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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

1.11Darvale Jackson
15:41.3 PRJohn W. North
2.12Chandler Gamboa
15:51.5Valley View
3.11Juan Ambriz
15:51.9 SRJohn W. North
4.11Sergio Lemus
15:57.9 PRCanyon Springs
5.12Jeffrey Robbins
16:03.4Poly (Riverside)
6.9Raymond Franco
16:07.0Rancho Verde
7.12Brandon Joseph
16:11.3Poly (Riverside)
8.10Ernesto Castro
16:12.0 PRValley View
9.12Chris Vitrano
16:12.3Valley View
10.12Luke Vickers
11.12Cristian Nunez
16:19.8Poly (Riverside)
12.11Jonathan Linares
16:23.0 PRValley View
13.11Ricardo Cardenas
16:24.8John W. North
14.11Miguel Vazquez
16:25.0Rancho Verde
15.12Antonio Delatorre
16:25.6 PRRancho Verde
16.10Shunta Abe
16:30.0 PRJohn W. North
17.12Preston Dodson
16:33.6Poly (Riverside)
18.10Andrew Bengtson
16:34.1Poly (Riverside)
19.12Pedro Gutierrez
16:41.4Valley View
20.11John Hernandez
16:48.2Canyon Springs
21.11Adam Johnson
16:53.0Valley View
22.11Bernard Pantoja
16:55.5 SRRancho Verde
23.11Christian Gandara
16:56.6Rancho Verde
24.9Andres Michel
16:57.0Valley View
25.12Michael Atwell
16:57.9Poly (Riverside)
26.11Rudy Perez
17:00.9 SRCanyon Springs
27.10Caleb Ragan
17:07.2John W. North
28.11Abram Torres
17:07.7 SRRancho Verde
29.11Franco Vidal
17:12.9 SRJohn W. North
30.11Nicholas Vallin
17:20.5 SRRancho Verde
31.11Sal Cruz
17:26.4 PRCanyon Springs
32.11Manuel Villarruel
17:32.1Canyon Springs
33.10Dylan DeGrood
17:56.2Poly (Riverside)
34.11Freddie Guzman
18:26.3John W. North
35.12Joshua Ludwig
36.10Diego Olalde
19:20.4 SRArlington
37.9Christian Caloca
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

1.10Isaiah Sanchez
16:57.1 PRValley View
2.10Anthony Noble
17:15.6Valley View
3.10Rudy Valdivia
17:26.0Valley View
4.10Isaiah Ingram
17:26.9Rancho Verde
5.10Aaron German
17:29.9 PRRancho Verde
6.10Daniel Contreras
17:34.7 SRCanyon Springs
7.11Isaiah Villasana
17:37.4Valley View
8.12Ryan Finazzo
17:44.8Poly (Riverside)
9.11Ismael Mendoza
17:52.9 PRJohn W. North
10.9Humberto Gonzalez
17:53.8Rancho Verde
11.12Eddy Sanchez
17:55.1Valley View
12.9Adrian Lopez
17:57.8 SRRancho Verde
13.10Darien McGowan
17:59.0 PRValley View
14.12Eric Flores
17:59.8Poly (Riverside)
15.10Jason Sanchez
18:03.5Valley View
16.11Michael Perez
18:08.0Valley View
17.9Michael Utterback
18:10.8Poly (Riverside)
18.11Jeremy Garcia
18:13.3 SRPoly (Riverside)
19.11Robin Gonzalez
18:27.7 PRValley View
20.9Jerimiah Flores
18:35.8 PRValley View
21.10Gavin Arrieta
18:37.0Valley View
22.11Arnie Quintanilla
18:37.2Valley View
23.11Thomas Donovan
18:37.3 PRPoly (Riverside)
24.9Juan Corrona
18:37.3 PRValley View
25.12Brandon Enyeart
18:38.4Poly (Riverside)
26.9Eddie Delgado
18:41.9 PRJohn W. North
27.9LeRenzo Gipson
18:43.8 SRPoly (Riverside)
28.12Scott Field
18:48.2Poly (Riverside)
29.12Brandon Jorgenson
18:48.6 PRPoly (Riverside)
30.10Eric Geronimo
18:48.8Rancho Verde
31.12Daniel Ramirez
18:55.0Valley View
32.9Christian Degrood
19:03.7 SRPoly (Riverside)
33.9Ian Hughes
19:07.2Poly (Riverside)
34.9Eduardo Licea
19:08.4 PRCanyon Springs
35.11John Paul Legaspi
19:08.5 PRValley View
36.12Isaac Chan
19:11.9 SRJohn W. North
37.11Jonathan Lepe
19:12.8 SRRancho Verde
38.9Daniel Cortes
19:13.6 PRCanyon Springs
39.9Bryan Dorr
19:14.3 SRValley View
40.9Jordan Dunlap
19:25.0Rancho Verde
41.11Kevin Nelson
19:26.4 SRPoly (Riverside)
42.12Nick McMinn
19:27.0John W. North
43.9Bryce McManigal
19:33.9Poly (Riverside)
44.10James Jameiro
19:44.4Canyon Springs
45.9Riley White
19:47.4Poly (Riverside)
46.11Isaac Lopez
19:48.0Rancho Verde
47.11Steven Granda
19:50.1 SRRancho Verde
48.10Blaine Songco
19:52.8 SRCanyon Springs
49.11Shadi Abulajah
19:54.8Valley View
50.10Sam Tick
19:58.0Poly (Riverside)
51.9Hector Herrera
19:58.5 SRPoly (Riverside)
52.10Joseph Abreo
19:59.2Poly (Riverside)
53.9Ramiro Perez
20:00.8 SRValley View
54.12Artie White
20:07.8Poly (Riverside)
55.9Omar Eldin
20:10.9John W. North
56.9Parker Moore
20:14.9 SRPoly (Riverside)
57.9Nathen Rivas
20:20.7Rancho Verde
58.12Victor Delgado
20:22.8 PRRancho Verde
59.12Richie Holguin
20:44.5Rancho Verde
60.9Ricardo Ramirez
20:46.5Rancho Verde
61.9Luis De la Cruz
20:47.6 SRRancho Verde
62.10Adrian Diaz
21:07.0Valley View
63.11David Padua
21:17.1Rancho Verde
64.9Andre Gutierrez
21:28.7Valley View
65.12Austin Voce
24:12.6 PRJohn W. North
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Poly (Riverside)17
2.Rancho Verde52
3.Valley View76
4.Canyon Springs117
1.11Clarissa Chagolla
18:19.6John W. North
2.11Alexandra Stetkevick
18:37.5Poly (Riverside)
3.11Adriana Hernandez
18:49.1 PRJohn W. North
4.12Alexis Louis
18:51.2Poly (Riverside)
5.10Julia Valdez
18:53.0Poly (Riverside)
6.11Karla Abad
7.9Kalea Ibarra
19:14.3Poly (Riverside)
8.11Katelyn Hansen
19:27.8 PRJohn W. North
9.12Victoria Angulo
19:29.9 PRRancho Verde
10.12Isis Gonzalez
19:31.6John W. North
11.10Arlene Celis
19:36.1 SRValley View
12.12Baellae Hoops
19:36.3Canyon Springs
13.12Megan Reed
19:48.5Poly (Riverside)
14.11Angelina Perez
19:56.8 SRValley View
15.11Ariel Yepez
19:57.7John W. North
16.12Liana Amaro
20:07.6 SRJohn W. North
17.10Marina Kaye
20:11.3Poly (Riverside)
18.12Christina Campbell
20:27.5Valley View
19.11Sophia Hrinko
20:27.9Poly (Riverside)
20.11Lorena Rubalcava
20:50.7Valley View
21.10Abigail Sauceda
21:01.7 PRRancho Verde
22.12Paola Godinez
21:14.8Rancho Verde
23.9Victoria Flores
21:16.1 SRRancho Verde
24.11Lajayah Medina
21:17.9Canyon Springs
25.11Guadalupe Roman
21:22.2Rancho Verde
26.10Samantha Castillo
21:27.4John W. North
27.12Gloria Olivas
21:29.0Rancho Verde
28.12Alyssa Ruiz
21:30.1Canyon Springs
29.12Sabrina Rodriguez
21:32.9Valley View
30.10Star Hernandez
21:33.0 PRRancho Verde
31.9Ashley Hodel
32.11Denisse Rosales
21:59.7Canyon Springs
33.10Celeste Perez
22:03.3Valley View
34.9Erica Masters
22:31.5 SRCanyon Springs
35.10Sophie Pintar
22:32.7Canyon Springs
36.10Katerine Perez
22:49.3Canyon Springs
37.10Rachel Ornelas
38.12Ana Morales
23:43.7Valley View
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

1.12Christina Winn
20:28.5Poly (Riverside)
2.9Kellee Collier
20:32.6John W. North
3.11Sierra Valenzuela
20:33.4 SRPoly (Riverside)
4.10Samantha Valencia
21:39.0Poly (Riverside)
5.10Keaira Muqaddim
21:48.7 PRRancho Verde
6.12Charissa Corona
21:53.8Poly (Riverside)
7.10Sophia Cabrera
22:00.3Poly (Riverside)
8.9Abigail Burke
22:03.0Poly (Riverside)
9.9Brittney Montalbano
22:10.3 PRPoly (Riverside)
10.9Cayley Oravets
22:16.6 SRPoly (Riverside)
11.11Emily Lui
22:19.7 PRJohn W. North
12.9Alisia Cooke
22:26.2 PRRancho Verde
13.11Iridian Valdivia
22:28.3Valley View
14.12Natalie Elias
22:46.6Valley View
15.9Natalie Jaramillo
22:53.1Rancho Verde
16.11Keyana Bogan
23:01.7Rancho Verde
17.12Vanessa Pineda
23:02.9Poly (Riverside)
18.12Wendy Reynaga
23:05.0 PRRancho Verde
19.10Marina Kaye
23:08.9Poly (Riverside)
20.10Chine Ehiemere
23:10.0Rancho Verde
21.9Sabrina Bastidas
23:15.1Rancho Verde
22.11Cynthia Gould
23:16.3Valley View
23.9Monica Krakora
23:18.9 SRPoly (Riverside)
24.9Aubree Raya
23:19.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
25.10Nikki Lapuz
23:32.1Rancho Verde
26.12Sabrina Weismann
23:36.4Poly (Riverside)
27.9Giselle Herrera
23:39.8Valley View
28.12Raquel Correa
23:58.2 SRPoly (Riverside)
29.10Alexa Olivas
23:58.3Rancho Verde
30.11Sandra Reyes
23:59.9Canyon Springs
31.12Josseline Ponce
24:03.0Valley View
32.10Hillary Tovar
24:06.1Valley View
33.9Vanessa Sierra
24:07.2 SRValley View
34.9Liza Marie Perez
24:15.7Valley View
35.12Emily Olmedo
24:26.4 SRPoly (Riverside)
36.11Arlene Herrera
24:31.7Valley View
37.10Janelle Houchin
24:40.8Poly (Riverside)
38.11Jasmine Pineda
24:41.4Poly (Riverside)
39.12Tanya Queuedo
24:51.9Valley View
40.9Alyssa Murillo-Alv...
25:01.4 PRValley View
41.10Yesenia Pedraza
25:05.4 SRPoly (Riverside)
42.11Courtney Green
25:37.3John W. North
43.12Meilani Burnham
26:04.3Canyon Springs
44.11Stephany Adan
26:29.7 PRCanyon Springs
45.11Jasmine Torres
26:32.1Canyon Springs
46.9Trinity Long
26:51.6Poly (Riverside)
47.11Valerie Alcaraz
26:54.4Rancho Verde
48.11Cynthia Ramos
26:55.2Valley View
49.10Maria Garcia
27:13.7Valley View
50.10Kara Williams
27:45.9 PRValley View
51.12Bridget Villanueva
27:47.2 PRCanyon Springs
52.11Brianna Carlos
27:49.0Valley View
53.10Sophie Wesis
27:52.8 SRPoly (Riverside)
54.9Michelle Boulos
28:08.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
55.12Ithzel Rosas
28:16.4 PRPoly (Riverside)
56.11Daisie Hernandez
28:43.5 SRRancho Verde
57.10Paige Jones
31:35.2Poly (Riverside)
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