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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Del Norte69
3.Mission Hills72
4.San Marcos94
5.San Pasqual109
6.San Dieguito Academy111
1.10John Defrieze
17:32.6 PRSan Pasqual
2.9Quincy Pennock
17:33.1 PRMission Hills
3.11Gabriel Querido
18:04.5 SRDel Norte
4.11Gabriel Hernandez
18:06.4 PREscondido
5.9Jake Kim
18:10.2 SRDel Norte
6.9Reymundo Villa
18:10.9 PRSan Pasqual
7.11Konner Rose
18:16.8 PREscondido
8.10Nathan Birdsall
18:21.1 SRSan Marcos
9.11Sergiy Chemodanov
18:22.8 SRSan Marcos
10.9Jose Garcia
18:27.0 PREscondido
11.9Connor Oldham
18:29.8 SRSan Dieguito Academy
12.9Devin Byrne
18:34.4 PRMission Hills
13.9Milo Spearman
18:36.1 PRSan Dieguito Academy
14.10Kaumron Eidgahy
18:38.7 SRDel Norte
15.10Isaac Cruz
18:39.6 SREscondido
16.11Deion Smith
18:40.1 PRMission Hills
17.9Andre Rodriguez
18:40.4 PREscondido
18.9Jose Marroquin
18:40.5 SREscondido
19.9Jalen Gregory
18:41.4 SRMission Hills
20.10Connor Lennan
18:44.2Del Norte
21.9Dylan Hageman
18:52.4 SREscondido
22.9Aidan Chappell
18:53.2 SRSan Marcos
23.9Tyler Bues
18:54.1 PRMission Hills
24.11Alex Katson
19:10.0 SRSan Marcos
25.10Tate Thompson
19:10.4 SRSan Dieguito Academy
26.9Garrett Cyr
19:14.9 PRMission Hills
27.10Darren Chow
19:16.7 SRDel Norte
28.9Lee Nguyen
19:17.7 SRSan Pasqual
29.11Dante Smith
19:18.0 PRMission Hills
30.10Sam Cho
19:19.8 SRMission Hills
31.10Niklas Hoover
19:22.5 PRSan Dieguito Academy
32.9Steven Knox
19:24.3 PRMission Hills
33.10Josh Farrar
19:28.4 PRSan Marcos
34.11Jordan Epstein
19:30.8 PRSan Dieguito Academy
35.10Joseph Landers
19:36.7 PRSan Dieguito Academy
36.9Nicholas Lux
19:36.8 PRSan Pasqual
37.9Liam Corio
19:40.0 PRSan Marcos
38.10Peter Heidler
19:42.4 PRSan Dieguito Academy
39.9Christian Tobin
19:44.0 SRMission Hills
40.10Kyle Lennan
19:45.6Del Norte
41.9Riley O'neil
19:46.4 SRSan Marcos
42.10Hayden McAdoo
19:52.6 SRSan Marcos
43.9Everett Leveque
20:04.3 SRSan Dieguito Academy
44.9Victor Cova
20:09.5 SRSan Marcos
45.9Dillan Baehr
20:10.2 SREscondido
46.10Carlos Renteria
20:10.3 SREscondido
47.11William O'Brien
20:11.4 SRSan Dieguito Academy
48.9Trent Moothart
20:18.0 SRSan Dieguito Academy
49.9Parker Norris
20:25.8San Marcos
50.9Hendrick Pilve
20:29.2 SRSan Marcos
51.11Sean Turner
20:36.1 PRSan Dieguito Academy
52.11Aaron Fite
53.10Noah Smith
20:48.4 SRSan Marcos
54.9Austin Arnold
20:49.2 SRDel Norte
55.10Matthew Zounes
20:56.7San Dieguito Academy
56.9Armando Saldana
21:01.0 SREscondido
57.10William Schwend
21:02.5 SRSan Marcos
58.11Ivan Gonzalez
21:10.7 PREscondido
59.10Jason Jaarsma
21:27.2 SRMission Hills
60.10Gabriel Botkin
21:28.1 PRDel Norte
61.11Joseph Lewis
21:32.0 PRSan Dieguito Academy
62.11Joshua Ade
21:34.3 PRSan Dieguito Academy
63.11Allan Valdez
21:34.4 PRMission Hills
64.9Ben Tecotzky
21:45.1 PRSan Dieguito Academy
65.10Celso Perez
21:50.3 PREscondido
66.11Trevor Hedstrom
21:55.0San Pasqual
67.9Cole Sheive
21:56.6 PRSan Marcos
68.9Rohun Carlton
22:02.3 SRDel Norte
69.9Carter Ristine
22:10.2San Pasqual
70.10Shane Horan
22:10.9 SRSan Dieguito Academy
71.10Alex Mccune
22:12.7 SRSan Marcos
72.9Valentin Guerrero
22:14.5 PRSan Pasqual
73.10Brian Huo
22:24.2 SRDel Norte
74.9Eric Miller
22:26.0 SRMission Hills
75.9Josh McCarty
22:29.0 PRMission Hills
76.10Raymond Mosko
22:37.7 SRSan Dieguito Academy
77.10Diani Lopez-Roble
22:45.0 PRSan Dieguito Academy
78.10Lenny Lee-Chicas
22:57.0 SRSan Dieguito Academy
79.9Christopher Flatley
23:22.4 SRMission Hills
80.9James Monroe
23:30.2 SRMission Hills
81.10Michael Stone
23:30.9 PRSan Pasqual
82.9Zachary Briggs
24:12.6 PRDel Norte
83.9Cameron Brown
25:19.7 PRSan Pasqual
84.11James Sale
25:51.5 SRSan Dieguito Academy
85.9Armando Castellanos
25:53.8 PRMission Hills
86.9Alejandro Zepeda
27:54.9 SREscondido
87.11Hugo Gaspar
28:01.1 SRSan Pasqual
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Womens Results

2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte23
3.San Marcos78
4.San Pasqual82
5.San Dieguito Academy127
1.11Nicole Cerenzie
16:29.7 PRDel Norte
2.9Maia Chaffin
16:38.9 PREscondido
3.11Jeanette Smith
16:51.7 PRDel Norte
4.10Veera Soini
17:01.2 PRDel Norte
5.10Isabel Chavez
17:05.9 PRMission Hills
6.10Reagan Cloutier
17:12.1 PRDel Norte
7.11Luz Renteria
17:15.9 PREscondido
8.9Zoie Valencia
17:23.5 SRSan Marcos
9.10Cinthya Gonzalez
17:29.4 PRSan Pasqual
10.9Daria Bonds
17:30.2 PREscondido
11.10Krisztina Barad
17:34.4 PRDel Norte
12.10Jesse Rojas
17:37.8 PRSan Marcos
13.9McKenna Copeland
17:43.2 PRSan Marcos
14.9Dominique Gamble
17:43.6 PRSan Pasqual
15.10Erin Jannusch
17:44.5 PRSan Pasqual
16.11Caren Urias
17:48.1 PREscondido
17.9Alexandra Flores
17:48.2 PREscondido
18.9Natalie Casas
17:53.5 PREscondido
19.11Mia Schloss
17:53.9 PRMission Hills
20.11Clara Blatchley
18:25.9 PRSan Pasqual
21.9Lessli Maldonado
18:37.4 PREscondido
22.9Veronica Campbell
18:38.1 PRDel Norte
23.11Joy Donaldson
18:38.8 PRDel Norte
24.9Monica Ontiveras
18:46.2 PREscondido
25.11Marina Stone
18:47.8 PRDel Norte
26.10Julia De la fuente
18:57.3 PRSan Dieguito Academy
27.10Grace Finn
19:03.0 PREscondido
28.9Advaita Chandramohan
19:06.3 PRDel Norte
29.11Jennifer Yanez
19:13.5 PREscondido
30.10Elizabeth Durall
19:14.1 PRDel Norte
31.10Macey Winter
19:21.7 SRSan Marcos
32.9Rose Corro
19:25.7 PRMission Hills
33.11Maxine Richter
19:28.4 PRSan Dieguito Academy
34.9Kailei Gallup
19:44.1 SRSan Marcos
35.11Sonali Carlton
19:48.3 PRDel Norte
36.10Jennifer Saldana
19:51.0 PREscondido
37.10Alyx Stewart
20:00.8 PRSan Dieguito Academy
38.10Jaycie Roshala
20:02.6 PRSan Dieguito Academy
39.11Sierra Gasperoni
20:04.0 PRSan Dieguito Academy
40.11Courtney Scofield
20:40.7 PREscondido
41.10Megan Abeyta
20:42.8 PRSan Pasqual
42.10Samantha Tapia
20:51.9 PREscondido
43.11Alexa Kent
20:55.3 PRSan Dieguito Academy
44.10Natalie Shields
21:00.3 PRSan Dieguito Academy
45.9Karina Gutierrez
21:05.3 PRMission Hills
46.11Cynthia Maldonado
21:07.1 PRSan Pasqual
47.10Lara Tuazon
21:16.0 PRDel Norte
48.10Julie Roshala
21:56.9 PRSan Dieguito Academy
49.10Daniela Napoli
22:26.5 PREscondido
50.9Catherine Dennis
22:49.7 PRDel Norte
51.10Elizabeth Pegg
22:50.8 PRDel Norte
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