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Allendale HS

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Capital Homeschool36
2.GR_Track Club/GR FIRE45
3.Creative Technologies Academy109
4.Kalamazoo Homeschool Sports118
5.North Trails144
6.West MI Academy of Environme...148
7.Michigan Athletic Club for H...158
8.Bloomfield Christian177
1.12Nathanael Dick
16:44.12GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
2.9Les Miner
17:04.80Creative Technologie...
3.10Landon Dysart
17:40.17Capital Homeschool
4.11Brandon Born
17:51.73 PRKalamazoo Homeschool...
5.11Ben DeMass
17:56.47Capital Homeschool
6.10Grant Taylor
18:10.50 SRCapital Homeschool
7.10Ethan Lehman
18:13.89 PRCreative Technologie...
8.10Grant Fedewa
18:17.85 PRCapital Homeschool
9.15-16Caleb Eckl
18:22.49 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
10.11Josiah Shomsky
18:23.65GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
11.12Kyle Christensen
18:31.02 PRWest MI Academy of E...
12.10John Sergeant
18:34.63 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
13.10Matt Moerdyke
18:37.83GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
14.10Brett Cribley
18:45.58Capital Homeschool
15.10Elijah Bragg
18:55.21 SRNorth Trails
16.10Blake Smith
18:55.52 SRMichigan Athletic Cl...
17.10Niklas Jenkins
19:13.12 SRMichigan Athletic Cl...
18.12Nathan Hartges
19:21.03Capital Homeschool
19.12George Squillace
19:25.07Capital Homeschool
20.13-14Micah McFarlane
19:30.52GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
21.11Charlie Beals
19:34.72Capital Homeschool
22.8Lewis DeGoffau
19:35.53 PRCapital Homeschool
23.9James Hofstra
19:38.00Creative Technologie...
24.11Drew Nelson
19:45.40Bloomfield Christian
25.12Jonathon Carrillo
19:52.60 PRWest MI Academy of E...
26.11Nathan McLatcher
19:53.35 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
27.10Tom Derengowski
19:55.99 SRNorth Trails
28.10Seth Sturtevant
20:10.03 SRNorth Trails
29.10Caleb Otto
20:19.90Bloomfield Christian
30.11Lincoln Dobson
20:20.17Berrien County Youth...
31.11Jacob Ledvina
20:29.48Kalamazoo Homeschool...
32.10Ryan Cain
20:34.02 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
33.7Timmy DeMass
20:35.19 SRCapital Homeschool
34.8Josiah Eckl
20:43.38GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
35.8Corbin Ebeling
20:55.82 SRWest MI Academy of E...
36.10Anders Rottschaefer
20:58.75GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
37.10Josef Baker
21:00.49Capital Homeschool
38.8J.J. Bagans
21:00.79 PRMichigan Athletic Cl...
39.9Caleb Wood
21:08.78 PRCapital Homeschool
40.11Ethan Powers
21:11.20 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
41.12Nathan Parker
21:20.23Kalamazoo Homeschool...
42.9Garrett Dickhudt
21:33.96Bloomfield Christian
43.11Jordan Burns
21:37.96 PRKalamazoo Homeschool...
44.10Timothy John Downs
21:39.23Kalamazoo Homeschool...
45.9Dawson Armstrong
21:47.15Creative Technologie...
46.9Isaiah Bragg
21:58.81North Trails
47.8Jaydon Dietrich
21:59.79 SRWest MI Academy of E...
48.9Matthew Cross
22:06.88 PRNorth Trails
49.9Michael Walker
22:14.87Berrien County Youth...
50.9Ben Minier
22:22.75 SRNorth Trails
51.7Vince Fedewa
22:28.62 SRCapital Homeschool
52.8Dawson Ingersoll
22:43.33 PRCreative Technologie...
53.8Jaden Butler
22:50.43 PRCapital Homeschool
54.10Joseph Prahlow
22:50.71Berrien County Youth...
55.10David Opel
22:52.03 SRMichigan Athletic Cl...
56.11Patrick Rivet
23:11.26Capital Homeschool
57.8Kellen Vandersluis
23:13.99 SRWest MI Academy of E...
58.9Ben Minier
23:15.69North Trails
59.7Jacob Taylor
23:17.56 PRCapital Homeschool
60.11Max Kohnert
23:36.42 SRBloomfield Christian
61.11Ryan MacArthur
23:46.78Bloomfield Christian
62.8Kent Jackson
23:55.33 PRKalamazoo Home Schoo...
63.8Owen Dobson
24:01.39Berrien County Youth...
64.8Charles Wortz
24:07.98 PRCreative Technologie...
65.10Dustin Krise
24:16.17 SRCapital Homeschool
66.9Micah Potter
24:19.47 SRCapital Homeschool
67.12Ben Tobias
24:30.18Bloomfield Christian
68.10Logan Dewey
24:38.30Michigan Athletic Cl...
69.11Joshua Appel
24:59.98 PRWest MI Academy of E...
70.7Saul Baker
25:31.21 PRCapital Homeschool
71.11Thomas Goode
26:00.55North Trails
72.7Tim Eastwood
26:06.09 SRCapital Homeschool
73.7Duncan Bieber
28:25.23 PRCapital Homeschool
74.10Sam Tobias
28:40.87Bloomfield Christian
75.7Owen Smith
29:16.74 PRMichigan Athletic Cl...
76.12Jon Hoops
30:11.76Creative Technologie...
77.8Eli Clinger
39:34.37 PRCapital Homeschool
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Capital Homeschool29
2.GR_Track Club/GR FIRE50
3.Kalamazoo Homeschool Sports55
4.Creative Technologies Academy106
1.11Sarah Kettel
17:24.97 PRCapital Homeschool
2.15-16Ashleigh Blom
19:39.07 PRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
3.9Annika Shoemaker
19:42.43 SRCapital Homeschool
4.-Martha Shomsky
19:56.78 PRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
5.9Emma Engle
19:57.06 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
6.9Larisa DeMass
20:11.99 PRCapital Homeschool
7.10Katie Theis
20:20.80Kalamazoo Homeschool...
8.10Rebekah Shomsky
20:22.40 PRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
9.12Kyria Shoemaker
20:26.80 SRCapital Homeschool
10.12Mara Johnson
20:40.05Capital Homeschool
11.12Hannah Atkinson
21:11.56 PRKalamazoo Homeschool...
12.9Victoria Dobson
21:13.66Berrien County Youth...
13.10Rebecca Kettel
21:51.11 SRCapital Homeschool
14.9Hannah Schmidt
21:56.65 PRBloomfield Christian
15.7Sophia Shoemaker
22:04.70 PRCapital Homeschool
16.10Kate Kavanaugh
22:39.87 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
17.8Makayla Kribs
22:42.46 PRCapital Homeschool
18.12Marie Vidosh
22:45.13 SRMichigan Athletic Cl...
19.10Sarah Grace Roskos
22:46.55 SRCapital Homeschool
20.9Isabelle TenElshof
23:07.91 SRWest MI Academy of E...
21.12Lydia Fedewa
23:13.40Capital Homeschool
22.7Cate Sargeant
23:19.59GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
23.8Emma Schaub
23:26.41 PRCapital Homeschool
24.7Hannah Hofstra
23:42.79 PRCreative Technologie...
25.7Zoe Lehman
23:56.16 PRCreative Technologie...
26.11Alyssa Burns
24:24.47Kalamazoo Homeschool...
27.12Nora Gibes
24:33.67 PRKalamazoo Homeschool...
28.7Emma Dobson
24:38.57Berrien County Youth...
29.10Kamille Butler
24:55.51Capital Homeschool
30.10Brittany Spitzner
24:58.37 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
31.10Lauren Smith
25:02.98 SRCapital Homeschool
32.10Christiana Heikoop
25:03.36GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
33.9Emilee Eastwood
25:06.18Capital Homeschool
34.7Claire Taylor
25:12.59 PRCapital Homeschool
35.12Maggie Miko
25:26.97Kalamazoo Homeschool...
36.7Grace Gurley
25:30.96 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
37.8Sophia Squillace
25:32.99 PRCapital Homeschool
38.10Evelyn Pelfrey
25:39.01Kalamazoo Homeschool...
39.7Leah Green
25:39.69 PRMichigan Athletic Cl...
40.11Meg Downs
25:41.50 PRKalamazoo Homeschool...
41.9Quinn Wardie
25:41.77Bloomfield Christian
42.12Samantha Buckert
25:43.47Bloomfield Christian
43.9Tyler Eastwood
25:43.74 PRCapital Homeschool
44.9Lan Sinkovitz
25:46.45Kalamazoo Homeschool...
45.9Bethany Bult
26:00.79 SRKalamazoo Homeschool...
46.11Moriah Clinger
26:08.46Capital Homeschool
47.10Kirsten Bullock
26:20.32Kalamazoo Homeschool...
48.8Kira Jenkins
26:28.91 PRMichigan Athletic Cl...
49.10Rebekah Hartges
26:32.02Capital Homeschool
50.12Olivia Wortz
26:37.22 PRCreative Technologie...
51.11Desiree Carranco
26:41.09 PRWest MI Academy of E...
52.8Brianne Calkins
26:51.95 PRCreative Technologie...
53.10Marissa Polinder
26:58.26 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
54.8Abigail Cain
27:23.22 PRKalamazoo Home Schoo...
55.10Teah Lowe
27:36.47 PRNorth Trails
56.9Maddie Schaub
28:02.61Capital Homeschool
57.9Claire Bieber
28:11.29Capital Homeschool
58.7Laina Wood
28:30.26 PRCapital Homeschool
59.13-14Mary Clare Liedel
29:26.03 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
60.8MaryAnna Prahlow
30:05.66 PRBerrien County Youth...
61.12Rebecca Cooper
31:46.53 PRNorth Trails
62.9Hannah Bowman
32:10.21Capital Homeschool
63.11Sydney Carey
33:31.22Bloomfield Christian
64.8Emma Cribley
34:09.43 PRCapital Homeschool
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