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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
1.86 Mile Junior High

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

11Gavin McCaw
17:50Meridian (ID)
11Jace DeMond
17:50 PRMeridian (ID)
9Kyle Pendleton
18:24.93Mountain Home
5.11Clay Allred
18:27 SRCouncil
10Josh Robinson
18:27.04 SRMountain Home
12Carter Bedsole
18:34Cole Valley Christian
11Matt McLaughlin
18:43Meridian (ID)
10Tanner Byington
18:44Meridian (ID)
12Nate Ramsey
19:20.3New Plymouth
11Johnathan Goodell
19:28.98Mountain Home
12Nolan Pasqualetti
19:46.86Mountain Home
10Tanner Langley
19:52Cole Valley Christian
10Ashton Link
19:52Meridian (ID)
11Bryce Waters
20:17Horseshoe Bend
19.11Bryce Waters
20:17Garden Valley
9Jack Curran
20:20Cole Valley Christian
12David Catts
20:20.59 SRMountain Home
12Riley Baxter
20:21.0New Plymouth
9Christopher Payne
20:21.74Mountain Home
9Wyatt Smith
20:31Horseshoe Bend
10Conner Andersen
20:33 PRMcCall-Donnelly
11Tristan Wrem
20:40Meridian (ID)
12Brindan Novak
20:43Meridian (ID)
10Norrin Shearer
20:45Meridian (ID)
11Levi Austin
21:00.2New Plymouth
10Nick Geddes
21:04Cole Valley Christian
11Clayton Christensen
21:13Meridian (ID)
11Riley Urquidi
21:38.11Mountain Home
12Sam Reed
10Jereme Slagle
21:50.4New Plymouth
10Ty Goodman
21:51.1New Plymouth
11Jaden Black
22:37Horseshoe Bend
9Jared Austin
22:38.9New Plymouth
10Ammon Flake
22:46Horseshoe Bend
10Brandon Fung
22:48Cole Valley Christian
10Nick Schorzman
22:50Cole Valley Christian
10Noah Welgren
10Cameron White
23:12.5 SRNew Plymouth
11Matthew Lamp
23:32Meridian (ID)
10Ellis Stokes
25:10.8New Plymouth
12Brady Strohmeyer
9Preston Flake
26:00 PRHorseshoe Bend
9Logan Austin
26:34.5New Plymouth
11Lance Eaton
26:38Meridian (ID)
12Trent Jones
27:26.6New Plymouth
12Ben Knapp
28:54.5New Plymouth
10Kirby Blakely
10Justin Greave
35:41 SRMcCall-Donnelly
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

10Mia Klopfenstein
19:39Meridian (ID)
11McKenzie Refaey
20:19Meridian (ID)
11Kori Quick
20:32Meridian (ID)
10Riley Jo Lysinger
21:00.6New Plymouth
9Kimmy Streck
21:19Meridian (ID)
11Bethany Danner
10Elizabeth Stephens
22:03.80 SRMountain Home
11Kristin Nesbitt
22:31Meridian (ID)
10Shay Christianson
23:19Cole Valley Christian
9Alexis Georgianna
23:21.00 SRMountain Home
10Anisa Ryan
23:24 SRMcCall-Donnelly
12Jessica Shotwell
11Shilo Clark
23:58.45Mountain Home
12KariAnna Kuklinski
24:29 SRCole Valley Christian
10Jamie Johnston
24:43Cole Valley Christian
10Jenai Campbell
25:19.8New Plymouth
12Alexis Ramirez
25:43Meridian (ID)
9Ryana Dickson
25:48Meridian (ID)
11Robi Salisbury
25:49.9New Plymouth
11Jessica Lewis
26:16.6New Plymouth
11Ashlin Wigington
26:17Meridian (ID)
11Georgia Neukom
26:24Meridian (ID)
10Amy Boyle
26:33Cole Valley Christian
12Jenna Ball
10Katie Overton
26:43Cole Valley Christian
11Ashley Pearce
26:46.4New Plymouth
11Bianca Shrader
26:55.12Mountain Home
11Katie Nishizaki
26:57.5New Plymouth
11Courtney Butler
27:28.5New Plymouth
12Angela Wright
12Heather Crawford
12Jaycie Cazier
28:00Horseshoe Bend
12Alexis Hamilton
28:00 PRMeridian (ID)
10Auja Plaster
29:04Meridian (ID)
10Desiree Durfee
29:07.8New Plymouth
12Aundrea Dickinson
29:30.76Mountain Home
12Hannah Bryson
29:45 PRCouncil
11Challis Nuffer
11Hannah Gilmore
30:52Garden Valley
11Hannah Gilmore
30:52Horseshoe Bend
10Libby Blackwood
32:33Meridian (ID)
12Olivia Cline
42:11.2New Plymouth
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