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Mens Races
3.08 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
3.08 Mile Junior Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.5 Mile Junior Varsity3:30 PM
3.08 Mile Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

3.08 Mile Varsity

1.9Joaquin Martinez d...
16:36Cathedral Catholic
2.12Raymond Boffman
16:37Cathedral Catholic
3.10Hank Tadeusiak
16:43Cathedral Catholic
4.9Anthony Benitez
11Ryan Dent
17:04St Augustine
12Alex Stokes
17:35 PRSt Augustine
7.10Michael Robinson
17:40Cathedral Catholic
8.12Daniel DeLoe
17:52 PRSerra
9.11Dylan Brenk
17:53Cathedral Catholic
10William Stonehouse
18:08St Augustine
10.10Daniel Robinson
18:08Cathedral Catholic
11Alex Karaniwan
18:28St Augustine
13.12Connor Marmion
18:32 SRCathedral Catholic
14.11John Granahan
18:35Cathedral Catholic
15.10Keoni Rodriguez
18:36Cathedral Catholic
16.11Jacob Itchon
18:37Cathedral Catholic
17.10Riley Henderson
18:38Cathedral Catholic
11Jacob Zickert
18:51St Augustine
20.12Adrian Patterson
21.10Max Collier
22.10Chris Alexander
23.12Marc Lewis
24.12Nathan Rasch
25.12Nicholas Nguyen
21:07 PRSerra
11Matt Danaher
8:50St Augustine
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3.08 Mile Junior Varsity

3.10David Bourassa
19:48Cathedral Catholic
5.11Grant Brannigan
19:56Cathedral Catholic
12Arman Attisha
19:59St Augustine
7.10Dominic Catanzaro
20:01Cathedral Catholic
8.9Michael Dischner
20:03Cathedral Catholic
11.11Patrick Greene
20:16Cathedral Catholic
12.10Jacob Laxamana
9Thomas Roth
20:19St Augustine
14.12Joseph Powers
20:19Cathedral Catholic
16.11Aidan Booth
20:25 SRCathedral Catholic
24.10Luke Leidiger
21:03Cathedral Catholic
26.10Dylan Gallego
21:09Cathedral Catholic
10Chris Bernens
21:15 SRSt Augustine
31.12Blake Booker
21:20Cathedral Catholic
34.9Luke Hofrichter
21:47Cathedral Catholic
35.9Jack Bacich
21:50Cathedral Catholic
35.12Jonathan Downey
21:51Cathedral Catholic
39.10Matthew Joslin
9Ben Wilhelm
22:03St Augustine
41.10Ian Thurgood
22:06Cathedral Catholic
9William Legg
22:08 SRSt Augustine
9Matthew Blodgett
22:13St Augustine
9Jonathan Engle
22:21St Augustine
47.9Nicholas Hennemann
48.9Shawn Riley
10Ronoel Rorman
22:35St Augustine
50.10Aaron Quini
22:37Cathedral Catholic
51.10Terence Zegarra
22:38Cathedral Catholic
52.9Tyler Sweeney
22:53Cathedral Catholic
53.10Daniel Arca
22:53Cathedral Catholic
11Jacob Vazquez
23:31St Augustine
59.10Jack Schaefer
23:48Cathedral Catholic
62.10Michael Faucett
64.10Robert Berrios
9Seth Hanson
24:40 PRSt Augustine
11Matt Espinosa
25:08St Augustine
69.10William Bacon
25:13Cathedral Catholic
70.9Parker Groenke
25:20Cathedral Catholic
11Andrew Feiner
25:21St Augustine
73.9Donald Hepburn
75.12Toju Etchie
27:53 PRCathedral Catholic
76.9Ethan Beaumont
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Womens Results

2.5 Mile Junior Varsity

1.9Bailey McCraner
17:50 PRCathedral Catholic
3.9Jimena Salazar
18:54Cathedral Catholic
4.9Anna Bourke
18:54Cathedral Catholic
5.9Maggie Tomcho
18:59Cathedral Catholic
7.9Olivia Firsching
19:07 PRCathedral Catholic
10Katherine Shen
19:19 PROur Lady of Peace7:43 RP
9Olivia Justice
19:20Our Lady of Peace7:43 RP
9Natasha Hopkins-Baum
19:20Our Lady of Peace7:43 RP
12.11Gabby Burns
19:24Cathedral Catholic
13.12Heather Pape
19:37 PRCathedral Catholic
14.10Victoria Aragon
20:23Cathedral Catholic
15.12Christina Johnson
20:23Cathedral Catholic
10Ana Paola Rubio
20:25Our Lady of Peace8:10 RP
9Francesca Salazar
20:28 PROur Lady of Peace8:11 RP
9Nicole Valdivia
20:35Our Lady of Peace8:13 RP
22.9Katie Nicholi
20:41Cathedral Catholic
9Jessica Lindgren
20:42Our Lady of Peace8:15 RP
26.11Katie Farley
20:52Cathedral Catholic
27.9Isabel Licosati
20:59Cathedral Catholic
28.9Abigail Gausepohl
21:01Cathedral Catholic
29.9Kendall Defelippi
21:02Cathedral Catholic
10Alexandra Espino
34.11Jennifer Bumbaugh
21:15Cathedral Catholic
35.9Christina Pedler
21:15Cathedral Catholic
10Paulina Halley
21:27 PROur Lady of Peace8:35 RP
9Tye Ramirez
21:44 PRSerra
44.9Anna Ross
21:51Cathedral Catholic
45.12Megan Golba
21:59Cathedral Catholic
48.10Amanda Williams
22:11Cathedral Catholic
50.12Elizabeth Sullivan
22:21Cathedral Catholic
57.11Samantha Ault
22:33 PRCathedral Catholic
52.9Nicole Pereira-Poli
22:45Cathedral Catholic
12Anna Williamson
23:25 SROur Lady of Peace9:22 RP
10Alexandra Davis
9Kylen Seek
58.12Christine Lopez
23:44Cathedral Catholic
12Nicole Hernandez
9Viviana Sanchez
23:52Our Lady of Peace9:32 RP
61.9Emily Holloway
23:57Cathedral Catholic
10Sydney Stepovich
24:25 SROur Lady of Peace9:46 RP
11Jesenia Rendon
24:25 PRSerra
12Nikole Chetty
12Carla Vargas
24:26 PRSerra
11Isabella Alexander
25:29Our Lady of Peace10:11 RP
10Madeleine King
25:30 SROur Lady of Peace10:11 RP
9Sara Duron
25:31Our Lady of Peace10:11 RP
69.10Alex Kosen
26:48Cathedral Catholic
70.9Sarah Armenta
26:49Cathedral Catholic
71.9Ashley Greeven
26:51Cathedral Catholic
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3.08 Mile Varsity

9Cami Doheny
21:10Cathedral Catholic
2.10Alex Cerveny
21:21Cathedral Catholic
3.9Gabrielle Waters
21:24Cathedral Catholic
4.12Michaela Elmer
21:35Cathedral Catholic
5.10Ameya Patel
21:37Cathedral Catholic
10Lacey Yahnke
21:40Our Lady of Peace7:13 RP
7.10Dani Lopez
21:43Cathedral Catholic
9Madeline Klem
22:03 PROur Lady of Peace7:21 RP
9.12Audrey Jawor
22:13Cathedral Catholic
10.11Erin MacNeil
22:33Cathedral Catholic
11Katlyn McDonough
22:38Our Lady of Peace7:32 RP
11Kathleen Boyle
22:41Our Lady of Peace7:33 RP
13.11Claire Hobrock
22:45Cathedral Catholic
14.12Emily Armstrong
22:48Cathedral Catholic
15.12Gabi Foyle
22:51Cathedral Catholic
16.9Bethany Love
9Kayley Gibbons
23:01Our Lady of Peace7:40 RP
9Samantha Carranza
23:01 PROur Lady of Peace7:40 RP
19.9Hazel Groff
23:24Cathedral Catholic
20.12Angela Hitchcock
23:46Cathedral Catholic
21.10Maria Agnas
12Hannah Keohane
24:18 SROur Lady of Peace8:06 RP
23.10Konane Gurfield
24.12Gabby Thomas
24:22Cathedral Catholic
12Lindsay Magee
24:34Our Lady of Peace8:11 RP
26.12Victoria Davis
24:42 SRSerra
12Megan Baughman
24:46Our Lady of Peace8:15 RP
28.11Zuleyma Hernandez
29.11Madisyn Johnson
12Selena Reyes
28:33 SROur Lady of Peace9:31 RP
9Torrey Brownell
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