna
26:17 PRRancho Bernardo
55.10Michelle Palacios
56.12Paulina Vaquez
27:28 PRCarlsbad
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