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4,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Collin Magnusson
12:55 PRMeridian (WA)
2.12Derek Morrow
13:48 PRMeridian (WA)
3.10Derek Holz
14:01 SRMeridian (WA)
4.11Parker Morris
14:10 PRBlaine
5.11Quentin Salinas
14:13 SRSedro-Woolley
6.12Levi Morrow
14:29 PRMeridian (WA)
7.12Riley Hawkins-Hecock
14:36 PRMeridian (WA)
8.12Charlie Baldwin
14:37 PRBlaine
9.9Tanner Harwood
14:54 PRSedro-Woolley
10.11Teegan Sterling
14:55 PRSedro-Woolley
11.10Jacob Swenson
14:56 SRSedro-Woolley
12.9Kenny Barnes
15:00 SRMeridian (WA)
13.12Brendon Ross
15:04 PRMeridian (WA)
14.9Bailey Hodge
15:05 SRMeridian (WA)
15.10McKay Ross
15:09 SRMeridian (WA)
16.11Conner Jones
15:10Nooksack Valley
17.11Greg Arps
15:16 PRBlaine
18.11Zach Harvey
15:24Nooksack Valley
19.11Kent Zander
15:31 SRMeridian (WA)
20.10Ezra Swenson
15:32 SRSedro-Woolley
21.11Lars Stenseth
15:37 PRSedro-Woolley
22.11Tristan Soto
15:39 PRBlaine
23.11William Wing
15:53 PRSedro-Woolley
24.11Rico Martinez
15:55 SRMeridian (WA)
25.12Calvin Ledet
15:56 PRNooksack Valley
26.12Samuel Welch
15:56 PRBlaine
27.11Spenser Dodge
16:02 PRBlaine
28.11Preston Sandland
16:06 SRMeridian (WA)
29.9Zane Bullard
16:06 SRSedro-Woolley
30.10Valentin Villalobos
16:07Nooksack Valley
31.12Chandler Hodge
16:15 PRMeridian (WA)
32.12Alex Dodge
16:19 PRBlaine
33.10Sam DiMeo
16:25 SRSedro-Woolley
34.9Dakota Edmonds
16:41 PRMeridian (WA)
35.12Jordan Hem
16:47Nooksack Valley
36.10Elijah Rohde
17:01 PRNooksack Valley
37.9Tyler Weed
17:07Nooksack Valley
38.9Kyle V'Dovec
17:07 PRBlaine
39.9Henry Skaggs
17:08 SRMeridian (WA)
40.9Dakota Gummere
17:12 SRSedro-Woolley
41.11Andrew Bullock
17:28 PRBlaine
42.11Shawn Goto-Gierke
17:37Nooksack Valley
43.9Caleb Karber
17:37Nooksack Valley
44.11Cole Tiemersma
17:42Nooksack Valley
45.10Will Engel
17:49 SRSedro-Woolley
46.10Austin Frizzell
18:16 SRSedro-Woolley
47.9Wyatt Wahlgren
18:26 PRSedro-Woolley
48.9Peighton Walz
18:31 PRSedro-Woolley
49.10Emmet DeKoekkoek
18:33Nooksack Valley
50.10Connor Hoyle
18:34 PRSedro-Woolley
51.9Nathan Le'Roy
18:38 PRSedro-Woolley
52.9Ben Harmon
18:49 PRMeridian (WA)
53.10Colten Starbuck
18:56Nooksack Valley
54.9Riley Gamson
19:56 SRSedro-Woolley
55.10Jarrin Olenslager
20:03 SRNooksack Valley
56.9Dane Nielson
20:32 PRBlaine
57.11Nicholas Oudman
20:32 PRSedro-Woolley
58.11Noah Swanson
21:08 SRMeridian (WA)
59.9Carter Schmidt
21:09 PRMeridian (WA)
60.9Nathan Wilson
21:29 PRMeridian (WA)
61.9Nikolas Fricker
21:30 PRBlaine
62.10Sawyere Hendricks
21:57 PRBlaine
63.10Ricky Cornelius
22:51 PRMeridian (WA)
64.9Gunnar Stenseth
24:20 PRSedro-Woolley
65.9Joseph Watson
24:33 PRSedro-Woolley
66.9Alan Dent
25:17 PRSedro-Woolley
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