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Mens Races
2.75 Mile Boys Varsity and JV4:00 PM
Womens Races
2.75 Mile Girls Varsity and JV4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2.75 Mile Boys Varsity and JV

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Official Team Scores

1.Cascade (Leavenworth)21

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Daniel Olmstead
14:50.58 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
2.11Nathan Wells
15:18.62 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
3.11Jonathan Mangas
15:24.24 SRCashmere
4.11Eli Phillips
15:42.05 SRCashmere
5.12Blakely Browne
15:47.62 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
6.11Daniel Tveten
15:50.14 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
7.11Joseph Winters
15:51.21 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
8.12Kendall Getchell
15:54.58 PRCashmere
9.12William Demarest
16:02.51 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
10.9Evan Gambill
16:39.27 SRCashmere
11.11Austin Cassayre
16:43.08 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
12.9Gabriel Wulfman
16:43.8 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
13.10AJ Ross
16:56.34 SRCashmere
14.11Neil Flodin
16:56.58 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
15.10Tate Christensen
17:00.87 PRCashmere
16.11Grant Keller
17:18.78 SRCashmere
17.11Spencer Flodin
17:43.8 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
18.9Scott Bailey
17:51.46 PRCashmere
19.12Omar Estrada
18:00.51 PRCashmere
20.11Josh Wulfman
18:01.46 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
21.9Sam Keziah
18:03.07 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
22.10Jordan Moser
18:13.68 PRCashmere
23.9Jason Kenoyer
18:19.99 PRCashmere
24.9David Bryant
19:03.43 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
25.9Dylan Desy
19:08.61 PRCashmere
26.9David Tveten
19:21.68 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
27.9Riley Fagerland
19:28.83 SRCashmere
28.10Colby Pedersen
19:37.49 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
29.11Austin Steele
19:46.07 SRCashmere
30.10Sheldon Flick
20:11.1 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
31.9Tim Wells
20:15.9 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
32.11Brennan Allen
20:18.33 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
33.12Klev Peckham
20:42.55 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
34.9Jackson Hartwich
20:55.74 PRCashmere
35.10Baxter Phillips
21:20.93 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
36.10Ira Lassen
21:21.8 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
37.12Hunter Read
21:38.4 PRCashmere
38.12Brandon Hewitt
23:26.93 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
39.10Ivan Hernandez
23:48.83 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
40.10Spencer Brown
24:55.49 PRCashmere
41.11Sam Winters
25:28.18 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
42.9Garrett Collier
26:26.86 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
43.9Finn Johnson
26:27.14 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
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