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2017 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Wayne/South Lyon/Garden City Tri-Meet
Ramblin Rock Invitational
31st Annual Running Fit Detroit Mercy Titan XC Invitational
41st Annual Huron Invitational
WWAC Tri_meet
Monroe Jefferson Invitational
Garden City, Dearborn at Wallaceville
Marauder XC Invitational
Garden City, Romulus, Crestwood @ Thurston
Wayne County XC Championship
Garden City, Robichaud @ EF
WWAC League Meet
MHSAA LP Region 06-1 at Willow Metro (AA Huron)
Race Distances
15,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 6Sep 9Sep 9Sep 16Sep 19Sep 23Sep 26Sep 30Oct 3Oct 7Oct 10Oct 17Oct 28
10Madison Carver23:16.4121:36.01 21:27.31 24:51.4121:21.0121:50.0122:20.0121:04.3121:45.0121:49.0121:36.81
12Cassie Childs34:56.91 31:23.1131:19.01
9Daisy Cutting33:40.2130:09.01 29:45.31
12Summer Dyer36:15.3130:18.01 31:05.8131:18.01 30:18.2131:38.0131:49.1130:50.0129:56.01
10Emma Gausden33:21.2132:04.01 33:02.3131:08.0134:03.1128:04.0131:30.3130:15.0129:58.4129:32.0129:24.01
9Kenzie Hare32:10.81 27:36.51 27:45.01 27:10.01
11Margaret Hill27:24.6125:01.01 24:35.4124:49.0125:37.5123:28.0124:08.6125:19.0123:44.1123:30.0123:25.0124:00.21
12Claire Konopatzki 26:33.41 27:14.51 27:07.11 26:54.0126:44.91
12Erin Marshall23:40.6122:06.01 21:17.1122:27.0122:02.5122:15.0122:33.1122:37.0120:58.9121:09.0121:26.0121:54.41
10Lauren Marshall23:29.4121:36.01 21:28.5122:44.0123:12.4121:42.0122:07.1123:13.0121:30.4121:45.5122:40.0121:42.21
10Chloe Martinez37:25.4135:14.01 35:45.21
12Haleigh Maszatics34:41.7133:52.01
12Alyssa Metcalf 33:00.2128:03.01 27:27.0128:21.01
12Sarah O'Donohue36:38.9134:16.01 34:45.31 36:07.31 34:18.01
9Megan Schwarze33:57.2130:57.01 33:07.0134:08.4129:15.01 31:02.0131:07.41 29:36.01
12Hayley Shupert36:20.4134:09.01
11Aubrey Slanec 25:05.01 26:35.01
11Sailee Stephenson29:43.8128:33.01 28:51.0130:09.81 26:52.41 29:20.1127:38.0126:50.01
10Summer Sultana31:21.1126:55.01 26:26.3128:10.0127:07.4125:19.0125:17.0126:52.0125:47.91 25:29.0126:40.61
11Kacee Szymaniak23:51.3122:55.01 21:45.2123:04.0122:00.8121:50.0121:55.2122:58.0121:43.1121:43.0121:47.0120:58.71
11Faith Wolfrom 30:23.01 32:11.2129:49.0131:56.91 28:04.0131:21.6128:48.0127:29.01

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