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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Stephen Hymer
19:37.92High Tech High
2.9Alex Lutje
20:12.41High Tech High
3.10Liam Chambers
20:33.21High Tech High NC
4.10Josh Arriero
5.11Nicholas Gonzales
20:59.38 SRSchool for Entrepren...
6.11Jacob Rosenberg
21:16.85High Tech High
7.10Jake Wylie
21:30.82High Tech High
8.9Luis Assid
9.9Darian Robles
21:48.08High Tech High
10.9Francisco Morales
22:05.60High Tech (CV)
11.9Robert Pinski
22:12.84High Tech (CV)
12.9Giancarlo Amezcua
22:24.43 SRHigh Tech (CV)
13.9Spencer Kricfalusi
23:01.06High Tech High NC
14.9Omar Rojas
23:09.15O'Farrell Charter
15.9Cassidy Rudko
23:10.72High Tech High NC
16.9Zavier Magpusao
23:25.18High Tech (CV)
17.11Dean Lockwood
23:27.55 SRLiberty Charter
18.9Nathaniel Song
23:42.73High Tech (CV)
19.10Matthieu Rada
23:55.16High Tech High NC
21.9Keyshawn Walker
24:56.04O'Farrell Charter
22.9Zachary Matticola
25:38.21High Tech High NC
23.9Roberto Gallardo
25:43.13O'Farrell Charter
24.10Chris Parada
25.9Ezequiel Salas-Diaz
26:40.65 PRLiberty Charter
26.9Dylan Zamani
27:32.70 PRHigh Tech (CV)
29.11Matthew Wood
28:23.51Liberty Charter
30.9Roberto Reza
28:56.30O'Farrell Charter
31.9Ethan Smith
31:31.35O'Farrell Charter
32.11Brian Mitchell
32:17.83High Tech (CV)
33.9Daniel Taylor
32:33.75O'Farrell Charter
34.9David Sandoval
33:29.70High Tech (CV)
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Max Menke
16:25.53High Tech High
2.9Donovan Prince
16:35.75High Tech (CV)
3.12Josh Wilson
17:13.68High Tech High
4.11Jose Murillo
17:28.85High Tech High
5.11Josh Nunez
17:38.16Liberty Charter
6.12Brandon Follin
17:44.20High Tech High
7.10Lucas Santiago
17:57.93High Tech High
8.11Josh Ortega
18:19.48High Tech High
9.11Robby Goebel
18:24.65High Tech High
10.11Jon Lorenz
18:27.63 SRLiberty Charter
11.9Jaden Rosenthal
18:28.39High Tech High
12.10Tristan Hayden
18:40.06High Tech High NC
13.11Bryan Peters
19:05.43High Tech High
15.11Honorio Zuniga
19:15.62 PRGompers Preparatory ...
16.10Frank Boensch
19:20.70High Tech High NC
17.11Frankie Zavala
19:28.14Chula Vista Learning...
18.12Nick Hernandez
19:30.24High Tech (CV)
19.10Noah Hamm
19:32.76Gompers Preparatory ...
20.9Alec Sarabia
19:34.80High Tech (CV)
21.10Kevin Rubalcaba
19:48.56Chula Vista Learning...
22.11David Siqueiros
23.11Austin Crumrine
20:07.97Chula Vista Learning...
24.11Camden Stapleton
20:10.23River Valley Charter
25.10Keivon Harris
20:17.31O'Farrell Charter
26.10Khailil Stiemke
20:26.15High Tech High NC
27.12Arik Espineli
20:30.91High Tech (CV)
28.10Jeromi Payad
20:34.76Liberty Charter
29.9Robby Ackles
20:43.19High Tech High NC
30.11Joseph Salas
20:53.11Chula Vista Learning...
31.10Matthew Reichel
20:54.91High Tech High NC
32.9Devante Spencer
20:55.71Liberty Charter
33.11Mario Lora
21:02.64Gompers Preparatory ...
34.9Jan Joey Zabala
21:02.90 PRO'Farrell Charter
35.9Ryan Ackles
21:05.53High Tech High NC
36.10Juan Palacios
21:14.87Chula Vista Learning...
37.12Benjamin Pallares
21:15.90 PRHealth Sciences High...
38.10Jwann Sy
21:20.93 SRO'Farrell Charter
39.9Peerless Johnson
21:25.35 SRLiberty Charter
40.11Kevin Stiemke
21:26.07High Tech High NC
41.9Peter Roche
21:27.42High Tech (CV)
42.11Josue Melgar
21:49.56Chula Vista Learning...
43.9Alex Sefia
21:56.51SC Yeshiva
44.9Thomas Mozee
22:06.45O'Farrell Charter
45.9Alfredo Segura
22:20.85O'Farrell Charter
46.9Carter Bond
22:34.49Liberty Charter
47.10Matthew Paredes
22:48.70O'Farrell Charter
48.12Shalom Vanderhoof
23:48.81 PRSC Yeshiva
49.9Brian Soto
24:07.38Chula Vista Learning...
50.10Bernardo Halperin
24:13.79SC Yeshiva
51.10Josh Segal
24:15.72SC Yeshiva
52.9Adir Haim
24:47.81SC Yeshiva
53.12jacob Myers
25:05.38 PRChildren's Creative ...
54.11Bobby Yelland
25:21.38 PRHealth Sciences High...
55.11Eric Perez
25:44.71 PRHealth Sciences High...
56.12Peter wen
25:45.61Children's Creative ...
57.12Joshua Tristan
26:14.01 PRHealth Sciences High...
58.12David Gudiel
26:24.70 PRHealth Sciences High...
59.11Roberto Mata
27:13.61Gompers Preparatory ...
61.9Nick Rivera
27:40.35 PRChildren's Creative ...
62.11Thor Tjossem
28:12.73Liberty Charter
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Sienna Santiago
18:05.59High Tech High
2.11Elena Hoffman
20:37.69High Tech High
3.9Rose of Sharon Wil...
21:01.84High Tech High
4.11Sandra Loya-Estrada
21:26.71Chula Vista Learning...
5.11Jamie Wilkinson
22:08.54High Tech High
6.11Natalya Volk
22:24.05High Tech High
7.11Indika Young
22:25.52High Tech High
8.9Akacia Brillon
22:39.16Liberty Charter
9.11Paola Rivera
23:00.97Chula Vista Learning...
10.9Samantha Barreiro
23:44.39High Tech (CV)
11.10Laura De La Cruz T...
23:58.82 PRKing-Chavez
12.11Lea Ortiz
24:08.71 PRHigh Tech High
13.9Crista Tuitt
24:48.91High Tech High NC
14.10Michelle Brown
24:51.95High Tech High
15.11Kandice Daniels
25:08.71O'Farrell Charter
16.11Miranda Ng
25:23.79Liberty Charter
17.10Jessica Caban
25:25.86 PRLiberty Charter
18.11Isabel Garcia
25:33.97Gompers Preparatory ...
19.9Claudeth Martinez
25:35.61High Tech (CV)
20.10Lauren Jouni
25:37.78Liberty Charter
21.9Madison Hann
25:41.08 PRRiver Valley Charter
23.10Erika Infante
25:43.13Chula Vista Learning...
22.10Makayla Hann
25:47.52River Valley Charter
24.10Naomi Fowler
26:00.81Liberty Charter
25.10Anna Bray
26:02.84 PRLiberty Charter
26.12Ariana Delucchi
26:25.12High Tech (CV)
27.11Elizabeth Sibaja
26:44.93Health Sciences High...
28.11Rachel Bray
26:53.35Liberty Charter
29.12Ariana Peinado
27:00.63Health Sciences High...
30.10Hunter Reinseth
27:14.43High Tech High NC
31.12Heidi Montoya
27:28.42Health Sciences High...
32.11Anna Cueva
27:31.27 PRHigh Tech (CV)
33.9Isabel Maclean
27:31.67Liberty Charter
34.12Dezarae Frost
27:32.92 PRMonarch
35.11Brandy Rucobo
27:34.72 PRMonarch
36.12Kaitlin Mitchell
27:47.81 SRHealth Sciences High...
37.10Gissel Amaya
38.10Tiffany Santantonio
28:14.58Children's Creative ...
39.9Montserrat Ramos
28:35.80Chula Vista Learning...
40.9Bridget Phimmasone
29:16.59O'Farrell Charter
41.11Shelly Yang
29:41.28 PRChildren's Creative ...
42.11Elizabeth Thip
29:48.05Gompers Preparatory ...
43.9Linda Figueroa
31:03.96High Tech (CV)
44.9Angelica Montiel
32:19.57High Tech (CV)
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