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2017 Results Grid 

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Meet List
WMC: Cape Elizabeth Meet
WMC: Yarmouth Meet
WMC: York Meet
Maine XC Festival of Champions
WMC: Maine Coast Waldorf Meet
WMC Championship
Southern Maine Class B Regional Championship
Maine Class B State Championship
New England Interscholastic XC Championships
Race Distances
13 Miles
25,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 31Sep 15Sep 22Sep 30Oct 6Oct 13Oct 21Oct 28Nov 11
12Ethan Belesca
12Kyle Bennett 21:36.42 22:24.0221:42.02
11Phillip Bock23:56.0123:34.0222:33.0221:41.3223:15.0223:22.02
-Toby Burgmaier 25:59.82
11Thomas Conrad23:55.0124:36.4224:12.0222:15.22 25:06.02
11Ben Cox-Faxon17:33.0118:03.02 17:31.3220:18.02 19:00.6217:53.72
12John Decker
11Tommasso Fiandaca 24:21.0224:35.52
11Andy Garrett 23:16.02
11Ashanti Haywood
-Nat Heminger24:20.01 26:08.02
11Emmett Herr21:06.0123:04.8222:02.02 23:16.0222:37.02
11James Hook20:28.0122:51.5224:29.0222:16.9225:01.0224:59.02
-Tommy Ishhimme 22:47.02
10David Jordan 23:24.7222:33.0221:41.92
10Chris Koskinen
-Dan Lamarie20:43.01 19:58.02
10Caleb Lambert25:47.01 25:38.02
10Daniel LaMourie 21:14.2220:12.0219:16.52 20:17.0219:51.4219:30.32
12Luke Laverdiere15:48.0117:57.92 15:10.9216:43.02 16:11.4215:43.9215:59.72
9Adam Lenardson23:29.0126:33.0223:32.0222:38.82 23:40.02
11Will Leonardson
12Keiran Lorentzeb 21:43.92 21:12.02
9Jack Martin22:58.0123:07.4224:32.0222:22.02 25:16.02
10Michael McNeil25:46.0127:14.1226:03.0225:55.72 26:26.02
11Lazare Merchi-Rossini
12Sean Moore22:50.0123:35.52 22:29.0222:40.02
11Alec Morton20:10.01 19:11.0219:33.2221:26.0220:23.0220:46.9219:50.62
-Nick Oaks21:57.01 25:18.02
9Camden Olsen 25:24.6226:35.0223:53.42
11Benjamin Pearl
11Justin Pietropaoli18:50.01 19:02.0218:51.42 19:43.0219:48.2220:32.32
12Sammy Potter17:45.0118:05.02 18:03.0217:49.02 18:51.0218:20.72
11Zachary Rapone 24:55.02
10Odeh Rizkallah17:13.0118:16.92 17:31.3218:07.02 18:21.2217:54.52
10Cade Robinson19:58.01 20:19.0220:08.0220:11.0221:00.02
11Jamie Saavedra
9Lincoln Truesdale24:22.0124:44.0222:28.0220:52.92 22:43.02
10Connor Tull23:25.0124:43.1222:28.02 22:12.0222:44.02
11Sean Whynot 21:08.02
10Thomas Zurkan

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