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Mens Races

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races

5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM

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3A/2A/1A District 1 District Info  (coaches)

Map: Located above.

Box assignments:  We drew straws at pre-districts to determine the boxes for Districts.


Catlin Gabel 13
Clatskanie 1
Columbia Christian 15
Columbia County Christian 14
Damascus Christian 4
Knappa 2
North Clackamas Christian 7
Oregon Episcopal 3
Portland Adventist Acad. 16
Portland Christian 6
Portland Lutheran 10
Rainier 8
Riverdale 11
Southwest Christian 17
St. Stephens Acad. 9
Warrenton 5

Entry Deadline: For pre-districts, Saturday 9/6 by 5pm. For districts, Monday 10/20 noon. Contact with questions after the deadlines.

Timing/Results: Will be completed by Athletic Timing using FinishLynx & IdentiLynx cameras. Athletes should always wear the bib number assigned to them.

Costs: All costs for the meet will be divided equally between all schools in the district.  I will divide it out even if you do not participate in the pre-districts because all facilitates must be rented and your spot has been held.

Costs will include:
THPRD rental
Timing Services

A runner must have competed in at least two meets registered on before being eligible to run at the Special District 1 Meet unless a doctor’s certificate is submitted to show that this was not possible.

Sandy Luu
Athletics Director
Catlin Gabel School

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Finish Line Videos by Athletic Timing
Girl's Varsity Race Boy's Varsity Race
Co-ed JV Race
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Catlin Gabel37
3.Southwest Christian85
4.Oregon Episcopal91
5.Rainier (OR)141
7.Portland Adventist219
8.St. Stephen's Academy220
11.Portland Lutheran (closed 20...295
12.Portland Christian305

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Guy Eroh
2.10Max Fogelstrom
17:11.70Catlin Gabel
3.11Cameron Slovic
17:20.50Oregon Episcopal
4.12Joseph Perkins
17:21.95Portland Christian
5.11Luca Ostertag-Hill
17:26.20Catlin Gabel
6.11Brandt Bergeron
17:36.14St. Stephen's Academy
7.12Garet Neal
17:50.48Catlin Gabel
8.12Garen Marter
9.12Patrick McVee
18:00.22Oregon Episcopal
10.11Tyler Riddle
18:04.40Catlin Gabel
11.10Aaron Lane
18:05.99Southwest Christian
12.11Bryan Falls
18:12.62 SRRainier (OR)
13.10Ian Hoyt
18:14.74Catlin Gabel
14.12Andre Leger
15.11Nic Bergen
18:26.02Catlin Gabel
16.10Timothy Curtis
18:27.08 SRSouthwest Christian
17.11Brian Gentry
18.10Joe Zochert
18:31.40 SRSouthwest Christian
19.12Tony Weaver
18:36.30Southwest Christian
20.10Johnathan Guisinger
18:44.34 SRRainier (OR)
21.11Chase Stubblefield
18:46.59 SRSouthwest Christian
22.10Jeryd Lewis
23.9Jacob Moore
18:52.45 SRClatskanie
24.9Finn James
25.10Grant Thomas
18:56.22Oregon Episcopal
26.10Eben Rogers
18:59.41Oregon Episcopal
27.12Jack Blashchishen
19:02.50Portland Adventist
28.9Jack Casalino
19:18.10Oregon Episcopal
29.12Chris Cruz
30.12Zach Solomon
19:20.19Oregon Episcopal
31.12Emmett Earlywine
19:21.75Rainier (OR)
32.9Reece Hupfer
19:24.56St. Stephen's Academy
33.9Beau Griffith
19:25.13Portland Lutheran (c...
34.10Chandler Watson
19:26.01Oregon Episcopal
35.10John Graff
19:29.65 SRRainier (OR)
36.9Kyle Greenspan
19:33.07Catlin Gabel
37.12Nathan Kubeczko
19:42.04Southwest Christian
38.12Tucker Ped
39.10Sam Nauha
40.10Jack Lundy
20:01.70 PRNorth Clackamas Chri...
41.10Luke Liljenwall
20:12.70 SRWarrenton
42.12Jonah Carpenter
20:14.94Damascus Christian
43.12Matthew Lohr
20:18.02Damascus Christian
44.9Gresham Bergeron
20:21.99St. Stephen's Academy
45.11Vince Harrison
20:26.90Portland Adventist
46.10Dean Purdy
20:38.35 PRRainier (OR)
47.12Andrew Doan
20:42.14 PRSouthwest Christian
48.11Thomas Graham
20:44.32Portland Adventist
49.9Tyler Whitaker
20:52.56 PRWarrenton
50.12Trevor Lefebvre
20:53.60 PRRainier (OR)
51.12Cole Burchiel
20:53.73 SRRiverdale
52.11Douglas Graham
21:02.64Portland Adventist
53.10Cody Hobbs
54.9Jac Coe
21:03.77 SRClatskanie
55.10Nduta Majax
21:17.43Portland Lutheran (c...
56.12Liam Baker
57.12Caleb Biel
21:45.32 SRWarrenton
58.12Shaden Moss
21:48.43 SRWarrenton
59.10Patrick Marx
21:52.95Portland Adventist
60.10Jonathan Adkinson
21:53.39 SRClatskanie
61.10Patrick Knapp
21:53.52Portland Adventist
62.12Drexler Martin
63.11Willy Howard
21:59.51Portland Adventist
64.11Alex Gates
22:01.73 SRRainier (OR)
65.10Micah Swanson
22:11.02 SRDamascus Christian
66.11Trask Hill
22:21.01 PRClatskanie
67.9Justin Gwinner
22:30.05 PRClatskanie
68.9Gary Chen
22:31.97Portland Christian
69.12Matt Fenstermacher
22:52.47North Clackamas Chri...
70.12Daniel Barnes
22:58.88Portland Lutheran (c...
71.10Liam Corchoran
72.9Spencer Fulton
73.9Joseph Smart
23:03.59 SRClatskanie
74.11Noah Gothro
23:28.56 SRKnappa
75.10Peter Hayward
23:35.69St. Stephen's Academy
76.9Christian Crawford
23:36.58 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
77.11Evan Bonazzola
23:49.04 SRPortland Lutheran (c...
78.10Samuel Frazee
23:55.14Portland Lutheran (c...
79.10Jon Buck
23:57.03 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
80.10Tyler Swanner
24:46.96North Clackamas Chri...
81.10Noah Bagdall
82.12Ian Lortz
25:01.33Portland Lutheran (c...
83.11Sean Walters
25:09.76Portland Lutheran (c...
84.10Theo Ilie
25:40.00Portland Christian
85.12Morgan Harris
25:45.43 PRNorth Clackamas Chri...
86.9Harry Ma
26:33.09Portland Christian
87.10Hunter Fillis
28:10.09Portland Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Catlin Gabel34
2.Oregon Episcopal54
4.Southwest Christian70
5.Rainier (OR)151
6.Portland Adventist160

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Silas Goodlee-Camp...
19:38.88Catlin Gabel
2.9Noah Solomon
20:08.71 SROregon Episcopal
3.11Everett Pearson
20:13.67Oregon Episcopal
4.12Forrest Kwong
20:21.34Catlin Gabel
5.9Elliott White
20:21.93Catlin Gabel
6.9Evan Morris
20:24.42 SRRiverdale
7.11Chris Martin
20:24.87Southwest Christian
8.12Zach Morgan
20:32.06 SRSouthwest Christian
9.11Grant Brown
20:40.90 SRRiverdale
10.10Gunnar Fairbairn
20:44.38Catlin Gabel
11.11Zach Levis
20:49.77Oregon Episcopal
12.10Harrison Lee
20:57.56 SRRiverdale
13.9Cam Stubblefield
21:23.84Southwest Christian
14.9Will Harmon
21:43.96Catlin Gabel
15.9Austin Stein
21:46.82 SRWarrenton
16.12Peter Herdina
21:53.58 SRSouthwest Christian
17.9Ethan Hed
22:00.48Catlin Gabel
18.12Mukund Raguram
22:03.90Oregon Episcopal
19.10Drake Warren
22:12.10Catlin Gabel
20.9Sam Hinerfeld
21.12Collin Harris
22:24.31 PRRiverdale
22.11Orlando Polk
22:24.52Oregon Episcopal
23.10Neil Natarajan
22:24.91Catlin Gabel
24.10Nikhil Murthy
22:25.93Catlin Gabel
25.11Daniel Stathem
22:27.40Portland Adventist
26.9Mason Snider
22:30.46Catlin Gabel
27.9Gavin Wisdom
28.9Logan Bundy
29.12Andrew Wittig
30.10Logan Davidson
22:55.95Rainier (OR)
31.10Jack Reamy
23:01.44 SRRiverdale
32.10Tim Gentry
33.12Zachary White
23:16.79Portland Adventist
34.12Josh Meneley
23:23.53Southwest Christian
35.10Henry Talbott
23:24.18 SROregon Episcopal
36.12Max Armstrong
23:25.13Catlin Gabel
37.12Jules Renaud
23:25.21Catlin Gabel
38.12Joseph Endler
23:25.28Catlin Gabel
39.12Ford Brown
23:25.36Catlin Gabel
40.12Finn Schneider
23:25.47Catlin Gabel
41.12Jacob Case
23:25.56Catlin Gabel
42.12Jeff Weigand
43.12Matt Mogck
44.12Erik Trotter
23:38.46 PRSouthwest Christian
45.11Isaac Bell
23:46.79 PRRainier (OR)
46.10Chris Cote
24:00.12 SRRainier (OR)
47.11Riley Coulter
24:10.87 PRRainier (OR)
48.10Reece Lowry
24:13.29 SRRainier (OR)
49.10Lucas Liu
24:21.86 SROregon Episcopal
50.10Noah Paez
24:40.88Portland Adventist
51.10Nolan Abell
25:03.09 SRRainier (OR)
52.9Isaiah Vasquez
25:51.73Rainier (OR)
53.9Garrett Lefebvre
25:51.78Rainier (OR)
54.11Charlie Burrows
25:53.98 SRWarrenton
55.10David Placido
25:59.50 SRRainier (OR)
56.9James Roberts
26:10.12 PROregon Episcopal
57.10Hunter Pierce
26:21.50 SRRainier (OR)
59.9Adoniah Simon
26:26.87Portland Adventist
60.9Logan Harrison
26:39.37Portland Adventist
65.11Gabe McAfee
27:42.51Southwest Christian
66.11Brent Moon
27:48.10 SRRainier (OR)
67.9Jonan Doan
27:49.83 SRSouthwest Christian
71.10Lukas Roubal
29:37.63 SRClatskanie
72.9Nate Strong
29:37.76 SRClatskanie
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Catlin Gabel35
2.Oregon Episcopal41
4.Rainier (OR)132
5.Portland Adventist135
6.St. Stephen's Academy137

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Maya Rayle
20:17.80Catlin Gabel
2.10Samantha Slusher
20:26.70Catlin Gabel
3.12Rachel Roach
20:49.66Damascus Christian
4.10Aliya Mahmoud
21:22.36Catlin Gabel
5.9Emily Bruns
21:25.69 SRSouthwest Christian
6.10Lilah Abrams
21:30.89 SRRiverdale
7.10Faith Richards
22:23.16Damascus Christian
8.9Ella Crosby
22:29.77 SROregon Episcopal
9.10Madison Steele
23:02.14 SRNorth Clackamas Chri...
10.10Natalie Jones
23:10.01 PRRiverdale
11.9Rory O'Hollaren
23:21.15Oregon Episcopal
12.10Caroline Brok
23:21.72 SROregon Episcopal
13.9Eva Hyland
14.9Jennifer Lee
23:27.82 PROregon Episcopal
15.12Jessie Bode
23:31.12 PRColumbia County Chri...
16.12Lily Samiee
23:33.08Oregon Episcopal
17.10Nikolet Kostur
18.12Megan Larkin
19.12Emma Marcus
23:42.94Catlin Gabel
20.12Hanna Sheikh
23:48.27Catlin Gabel
21.10Riley Richardson
24:07.71 SRRainier (OR)
22.12Danica Roady
24:25.06Portland Lutheran (c...
23.9Ailis Collins
24:32.09 PRPortland Christian
24.12Andreea Hutuleac
24:40.90Portland Adventist
25.12Natalie Berger
25:14.99Oregon Episcopal
26.11Clareesa Kuebler
25:20.04Portland Adventist
27.12Ellie Esau
25:21.97St. Stephen's Academy
28.11Hannah Clark
25:23.73 SRRainier (OR)
29.9Megan Clark
25:27.31 SRRainier (OR)
30.12Dominique Stein
25:38.26Portland Lutheran (c...
31.12Lauren Fogelstrom
25:40.43Catlin Gabel
32.9Kylie Wong
25:54.97Oregon Episcopal
33.9Isabelle Zheng
25:56.88Catlin Gabel
34.12Zeya Luo
25:59.49Portland Adventist
35.10Elizabeth Turner
26:01.82St. Stephen's Academy
36.10Amanda Jurgensen
26:02.65 SRClatskanie
37.11Cindy Abrams
38.9Ashlynn Jones
26:22.53Damascus Christian
39.9Marissa Haas
26:30.04Southwest Christian
40.10Sarah Stein
26:39.99 PRWarrenton
41.10Jordyn Trump
42.10Kendall Tsuei
27:16.63 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
43.11Lilly Funk
27:18.49 PRPortland Lutheran (c...
44.10Jane Southgate
27:20.80St. Stephen's Academy
45.10Anara Gillock
27:27.04 PRPortland Christian
46.9Saran Pottschmidt
27:33.36 SRWarrenton
47.11Hanna Betsacon
27:38.69 SRDamascus Christian
48.10Krista Morrill
27:38.95 PRWarrenton
49.9Elizabeth Oeverman
27:39.58St. Stephen's Academy
50.9Katherine Shay
27:44.26St. Stephen's Academy
51.12Hannah Bartlett
52.10Jaymie Holland
28:46.91 SRRainier (OR)
53.12Hannah Breckenridge
28:54.00 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
54.12Sarah Bailey
28:55.90Portland Adventist
55.12Sophie Bailey
28:58.44Portland Adventist
56.12Maddy Metzker
29:12.99Portland Adventist
57.9Lydia Mumford
29:21.27 SRPortland Christian
58.12Katherine Carey
59.10Julia Patterson
36:01.20Rainier (OR)
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

58.9Victoria Becker
26:23.12 PRColumbia County Chri...
61.9Nastassia Goodson
27:16.29Oregon Episcopal
62.11Ruth Meeker
27:17.22 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
63.9Sydney Radigan
27:19.43 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
64.12Katherine Reamy
27:32.81 SRRiverdale
68.11Mariah Hull
28:11.95 PRRiverdale
69.10Eleanor Solomon
70.9Claire Breckenridge
28:50.92St. Stephen's Academy
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