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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.SoLopez Lomong
23:27.1 SRNorthern Arizona
2.JrSeth Pilkington
23:39.3 PRWeber State
3.JrMorten Bostrom
24:05.5Northern Arizona
4.JrBret Ferrier
24:09.2 PRWeber State
5.SoJonathan Cardenas
24:12.8 SRNorthern Arizona
6.SoBryant Jensen
24:43.9 SRWeber State
7.SoPaul Limpf
24:45.8 SREastern Washington
8.JrCurtis Suver
24:46.7 PREastern Washington
9.SoDavid Olson
24:47.2 SRWeber State
10.JrDominic Vogl
24:50.6 PRSacramento State
11.SoSteve Shepherd
24:52.3 SRWeber State
12.FrMatthew Atkinson-A...
24:55.0 SRMontana State
13.SoCharles Hillig
25:00.1 PRNorthern Colorado
14.FrNick Atwood
25:02.1 SRMontana State
15.SrDrew Casselberry
25:04.7Weber State
16.SoEli Hermann
25:05.8 PRMontana
17.SrKurt Michels
25:08.2 PRMontana State
18.SoJohn Killian
25:10.1 SRNorthern Arizona
19.SrBrad Osguthorpe
25:12.0 PRWeber State
20.FrDevin McDowell
25:12.2 SRMontana State
21.FrTodd Gilbert
25:17.3 SRWeber State
22.SrMatt Nelson
25:18.6 SRIdaho State
23.JrJustin Langdon
25:23.4Northern Arizona
24.FrSteven Gimpel
25:30.8 PRMontana
25.SoDanny Carlson
25:30.9 PRSacramento State
26.JrJesse Loether
25:32.3 PRMontana
27.FrMatt Beamer
25:36.4 PRMontana State
28.FrJose Garcia
25:40.0Sacramento State
29.FrDaniel Lanzillotti
25:42.8 SRNorthern Arizona
30.FrBrett Carter
25:45.3 PRMontana
31.FrSimon Gilna
25:47.2Northern Arizona
32.JrBrandon Teeter
25:51.8 PRIdaho State
33.JrJeffery Paneda
25:53.7 PRSacramento State
34.FrMichael Fisher
25:56.0 SRMontana
35.JrLandon Teeter
25:58.7 PRIdaho State
36.JrMichael Kapus
26:08.5 PRMontana State
37.JrTysun Rickards
26:08.9Idaho State
38.-Joe Parker
26:09.3 PRNorthern Arizona
39.JrDuncan Hendrick
40.FrJason Sey
26:19.9Sacramento State
41.FrNathan Endicott
26:20.4Portland State
42.JrKol Henrikson
26:24.9 PRIdaho State
43.SoMichael Trahan
26:27.6 PRNorthern Colorado
44.FrTaylor Hansen
26:32.1Idaho State
45.SoColin Szehner
26:34.6Sacramento State
46.FrJeff Holt
26:37.8 PRNorthern Colorado
47.SoGarrett Infausto
26:41.6Sacramento State
48.FrMike Tucker
26:46.5Idaho State
49.JrJason Prado
26:51Portland State
49.-Jason Prado
26:51.3 PRSacramento State
50.-Alex Grim
26:53.3 PRNorthern Colorado
51.JrShaun Helm
27:03.2 SREastern Washington
52.FrGraydon Curry
27:12.1Montana State
53.SoDennis Brands
27:14.7 SRMontana
54.JrAndrew Marks
27:21.6 SREastern Washington
55.FrCody Chappell
27:22.0 PREastern Washington
56.FrBrandon Frisbee
27:24.2Portland State
57.FrEric Zeuthen
27:35.7Portland State
58.FrBrookman Holmes
27:59.8Portland State
59.-Matt Engle
28:00.6 PRIdaho State
60.FrReid Ballinger
28:04.3Portland State
61.FrTyler Justus
28:06.3 SREastern Washington
62.SoJake Hansen
28:09.9Portland State
63.SoShawn Monk
28:11.3 PRNorthern Colorado
64.-Ryan Woodman
28:25.7 PRNorthern Colorado
65.-Jorel Torres
28:30.7 PRNorthern Colorado
66.JrCharlie Goman
29:23.1Portland State
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.SrNicole Gueldemeister
17:14.6 PRNorthern Arizona
2.SrKatja Rosenplaenter
17:30.5 PRNorthern Arizona
3.JrSariah Long
17:39.9 SRWeber State
4.SoAllie Brosh
17:47.1 PRMontana
5.JrElisabeth Driscoll
17:53.7 PRMontana State
6.SrHeidi Bouwhuis
17:54.7Weber State
7.FrKristina Holtz
17:56.2 SRSacramento State
8.SrSarah Skeem
18:01.2 PRIdaho State
9.SoMorgan Haws
18:06.6Weber State
10.SrJamie Stubbs
18:06.6Weber State
11.FrCassie Ricks
18:11.6Weber State
12.SoMattie Bridgmon
18:15.8 SREastern Washington
13.FrKara DeWalt
18:17.7 SRMontana
14.JrCaroline Gottschalk
18:19.1 PRMontana State
15.JrKamila Bocian
18:24.0Portland State
16.SrCamille Mosely
18:27.7 PREastern Washington
17.FrBrooke Andrus
18:27.7 SRMontana
18.FrAshley Colbrese
18:27.9 PRMontana
19.JrAmber Nickelson
18:28.0 SREastern Washington
20.FrAmanda Griggs
18:29.2 SRNorthern Arizona
21.SrAshley Hadway
18:35.0 PRMontana State
22.JrLesley Dalton
18:36.4 PRWeber State
23.SrStaci Bielenberg
18:39.5Portland State
24.SrLindsey Anderson
18:42.3Weber State
25.FrGemma Maini
18:45.9Idaho State
26.JrKayla Larson
18:48.3 SRMontana State
27.FrKatie Chugg
18:50.3 PRWeber State
28.FrAmanda Boyd
18:51.5 SRNorthern Arizona
29.SrLois Ricardi Keller
18:54.3 SRIdaho State
30.JrKaci Calaway
19:00.7 PRMontana
31.FrDenise Kintzley
19:06.8 SRNorthern Colorado
32.FrCatherine Cummingham
19:10.0 PRSacramento State
33.SrJennifer Downey
19:10.2 SRIdaho State
34.SoKim Tritz
19:11.9 SRMontana
35.SoAddie Devine
19:12.6 SRNorthern Arizona
36.SrMelissa McLimore
19:16.2 PRIdaho State
37.SoErin Wachter
19:19.4Sacramento State
38.JrShannalee Christman
19:20.3 PRIdaho State
39.SoLeah Thompson
19:26.1 PRMontana State
44.FrKarissa Fuller
19:31Portland State
49.-Matleena Ojapalo
19:42.3 PRNorthern Arizona
50.JrGrecia Garcia
19:44.1 PRSacramento State
51.JrBeatrice Mireles
19:57.5 PRSacramento State
52.SrMallory Gordon
19:58.4Portland State
53.FrMelissa Owens
19:58.4Portland State
54.SoShiyrah Mielke
19:59.6 SRNorthern Arizona
55.FrAriel Taylor
20:07.5 PREastern Washington
56.SoHonisty Baek
20:12.2Portland State
57.SrAmanda Kamm
20:19.3Portland State
58.FrColleen Sanderlin
20:23.4 SRNorthern Colorado
59.FrRachel Forrest
20:32.1 SRNorthern Colorado
60.-Alyssa Holee
20:53.1 PRIdaho State
61.JrElena Gibson
20:58.5 PRMontana State
62.FrAllison McIntire
21:01.0 SRNorthern Colorado
63.SoAdriane Wai
21:30.8Portland State
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