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2.5 Mile Varsity and JV

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Mens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity and JV

Official Team Scores

1.Mount Baker27
1.12Chais Sugden
14:20 PRSqualicum
2.12Jesse Phan
14:40 PRMount Baker
3.11Quentin Salinas
14:46 PRSedro-Woolley
4.12Dylan Tomberlin
15:08 PRSqualicum
5.10Mitchell Pelzer
15:38 PRMount Baker
6.10Ian Tomberlin
15:45 PRSqualicum
7.10Keenan Gray
15:53 PRMount Baker
8.9Tanner Harwood
15:59 PRSedro-Woolley
9.10Jacob Swenson
16:01 PRSedro-Woolley
10.9Caleb Forbes
16:05 PRMount Baker
11.11Teegan Sterling
16:17 PRSedro-Woolley
12.10Ezra Swenson
16:24 PRSedro-Woolley
13.10Curt Peila
16:30.1 PRSqualicum
14.11William Wing
16:30.5 PRSedro-Woolley
15.12Ethan Behee
16:30.7 PRSqualicum
16.11Lars Stenseth
16:37 PRSedro-Woolley
17.12Espen Stalder
16:41 PRSqualicum
18.11Brenden Pelkie
16:47 PRSqualicum
19.11John Dye
16:55 PRSqualicum
20.9Raiven McCormick
16:58 PRMount Baker
21.9Jacob Gervais
17:26 PRSqualicum
22.10Austin Frizzell
17:39 PRSedro-Woolley
23.12Daniel Roth
17:53 PRSqualicum
24.11Joe Crump
18:12 PRSqualicum
25.9Chuck Dvorachek
18:24 PRSqualicum
26.10Will Engel
18:47 PRSedro-Woolley
27.9Dakota Gummere
18:50 PRSedro-Woolley
28.9Mark Behee
18:55 PRSqualicum
29.9Tyler Warren
19:07 PRSqualicum
30.9Isaac Holmberg
19:12 PRSqualicum
31.11Kyler Cantrell
19:53 PRSqualicum
32.10Connor Hoyle
19:57 PRSedro-Woolley
33.9Riley Gamson
20:15 PRSedro-Woolley
34.9Marcus Benson
20:23 PRSqualicum
35.9Sam Clark
20:32 PRSqualicum
36.9Larson Stadler
20:45 PRSqualicum
37.9Nathan Le'Roy
21:15 PRSedro-Woolley
38.9Cameron Scoville
21:44 PRMount Baker
39.9Quinn Jansma
21:48 PRSqualicum
40.9Brad Hay
22:05 PRMount Baker
41.9Peighton Walz
22:50 PRSedro-Woolley
42.9Kiet Ngo
23:31 PRSqualicum
43.9AJ Flores
24:30.08 PRSqualicum
44.9Michael Whitson
24:30.9 PRMount Baker
45.10Ryan Cunningham
27:59 PRSqualicum
46.9Joseph Watson
36:08 PRSedro-Woolley
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