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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity6:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity7:15 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Austin Sargent
16:15.20Cedar Springs
2.12Andrew Wittland
16:53.20GR Forest Hills Nort...
3.9Scott Tran
16:58.72GR Forest Hills Nort...
4.12Justin Jones
17:10.19Cedar Springs
5.11Jack Neeley
17:23.86GR Forest Hills Nort...
6.12Brendan Lenhardt
17:53.84Ada Forest Hills Eas...
7.12Mitchell Vredeveld
17:56.33GR Forest Hills Nort...
8.11Cooper Thieme
18:01.89Ada Forest Hills Eas...
9.11Brandon Harthorn
18:04.87Cedar Springs
10.11Jack Callahan
18:08.01GR Forest Hills Nort...
11.11Andrew Mason
12.11Joe Kapustka
18:36.39GR Northview
13.11Ethan Grayeb
18:37.44GR Forest Hills Nort...
14.9Dallas Mora
18:39.94Cedar Springs
15.11Jonathan Schafer
18:41.53GR Forest Hills Nort...
16.12Matt Posthuma
18:46.06GR Forest Hills Nort...
17.12Garrett Bakos
19:07.90GR Northview
18.10Conor Streng
19:11.62GR Forest Hills Nort...
19.11Remington Sawade
19:13.51Cedar Springs
20.10Brendan Hipp
19:14.15GR Forest Hills Nort...
21.11Nathan Legault
19:21.56GR Forest Hills Nort...
22.12Brendan Schneider
19:26.03GR Forest Hills Nort...
23.9David Jamet
19:35.65GR Forest Hills Nort...
24.11Adam Leale
19:36.58 SRWyoming
25.11Quentin Johnson
19:45.39Ada Forest Hills Eas...
26.9Liam Maloney
19:48.75GR Forest Hills Nort...
27.10Jakob Grubb
19:55.59Ada Forest Hills Eas...
28.12Michael Dykema
19:58.30GR Forest Hills Nort...
29.9Garrett Moeggenborg
30.10Josh Greiffendorf
19:59.12GR Northview
31.12Andrew Nikolajuk
20:02.44GR Forest Hills Nort...
32.10Jacob Weeda
20:03.23Ada Forest Hills Eas...
33.9Clay Edwards
20:03.44Ada Forest Hills Eas...
34.11Mason Martin
20:05.15GR Northview
35.9Brandon Sawade
20:05.64Cedar Springs
36.10Stephen Hilliker
37.11Emillio Tobar
20:24.00 PRGR Northview
38.11David Karston
20:34.89Ada Forest Hills Eas...
39.12Michael Hawkins
20:43.47GR Forest Hills Nort...
40.12Joey DeBoer
20:43.76Ada Forest Hills Eas...
41.10Tyler Lovell
20:45.05Cedar Springs
42.10Daniel Karston
20:45.50Ada Forest Hills Eas...
43.10Sam Britten
44.11Sean Mullet
20:55.06GR Forest Hills Nort...
45.10Joe Tucker
20:56.06GR Forest Hills Nort...
46.11Holden Blatt
47.12Brandon Idema
21:08.19GR Northview
48.11Marcus McKay
21:10.53GR Forest Hills Nort...
49.9Garrick Morley
21:13.26Ada Forest Hills Eas...
50.12Eli Ledy
51.9Eli Fournier
21:30.76GR Northview
52.10Hunter Noorman
53.12John Wade
21:34.83GR Forest Hills Nort...
54.12Trevor Kieras
21:44.61GR Northview
55.12James Crosby
21:48.81Ada Forest Hills Eas...
56.11Michael Callendar
21:54.64GR Northview
57.9Isaac VanderMolen
21:56.42GR Forest Hills Nort...
58.12James White
21:56.61GR Northview
59.10Charlie Ro
22:11.47GR Forest Hills Nort...
60.12Ethan Jackson
22:13.67GR Northview
61.10Devin Baab
22:13.90GR Northview
62.11Will Huiet
22:18.61 PRGreenville
63.10Austin Slachter
64.9David Tay
22:30.36GR Northview
65.10Ian Jager
66.12Caleb Jackson
22:35.61 SRGR Northview
67.12Marcus Eckert
68.9Patrick Hebreard
22:37.08GR Forest Hills Nort...
69.12Alex Rosencrance
22:45.39GR Forest Hills Nort...
70.9Chad Hansen
22:46.01GR Forest Hills Nort...
71.10Nathan Downing
72.10Andrew Christian
22:47.03GR Northview
73.9Austin Sova
22:49.67GR Northview
74.10Ben Hackett
23:03.23GR Northview
75.9Stephen Rathbun
23:17.37GR Northview
76.12Paulos Gebrengus
23:19.25 PRGR Northview
77.9Matthew Sullivan
78.11Nelson Byington
79.11Robert Killeen
23:39.26GR Forest Hills Nort...
80.10Jacob Kooyer
23:52.81GR Northview
81.9Gavin Redetzke
23:53.25Ada Forest Hills Eas...
82.9Sam Rechner
23:53.59Ada Forest Hills Eas...
83.9Max Julien
24:04.08GR Northview
84.9Mitchell Haveman
24:19.67GR Northview
85.12Luke Posthuma
24:21.05GR Forest Hills Nort...
86.11Alberto Murgo
87.10Tyler Menhart
24:22.09GR Northview
88.12Brandon Fitzpatrick
24:30.25 PRGR Northview
89.9Alex Christian
24:31.40GR Northview
90.9Alden Wagaman
24:35.11Ada Forest Hills Eas...
91.10Tyler Clifford
24:53.51GR Northview
92.9Kyle Hanlon
24:54.98GR Forest Hills Nort...
93.9Bryce Kent
25:15.23GR Northview
94.9Eric Symons
25:15.47GR Forest Hills Nort...
95.11Tyler Campbell
96.9Alex Woodard
25:25.64GR Northview
97.9Jack Mazurek
25:35.26GR Northview
98.12Simon Guben
25:46.78 SRGR Northview
99.10Chris Leale
100.10Victor Ramirez
101.11Eric Crawford
26:17.87GR Forest Hills Nort...
102.11Matt Dolleman
26:19.53GR Northview
103.10Jack Parente
27:17.42GR Forest Hills Nort...
104.9Conner O'Kane
27:19.61GR Forest Hills Nort...
105.10Jeremiah Cerriteno
27:32.40GR Northview
106.10Kyle Rohen
28:31.53GR Northview
107.12Jordan Burns
28:55.25GR Northview
108.9Hunter VanDyke
29:05.83GR Northview
109.12Damien Cisco
30:08.25GR Northview
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Kenzie Weiler
18:54.91Cedar Springs
2.12Morgan Posthuma
20:00.64GR Forest Hills Nort...
3.12Shayne Mann
20:41.22Cedar Springs
4.11Katya Bohatch
21:06.13GR Forest Hills Nort...
5.12Abigail Bowman
21:24.58Ada Forest Hills Eas...
6.10Hannah Heintzelman
21:27.78Cedar Springs
7.9Rachel Cornell
21:31.88GR Forest Hills Nort...
8.10Reesie Bohatch
21:33.50GR Forest Hills Nort...
9.11Ellie Ovokaitys
21:39.63Cedar Springs
10.10Grace Beversluis
21:45.83Ada Forest Hills Eas...
11.10Hannah Callahan
21:46.08GR Forest Hills Nort...
12.12Janelle Posthuma
21:50.09GR Forest Hills Nort...
13.10Tara Tepin
21:50.50Cedar Springs
14.10Rosemary Harms
21:57.86GR Northview
15.9Myla Umphrey
22:05.47Cedar Springs
16.10Madison Pullen
22:21.70Ada Forest Hills Eas...
17.12Victoria Spiegel
22:29.69GR Forest Hills Nort...
18.11Rachel VanBoxtel
22:40.11Ada Forest Hills Eas...
19.12Jessie Eggleston
22:43.38GR Northview
20.10Isabelle Luke
22:44.50GR Northview
21.12Sarah Wagner
22:45.50GR Forest Hills Nort...
22.11Megan Dwarshuis
22:46.94GR Forest Hills Nort...
23.9Hannah Gibbs
22:51.95Cedar Springs
24.10Aaliyah Sargent
22:52.16Cedar Springs
25.11Peyton Mount
26.11Lauren Allard
23:22.78Ada Forest Hills Eas...
27.11Allyson Marvel
23:47.84Cedar Springs
28.10Ashley Helmer
23:50.08GR Northview
29.11Jennifer Nguyen
30.11Katia Wiles
24:03.86GR Northview
31.12Emily Joseph
24:10.44GR Forest Hills Nort...
32.10Kat LeVasseur
24:34.11GR Forest Hills Nort...
33.9Nellie DeWaard
24:34.92GR Forest Hills Nort...
34.12Christine Dood
25:06.39GR Forest Hills Nort...
35.11Alina Molette
36.9Lauren Argue
25:26.16GR Forest Hills Nort...
37.12Elizabeth Kiekover
25:38.44GR Forest Hills Nort...
38.12Hannah Sorensen
25:40.42GR Forest Hills Nort...
39.12Madison Gogolin
25:47.39GR Northview
40.10Felicia Callahan
41.11Hannah Crittenden
42.10Madisen Mora
26:09.70Cedar Springs
43.9Claire Golder
26:26.53GR Forest Hills Nort...
44.11Anna Curcuru
26:30.41GR Forest Hills Nort...
45.9Kate Hinman
26:34.20Ada Forest Hills Eas...
46.9Makayla Underwood
26:35.61GR Northview
47.9Grace Coyle
26:50.33Ada Forest Hills Eas...
48.10Jenny Belfer
26:58.97GR Forest Hills Nort...
49.10Kelsey Jack
27:00.77GR Forest Hills Nort...
50.12Cheyenne Heintzleman
51.10Emily Johnson
27:24.25GR Northview
52.10Dasha Everes
27:24.64Ada Forest Hills Eas...
53.11Keely Siegel
27:29.99GR Northview
54.12Maggie Goebel
27:44.00GR Forest Hills Nort...
55.10Reyna Martinez
56.12Allison Lewis
57.10Emma Vela
28:04.64GR Forest Hills Nort...
58.11Sophia Cook
28:10.52GR Northview
59.9Emma Collins
60.9Carolyn Kunst
28:16.74GR Northview
61.10Amelia Justice
28:17.34GR Northview
62.9Sarah Curcuru
28:31.47GR Forest Hills Nort...
63.12Audrey Klomparens
28:31.91GR Forest Hills Nort...
64.12Jordan Hubers
65.11Charlotte Kerr
66.11Teagan White
29:30.42GR Northview
67.9Erin Walendzik
29:30.59GR Northview
68.11Kelli Nyenhuis
69.10Erin Overholt
30:15.89GR Forest Hills Nort...
70.12Jessica Stevens
30:17.69GR Forest Hills Nort...
71.11Monica Hernandez
72.12Morgan Maggini
30:28.05GR Northview
73.9Lauren Rechner
30:34.89Ada Forest Hills Eas...
74.11Elle Awad
30:40.00GR Forest Hills Nort...
75.11Abby Skidmore
30:45.81Ada Forest Hills Eas...
76.11Sarah Wojciechowski
30:54.64GR Forest Hills Nort...
77.11Shannon McKay
31:03.03GR Northview
78.12Jennifer Gryka
79.12Olivia Klees
31:19.45GR Forest Hills Nort...
80.11Shelby Pitchure
31:29.03GR Northview
81.10Zoe Damon
31:29.31Ada Forest Hills Eas...
82.10Karina Kasmauskis
31:42.81GR Forest Hills Nort...
83.10Rachel Hoeksema
33:33.63GR Forest Hills Nort...
84.10Mary O'Connor
33:35.22GR Northview
85.9Jordyn Gregory
33:37.28GR Forest Hills Nort...
86.10Dawn Wilson
36:31.28GR Northview
87.11Christina Frey
36:31.42GR Northview
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