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Cascade (Everett)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Mountlake Terrace49
3.Mt Vernon66
4.Cascade (Everett)72
1.12Brad Hodkinson
2.12Michael Giles
17:01Mt Vernon
3.12Jackson Wagner
17:04Cascade (Everett)
4.12Daniel Medhane
17:09 PRMountlake Terrace
5.12Ryan Gillings
6.10Braeden Sims
17:20 SRMountlake Terrace
7.10Gerardo Garibay
17:27 PRMt Vernon
8.12Robert Williams
9.10Nick Leidig
17:29 SRMountlake Terrace
10.10Aaron Leavens
11.10Alex Reyes-Collazo
17:36Cascade (Everett)
12.12Travis Phelps
13.11Hans Thoreson
14.12Conrad Bratz
17:44 PRMountlake Terrace
15.12Casey Goodwin
17:45 PRMt Vernon
16.12Kyle Rhodes
17:50 PRMountlake Terrace
17.12Joel Henry
17:52Cascade (Everett)
18.12Evan Hurt
17:53Cascade (Everett)
19.12Taron Castleton
17:55 PRMountlake Terrace
20.11Jaidev Merritt
18:01 PRMt Vernon
21.10Jason Fairhurst
22.11Anthony Mendoza
18:11 SRMt Vernon
23.12Brandon Bjelke
18:19Cascade (Everett)
24.10Michael Cooley
25.10Alvin Nguyen
18:25 SRMariner
26.11Diego Casillas
18:25 SRMariner
27.10Nate Young
18:27Mt Vernon
28.12Jaden Yackley
18:32Mountlake Terrace
29.9Adam Erie
18:38 SRMt Vernon
30.12Juwan Smith
18:40 PRMariner
31.10Hayden Jenkins
18:45 PRMt Vernon
32.10Gabe Tonks
18:49 SRSnohomish
33.10Jesse Arce
18:58 PRMt Vernon
34.12Ken Tran
19:10Cascade (Everett)
35.11Jason Ernst
19:24Mountlake Terrace
36.11Garrett McNeill
37.9Brendan Roozen
19:52 SRMt Vernon
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cascade (Everett)32
3.Mountlake Terrace70
4.Mt Vernon74
1.10Jacob Schafte
18:47 SRCascade (Everett)
2.9Kendal Takeshita
18:57Cascade (Everett)
3.9Liam Anderson
4.11Conner Snow
19:04 PRSnohomish
5.9Clayton Bjelke
19:07Cascade (Everett)
6.11Steven Bishop
19:47Cascade (Everett)
7.10Jason O'Connell
19:50 PRMountlake Terrace
8.9Josh Ernst
19:51 SRMountlake Terrace
9.9Sasha Dean
19:54 PRMt Vernon
10.11MacKenzie Siemens
19:57Mountlake Terrace
11.11Jerrod Ludden
19:59 SRMt Vernon
12.9Fernando Castaneda
20:10 SRMariner
13.12Evan Campbell
14.11Evan Forys
15.11Juan Carlos Nolazco
20:17Mt Vernon
16.9Kendall Yackley
20:19 SRMountlake Terrace
17.12Oscar Avalos
18.9Zachary Marxer
20:21 SRCascade (Everett)
19.11Joseph Renault
20:43Mt Vernon
20.10Ryan Kennedy
20:44Mt Vernon
21.11Josh Felker
20:47Mt Vernon
22.10Dillan Meyer
20:48 PRSnohomish
23.11Christopher Perry
20:52 SRMt Vernon
24.10Logan Moldenhauer
20:54 SRMt Vernon
25.9Daniel Diaz
20:58 PRMt Vernon
26.9Ron Williams
21:05 PRSnohomish
27.12Anthony Eddy
21:07Cascade (Everett)
28.10Anson Sevigny
21:18 PRMariner
29.10Mohamed Nour
21:18Cascade (Everett)
30.9Ben Thunselle
31.9Brandon Brown
21:20Cascade (Everett)
32.10Jake Broulette
21:23 SRMountlake Terrace
33.9Jacob Biebl
21:30Mt Vernon
34.9Connor Telford
35.10Tyler Beveridge
21:33 PRCascade (Everett)
36.9Alex Vi
21:37Cascade (Everett)
37.9River Greenwood
21:41Mt Vernon
38.10David Salzer
21:44 PRMariner
39.9Noah McCarty
21:45 SRMountlake Terrace
40.10Josh Morrin
22:00 PRMountlake Terrace
41.10Matthew Giles
22:05Mt Vernon
42.9Jaden Glunt
22:06 SRMt Vernon
43.12Jonathan Favil
22:14 PRMariner
44.9Jackson Peckenpaugh
22:21 SRSnohomish
45.11Jacob Lantry
22:23Mt Vernon
46.10James Ramirez
22:32Cascade (Everett)
47.9Kevin Truong
22:33 PRCascade (Everett)
48.11Daniel Sullivan
22:34Mt Vernon
49.9Paul Tippett
50.-Marce Perea
22:53 PRMt Vernon
51.9Zach Krogemann
23:29Mt Vernon
52.10Alex Crandall
23:37Mt Vernon
53.12Kenneth Joven
54.9Karl Berner
55.11Agustin Castro
24:35Cascade (Everett)
56.11Bryant Gutierrez
24:39Cascade (Everett)
57.11Jeremy Anderson
24:46 SRMariner
58.9Trenton Scott
59.9James Gisle
25:04 PRMountlake Terrace
60.9Christopher Bennett
25:23Mt Vernon
61.9Aidan Dalton
25:25Mt Vernon
62.9Cole Corcoran
25:53 SRMt Vernon
63.12Jake Ransom
25:54 PRSnohomish
64.9Gus Schubeck
25:57 PRMt Vernon
65.10Sammy Abebe
26:25Mountlake Terrace
66.10Sean Johnson
26:25Cascade (Everett)
67.10Tate Cohan
26:58 SRMt Vernon
68.9William Dudarov
27:22Cascade (Everett)
69.10James DeLong
27:28Cascade (Everett)
70.9William Kolesar
27:37 PRCascade (Everett)
71.12Colton Gifford
29:33Cascade (Everett)
72.10Jackson Sanders
31:52Mt Vernon
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mountlake Terrace28
3.Mt Vernon95
5.Cascade (Everett)105
1.10Abbie Steinhauer
2.11Kyla Shade
3.10Katherine Gustafson
20:39Mountlake Terrace
4.10Sophia Nelson
20:39Mountlake Terrace
5.11Ella Schroth
20:39Mountlake Terrace
6.11Katherine Walter
20:39Mountlake Terrace
7.12Bri Gibson
8.10Katie Brandvold
9.11Shawna Krueger
21:05 SRSnohomish
10.9Marika Jamtaas
21:23Mountlake Terrace
11.11Elita Tippett
12.12Ciara Benson
13.12Callie Dahlberg
14.11Cassandra Kwant
22:00 SRMt Vernon
15.12Itachi Hernandez
22:04 PRMt Vernon
16.9Cassie Swartzell
17.11Alexa Boswell
22:23 SRCascade (Everett)
18.11Christina Deierling
19.11Jaidacyn Madrigal
22:54Cascade (Everett)
20.12Maddie Dellinger
22:54 SRMountlake Terrace
21.10Sydney Watt
22.10Honglam Van
23.9Isabelle Nyquist
24.10Liberty Copeland
23:18 PRMt Vernon
25.9Briseida Cardenas
23:32Mt Vernon
26.12Christel Schaefers
23:36Cascade (Everett)
27.10Katie McGreggor
28.11Brooklin Pigg
23:52 SRSnohomish
29.9Esthela Cruz
24:09 PRCascade (Everett)
30.9Joan Park
24:15Mountlake Terrace
31.10Stella Ross
24:27Mt Vernon
32.9Caitlynne Hasbrouck
24:28 SRMariner
33.9Bailey Pizzio-Mayf...
24:31Cascade (Everett)
34.11Ari Angeles
35.9Carleanne Hasbrouck
25:01 SRMariner
36.11Angela Nguyen
25:04Cascade (Everett)
37.12Michaela Roozen
25:20Mt Vernon
38.9Chloe Cress
25:32Mt Vernon
39.9Shayla Axthelm
25:36Mt Vernon
40.10Jordan Erbeck
25:47Cascade (Everett)
41.11Kya Eide
26:06 SRMt Vernon
42.10Isabelle Mills
43.10Vesta Baumgartner
26:24 SRMountlake Terrace
44.9Kate Angulo
26:25 PRMt Vernon
45.10Taylor Coleman
26:26Mountlake Terrace
46.10Corinne McIntyre
47.12Kira Erickson
26:45Mt Vernon
48.10Hannah Rochelle
26:50Mt Vernon
49.11Dajah Mendiola
26:56 PRMt Vernon
50.10Alexandra Herrmann
27:06 PRMountlake Terrace
51.12Martha Morales
27:11 PRMt Vernon
52.10Kate Stiger
27:25Cascade (Everett)
53.11Lindsea Cloninger
27:53 PRMt Vernon
54.11Leigh Lamay-Isaacson
28:14Mt Vernon
55.11Andrea Rocha
28:16Mt Vernon
56.12Jamie Ruiz
28:19Mt Vernon
57.12Viviana Corona
28:20Mt Vernon
58.11KJ Collins
28:21Mountlake Terrace
59.12Allison Marken
28:39 SRMt Vernon
60.11Liana Lawler
28:42 SRMt Vernon
61.10Lola Plorinsh
62.11Magdalena McGuire
28:48 SRMt Vernon
63.11Mayra Garcia
29:09Mt Vernon
64.11Jennifer Solano
29:10Mt Vernon
65.11Anna Siler
29:16Cascade (Everett)
66.-Rainah Douglas
29:18Mt Vernon
67.10Cate Marken
29:24Mt Vernon
68.12Kimberly Cecena
29:39Mt Vernon
69.9Carley Surina
30:02Cascade (Everett)
70.12Nancy Hausauer
30:12 SRMt Vernon
71.10Dulce Salas-Pallares
30:13Mt Vernon
72.9Annie Gilbert
30:27Mt Vernon
73.11Zaira Silverio
31:38Mt Vernon
74.-Ruby Douglas
32:17Mt Vernon
75.11Nelie Valvidarez
33:18Mt Vernon
76.10Bernice Nicolas
77.12Jasmine Denunzio
36:49Mt Vernon
78.11Aide Guevara-Marti...
37:45 PRMt Vernon
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