2007 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Vaquero Stampede Invitational
Mt. Carmel Movin' Shoes
Small Schools Invitational
Central League Oct 2nd
Central League Oct 9th
Central League Oct 16th
Central League Oct 30th
Central League Championships
CIF-SDS Cross Country Championships
2007 CIF State Cross Country Championships
Race Distances
11.65 Miles
22.15 Miles
32.7 Miles
42.75 Miles
52.95 Miles
63 Miles
73.04 Miles
83.1 Miles
95,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 1Sep 15Sep 28Oct 2Oct 9Oct 16Oct 30Nov 6Nov 17Nov 24
10Owen Berry 22:47.06
10Byran Beverly 22:54.0723:28.0622:14.0620:48.0624:00.0621:19.06
11Andrew Centeno 19:20.0519:14.0718:55.0618:39.0618:28.0617:58.0617:33.0619:12.0818:11.09
-Terry Conner 20:05.06
11Tim Conway 22:06.0622:20.0621:31.06
12Michael Davies 19:18.0618:44.0618:30.06
12Kramer De Laurentis 20:26.0720:18.0619:16.0620:02.0620:08.0619:30.06
12Ben Enowitz10:48.0216:06.05 18:55.0616:01.0618:06.0616:09.0615:38.0616:46.0816:11.09
10Micah Fischer 22:53.0722:15.0620:51.0621:26.0622:32.0622:10.06
10Alex Fish 24:52.0723:28.06 22:36.0624:27.0622:52.06
11Daniel Grazian 23:55.0623:07.0621:36.0624:07.0622:42.06
11Ben Green 19:55.0719:28.0618:25.0618:23.0619:10.0618:45.0619:44.0818:38.09
11David Grimes11:30.0217:41.0518:48.0718:55.0617:36.0618:10.0616:48.0616:49.0617:55.0817:20.09
10Lucas Hemp 21:57.0622:16.0622:01.0623:01.0622:50.06
10Danny Luiken 21:46.07 20:25.0619:53.0620:21.0620:02.06
9Chase Marshburn 23:30.07 23:13.06
10Kyle Mendenhall
10Jack Nolan 23:29.0722:30.0622:13.0621:26.0622:40.0622:20.06
11Sean O'Brien 18:28.0519:04.0718:55.0617:46.0618:42.0617:51.0617:23.0618:45.08
10Gabe Salvatierra 20:37.0520:38.0720:19.0619:26.06 20:08.0619:30.06
10Kevin Siefert 19:12.0519:17.0719:13.0617:55.0618:20.0617:08.0617:00.0619:00.0818:21.09
11Cotter Stacy 19:28.0618:56.0618:55.0619:38.0619:29.06
12Turner Stanley 19:25.0718:55.0618:09.0618:25.0618:20.0618:12.0619:49.08
12John Tolles 22:18.06 20:06.06
12Jordan Vance 22:02.0520:50.0720:18.0619:35.0620:02.0620:09.0620:45.06
10Greg Wilson 22:14.06 21:47.06

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