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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Needham Broughton15
2.Cardinal Gibbons64
3.Wake Forest Rolesville84
1.10Lanier Derbyshire
9:45.60Needham Broughton
2.11Robert Simmons
9:46.90Needham Broughton
3.9Ryan Brown
9:53.20 SRNeedham Broughton
4.12Peter Millsaps
9:54.40Needham Broughton
5.10Andrew Brooks
9:56.00Needham Broughton
6.11Justin Dorner-Thomas
9:56.20Needham Broughton
7.10Stuart Holmes
10:06.60Needham Broughton
8.12Beck Otersen
10:08.10 PRNeedham Broughton
9.11Jeremy Brown
10:08.30Needham Broughton
10.12William Sandin
10:10.30Needham Broughton
11.11Bailey Autry
10:10.60Wake Forest Rolesville
12.11Ben Wendt
10:13.70 PRCardinal Gibbons
13.11Cameron Champion
10:14.30 PRNeedham Broughton
14.12Tre Brooks
10:14.60 PRWakefield
15.12Carter Owens
10:16.80 PRWakefield
16.10Devin Adas
10:20.70Cardinal Gibbons
17.11Logan Suchniak
10:24.70 PRCardinal Gibbons
18.12Anthony Kocur
10:36.80Cardinal Gibbons
19.9John Autry
10:39.20 SRWake Forest Rolesville
20.11Noah Dombkowski
10:39.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
21.11Connor Peeples
10:40.10Cardinal Gibbons
22.11Jack Moody
10:43.70 PRNeedham Broughton
23.12Ethen Lund
10:48.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
24.12David Edwards
10:50.50Cardinal Gibbons
25.10Joeseph Lawhorn
10:51.40 SRWake Forest Rolesville
26.10Matthew DeGeorge
10:53.50 SRCardinal Gibbons
27.11Davis Peacock
10:55.10 PRNeedham Broughton
28.-Taylor Boole
10:55.30 PRNeedham Broughton
29.9Will Durland
10:57.20 PRCardinal Gibbons
30.10David Wicklin
10:58.80 SRCardinal Gibbons
31.9Jacob Wells
11:01.00 SRNeedham Broughton
32.10Andrew Fregenal
11:01.50 PRCardinal Gibbons
33.10Will Smith
11:02.20 PRNeedham Broughton
34.9Noah Pietrek
11:02.50 SRCardinal Gibbons
35.10Aidan Hayes
11:02.90Wake Forest Rolesville
36.9Connor Miles
11:03.10 SRCardinal Gibbons
37.10Hayes Derbyshire
11:03.70Needham Broughton
38.10Connor Stephens
11:04.00Cardinal Gibbons
39.10Sam Grelck
11:04.20Cardinal Gibbons
40.10Jack Covington
11:04.50 SRNeedham Broughton
41.9Reid Calhoon
11:04.70 PRWakefield
42.12Jt Klimek
11:05.00Cardinal Gibbons
43.12Harris Wheless
11:05.20 PRNeedham Broughton
44.-Tyler Murray
11:05.40 PRWake Forest Rolesville
45.11Patrick Rich
11:09.20 PRCardinal Gibbons
46.10Connor Lane
11:13.80Cardinal Gibbons
47.9Benton Haney
48.11Michael Mares
11:17.20 PRSanderson
49.9Leslie Boney
11:20.00 SRNeedham Broughton
50.10Michael Hils
11:21.00 SRCardinal Gibbons
51.10Kyle Corcoran
11:21.40 PRCardinal Gibbons
52.10Matt Buddendeck
11:24.40 PRCardinal Gibbons
53.12Brett Zeck
11:25.20 PRWake Forest Rolesville
54.10Jonah Faneuf
11:25.50 PRWake Forest Rolesville
55.12Matthew D'Andrea
11:25.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
56.10Trey VanNess
11:26.20 SRWake Forest Rolesville
57.12Christopher Cortina
11:26.50Cardinal Gibbons
58.9Andrew Bowers
11:26.70 SRWake Forest Rolesville
59.10Bradley Stone
11:27.10 PRCardinal Gibbons
60.9Parker Szarck
11:27.40 PRNeedham Broughton
61.11Shafer Beary
11:27.70Cardinal Gibbons
62.10Alec Ashforth
11:32.70 SRWakefield
63.12Sam Gay
11:34.60Cardinal Gibbons
64.11Michael Kinney
65.10Nolan Gray
11:36.50 PRWakefield
66.10Markian Kuropas
11:39.60 PRWake Forest Rolesville
67.11Justin Kissell
11:40.20 PRCardinal Gibbons
68.9Austin Renke
11:44.50 SRCardinal Gibbons
69.12Anthony Cortina
11:46.70Cardinal Gibbons
70.-Edward Landi
11:47.20 PRNeedham Broughton
71.10Jake Gibson
11:48.10 SRWakefield
72.12Tyler Goldberger
11:51.20 PRWakefield
73.10Drew Lyon
11:55.40 PRWake Forest Rolesville
74.-Blake Holden
11:58.40 PRNeedham Broughton
75.12Andrew Barrell
11:58.60 PRSanderson
76.10Mitchell Piechocki
11:58.80Wake Forest Rolesville
77.11Gareth Clark
12:00.70 PRSanderson
78.9Chris Labaza
12:01.30Cardinal Gibbons
79.-Michael Doggett
12:02.40 PRCardinal Gibbons
80.-Jack Saybe
12:03.60 PRCardinal Gibbons
81.-Sam Agusta
12:03.90 PRCardinal Gibbons
82.12William Harris
12:06.50Cardinal Gibbons
83.-Tate Yelton
12:06.70 PRSanderson
84.9Luke Brizzolara
12:07.50 PRNeedham Broughton
85.9Jacob Gundry
12:07.90Wake Forest Rolesville
86.10Keegan O'connell
12:09.00 PRNeedham Broughton
87.-Silas Mull
12:09.60 PRWakefield
88.12Kamron Heath
12:10.30 PRWake Forest Rolesville
89.-Michael Comstock
12:12.70Cardinal Gibbons
90.11Justin Dorner-Thomas
12:16.10Needham Broughton
91.9Saillant Brad
12:21.30 PRCardinal Gibbons
92.11Joseph Koehler
12:22.30 PRWakefield
93.-Graham McAlexander
12:23.40 PRWakefield
94.9Perciaccante Andrew
12:24.90 SRSanderson
95.9Tucker Soltesz
96.10Cullen Dunham
12:30.40 PRSanderson
97.12Alec Woodruff
12:33.00 PRWakefield
98.-Davis Byrd
12:37.90Needham Broughton
99.9Dillon Dominick
12:38.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
100.-Palmer Crone
12:38.80 PRNeedham Broughton
101.9Jack Salter
12:41.10 PRWakefield
102.10Sam Smith
12:41.50 PRNeedham Broughton
103.9Nick Labaza
12:47.00Cardinal Gibbons
104.12John McDuffie
12:49.60 PRWake Forest Rolesville
105.12Joshua Clemson
12:53.50Wake Forest Rolesville
106.10Ryan Finley
12:53.80 SRWakefield
107.9Will Mcdowell
12:56.20Needham Broughton
108.11Graham McKee
12:57.60 PRCardinal Gibbons
109.-James Holmes
12:58.70 PRNeedham Broughton
110.11Jacob Mixon
12:59.00 PRWake Forest Rolesville
111.-Jarrot Novak
12:59.40 PRWakefield
112.-Trey Roberts
12:59.60 PRWakefield
113.10Michael Funari
12:59.90 PRCardinal Gibbons
114.11Michael Freeman
13:00.20Wake Forest Rolesville
115.9Chase Brozell
13:00.70 SRSanderson
116.-Jonathan Birek
13:01.20 PRWakefield
117.10Kent Ayers
13:03.10 PRSanderson
118.11Andrew Leinfelder
13:04.60 PRWakefield
119.-Peter Walker III
13:15.50 PRNeedham Broughton
120.9Nathan Poupart
13:15.70 SRWake Forest Rolesville
121.-Bryce Purks
13:16.10 PRCardinal Gibbons
122.-Wyatt Plaga
13:16.80 PRNeedham Broughton
123.9Stephen Poupart
13:17.70 SRWake Forest Rolesville
124.9Matt Schiff
13:18.50 PRCardinal Gibbons
125.9Harrison Nugent
13:20.40 PRSanderson
126.9Garret Dixon
13:23.50 SRWakefield
127.-Ford Hester
13:24.00 PRNeedham Broughton
128.-John Prather
13:24.80 PRNeedham Broughton
129.9Nick Staab
13:29.10 PRCardinal Gibbons
130.-William Wallace
13:31.60 PRNeedham Broughton
131.-John Kelly
13:32.60 PRNeedham Broughton
132.-Hayes Atkinson
13:32.90 PRNeedham Broughton
133.11Will Privette
13:36.30 PRWake Forest Rolesville
134.11Gus Holub
13:37.00Wake Forest Rolesville
135.-Bryan Hill
13:37.60 PRCardinal Gibbons
136.12Trent Radding
13:39.50 PRWake Forest Rolesville
137.-Blake Hardwick
13:41.30 PRWakefield
138.-Andrew Lem
13:56.10 PRWakefield
139.-Jason Chitla
13:56.60 PRWakefield
140.-Ben Hottell
13:57.70 PRWake Forest Rolesville
141.-Chris Browning
14:01.20 PRNeedham Broughton
142.-Ryan Pendse
14:02.80 PRNeedham Broughton
143.12Randy Tran
144.-Richard Puckett
14:10.30 PRSanderson
145.-Ty Kirchmann
14:15.90 PRSanderson
146.-Cyrus Watson
14:19.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
147.-Carter Hodl
14:20.90Needham Broughton
148.12Will Blanks
14:22.30 PRCardinal Gibbons
149.10Jacob Mittag
14:32.00 PRSanderson
150.-Diemen Duvermont
14:32.90 PRSanderson
151.-Connor Regan
14:38.90 PRWakefield
152.-Justin Chitla
14:49.30 PRWakefield
153.11Austin Panameno
14:49.60 PRWake Forest Rolesville
154.9Keegan Reeve
14:53.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
155.12Will Hughey
15:20.50 PRWake Forest Rolesville
156.-Jack Perry
15:28.50 PRWakefield
157.10Nick Coats
15:36.60 SRWake Forest Rolesville
158.-Sam McPhillips
15:48.30 PRWake Forest Rolesville
159.9Isaac Lanzon
15:59.40 SRWake Forest Rolesville
160.9Joseph Jones
16:31.20 PRCardinal Gibbons
161.-Thomas Locke
162.-John Svendsgaard
17:35.50 PRSanderson
163.-Brannock Michael
18:24.30 PRSanderson
164.-James Padula
19:10.10 PRSanderson
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Needham Broughton32
2.Wake Forest Rolesville46
3.Cardinal Gibbons59
1.12Kayla Holder
11:30.63Wake Forest Rolesville
2.9Hayden Callahan
11:58.24Cardinal Gibbons
3.12Megan Lanzon
12:02.97 PRWake Forest Rolesville
4.12Ayla Gizlice
12:08.38 PRNeedham Broughton
5.11Katie Wadsworth
12:08.85Needham Broughton
6.9Emmy Trowell
12:10.27Needham Broughton
7.9Alina Rovnak
12:12.49Cardinal Gibbons
8.10Savannah Jones
12:13.08Needham Broughton
9.11Margaret Chapman
12:13.35Needham Broughton
10.11Kylee Vaughn
12:21.71 PRNeedham Broughton
11.11Anna Renko
12:24.75 PRCardinal Gibbons
12.11Samantha Maness
12:25.14Needham Broughton
13.11Brienna Kane
12:33.18Needham Broughton
14.12Hollis Hatfield
12:41.90Needham Broughton
15.10Casey Turro
12:51.44 SRWake Forest Rolesville
16.9Sydney Quate
12:53.09 SRWake Forest Rolesville
17.10Hope Hatfield
12:54.56 SRNeedham Broughton
18.10Anna Grace Casadonte
13:00.78 PRNeedham Broughton
19.11Emma Verdi
13:07.23 PRNeedham Broughton
20.12Hallei Floyd
13:12.76 PRWake Forest Rolesville
21.10Genna Brewer
13:18.06 PRNeedham Broughton
22.11Maddie Allain
13:19.11 PRWake Forest Rolesville
23.12Samantha Gibbons
13:19.86 PRWake Forest Rolesville
24.10Emma Anderson
13:22.83 PRWake Forest Rolesville
25.10Mary Cole Sullivan
13:23.15 PRNeedham Broughton
26.11Gabrielle Morris
13:27.44 PRWakefield
27.11Abby Doyle
13:28.82Cardinal Gibbons
28.10Olivia Parsons
13:29.33 PRNeedham Broughton
29.11Sophie Ebihara
13:30.36Cardinal Gibbons
30.9Katherine Dudash
13:30.98 PRCardinal Gibbons
31.9Anneka Pace
13:33.32 PRNeedham Broughton
32.-Mary Stonehouse
13:34.85 PRNeedham Broughton
33.12Josie Rouse
13:35.56 PRNeedham Broughton
34.10Sarah Weber
13:41.98 SRWake Forest Rolesville
35.9Jillian Gibbons
13:48.98 PRCardinal Gibbons
36.9Marissa Bishop
13:49.33Cardinal Gibbons
37.12Amanda Wiggenhorn
13:49.66Cardinal Gibbons
38.9Emma Dye
13:54.01 PRNeedham Broughton
39.12Allison Mallory
40.9Anna Roman
14:02.55Wake Forest Rolesville
41.10Carson Harvey
14:08.09Needham Broughton
42.-Grace Hopkins
14:08.36 PRNeedham Broughton
43.-Simone Roberson
14:08.62 PRNeedham Broughton
44.9Caroline Kunkel
14:14.88 PRCardinal Gibbons
45.9Addie Wilson
14:16.33 PRNeedham Broughton
46.10Madeleine Sherer
14:21.17 SRWake Forest Rolesville
47.-Anne Lassiter Barnes
14:21.67 PRNeedham Broughton
48.9Grace Boney
14:24.81Needham Broughton
49.9Lillie Moore
14:34.07Needham Broughton
50.-Barbara Lynn Weaver
14:36.48Needham Broughton
51.-Chandler Freeman
14:37.03 PRNeedham Broughton
52.12Leah Weber
14:39.94 PRWake Forest Rolesville
53.12Rachel Hanley
54.12Laura Hart
14:43.11Cardinal Gibbons
55.-Mary Hodl
14:45.67 PRNeedham Broughton
56.11Emma Isley
14:46.14 PRWake Forest Rolesville
57.-Erica Spruill
14:46.41 PRWake Forest Rolesville
58.10Kelsey Palacios
14:46.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
59.-Maggie Gall
14:47.38 PRNeedham Broughton
60.12Nina Shenker-Taurus
14:55.27 PRWakefield
61.-Mackenzie Dion
15:01.20 PRNeedham Broughton
62.-Lindsey Ball
15:02.40 PRSanderson
63.9Rachel Crum
15:03.69 SRWakefield
64.10Caitlin Criner
15:05.73 PRSanderson
65.10Jordan Bridges
15:06.54 PRCardinal Gibbons
66.9Allison Doyle
15:07.37 PRCardinal Gibbons
67.9Anna Taveraro
15:08.61 PRWakefield
68.11Hannah Davis
15:11.23 PRWake Forest Rolesville
69.12Olivia Novak
15:17.95 PRWakefield
70.-Hannah Monroe
15:19.38 PRWakefield
71.11Megan Blawas
15:19.82 PRWakefield
72.-Mary Gray Davis
15:20.88Needham Broughton
73.9Emma Kay Massey
15:21.13 SRNeedham Broughton
74.10Mary Wardrop
15:24.16 PRWakefield
75.11Kimberly Lynch
15:25.32 PRWakefield
76.-Charlie Rosa
15:26.05 PRNeedham Broughton
77.11Rachel Harris
15:29.15Cardinal Gibbons
78.12Lydia Mcinnes
15:29.91 SRSanderson
79.-Frances Hoggard
15:30.86Needham Broughton
80.-Asia Brannon
15:31.83 PRNeedham Broughton
81.-Kate Rice
15:32.17 PRNeedham Broughton
82.9Caroline Barnard
15:40.20 PRSanderson
83.-Bailey Mcinnes
84.-Amy Denny
15:46.45 PRNeedham Broughton
85.-Beca Coletti
15:50.26 SRSanderson
86.-Amelia Davidson
15:50.99 PRWakefield
87.11Ciara Winders
15:52.16 PRWakefield
88.-Grace Kempson
15:56.43 PRNeedham Broughton
89.9Abby Malach
16:01.07 PRNeedham Broughton
90.-Brooke Hallow
16:05.14 PRNeedham Broughton
91.9Niamh Winders
16:05.42 SRWakefield
92.-Alma Leudtice
16:12.83 PRSanderson
93.-Annie Ruhmann
16:14.78 PRNeedham Broughton
94.-Mackenzie Green
16:20.18 PRWakefield
95.-Joanna Williams
16:20.61 PRSanderson
96.12Katie Gray
97.-Anna Wall
16:24.57 PRSanderson
98.-Isabella Petruccione
16:26.88 PRWakefield
99.9Eliah Tekotte
16:28.29 PRWakefield
100.10Caroline Cody
16:38.34 PRCardinal Gibbons
101.-Grace Elliott
16:40.26 PRNeedham Broughton
102.11Emily Moser
16:40.89 PRCardinal Gibbons
103.10Annie Pierce
16:41.47Cardinal Gibbons
104.-Margaret Barton
16:42.73 PRNeedham Broughton
105.11Payton Baker
16:48.64 SRWake Forest Rolesville
106.-Madeline Corson
16:51.55 PRWakefield
107.10Camryn Blawas
16:52.85 PRWakefield
108.-Megan Mallory
17:09.94 PRWakefield
109.-Leah Renee Burgess
17:16.67 PRNeedham Broughton
110.9Maddy Allred
17:18.21 PRSanderson
111.-Bailey Pullin
17:32.68 PRWakefield
112.9Sarah Freitag
17:48.44 PRSanderson
113.12Haley Weatherford
17:51.15 PRWakefield
114.-Maddison Morgan
17:51.80 PRWakefield
115.10Caroline Mason
17:57.75 PRSanderson
116.9Tyler Johnson
17:59.02 SRNeedham Broughton
117.9Jordan Coppedge
118.12Sydney Jones
18:22.32 PRWakefield
119.-Taylor Mcintosh
18:49.84 PRSanderson
120.10Taylor Tedder
121.-Meghan Canard
19:08.42 PRSanderson
122.-Jasmine Warner
19:17.87 PRWakefield
123.9Haley Womble
19:45.60 PRSanderson
124.-Maddy Trainor
20:05.90 PRWakefield
125.-Zoe Eudy-Hill
20:35.27 PRSanderson
126.-Sophia Stafford
20:55.59 PRWake Forest Rolesville
127.9Isabella Poole
21:04.05 PRSanderson
128.-Abigail Leinfelder
129.-Sam Rahn
22:00.17 PRSanderson
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