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Mens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Nooksack Valley
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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

3.Nooksack Valley65
1.12Wyatt Mullen
13:14.20 PRBurlington-Edison
2.12Chais Sugden
13:57.90 PRSqualicum
3.11Conner Jones
14:26.70 SRNooksack Valley
4.9Blake Donnelly
14:29.00 SRBurlington-Edison
5.10Trey Meyer
14:40.30 SRBurlington-Edison
6.9Collin Sullivan
14:51.20 SRBurlington-Edison
7.12BJ Drye
14:52.00 PRBurlington-Edison
8.10Max Thurmond
15:05.00 PRBurlington-Edison
9.9Chuck Dvorachek
15:07.10 PRSqualicum
10.12Dylan Tomberlin
15:07.50 SRSqualicum
11.11Zach Harvey
15:13.40 SRNooksack Valley
12.11Denny McAuliffe
15:20.60 PRSqualicum
13.12Ethan Behee
15:25.50 PRSqualicum
14.10Valentin Villalobos
15:26.00 PRNooksack Valley
15.9Dillon Thomas
15:32.00 SRBurlington-Edison
16.11John Dye
15:36.30 PRSqualicum
17.9Carl Peterson
15:37.00 PRSqualicum
18.10Curt Peila
15:40.00 SRSqualicum
19.12Jordan Hem
15:43.30 PRNooksack Valley
20.9Marcos Gonzalez
15:47.00 SRBurlington-Edison
21.11Max Gross
15:59.20 PRBurlington-Edison
22.9Mitch Wesen
16:05.70 PRBurlington-Edison
23.11Dylan Elton
16:14.30 SRBurlington-Edison
24.9Jacob Gervais
16:23.00 SRSqualicum
25.9Tyler Weed
16:23.30 PRNooksack Valley
26.12Isaac Stewart
16:38.20 PRBurlington-Edison
27.11Skylar Gallagher
16:44.40 PRBurlington-Edison
28.11Cole Tiemersma
16:52.90 PRNooksack Valley
29.10Colten Starbuck
16:55.00 SRNooksack Valley
30.11Shawn Goto-Gierke
16:58.00 PRNooksack Valley
31.9Mark Behee
16:59.10 SRSqualicum
32.11Evan Waldschmidt
17:01.70 SRBurlington-Edison
33.9Caleb Karber
17:05.70 SRNooksack Valley
34.12Kevin Miranda
17:29.10 PRBurlington-Edison
35.9Benjamin Crosby
17:31.00 PRBurlington-Edison
36.9Sam Clark
17:51.00 SRSqualicum
37.9Isaac Holmberg
17:55.50 PRSqualicum
38.9Larson Stadler
17:56.40 PRSqualicum
39.9Quinn Jansma
18:02.50 PRSqualicum
40.10Emmet DeKoekkoek
18:11.80 PRNooksack Valley
41.11Kyler Cantrell
18:19.00 SRSqualicum
42.12Matthew Moe
18:26.40 PRBurlington-Edison
43.10Jimmy Haggen
19:26.80 SRNooksack Valley
44.10Jarrin Olenslager
20:23.50Nooksack Valley
45.9Marcus Benson
21:14.40 PRSqualicum
46.12Daniel Rojo
21:17.50 PRBurlington-Edison
47.9Kiet Ngo
21:33.20 SRSqualicum
48.9Eamon Carmichael
21:36.50 PRSqualicum
49.10Ryan Cunningham
27:50.30 SRSqualicum
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