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2016 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Episcopal High School Home Meet #1
Pacers DCXC Invitational
Salesianum Invitational
Glory Days Invitational
43rd Annual Georgetown Prep Classic
IAC, ISL and MAC Championships
Maryland & DC Private School Championships
Foot Locker Northeast Regional
Foot Locker National Championships
Race Distances
13 Miles
25,000 Meters
Show: All Years
AthleteSep 16Sep 24Oct 1Oct 8Oct 22Oct 29Nov 12Nov 26Dec 10
11Tindall Adams24:41.4222:52.0124:27.8223:35.0223:58.0223:15.0222:32.02
10Isabel Allum
10Ellie Bailey24:07.12 25:44.0224:50.0223:24.02
11Katherine Boggs26:37.5225:10.0127:09.12 28:30.02
12Nell Bowen26:33.62 28:35.5225:55.02 28:34.02
12Summers Bruce
10Kristina Bush26:41.42 27:47.02
9Sophia Charles 28:30.0226:58.0226:21.02
10Beata Corcoran
10Katelyn Craven27:57.42 27:38.0226:37.02
10Harper Darden25:36.6223:51.0125:08.0224:02.0224:08.0224:07.0223:26.02
11Rachel Davies-Van Voorhis28:01.32 27:38.0228:40.02
12Becca Davis 27:31.02 27:29.0226:24.02
11Sophie Dunn
12Ebba Eriksson von Allmen 27:53.0226:33.02
10Phoebe Ford
11Lily Freemeyer23:53.62
11Lilly Freemyer 22:32.01 23:42.0223:44.0223:11.0223:12.02
11Alex Giannattasio27:45.92 28:14.3226:38.0227:26.0228:34.02
10Emma Greenfield
11Mabry Griffin
10Ashley Harris
12Alexandra Hohenloe30:33.02 32:55.22 30:44.0229:34.02
10Isabella Houle22:29.4221:25.01 22:24.02 21:56.02
12Raphaelle Hupez22:13.3221:45.0123:32.4222:42.0222:24.0222:17.0221:50.02
12Caroline Kim 33:10.02
9Emily Kim27:16.2226:37.01
10Katie Klingler25:56.1224:48.01
12Bofta Leakemariam 24:08.01
9Catherine Lee26:46.9225:04.01
11Katie Faith Leonard
11Page Lester 18:45.0218:19.0217:59.0218:04.7218:20.82
10Madeleine Lilley
10Elizabeth Lombardo25:51.8224:39.0128:20.0227:11.02 25:30.0225:30.02
10Luxmi Mathivannan27:24.22 27:59.5227:23.02 25:21.0225:17.02
9Audrey May27:43.0225:52.0128:58.6227:33.0227:17.0226:54.0227:17.02
12Kira Medish 22:05.01 23:26.02 22:59.0222:28.02
12Veronica Merril 27:24.02 27:41.0226:22.02
9Gillian Moore28:44.12 28:10.1226:26.0226:14.0226:46.02
11Mallory Moore 27:02.8225:44.0225:24.0225:34.02
12Caroline Morin 26:10.02 27:18.02
12Maeve Murphy
10Nicole Owens25:51.5224:39.0127:45.02 25:35.0225:15.0225:56.02
12Mary Pelson 32:19.02
12Alexa Perlmutter25:32.1223:49.0126:21.3225:33.0225:05.0224:47.0224:14.02
11Eva Phelps24:33.9222:45.0124:22.2224:05.02 25:59.0224:42.02
10Eliza Poggi27:28.72 27:13.02
12Annabelle Rice 28:09.02 29:33.02
11Bota Saudabayeva 31:41.0237:20.02
12Murphy Shorb30:26.82 31:33.02 30:43.02
9Yara Sigvaldason26:26.7225:07.0127:26.7226:19.02 27:33.02
12Sophia Small
10Paulina Song25:54.6224:44.0127:48.22 27:18.0226:04.02
10Isabel Steinberg31:17.72 27:38.02
11Isabel Stone23:35.7222:35.01 24:21.0223:39.0223:50.0223:42.02
11Zahra Thabet 42:18.0232:59.02
12Margaret Thoren20:11.6219:26.0121:47.92 21:28.0220:34.0220:39.02
12Nell Trotter
11RACHEL Van Voorhis 28:56.4227:24.02
10Olivia Vella24:19.0223:55.0125:01.7224:30.0224:34.0224:59.02

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